Why aren't you watching hajime no ippo: lolis version?

Why aren't you watching hajime no ippo: lolis version?

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I have no oxygen left in my muscles.

Penis is not a muscle

But I am and I love it.

>magical lolis will never beat the shit outta you

Only pain fills my life.

Because the new episode isn't out yet.

This webm made me interested, when is first episode?

It's already out.

Not on Horriblesubs

It's too violent for me, lolis shouldnt fight.

Search Vivid.

>comparing this trash to Ippo
Go back s/u/bhuman.


Fuck this production committee.

Really makes you think huh.


Not on Horriblesubs and not on AB, had to go to nyaa...

I... kinda uncomfortable watching lolis hitting each other.

Adult transformations to the rescue.

BTW, I hate how nobody uses chest protectors. FFS. I know, fanservice. But you could make them cute or sexy and damageable, at least!

Magic damage simulation device. They only feel pain they can't get hurt.

Vivio sure is savage towards Fuuka, using her special attack and all. The others at least only used normal punches and kicks. It's like she hates her for stealing Einhart's attention or something.

Bring me the loli protagonist and I may consider it.

Dunno how old she is but props for making her grown enough to not look too much like a little kid. Not fan of pedo undertones.

Speaking of that, there is a new InnocentS chapter out. With adult transformations.


Because I'm not a lewd little girl.

I hate how realistic battle damage is mostly written out in ViviD.

If she is the same age as Rinne then she would be 1 year younger than Einhart/Yumina/Miura so around 12-13 years old.
>taking in a disciple 1 year younger than her on a whim
I still don't understand what the heck is Einhart thinking and doing with her life.

Is it?

The writing regarding the Vivid characters is IMHO about as good as the art they used for them in VStrike, which means pretty bad.
It's sad, but hopefully they will outweigh it by doing a good job with Fuuka and Rinne.

I see that stripping practice came in handy.

Obviously you want the best to teach the art to others.

Now now, it's only been 1 episode and it will be awhile until Vivid manga catches up. Einhart's motivation may eventually be explained in either Strike later episode or in Vivid later chapters.

Disciple is a bit too strong a word. She just wants more bitches in her harem.

>Hajime no Ippo: NTR edition

Reminds me of Nanoha's "You need to cool off." segment in StrikerS.

I really don't see how.

Good reactions this chapter.

wait, is this loli boxing? I thought this had something to do with nanoha. do I have to have watched nanoha to watch this?

Nanoha isn't even in the show.

It's related to the previous series, ViviD.

But ViviD was a bunch of tournament arcs with no linking with Nanoha other than some familiar characters showing up

You can start right now and miss nothing but a couple of references.

>do I have to have watched nanoha to watch this?
Probably not, but if you aren't familiar with the series it's probably not watching.

>not watching.
*not worth watching

Vivid Strike is its own thing so it's not a requirements but you should at least watch the Nanoha Vivid anime or better, read its manga before watching this one to get familial with the settings and characters.

If someone is willing to spend that much time to get into Vivid Strike, they may as well watch both Nanoha movies too, they're short and give a good summary of the origins of the original characters, and also are way better than anything from Vivid.

What the fuck man


I'm surprised noby came with that was it rape meme yet, when beaten up Fuuka appears and collapses out of the bushes in the morning.

Not that I am complaining.

So I wonder why she thought this was a good idea in the first place.

The rest of Nanoha has almost nothing to do with Vivid Strike, though. user seems like he is interested in loli boxing which Vivid has while the rest Nanoha doesn't.

Why is Corona such a bitch?

You either die or become cripple after such hit

I don't think she does that whole "thinking" thing.

Yeah, I know, I was just saying if he is going to watch anything from this franchise, he may as well watch something good, instead of skipping to the last installments that are at best average.

It does look like it, doesn't it?

She disappears with a whole bunch of delinquents
She wakes up crawling out of the bushes
The first instinct she has at hearing someone's voice is to deftly punch at them.

Well, she has magic energy punches and stuff, so it's not so weird she would have some innate magical defense/protection.

They're just getting Einhart out of the way so Vivio can get a better girlfriend.

Does the MC have a big clit ? This is very important.

>Nanoha literally nowhere
So it's come to this, huh.

A better girlfriend like who? Rinne? She cind of looks like Fate, let that oedipus complex work its magic.

Yes, it has come to a new golden age of Nanoha.

Like me.

