Hey user, how about joining sensei for a swim?

Hey user, how about joining sensei for a swim?

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What is she teaching?


All of my yes.

Well she's a Lancer, so I'm sure it has something to do with testing the firmness and penetrating power of your spear-like weapon.

What is this pose trying to convey?

If that's the case, I will let her examine me.

You're not my emperor, and I don't know how to swim.

but i never learned to swim
you're going to have to swim by yourself

Vigor and sincere willingness to educate her students.

No thanks. Li Shuwen and REGEND have convinced me it's possible to become the shitpost king if I train hard enough.
The path will be long, hard and full of dubs but nothing will stop me from becoming the Beast of Alaya I always knew I could be.

It all starts with building up the courage to get wet, which she can easily help you with due to having plenty of experience herself.

No because she is a shit garbage character.

Her firm grasp of the core principles will surely be of use here.

Really tempted to request with that swimsuit
Or her bride version
Are Saber in general bad at swimming?

I want to see my waifu in that swimsuit, but I'd need to request her with bigger boobs, too.

Sorry, I can't stand cold

Nah, mine have modest boobs, her ass is the best part, even if she is covered and need to have an appearance in either the anime or manga. I really want to request her in all the Servant-types outfit that I like, at least one of each. Fate franchise, both male and female, has many characters with really good looking outfits/swimsuit. Being a cosplayfag it's really suffering

I want to attain friendship of the thighs with Sensei!

where is her child?

Why is she in a swimsuit? Is there an even going on?

>barely no porn of scat
Feels bad.

I prefer swimming in a pool.


There was a summer event last month.

Some after-school sessions are in order then.

Fine with me, I like swimming anyway.

I got a better idea


Cu was such an asshole to her considering all she did for him.

Oh it's you.
What does make you think that that faggot can even touch her?

I'm confused, people say she is a literal milf and that's why she have such a lewd body, but didn't she just taked cared of the child of anothe one? Or SHE was the one who carried that child and then taked cared of it?
Either way, she may look lewd but does she act like one?
At least she is better than Elizabeth, seriously, a loli idol?

Mandatory viewing: youtube.com/watch?v=qc82euSTM2I

She had three child if I remember right, and she offered the "friendship of her tights" to all her students who survived her hellish trainning, as a final touch to make them men.

My waifu's hips and belly are divine, which is great for me. Can't help but wish she had a squishier chest, but I also can't complain too much because, well, waifu. No helping whom you fall for, after all.
I'm doing pretty good on the Fate-themed requests, though I haven't made any for a while. I've got her dressed in most of the standard Saber outfits, she wears them well. I really should try for some of my favourite servants' clothes, too.

>The woman even Cu is afraid off

I don't think he stands a chance here.

I feel like she just love children and that little incentive was just to have more kids to dress. I like that if that's the case
>in b4, even if they survive that training they reject those thighs
Because it does happen a lot

>Sex as a reward for completing a rigorous training course
Why can't people do this in the real world? It would be such a great motivator. Based Scathach

Fuck Scath. Look at Shielder's titty bounce.

Scathach, Raiko and Shuten are the only reason I keep playing that shitty mobage

It can be seen as a reward but to her it was more as a part of her trainning, to turn little boys into men.

She hits all of my fetishes

I'd say she's plenty wet already

>Why can't people do this in the real world?
They do.

Being impregnated by her ungrateful student after killing her fiance.

>she may look lewd but does she act like one
Not really. She has a thing for strong people, mostly for training them. She ignores everyone else.

She needs someone who treats her right.

Like Diarmuid :^)

Awesome. 25 year old virgin here, would sign up for and get beaten into shape by her training. Assuming my old sports injury doesn't cause my knees to snap again. Tired of being just a 'boy.'

>It can be seen as a reward but to her it was more as a part of her trainning, to turn little boys into men.
Truly a sensei worth fighting for

Who are her children, and who are their fathers? Who has she lain with?

>tfw they turned a fucking Swimsuit character and put her in the Ruler class.

