Shingeki no Kyojin 86

Spoilers soon.

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BRA did nothing wrong.

fuck off generals

Annie is love
Annie is life
I just want Annie to smile again
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out

Monkey Trouble need to learn how to deal with Eren or die like the bitches they are.

Its spoiler week, kill yourself.

AM is love.

LM soon.

Anniebot is love
Anniebot is life
I just want Anniebot to smile again
Anniebot a miracle of the universe
Anniebot might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out

AM is life.

you forgot to me you fucking degenerate.

Anniebot's a girl?

I want them to find peace on each other's arms.

Peace is not something they can find easily in their world, but...

Annie is the best.

That's why I said each other's arms.

I miss Annie

Thanks, user. I love you too.

You're one decent poster in a sea of Arminfags.

...But in each other's arms, there is comfort. Mikasa has always protected Armin and will continue to, but now it's Armin's turn to protect her with his new powers she so fiercely fought for.


historia in slutty 80s workout gear WHEN

There's a little peace in all the chaos. Doesn't matter how bad things are.

EH is canon.

Spoiler that shit.

You wore a black sweater on your bed that night
With black leggings, I've never seen your face so white
Your honesty is killing me, the monsters in the room are dancing
To the music all around us

Time keeps slipping to a beat unknown and
Every step leads me down a broken road so
I'll grow, I will grow
All alone, I will grow
I will grow

There's a spirit in my eyes and a beat in my soul, oh what a soul
Thought I'd left you in the dust oh so long ago, thought that I would grow
But now that I'm wading through my pool of green
The monsters in the deep keep hurting me but yet I won't bleed, no I won't bleed
There's a spirit in my hands and a fatherless boy in my heart craving for the love you never gave me, though you said you wanted to see me grow
And now I must face the book of my life, turn to the new page
I'll turn it slow, once again

Come draw with us, faglords.


Are we getting a mindwipe before the series is done?

Fuck off, cancer,

Hopefully. i want to forget about this shitshow and read good manga again

I want my mindwipe theory with 80's music as soundrack.

What happened to Mrs Smith? Some mudslime finally went ahead and raped her?

I'm here!

Hey guys, I'm going for a place for two hours. Can you guys not post spoilers while I'm away?

Spoilers are out, we got 10 pages about how is the daily life in shifterville.

Let's make the soundtrack.

I'll start:

Waiting for some mudslime to deliver

Bert got hot

If you were really living in England a mudslime would have already harassed you.

Always thought the Halloween costume DLC looked kinda stupid.

but my fucking god that picture.

One attempted to last October but I dealt with it swiftly.
Rural England is rather void of them, which is pleasant.

>tfw Erwin didn't live long enough to experience the glorious 80s.

>tfw no gotta fight for your right to basement

Why does europe hate itself so much?

What part of England?

Look to the toad of a German Chancellor.

A part which is still mainly white. This happened in a city.

Yeah but in the countryside you have gypsies instead

Poor user
Those subhumans only want ficki ficki nothing else

>Deal with it
Ah! so you thought he looked at you. I thought just black people like fat girls, I guess a I was wrong.

They tend to stick to their own kind though.

Bad times.

>Armin was dreaming, back to his training years and there were Bertholdt and Reiner. They told him something.
>SL explained about the situations. (Erwin death, Armin became shifter, and the enemy is still haven’t captured) To Pixis and the others.
>Eren talks about the photo. Man on the photo was Grisha.
>Ymir letter. Its silver box is hard and difficult to open when Hange tried to examine it first. Then they decided to give it to Historia without examine it first.

Or go door to door and try to sell you obviously stolen shit. When they're not stealing dogs and horses.

>Then they decided to give it to Historia without examine it first.
I want this to happen. Maybe its information that no on other than Historia should read, for instance the goal and reason of Ymirs mission

You look fat and pink, perhaps he thought you remind him the delisciously look of a pig.

This is the only spoiler thus far that sounds entirely possible.

Hange as Doc Emmet Brown when?

Who's Marty? Eren?

Eren isn't cool enough. It has to be Connie.

Ymir a shit.