Yeah, kinda feels exactly like that. "Blah blah blah, she is now happy somewhere and don't want us to spend time with her again." But I also suspect this might happen to Vivio too. They probably thought that sinking the ship they have hyped everywhere for the 7 years needs to be done before abandoning the characters, so that people don't ask for them.

What is supsicious is how abrupt it is. This Yumina/U15 tournament/Nove a big shot business owner thing started to unroll very recently in the manga. Maybe about the time when they got the idea to make Vivid Strike. Perhaps they decided they want to gradually kill Vivid vanilla manga and Vivio/Einhart couple too.

So will this just be about boxing or is there some dumb storyline behind everything?

>A better girlfriend like who?

Dose different colored eye hurt my head

I think they look stupid too.

A1 style toned the colors down and it was a good idea.


She wears skintight shorts under the skirt of her BJ so probably not.

>hajime no ippo: lolis version
If only.

Is there a reason they have two different eye color or was it just for the fuck of it

ViviMiu is superior.

Your old hag will probably get a short cameo in an episode or two.

It started in StrikerS already (where they probably copied it from Rozen Maiden). It is explained in Vivid as basically genetic manipulation the royal houses of the decadent and silly past did to themselves to make their bodies stronger. Hetero eyes were sign of that and in extension of belonging to the royal bloodline.

Nanoha's not even in the title. What times we live in.

Remember those are the only thing hetero about them.

>old hag
Get out. Otherwise your comment is reasonable but that low-tier bait, go fap again or something.

Why did Nanoha devolve into some kick boxing shit? The fuck is going on?

Miura a shit.

Wait so what the order to this show then there other seasons?

it's called a joke user

OK, but you know you can't see sarcasm on web.

Nanoha S1, S2, StrikerS and then Vivid. Actually I think they count on you even reading teh whole VIvid manga, not just seeing what happened in the first season of Vivid anime.

Corona is Rio's possession.

This pairing is so boring and generic it physically upsets me.

>new nanoha anime
>introducing new characters fucking again
They'll double the cast by the end of this season, won't they.

By the looks of it they shrunk the cast from Vivid down to the small few who got the spotlight in the tournament in Vivid anime and Nove.

Also only 2 new characters introduced.

Two main ones. Jill is not going to be very important I think. Unless she adopts Fuuka or something. I think they kept adding new characters at the lowest possible level.

Watch all seasons of Dog Days and you will understand

Cute girls doing cute things.

U15 are Nove's gym are pretty recent, yes, but Yumina showed up for the first time over 2 years ago, almost right after Einhart made Vivio goes all blushy and teary eyes for her.

They are the token cute and normal side couple in the background to contrast with the angsty and drama fueled main couple.

Eh, was meant for I shall post more pointless FS pics with this opportunity.

please user i can't fap now

why is Feitomama still sad, even in ViviD?

Is she still haunted by past trauma?

Her franchise is being taken away from her.

I'd be sad too.


She was just worrywarting. I think she is quite happy in Vivid.

Translation for the ED sung by Fuuka.

Starry Wish

Trembling with the desire to become strong, I stare at your back
Wishing upon the dignified flower, I want to protect you

I realized I couldn't go on alone in this town that never sleeps
But thanks to the warmth of the hand of that important person, I have learned to be kind

I will leap to my feet, I won't waver anymore
The countless stars above are shining upon us

Inside the spiral of time, the sprout of my wish spins round and round
These sad memories will become the seed of my courage
The light of hope is piercing through

I'll show you, I'll open the lock of your heart
The map of the future that I'm going to draw will glow strongly
Inside our joining hands

Is this the new Nanoha without Nanoha?

Fate butt is so fat.

Looks like she is sticking it up, probably to turn on Nanoha. Her clock is ticking, she unconsciously wants little kids she could call Alicia and Precia. The power of majitech better not disappoint.

Next not-Nanoha Nanoha sequel will have NanoFate's science baby as the new MC. It will be about magical idols.

I can't take Fuuka seriously, because whenever I remember her last name I just think of this: youtube.com/watch?v=VeLjFRPPvuY

What do you know? 7arcs is making that anime right now!

Holy shit, that outfit looks horrible.

>the main girl has Nanoha's hair color and Fate's eye color
Science sure is a magical thing.

Yeah, i'm beginning to wonder if the board of suits that make their decisions are actual people or just a bunch of IRC chat robots. Constantly taking the most popular concepts in anime and making bizarre amalgamations with them.

you lied this isn't ippo at all.