If it wasn't for the fact Ruler Martha is a fucking hard cunt, I would be twenty times more mad they made a joke character a Ruler.

How tight is her scat hatch?

>Either way, she may look lewd but does she act like one?

Not at all, she is a battle maniac who gets wet for strong people. She wanted to fight when she saw him and tries to train Cu and Gudako at every occasion so they grow stronger.

>How tight is her scat hatch?

I recently got my first delivery, in Tamamo's casual outfit. I gotta say that she does have a great sense of fashion, and it's kind of funny how I got delivered in the normal drawthread and not in the WWD (though I heard there are a lot of issues in there)
From Fate, there are a lot of outfits I will like to try, even from some males.
>Nero's wedding dress; EMIYA's default outfit; Scathach's bikini; Nitocris's Stage 3 (maybe with browned skin); Medusa's default outfit; Kojiro's default outfit (I mainly like the violet color); Mordred's armorless or casual; Jeanne's default outfit
Those are pretty much the ones I want the most. I think I will need a lot of luck and time for this to be a reality
I forgot that losing virginity equals to becoming an adult. This woman has no shame and I respect her for that

>read this post first
>think it's going to be Goro Majima
>click link

Well now I'm disappointed. She would've loved Majima's battle insanity.

>EN version never

inb4 learn moon runes

>wanting used goods

End your lives.

>This woman has no shame and I respect her for that

You can't really blame her for that when the Irish people were casually fucking each other back in time, sex was just fun for them.

While I'm still questioning Plum's QC for pic-related, I'm honestly excited for all the Scathach merchandise that's been announced or will inevitably be announced in the future.

Most women aren't physical trainers.

Unless the training course is "figuring out how to get her to have sex with you"

I meant more what he did to her daughter.

Fucking small time baby here. Try a month from wizardry

Great taste. My waifu wears male clothing very well too, and a few of those are on my list as well. Already have the Saber Bride one, though. Specifically I have Nero's default, Nero Bride, Artoria default, Artoria Alter, and Saber Lily. I'm so glad I completed that set, but now I'll have to try requesting Jeanne and Atilla for the remaining Sabers. Gawain could work on her, too, but I'm a little less keen on that one.

>I forgot that losing virginity equals to becoming an adult.

Well sort of, that's what it meant back then. Nowadays it means more that society raised you with enough tact and social knowledge that you get someone else to WANT to have sex with you.

Unless you're a rapist. Or were raped.

That reminds me, I still need to get the Cordelia figure with the similar pose. She's so expensive, though.

I was going to get her, but I decided to just stick with ALTER's sweater puppies Scathach

Considering she only fucked the strongest dudes, how many times could men actually meet her standards?

You can't go wrong with either one.

What is the point of that pose?

So that's why people consider me a manchild.

Mind you, she fucked Cu when he was only 10 or 12 or some shit like that.

Gotta say that Sabers in general have cute outfits and are really likeable.
Many things have really changed, for both good and bad.

It's an edit, pic related is the original.

At 12 years old Cu was stronger than like 20 men put together

There's a sweater puppy fig?

I held off for now since I'm still hesitant with Plum's QC. Still, I won't lie in saying that it's really tempting.

>I decided to just stick with ALTER's sweater puppies Scathach
Smart choice.


It's been announced but they haven't shown a prototype yet.

Ah, okay.

I knew they weren't afraid of making lewd or cute art for the characters, but goddamn the OP picture is the most "get over here and fuck me" picture I've seen in a while.

Dem pointy nipples

Well, you have Shuten for this, all her lines are straight up sex invitations or have a double meaning.

Also drunk Aoi Yuuki.

>Many things have really changed

Has it? Whether through physical prowess or diplomacy, it's still a test of the strength of a society through the individuals it creates.

Man I want to fuck Shishou

Get in line.