Connie as Marty sounds nice.
>spin-off with Hange and Connie as MCs
>Minor roles to Manlet, Erwin, Sasha, and Jean.
>EMA as the antagonist.
>Connie needs to travel in time again after he did something that ended turning EAr into Columbine shooters.
>Fun all over the place!


annie a shit

>EMA as the antagonist
I'm intrigued, tell me more.

Annie is a piece of shit.


She will be after Mikasa injects herself with a serum and eats her

>Eren talks about the photo. Man on the photo was Grisha
Wonder what he thinks about his dad having another family before he met Carla.

>TFW all the ErwL fujobloggers are dropping like flies
I have never been more happy to be alive

Fuck off ELfag.

Same here. The butthurt was delicious.

Armin fujobloggers are the worst type to ever pass through here. ErwLfags can never dream to compare.
>inb4 ErwLfag.

Armin fujos are top tier cancer.

They're even manlet apologists.

I'm a fan of Manlet and his fujos are pretty fucking awful too.

Not sure which are worse, Manlet or Armin fujos.

Definitely Arminfags/fujos.

Not Manlet, manlets.

>Manletfags are underages girls or Christmas landcakes with romance-tier headcanons.
>Arminfags are delusional losers projecting their failures in the accomplishments of a fictional character.
Both suck, but Arminfags are the real cancer. Manletfags are just crying herpes me.



Eren a shit.


Do Titan Shifters age faster than others? Uri seemed way beyond his years.

No such thing.
ErwL is love, ErwL is life.
Even in death.

Yes and no. Uri and BRAE are constantly using it, but not Grisha.

my favorite Eren moment is when he's kidnapped by Bert and Reiner and they start talking to him and he's all "I better keep my cool so I can gather information" and then like two pages later he's sperging out about he'll enjoy watching them die

So if Eren keeps spamming the shit out of his hardening and starts dying of Titan cancer, he's gonna look 40 by the time he's an adult.


Pretty much.

>said the dumb dyke who spergs a few pages later

I think they age slower or not at all as long as they're in titan form, and Uri was sick because of coordinate cancer.

Levi killed Erwin.
I'd get if you fujos said he was just being compassionate, but the truth it's not. He didn't think about killing him the first time he saw him, compassion was never in his mind. He chose to let him die just after realizing he was a lost cause. He didn't do it because he cared, he did it because Erwin showed he wasn't the hope humanity needed.
And the fact it was Levi the one who let him die makes everything so much delicious.

>This mad about the truth.
She saved his ungrateful ass anyway.


More like she caused problems down the road.


>Armin was dreaming, back to his training years and there were Bertholdt and Reiner. They told him something.
It took him this long to remember some important shit from his trainee years that BR told him?
>5 Gary Stu points have been revoked from Armin Arlert's account

Get fucked fujo. ErwL is done forever.

>Ymir letter. Its silver box is hard and difficult to open when Hange tried to examine it first. Then they decided to give it to Historia without examine it first.
Why the fuck would they do that?
>it's an explosive. there was no letter.
Oh, I see. To kill off Historia so Armin can become king and be revealed as a special snowflake Reiss. Isn't that right, Isayama?
>+20 Gary Stu points have been added to Armin Arlert's account

ErwL is alive forever, b8-chan.

It's fake anyway.

No, revoked. In any other situation it'd make him more of a gary stu but if it's something that seemed normal for them to say at the time and he only realized the implications now then that makes him a fucking jobber.

explain this

He'll always be remembered as the man who truly saved Wall Maria.

>levi didn't save erwin
>levi killed erwin
... ok

Did someone say Shingeki no 80s?






>I just remembered this information that happens to be really relevant right now.
Yeah. It's fake anyway.

The ship was never a thing to begin with. You Fujos take everything out of context to support your shit ship.


IT's a Arminfag letting out his delusions again or baiting. It was shoved down our throats the reason he did it.

Fujo or not, you Shitvifags are cancer.

buttmad fujocuck

I think the implication was it was information that was relevant when they first revealed themselves, not now. Like they could have used that information months ago.

Although I can't say even if it is relevant information that it adds too many gary stu points since that's a common thing in real life. If you're thinking about how to get someone out from under a car it's not unlikely to think of a movie you once saw where they pulled someone out and to do that. You know what I mean?

