Trickster - 01

>Trickster - 01
Anyone else watching this? Was alright first episode.

Seems a lot like Rampo Kitan but with a emo MC.

Least it has a cute Hikki girl in it.

MC is too genki for me and the other guy is too much of a fag. Doubt I'll watch second episode

Is it fujobait? Looks like fujobait

>Seems a lot like Rampo Kitan but with a emo MC.
Thats the reason i am not watching it (unless it has ED as good as Rampo Kitan)

RK was major diappointment, and i am telling that as someone who was creating its threads and keeping discussion and speculation with insight into Edogawa`s works at first.

Dropped it right here.

Thankfully this is 24 episodes, instead of 12 like Rampo Kitan.

Other than her there is absolutely no reason to watch this garbage.

And watching it for her isn't worth suffering through it.


mite b cool, but I'm expecting it to turn into shit. But I expect that from every original anime these days to prevent myself from getting hurt.

Hopefully, the deuteragonist gets a lot less whiny in the upcoming episodes, I'm not really big on whiny protags.


boku no pico

Same. The OP was already full of homolust, but this scene did it.

>not watching this garbage
>not suffering through it
But user, feet.

Feels like something from 2005.
Except back then the emo would have been a girl.

Cute loli is cute, but there is so much fujo pandering.

unfortunately, this appears to be the season of DROPPED

I thought it was pretty interesting, the only thing that seemed like blatant fujo pandering was the foot scene, but other than that it was fine.

why is everything gay shit holy fuck

How does he pick up the bottle? Or wear clothes? Or not fall through the ground until he's in the center of the Earth?

There is no consistency or logic to his power at all.

Is that some carved wooden dildo?

I'm assuming his power is only activated if something comes at him really fast or he feels like he's in danger.

It's 24 episodes, so it could end up decent. But it reallys eems fujo... yet they bait me with that QT. She's obvioulsy been designed to bring some male viewers, with that outfit.

It's a foot (male).

Ranpo Kitan was a comedic masterpiece though.

What did he mean by this?

He is a fast guy


So, in an scale of 1 to CRAAAAAAAAWLING, how edgy is immortal-kun?

He's quite edgy. Keeps cutting stuff.

It was garbage. Dropped it after 10 miutes. I already have Detective Conan anyway.

The edge killed the dog ;_;

Why didn't he move away from the dog?

>guy is so edgy he literally cuts through everything
Did one of you fuckers write the script or something?
This is even worse than the previous RK show.

>the only thing I can't cut is my wrist

Those fish tanks seem like a real hassle to clean.

Seems like it'll turn out mediocre at best but the emo kid is a total qt and it's original so I'll at least give it 3 eps.

I hate this kind of character so much. At least if it's a male.

Fujos are taking over, man. Our time is over. By this time next year Cred Forums will really be populated solely by little girls.

I'm not sure the two girls in this show can keep the waifufags interested, especially since the hikki has a very grating voice and annoying personality. Akechi himself seems like a total ladies' man and MCxAdrenaline are OTP. Edgy-kun is there to receive MC's hope and possibly tone down his insanity. Levels of gay will probably boil down to standard "males are interacting and there might be subtext if you want to see it as such".

Basically it's going to be kind of gay, but irrelevant and able to be ignored if you don't like it. We will also get more sexual harassment on officer lady and general wackiness from loli, probably. Personally I'm interested in crazy MC and Officer x Akechi shenanigans.

I found him pretty annoying too, dropped right after he started laughing near the end.

>last season was full of fujoshit
>this season is even worse

Maybe it's time I find a new hobby. Like suicide or something.

>now series shows up on where you download stuff
>queue it
>wait excitedly until download is finished
>open it
>retarded looking gay boys everywhere
The start of the season has become a disappointing event.

>all these comments
Are you all retards like who download and try to watch every new thing that shows up without even reading a synopsis?
The fujobait and emo kid should come as no surprise to anyone who bothers informing themselves to know what to expect

I haven't even watched this, I came to complain about the increasing fujoshit in MY industry.

It's like your first time being on Cred Forums at the beginning of a new season.

I didn't even find it gay apart from the foot thing at the start.