Why can't they let her in the new fate game and let the sales explode

>tfw I know I and basically anyone born in this era isn't man enough to handle her

>spear-like weapon
It's called polearms

She'll probably be DLC due to how much they've been pushing her. But yeah she should've been in the game in the first place

Considering the time period she lived, I'm pretty sure it's just a spear.

Why are purple haired girls in Fate so sexual?
Minus Sakura of course, her clones are okay though

I'd rather a fox

>dat Saber hatch

Now that you mention it, isn't there a lot of purple haired people in Fate?

How many men could Rider have slept with? In (some versions) of the original myth, she was a virgin until she was raped in a temple, for which she was cursed. Couldn't exactly pick up dudes when you make more than just their dick hard.

And besides that, the only men I can think of that she's had sex with are Shinji and Shirou. Really, 2/3 of all the guys she's slept with are ones she was forced to.

Just like in nature, odd and strong colors mean poison.


A bunch yeah

>she was punished for being raped
That seems a tad unfair


The idea of women being prudes that don't want sex is a very recent societal invention, from only the Victorian era actually.

As for the rape thing, it's because in ancient Greece women were SO lusty, it was assumed that if she was raped then it means she was such a temptress that the man couldn't control him.

Black clover chapter 26

control himself*

Unf. Seriously one of the best fan art of Rider as of late.



>as of late
I think that's a pretty old image

Do you like the servants in their battle outfits more or their casual clothes, Cred Forums?

As much as I like Rider she doesn't have much.

Who is this cutey?

>I will never get her, Sanzou and Ruler Martha
Every fucking time I always get 4*/5* craft essence

Honestly depends which servant it is

Helena Blavatsky, I suggest you not to look at her real life picture.

Rider looks great in her shirt and jeans. Saber looks kinda boring in her skirt and blouse.

Ruler Martha ain't all that good.

>old image
Jesus, still feels like it was yesterday

She's just used to that uniform-style fashion. Modest, yet stylish.


Oh come on, how bad could she-

And regular Martha too but I want more Hayami Saori servants.

Thank you

I'm not really good at swimming.

Blavatsky was famous for stuffing cotton up her vagina and calling it ectoplasm instead of a tampon when she mysteriously produced it from under the table. And she invented the word "ectoplasm."

Using characters from after the invention of photography was a mistake

Does she have her mirror of illusions like in Demonbane

This is my fetish.

At least I have done my job of warning you. For the trivia, this picture was drawn by the official artist of Helena for Riyo's request () and Nasu liked it so much he did write a short story on his blog to explain how she ended up in this situation.

What, alter-ego-cest?


This is MY fetish.

It is like twincest, but to me it's like "accepting your other side"

>Saber looks kinda boring in her skirt and blouse.
This. Though I'll admit that Saber in a suit did things to my dick.

Maybe it's the thought of her constantly moving and pushing herself with sweat building up underneath those layers that makes it so attractive.

Honestly I need more /ss/ action of her and the FGO male protag.

So what is Sensei like?

If she's like she was in the legend, half the time she's loving, half the time she's R. Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket. It depends on whether or not she's training you.

This is my partner for mana transferring

>You call that a shield slam? My pussy has taking bigger poundings than that. Now drop and give me 40 Cu, or I swear to Aine I will unscrew your head and shit down your neck!

I wouldn't describe her as loving. She warms up to you but nowhere near that close.

>I wouldn't describe her as loving.

The only real contact she has outside of people she trains is with her daughter, and she was certainly loving to her.

>My pussy has taking bigger poundings than that.

To her, not as much to GO protag

She apologize to you after she ended up trainning you harshly even when she promised not to, and offers you a lap pillow to make up.

>Nowadays it means more that society raised you with enough tact and social knowledge that you get someone else to WANT to have sex with you.

Not entirely, there are plenty of scummy guys with no jobs and lack of manners in all respects that get the kitty on the daily just because, and on the other side, decent guys never get a chance for a variety of reasons beyond social awkwardness or manners.

Sure, back in the day sex was a right of passage, but it's really just up in the air if someone gets laid, don't forget we have lots more asexual people now, on top of those with extreme conservative values.