He's still a gary stu either way tho.

Nice argument as always.

The only Arminfag ITT right now is me, probably, and Levi absolutely saved Erwin by killing him/letting him die. Don't fucking finger point when you have no proof, asshat..

The argument was right there
These are facts.


I just want to see him again.

That would have to be a pretty slim box since they stole an envelope from Reiner


Fuck off Arminfat, were the past 10 chapters not enough for you?

Spoleirs, when?

That is one ugly Jean.

>and Levi absolutely saved Erwin by killing him/letting him die.
Denying him his ultimate dream at the last minute sure seems like a premeditated intention so save someone. You're delusional and sad.

He let Erwin rest not giving a single fuck for the wall's future. That's the one truth. Levi and Hanji already made it clear Erwin the best and right choice, but Levi prefered muh biased feelings.

>Mankasafags are this retarded
That is Uri you fucking brain dead third rate whore.

Levi is the only one who knew what Erwin's dream was. Not Hange nor Armin were aware of this.

That's Uri genius.

>denying him his ultimate dream
His ultimate dream was death. He gave up his dream when he charged straight at Sapian Sensation with his soldiers. Did you even read the chapter? That's why he thanked Levi.

The only delusional one here is you. Levi saved him from hell and from becoming a devil.

It's about the one more capable, not the one who has The Dreams(tm).

You're a fucking idiot. Erwin stayed half of the chapter regretting the situation because he really wanted to see the basement. Had he had other option, he wouldn't have chosen death.
Riddle me this, retard. If it was for Erwin's sake, why the fuck did Levi fight so hard to give him the serum in the first place?

And condemned everyone else.

>arminfats trying to deflect their autism by claiming its uri
Arminfats are pathetic.

Let me paraphrase it then; Levi was the only one who was aware Erwin's dream made him unfit to be humanity's hope. Erwin didn't care for humanity. Erwin only wanted to prove his father right, everyone else be damned.

>why the fuck did Levi fight so hard to give him the serum in the first place?
Because he is the best choice for humanity.

Oh my god you can't be that retard EMshit.

The point still stands.

It is Uri. Here's the source if you don't believe me.

Then he never meant to """save him""" from becoming a devil like you fujos like to spew. He only used that convenient speech Flock gave to justify his last minute choice.


Because Levi was for humanity until EM reminded him how selfish and pathetic humanity is. Also, he wanted Erwin to live because of his own feelings. You're the fucking retard. Erwin didn't spend half the chapter regretting it, are you retarded? He charged right into battle, his dreams be damned.

Levi put him out of his misery. Levi saved him from becoming even more broken. Levi did not choose to save Armin, he chose to save Erwin. Armin was merely the after thought, though Levi clearly feels a little bad about condemning Armin into becoming a monster.

Armong is worst shifter.

ErwL is dead. Erwin only loved Marie. Deal with it fujos.

>arminfats trying this hard to justify their autism
sasuga arminfats. admit it, your stupid.

arminfats are retarded. they thought that was shitmin and then tryed to deflect when you called them out on there bs.

Erwin > shit > Gesumong

Not that user, or a ErwLfujo, but I think people believe that because him choosing Armin over the commander doesn't make sense. I think saving him by killing him makes more sense than him not picking the better opinion for absolutely no reason.


armong a shit. a shit!

Levi never had made a decision before that he didn't regret.

Who is that cute girl? Armin a shit btw.

Fuck off retard. You don't need to be an Arminfag to notice the marks behind his eyes.


That's what I meant. Sorry I'm tired.

I hate Shitmin as much as everyone else but I gotta admit, I feel kinda bad that this was thrust upon him. It's one thing for him to have received the serum. Fine. Everyone was suppose to prepare for that burden. But it's an entirely different ball field now that Erwin died so he can live. That's so much pressure that it gives me a headache thinking about it.

Glenn Coconut Head should have died. Even he doesn't deserve this burden. He's going to become a monster and probably an edgelord too. We don't deserve that bullshit.