But Cred Forums throws fujoshit at anything so it's not surprising.

The first ep was okay but pretty much sums it up

Also greatest love story ever told.

>try to watch every new thing that shows up without even reading a synopsis?
That is exactly what I do. I like surprised and try to give everything a chance.

Nigga what, there was barely any pandering yet other than the "boy meets boy" setup.

Looking up a synopsis for every show every season becomes a pain in the ass. And anime synopsises tend to be pretty shitty to begin with. I find it's far easier and more efficient to just download the first episode of everything and judge for myself what's shit.

Probably refering to Dine N Dash.

Hope some kind user is willing to screencap all the worthy feet shots so I don't have suffer through this shit. This episode felt longer than it was

Watched it to that point. Dropped it.

I've done this every season since 2009. I judge shows on whether they are entertaining to me, because nether synopsis nor preview will really tell me whether it is. I even avoid looking at those or Cred Forums hype threads because they will disappoint or mislead me without doubt.

Sometimes I even stick with shows that looked like retarded fujobait on first sight, but actually turned out good. It's very rare, though.

Then don't be fucking surprised if there's a 50/50 chance a series is pandering to the other 50% of the population.

I swear most anons are retarded enough to think anime is like gaming in the west, a niche nerd hobby for men with only a tiny number of women into it. Japanese women actually watch anime, they make up a significant part of the audience and market. They contribute more money and are more relevant to the industry than foreigners, they have more right to be pandered to than us.

Here's one

Is this the return of neet detective?

Eh first episode was decent.
I'll continue watching for atleast a few episodes.

She is a NEET and she is a fucking hacker.

Watch more anime.

It's not painful to watch.
That and being 24 episodes is enough to watch more of it.


There is not enough space for a dick.

Honestly wasnt even as gay as you guys are making it out to be. Ill keep watching for now.

What is Nadeko doing there with her hair now pink?

The only other show on mondays is the tabletennis one.
So yeah this is decent enough.
Also the Hikki girl is cute

Yeah, I love homolust as much as the next dude, but this was a faily standard boy meet boy story.

Last year Ranpo anime was x10 gayer.

Every single time he showed his ass, I said there is no way that is a man.
Especially when he dressed as a girl.


I want to be the ball


Except Ranpo isn't guy because Kobayashi is a girl.

Japan went to the extreme with him.

Sure mate.

>Was alright first episode.

The white haired guy made it unsufferable

How was he injured then?

He needs to be aware of it I guess?

hmanga when

makoto is a girl right?

It says a lot of a saw when everyone posts the very same scene.

This is shit, right?

Just posting images of the girl in the show we want to plow

>Only discussions on the thread are about neet girl and homolust
Yes it is shit

Couldn't make it past the first five minutes, holy fuck that was bad. Strong contender for Endride of the season.

Nothing this season comes close to End this ride.
Besides maybe Bloodivores


I somehow enjoyed the first episode, guess I'll keep watching this for now.
Bloodywhore was the shittiest series of this season for me. I hated it since the very first scene, just like the drawing style and characters and everything else. The only other thing that bad was that sword anime, but pure pander series always bore the fuck out of me.

It's basically Bungo Stray Dogs... just less fun

>Nigga what, there was barely any pandering yet other than the "boy meets boy" setup.
>there was hardly any pandering besides the obvious pandering

Please do so.

I'd like to know what you think of Yuri on Ice or All out if this episode has "so much fujo pandering"

>Foot service.
>From a male

....Fuck this shit.

Horseshit : The Anime

Seems too het for me. Didn't like how the ball girl was always on the boy's dick all the time, gross.


A Cola made of frozen homo shit?

Just like the original.

Pepsi > Coke


I guess you could say, he only has a leg to stand on.

That wasn't even clever.

Yet I couldn't resist, hence I posted a carlos image.

He had to leg it.

Even carlos puns have some wit to them, shitlord


Please don't

>sees dog running toward him
>knows dog will die when it gets near him
>makes no attempt to move away
>just screams at dog not to do it
>dog doesn't understand because dog
>dog dies

Clearly there was no way he could have avoided that.

Actually, why is this faggot even in a city? He should be holing up on a mountain or someplace equally deserted.

