Thank you.


kuroneko was better


Thank you

Thanks for the reminder that I should have never used this fucking phrase - getting mocked relentlessly for it 7-8 years ago when I claimed The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya was "The Greatest Love Story Ever", causing it to catch on, along with the acronym "CGDCT", in like 2008 in a thread about fucking Acchi Kocchi

This is my legacy. The only thing I've ever accomplished that actually matters.

But user, TDOHS is the greatest love story ever. You were right the first time.

Thank you, OP.

Well, apparently some sporadic The Girl who lept through time fans, some random Slayers fans, a couple Revolutionary Girl Utena faggots, and like one or two Shonenfags (bleach / naruto / one piss and their shitty romance sub plots) disagreed.

I think there was also a deadman wonderfaggot fan. Most of which weren't even fucking romance oriented.

I know Disappearance wasn't primarily romance based either, but it sure as fuck beat out all their choices. In retrospect, I'm not sure why I backed down so quickly. Must have been because I was relatively new, only having been here for a little under a year.

Now that I remember, I also recall someone mentioning fucking Excel Saga, which is funny because that anime REVOLVES around romance and love.


But best girl has never been the MC's sister ever


my point exactly

The blood related imouto is always the best girl. No fucking exceptions.

Thanks for that.

But no seriously I've legit never seen that chart, so I actually fucking laughed just now.

I guess sometimes being an old inactive faggot pays off once in a while, especially since there're hardly any off-topic threads on Cred Forums anymore that don't revolve around "So I just saw Evangelion for the first time and X/Y", "Yfw she's X/Y" - and stuff like that.

Creativity and OC on Cred Forums is at an all time low. Everyone migrated over to [r9k]

I legit only come here anymore on sundays looking for any Sunday Slayers threads. This is a huge coincidence.

Matter fact, the whole "greatest love story ever told" "meme" (Nobody fucking used that word back then) - I believe, started IN a slayers thread because of Lina / Goury shipfags pissing off amelia fags and a bunch of people started talking about how the most recent slayers anime was atrocious and to forget it even exists.

Since the end of the anime they have gone on to have different lovers

Ever heard of the after story?

sick fuck

To add to that, I think anons were arguing about the compatibility of Amelia and Zel and I'm pretty sure I was being a cocky faggot and was like "Lina / Goury have better compatibility" or something, and then the argument got derailed and I'm pretty sure someone asked "name a better pair than X/Y" and Kyon and Haruhi popped into my head and the entire thread erupted into fucking hysterics after that.

I posted "Disappearance is the fucking greatest love story ever told you fucking plebs" and then raged out of the thread, buttmad as fuck after someone annihilated my argument with reasonable explanations as to why I was blinded, or something.

Great times. Holy shit.

But sibling love is the purest there is.

Thank you OP.

Oreimo not an harem though.

>there are people sick enough to not tell the difference between the love you share with a lover and the one you share with family members

Sibling incest love is the best because they love each other as lovers and siblings. Double fun!


the person who made this image either doesn't have a sister or needs to be put on a watchlist

>There are people on Cred Forums who can punctuate this atrociously and not get called an ESLfag for it / have people reply seriously.

This isn't the only thread, either. This is now a common fucking occurrence here, along with "streaming is now ok" fags.

It seems the fat edgelord black eyeliner mexifags have invaded Cred Forums as of late though. Go back to your fucking animecons, "otaku" magazines and street protests, you fucking autists.

All I can do is slowclap. Watch out guys, we got a professional moral arbiter over here.