I still found it funny Cu gets respect when he knowingly broke a girl's fingers during intercourse, and killed her lover who came by after he was worried from all the screaming. That is almost comical how Cu was kind of a dick for little reason at times.

Nope. You won't trick me into playing another mobile game by posting good fanart. Not after I got addicted to PAD.

Just blame your shit taste.

Implying a Holy Grail War where the Masters are all characters from Yakuza wouldn't be the best thing ever

Do it user, join us.

>that fan art
Damn it shishou, now I'm hard as diamonds

>all ages
not even for free

>I still found it funny Cu gets respect when he knowingly broke a girl's fingers during intercourse, and killed her lover who came by after he was worried from all the screaming. That is almost comical how Cu was kind of a dick for little reason at times.

In fairness, heroes of the time wouldn't be considered heroes today. Have you actually read what Hercules was like in the myths themselves? Or knights for that matter?

Artist does good stuff

Look at those rapist.

I want to have friendship of thighs with Skankhach.

Sir Gawain is a true hero and will never stoop low.

In fairness Sir Gawain is intentionally written to be unrealisitically pure.

That's because Sir Gawain is the best and brightest.

Because he's what knights would strive for.

Lancelot wasn't exactly the nicest guy. He was a Round Table member because he was unwaveringly loyal to Arthur and inhumanly strong.

When is G/O getting the Xenoverse treatment?

>he was unwaveringly loyal to Arthur

Was fucking his king's wife part od his vows knighthood ?

He is the purest. Truly the opposite of whores, demon women & nameless cowards everywhere.

What do you mean ?


Xenoverse was a console remake of an MMO that only Koreans played.

I'd pound her scat-hatch if you know what I mean.


It's kinda why it drove him a little crazy, he couldn't rectify that his love was making him break his code.

She's actually an assassin in her swimsuit.

I'd vigorously thrust my erect penis back and forth into her unlubricated anus until I climax and fill her colon with my seed. Sorry for being vague, but I don't wanna get banned or anything like that.

It is still kind of blurry, would you mind providing some pictures to clarify your statement ?

The difference is that you don't have to whale for a decent team in Fate/GO. The only reason you'd ever spend money if for a character you like.

This is a saber only zone. No shit doors allowed

Something like this maybe? Hopefully you're getting the idea now. It's a lot to grasp at first.

I feel like it is missing a key element here, but I just can't tell what.


Are you hungry ?

source? I dont think black clover chapter 26 is the correct source

>How tight is her shit chute?


But user, Saber is shit. The only reason they cloned her was for lowest common denominator appeal.
Real men pick Bazett, the only servant smart enough to know Gilgamesh doesn't have a counter for being punched in the face really hard.

amakuchi virgin , by makinosaka shinichi

Body stockings are truly a gift from God.

Can I play in memu again? I left after the Ilya collab.

I really like him. Maybe I can add his Stage 3 outfit, looks really badass.
I wonder how a casual outfit will be fitting for him. I mean, he is a very pure man, maybe even uncorruptable at all. He is devoted and an example of a knight.

Chivalry wasn't a retcon by knights. It was a retcon by their superiors to try and convince the current batches of knights to not be rapist assholes.

Every time I think I have all the images, someone posts a new one for the folder.

A-1 Sensei anime when?

Never played the Fate series. Did she fuck her students?

My god this lancer is way too sexual. How is this legal?

Martha > all

Is it a big deal if you can't swim as an adult?

Are you black?

Silly user, plants don't grow on rectums.

But there's no reason to hold back, user.

Fortunately, no. But I am brown.

Not him, but I can't swim and I'm white.
Why do people care? Is it something like having a girlfriend? Why do people think it's weird I don't want one, or don't know how to swim?

I'd rather an Umu.

It's literally impossible to not know how to swim, you just get in the water and paddle your arms. It's like saying you can't breathe. You're literally buoyant in water.

>wanting to fuck any Servant

Then how do people drown?