Both can be true as the same time, shitposter-kun. Erwin was indisputably the superior choice for humanity but keeping him alive would mean letting Erwin continue to make immoral and cruel (but necessary) decisions that would brand him as a demon in peacetime. EM's selfishness made Levi realize that Erwin > the rest of humanity, and so he let Erwin die.

excellent taste.

your triggered arent you arminfat? go blub to your fellow landwhales. its shitmin and you are retarded.

>Because Levi was for humanity until EM reminded him how selfish and pathetic humanity is.
>Also, he wanted Erwin to live because of his own feelings.
You got it backwards fucktard
>Erwin didn't spend half the chapter regretting it, are you retarded? He charged right into battle, his dreams be damned.
Pic related. The first and last time Erwin wasn't a selfish, cunning piece of shit.
>Levi put him out of his misery. Levi saved him from becoming even more broken.
Oh, so Levi is perfectly fine by carrying the burden of the world on his shoulders but believes Erwin can't? not only that, he only came to that conclusion right after he got a reminder of how helpess Erwin was. How he never let go of the childish dream that killed hundreds for his own selfish purpose.

He didn't save Erwin because he was deceived by him. Isayama explained this, he revealed it's been a plot ever since Erwin smiled creepily after finding out titans were humans. Levi went "So this is why you joined the SL?" because he's finally aware of Erwin's true intentions. Then you have him eavesdropping on EMA and how Armin's dream is freedom. The thing he wants to pursue, unlike Erwin. That's why he chose Armin, he told him "you got something no one else has" in chapter 85 to justify his choice for a reason.

>Changed your "I love Armin but" to "I hate Armin but" huh?

You have to check that poor manga reading comprehension of yours.

Levi cares a lot for humanity, that's why he decided to follow Erwin no matter what. He deems the dude sufficiently capable of achieving humanity's freedom and that's why he fights to give him the serum.
He sees Erwin as a tool for freedom but also he became a friend with time.
Now, with Flock speech, he saw the disservice everyone was doing to the man, using him as a mere tool and pushing him to the limits of his own humanity.
That's when his compassion to his friend took priority, he liberated him from being humanity's tool.

If fujos want to see anything more, let them. They made a lot of ships with a fuck less canon material.

He won't become an edgelord. That's ridiculous. I don't hate him but I think he is going to be fine.

>I hate Shitmin
Sure. If you really hated him you would've stopped writing there.

>EM's selfishness made Levi realize that Erwin > the rest of humanity, and so he let Erwin die.
You're fucking delusional landwhale. This is what made Levi change his mind, not fucking EM, shithead.

Erwin was never immoral or cruel though. He proved it on the political arc, he's honorable even. Armin on the other hand.

Fuck Armin. I don't care about him. You are just a pathetic EMshit. Just keep talking to yourself fat whore.

Never thought of it that way. Huh.

Nah. I can have empathy for characters who I think are shit.


you are so triggered shitwood. go take a nap you whiny baby.

Hatred of Armin brings /snk/ together.

Listen retard, if that was the case he wouldn't have never fought against EM so Erwin could get the injection and his first thought would've been "oh, my friend has suffered enough we ought to let him rest" but you got to that only after this happened
wake up you mongrel.

He already is since FT's arc. Or even chapter 1.
>Hurr durr the world is gonna end any minute now.

Stop replying to me fat whore and just return to dumblr.

Why do Arminfats keep shitting on characters that are better than him in every conceivable way?

Flocke made him start changing his mind, this was just the last drop that confirmed it.

Describe this man.

this!! mikasa a best. armong a shit.


Allahfag please. No one is doing that.

A fucking shit. Never believe his lies.

Flocke wasn't present in his train of thought during his decision. So no.
You're just a delusional shit that tries to justify the fact Levi let Erwin die not because it was the best for him, but because he wasn't what humanity needed.

says the triggered arminfat.

because arminfats are triggered like above.


Worst father.

He deserved better. His son, too. Spinoff manga with Eren and Grisha never.

Keep trying EMshit. Everyone here despise your fat ass. I don't fucking care about Armin.

Never played baseball with his son/10

So I mean is nobody going to point out the Shitkasafag who keeps samefagging and finger pointing or...?