Also Fate shamelessly groping Nanoha thigh.
Anyone would be happy on her place.

Where are Vivio's nipples?

Never shown. They only slipped once in one of the early chapters of Vivid manga, but otherwise Nanoha never shows any naughty bits. Very sad.

>Read the summaries of Force on recommendation of just knowing what the direction the series was moving in

Who the fuck ever thought this was a good idea for Nanoha? This is the most edgelord shit I have ever seen. This makes Tails Got Trolled seem like a legitimate attempt at interpersonal drama.

And the inner side, even. Quite high in the sexual territory. Acting like they were dykes or somehting, FFS.

Is Caro an eternal loli?

They will be so embarrassed when they notice they put on the necklace of the other.

Yeah, they are so sloppy sometimes.

I want to fuck Einhart-san!

>Vivio and Einhart even exchanged bikini bottoms
>One year later Einhart dumps Vivio and gets a new girlfriend
Maybe Einhart got scared of Vivio being so straightforward, I wouldn't be surprised if Vivio demanded her to adopt a child together.

It was all sorts of cringy and I'm really happy it's cancelled. Or "on hiatus", whatever.

The other day at Riot 6, Fate would like start to remove her clothes in the bedroom Nanoha stayed at. Like she was gonna sleep there, so absent minded. There is only one bed, doh.

It's just, there were people in previous Nanoha threads legitimately defending its story. I got curious, asked where to start if I only watched StrikerS and nothing else, and went from there.

I could not actually believe that someone had inked a page somewhere that was a recolor of Squall Lionheart standing over the fresh-slain bodies of nuns ranting about about religion is bullshit and how society will never accept him and his nine-inch nails albums mooooom.

Then I went and looked and THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT IT WAS. I thought the summary was shitting me for a moment.

I wonder if at least ChrisxTio will stay strong or if notTio will barge in and steal Tio away from Chris.

As long as they don't play wrestling on the bed again. So noisy...

I remember this guy that wrote Yuno fanfics and went everywhere claiming that it was "just sleepovers".

Someone should post the comic, you know which one.

This show better end up having a training montage Rocky style.

I want to see orphan girl doing one handed pushups while Einhart swears at her.

Nah, that's just how she is. She uses Axel Smash even in friendly sparring matches.

Right, Yuuno. Whatever happened with him, he seemed such a fine lad but didn'T see him in ages! Tell you the truth, I always knew they were like fated couple with Nanoha. So well fitting together. I wonder why she didn't marry him, could it be he's a homo? Gotta be that. Whew, such a shame.

>I want to see orphan girl doing one handed pushups while Einhart steps on her.

we all do, user.

Why does Vivio never use her true power in these fights?

>true power

Why does this sounds lewd to me?

Why did they skip over all the Jeremiah scenes? Not only was she a cutie but it had some cool Belka flashbacks and the most Einhart development.

>could it be he's a homo?
The fun thing is if he was in fact a pedo a lot of things would make more sense. He must have the collection of loli from the whole Universe in his library, I hope he didn't do anything to Vivio, maybe that's one of the reasons Arf is in loli form and around him.

>The fun thing is if he was in fact a pedo a lot of things would make more sense.
Not really, he didn't give it to Nanoha when he had the chance and he did have it.

>Not really, he didn't give it to Nanoha when he had the chance and he did have it.
I doubt he had any choice with Nanoha .

Dude, she's twelve.

>I hope he didn't do anything to Vivio
There was a crack doujin from Meki Meki like that. Can't find it, it was short extra in some longer doujin I think.

Dis gon be good.

I'm still hoping we'll get these in the vivid bds

>Teana and Subaru won't show up in Vivid Strike

I still boggles my mind how this got a second season.

What are the prerequisites to watching this show?

I want to watch cute girls doing cute MMA but the 1st episode made no sense.

>What are the prerequisites to watching this show?
get very inebriated

Just start watching

Watching the older shows will give you a false expectation as of what to expect from this show. It may even sour your mood for watching this show.

It's almost better if you watch this show blind because no one who isn't in this show will matter in a few years.

>not just going to NT first

It's set in a future magical girl world, since there is no large scale threats to defeat, the cute magic girls started fighting for sport. Also the two girls with heterochromia are special and can do a cool thing you'll see soon.
Just go with the flow.