She's cute. And I love pink-haired girls. And look at this delicious foot.

Maybe he's just lazy.

>jumps out of a high building
I can't explain it.

Looks like a turd.

>download and try to watch every new thing that shows up without even reading a synopsis?
But that's the fun part of a new season. Synopses are shit and tend to spoil any major event in the first few episodes.

That scene with him and the shotgun was brutal. I figured he'd be typical edgelord who half-asses killing himself at best, but he went for the tried-and-true method of shotgun in the mouth, all the way in the back. He's legit in wanting to die, at least. Truly suicidal characters are rare and special and deserve to be healed if they seek it. I don't think MC will be protecting or prompting smiles from him, though.

She's cute and her leg shots are too. Will watch this as long as she stays wearing those open toe thigh highs.



You know, i feel like Cred Forums really says this every single time, but this time especially is the one season that really has figuratively the most shit out of every other season this year. the one thing that might be worth my time at least is the new working and the iron orphans gundam shit, only for princess though.

>Watching IBO for the worst character

Why doesn't he just starve himself?

It takes about two weeks to starve yourself to death, user. It's possible, but not realistic for most people. Maybe his power involves saving him from that, too. We don't know much yet.

If you like Gundam for princess then you'll like Izetta too. It has the same princess type + her cute witch friend and nice ww setting. Also most of the shows hasn't aired yet, why are you complaining and calling the season shit now. Wait a bit Natsume, Hibikek, some originals and so on incoming.

>missing out on the literal AOTS

Why doesn't he have the eagles drop him into Moun Doom?

This is one of those cases where sex with clothes on is the best choice

It was generic fujopandering shit, but nowhere near as bad as a lot of other fujoshit airing this season. At least it has two cute girls in the main cast.

I'll stick with it for now, it has two cours so it could turn out alright. Ranpo Kitan wasn't that great to begin with and went to shit by the end, but I loved Un-Go which was another show similarly based on a Japanese mystery authors works.

The intro was like Divine Gate's pitter patter once again

Not even close to Divine Gate's glorious pitter patter

Ah, this line never fails to get me that good ole single tears of laughter.

>His sword is so sharp it cuts and hurts everything...
>Even himself.
It's impossible to outstand Divine Gate's pitter patter. It was legendary.

The series climax will be the two mc touching, calling it now.

Hahah, holy shit man.I'm gonna enjoy this.

>Gackt is the main villain


Went into this expecting a mystery anime, instead I got a shitty plot with zero mystery, homolust, and an underdeveloped sci-fi setting.

That was really disappointing. I was expecting to get that "detective vibe" from the start, but there was nothing of that.

The hikki-NEET is really cute.

Does that foot belong to a male?


I somewhat enjoyed the episode and looking forward to see how they will adapt edogawa ranpo stuff for this.

Looks bad since you don't have the full movement

that scene was the dumbest fucking thing I've ever seen

You're probably American for saying this. Trump becoming your President, not dumb at all.

i dropped izetta before i could even get to the explanation of the plot. other anime atm are pretty shit/generic/terrible, so like i said new gundam one and www.working

New Working is just rehashed personalities with a bit of a tweak and with a new face for them.I recalled some saying the first episode was QUALITY too. Still got it in my watch queue.

What was going on in these scenes?

I'm so confused.

I liked backgrounds in some scenes.


fred jones successfully captures the culprit of in the case of the Runaway Revenant Robot, while holding him at gunpoint waiting for the mystery gang to provide assistance in capturing the villain, he is unable to successfully catch him in one of his tried and true masked scoundral securing snares

I somehow missed that background, I'm normally pretty on top of things when it comes to neat stuff like a starry background. Guess I must not have been paying that much attention or something.

will this be better or worse than bungou stray dogs

At the end of the day it'll still be shit.

But at least suicideman in this has a legitimate reason and isn't treating it as a source of humor.

Bungo Stray Dogs will be one of the top 3 again

>Announcing episode 0 OVA after episode 1 aired

>yfw no cute police commissioner who pays you for your crime-fighting with her modest oppai

Shittier than laplace


24 episodes so im willing to give it a try.