>not taking your Servant to Pound City

But I sink and it gets in my ears and stuff.

What's wrong with that?


from being dumb jackasses and panicking until they exhaust themselves. if you're wearing tons of clothing that can bear you down but all you need to do is not panic and take it off.


Can servants change their class?

Ok, guys. I have to ask, is GO Lancer as slutty as those images make her seen? How is she personality-wise?

No. They can however be summoned as one of several classes. For example, Heracles could be summoned as any class but Caster, or Beowulf could be summoned as a Saber instead of a Berserker.


Read the file name

>literally lolicon and gay

Never change Gawainfag

Ruler Martha is my MVP for this entire event. Plus her skills are relatively easy to max out

>not wanting to make love with Nero

Better than Amakuso

Whats the matter with Amakusa Tokisada?

Sure, I preferred if he wasn't that servant in that twist at the end of vol 2 of apocrypha, but I dont see much wrong with him

I doubt anyone here can compete with the big dog.

He is pretty shit ingame

some hero who could translate the doujin of scathach?

Man how can one woman be so great?

She tends to be serious/stern in a proud "ice queen" sort of way (reflected by her having a deep voice) wherein she only seems to enjoy herself when she's fighting (literally described as "warlust").

That said, her being serious kinda lends to her being modest as well. She's also pretty insecure of her age (being a MILF) and asking her about it would piss her off.


How does one become a Lancer?

She has no personality other than liking Cu and wanting to fight/die.

Just like every other Grand Order OC servant she has a few lines here and there but they don't really have a personality and it's outright embarrassing if you compare them with F/SN or even F/Z servants.

That said, the purpose of the game is to make Otaku waste money, they don't really care about personality just put them in sexy clothes and that's it.

Pretty sure its the official manga. Not sure if its regular Extra or CCC though.

Here I thought nerofags of all people would have access to scans of either

I don't have scans I just bought the manga. I just don't feel like going through them right now to check.

She just is.

Posting full.
CCC manga translation when?

Not anytime soon since the original Extra manga isn't even fully translated.

That needs to hurry up too.

>848d ago
Gonna take a while.

please tell me her name isn't actually pronounced scat hatch

I think it's sca-thach

>That needs to hurry up to
>ふう ようやく休めるな








> Fu finally Do not rest

> Every time of Toto say
> And there is no time to take breath
> But this thing

> Sonata also
> 癒Chinuka tired?

> Yuami is
> Good

> Really good

> Contact I
> Later say, et al.

> Saber what
> I would have tired

> Yutsukuri to me

>that Google translate
My sides.

>Cred Forums writes a Nasu sex scene.jpg

Can't be helped.


She is a real myth, user

Having kids with Sensei!

2016's been a bumper year for da seibaface.

ふう ようやく休めるな
Fu, do not rest yet

But this thing, there is no time to breath, that said.

Will this Heal the fatigue, also?

This hot water bath is good. Really good.

I would have tired slower than Saber, I will say.

That's probably hilariously fucked up. Still a newfag at moonrunes.

But you have to if you want to win the Grail War. They need more prana

>>ふう ようやく休めるな
> *sigh* we finally can have a rest
> as every time, it is this thing that is hardly having time to breathe
> why don't you relieve your fatigue as well?
> taking a bath is good
> so marvelous
> I-I will do later
> saber would be the very person who is tired
Be relax

>pictured: woman who had sex with Shirou, woman who had sex with Shinji, woman who had sex with non-jap

there's like all of like three or four doujins with scatach in it. And only two are in english. Shouldn't be hard.

She is a virgin in both her Nasuverse myth and Fate/stay night.


As pure as the driven snow.

I love how this thread actually got the many replies that it did.

Good. Rider is the best.

Good taste, user.

Hot woman with a stylish bikini. It was bound to attract attention.

Worst character in the VN, prove me wrong.