Everything about the settings and characters would make sense if you read Nanoha Vivid first.

But that would be a terrible idea because Vivid is not good while Vivid Strike is good

But Nanoha Vivid wouldn't if you didn't see all the stuff before it. It starts like this.

Later half of Vivid is pretty good in regards to character development. No translation or scans, though.

Wait, which one is the world champion?

Because I have never watched anything else related to Nanoha


You should

I want to cuddle them, they have cute butts

>world champion
>lost to Vivio

Embarrassing. It would have been funny if her loss was to Sieg, to be honest.

Sieg, then we'll get a flashback of how Wilfred moved in on Olivie in their past life

Looks like a subbing error.

For Harunyan, they say she's the World Champion.
For Rinne, they say she's the #1 ranked fighter in the world.

I guess it's similar to college basketball, where the top ranked team won't necessarily end up winning the title.

Sub is wrong in this one. They said Rinne "ranks 1st" in the U15 category because of her 57/58 winning record of matches outside of the tournament. Einhart is the champion because she won the U15 tournament but doesn't have a rank because she doesn't fight many match outside of it.

In boxing, champions are beyond ranks and the #1 ranked boxer is just sort of the #1 contender for the title. Maybe it's going by those rules.

It looks cool. Guess I'll give it a watch

What is this anime called again?

Parade Parade.

Michaia beaten at her own game.

>so Vivio can get a better girlfriend
No way! Is Vivio going after Sieglinde now?

I don't think BRS is available:

She's probably already granted a highly paid position by Hayate.

Sieglinde is basically a better Subaru except for top speed. She would be an amazing asset. That is if she accepts, Sieg doesn't paint me as a soldier. She seems to like to do things at her own pace.

>Not fan of pedo undertones.

Then don't watch magical girl shows let a lone something related to Nanoha

Yes it is.

S1 and A's are okay if you don't like pedo undertones. They each have like a single concentrated loli fanservice episode and then focus on more interesting stuff.

>series that destroyed canon relationship and coolest side character ever for muh yuri fanfiction doujins

Not on your life José

You are speaking about Vivid Strike and... Einhart?

>series that destroyed canon relationship
Yuunofags, when will they learn.

It was just a prank bro.

What the hell did Yumina do to Einhart to mellow her out?

The distance between a lolis thighs is proportional to how perfect she is.

Yuuno hardly has any romantic flags/hints with anybody besides Nanoho, but those hardly matter because she is obviously much more intersted in Fate.

But he's fun to imagine in various crazy ships, like with Stern (I imagine Nanoha would look at thet weirdly), Miyuki (she liked his ferret form and is quite a babe) or Momoka (WRYYYYYY).

Michaiah is finishing her master degree in who knows what while Victoria already finished hers. Seig dropped out of higher education to play vagabond.

Did she? In chpt64 she said she is still in the running. Maybe she will take 2 years to submit it while doing nothing until the very last deadline. Like me.

What happened to the previous season?
This one sounds like it's taking place after the tournament at the end of that, so did they just skip it?

Vivid Strike skips what would be in second season of Vivid. Probably because the japan knows it all from the manga.

She drugs her foods.

With the way she is, I doubt Seig will ever complete that degree unless Victoria puts a leash on her.

>Victoria puts a leash on her.

Wow, that sounds terrible.

>Victoria puts a leash on her.
I'm surprised something is still doubting the Thunder Emperor's mighty powers of persuasion.

This confuses me because I thought it said Ein was the world champion under 15.

>only Miura has a black shirt

What does it mean?

She is no longer pure after living with Hayate.

So what's up with Einhart's maid or whatever? Is she important? Is she Vivio's rival in love?

See , , and in Rinne's character page, it said
>DSAA world ranking: 1st place
>Is currently aiming to take the U15 champion throne from Einhart

They both are.

>Teana and Subaru won't show up at the end of Reflection

Can we please get a StrikerS movie so we can get more of these 2 please?

Or about they use Reflection to retcon StrikerS and everything after it out of existence

N-No. They were the only good thing about StrikerS

The movies don't retcon anything. They are just stories. 1st and 2nd don't change the actual events of S1/A's any more than Saving Private Ryan changed World World 2.

Fuck you StrikerS is shit

I'd kill it if I could


Superfrog Saves Tokyo

Just another member of Einhart's harem.

ViVid Strike is a mistake.

Nanoha really is dead.