Heracles is funny though

>kills his friend because he pissed him off because his friend criticized him for stealing fifty horses from his mentor
>needs to ask for forgiveness from his brother's oracle
>oracle refuses
>he breaks in and steals all the oracle's magic stuff saying that he's going to go make his own oracle
>his brother apollo has to personally come down from olympus and fist fight him to try and get his stuff back

Looks like an invitational one, I wonder what she wants to make me do.

Sometimes finding bestgirl isn't about power levels.

Artist name?

I want to become friends with Scathach's thighs!

I stopped after the garden of sinners event. Has Okita fallen off the power chart?




Saint Martha >>>>>>>> Jeanne

Still the best saber.


Wouldn't she drown like that?


More like Slut Martha, right?

Sure. Maybe I should start playing grand order.

How can a saint be so lewd though?

>Wanting a homewrecker who let her daughter get raped by the same man who raped her


Dunno, ask Martha.

Did they ever meet in the afterlife? Jeanne is adorable. Sure, she may be a little lewd, but then again, name one character (female to be specific) from Fate that doesn't have any lewd part.
Still, those two are really adorable. Sieg have a really cute appearance and I really like Jeanne's personality (not to mention that I also like and respect her real life counterpart, in both battle and Faith in God) I wonder if my waifu can have a personality like that if she ever appears in anime or manga, which I believe she will do
.....I am still creeped that I got turned on by a trap like Astolfo, this should NOT be allowed.
>pic is basically Jeanne saying to Astolfo that Sieg was evading her lately and Sieg telling Astolfo that she looked away from Jeanne because of her outfit that was cute I think

>forgot the pic
Read the filename, this is how I am feeling right now.

Nice meme but thats Bedivere

No, Nero is.

how old was she when she fucked cu anyway?



No. What's wrong with you?



She's more like a deleted, obsolete mule.


Yes, they met in the afterlife. Or rather, it was kinda Last Episode-like.


Where is Alfonso?

It's funny because technically they both merged into one being, but here it looks like Jeanne was the one who took the iniciative.


This doujin is finally in English, so you can read it on sad panda.

>from lewd sensei and emperor, to OTaPocrypha
I approve this


Look at her! Moist and ready to fuck already!

Am I r-relevant yet?

When did Scathach dye her hair brown and put blue contact lenses into her eyes?

Good things to come from grand order

shit chute
Saber Lancer Alter
Cu Caster
Aoi Yuuki

bad things to come from grand order

Jeanne Alter
Saber Lancer
Shota Iskander
Loli caster
Edmond Hope

>Jeanne Alter
I'm willing to agree
>Artoria Lancer
>Shota Iskander
>loli Caster
Which one? Meh, all those are shit anyway
>Edmond Hope



How would it turn out if the same was done to Scathach?

Taking a wild guess.
She will probably accept it if it was by Cuchulain, and more than 20 sticks... because strong

>20 sticks
Jeez, how many sticks can this woman take?

It was just a guess.
I mean, I sayed that because of how she is always looking for the strongest man, and she does have a lot of strenght and resistance.



Make your own team of servants

>Scathach will never offer you the friendship of thighs
Why even live


To become strong enough that she lets you take it anyway?

Ok, how do I play FSN: GO? I want this sexy beast at my fingertips.

There's a general on /vg/.

You missed your chance for swimsuit Scathach and her normal form isn't in the gacha normally.

But hey, Jeanne Alter is going to be up for a week and she's one of the best servants in the game, so rerolling starting tomorrow wouldn't be a bad idea.

Cu never raped Scat, if anuthing she was the one who raped him.

She is immortal.

I've had enough of GO
Didn't get Kiyo swimsuit after sinking 300 bucks

>Jeanne Alter
Fuck you, she is an adorable edgelord tsundere.

She's so cute. I want to summon her and be bullied by her into becoming a man.

I read this as fingernips


She's a turboslut.

You know you have literal shit taste when even most of Cred Forums doesn't like your fetish.

Where is her ass?

Why is she presenting herself like that?

You now he is talking about Scathach and not scat ?