I mean seriously. Mikasafag retarded levels are in an entire different league.

Frick off, Keith.

>Eren and Grisha
They had enough father-son bonding together. Zeke deserves some time with him.

Literally fucking satan. Fuck Grishit. Zeke deserved so much better. Eren not so much. Maybe a little.

Too much fat in the veins.

Erwin asked Manlet to assure him that dying for humanity was better than fulfilling a strong sense of guilt. Seeing that page again makes me realise Erwin probably didn't even actually wanted to see the basement but only trying reach it to soothe his guilt. Poor fucker. Srsly.

It's like talking to a wall, I swear.
He wanted to save Erwin because he considered him humanity savior first and a friend second.
He started changing his mind when he realized how everyone, by Flocke's mouth, was treating him like a tool and not a human himself. His thought process is literally "this man has suffered enough, let him rest"
So he did, he ultimately choose a friend's freedom over humanity's, and that's actually very selfish of him.

Says the guy who insists Erwin wasn't the best for the walls when it's stated and made clear over and over and over again, no matter how you look at it.
It'll always be Erwin>>>>>Hanji>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Armin.

I'd pay for more content of Eren and Grisha when Eren was a kid. More content with Eren in general, actually. I hope Zeke doesn't disappear for too long. Eren could use some escape from the shithole of the Survey Corps.

Fujos will say
>Levi did it because he wanted to save Erwin for becoming a demon!
While Levi has stated he himself is perfectly fine by playing the role of the bad guy, as long as it's for humanity. They also like to ignore the whole subplot of Levi's trust towards Erwin changing.
I'm so glad ErwL is dead. Hopefully its braindead fans keep dropping snk.

>His son, too.


Every time I think you Arminfags are the biggest cancer in these threads, the Mikasafags always have to prove me wrong. Just don't give it attention. It will get bored and fuck off somewhere else, preferably far from here.

>when it's stated and made clear over and over and over again,
That's because everyone there but Levi ignored Erwin's true intentions, dimwit. Of course he seems like the best option due to his experience, but that doesn't mean he is. Levi understood this and therefore made his final choice.

Read this


They also like to completely disregard the author's own words if it doesn't fit their narrative.
>inb4 get called guidebookfag

Grisha a dumb shit. He invested time and resources into the wrong fucking son.

Well? Who is it?

Seriously, everyone should be able to see this. It's like your disgust for everything close to ErwL has hindered your ability to read basic plot points.
What did the fujos do to you, my man?

>more content of Eren and Grisha when Eren was a kid
Desu I want something more about their relationship. I only ever see stuff about Eren and Carla, with Grisha always written off as a shit dad Eren doesn't get along with.

Levi himself said that too, you delusional retard. Armin can never dream of being as good as Erwin. The only one they can truly put their faith is Eren now,and maybe not even that.

Exactly. The guidebook states that Levi's distrust towards Erwin wasn't much of a deal as he didn't give it enough thought, until shit got real. But they'll of course ignore this because that's how hurt they are. And I'm glad, really. They've been the most annoying piece of shit I've the displeasure of stumbling upon and I'm so glad they're done for in terms of canon.
No more development, thank god.

I never liked Erwin in general so I'm glad he won't be shitting up the manga anymore.

Never got any You from Bertfags so taking desperate measures now?And not even trying to sound different.

Wait, so Levi chose Armin because Erwin's desires were entirely selfish and impure? Armin wants freedom, yeah, but never once has he mentioned humanity's freedom. He wants it for himself, humanity be damned.

Just Arminfats doing mental gymnastics to convince themselves that Armin was the right choice when everyone knows Erwin was better in every way.

>Armin can never dream of being as good as Erwin. The only one they can truly put their faith is Eren now,and maybe not even that.
True, Armin will never be Erwin, however Levi reassured him with >You have a power that no human has
Reason why he chose him. Armin has a true intention to become free. He shares Levi's ideals. This isn't hard to understand unless you're a fucking idiot.>

Manlet has a hero complex. So he saving Erwin from becoming a monster and saving a child to give him a future fits perfectly. The absolute madman did the best for all of them, from his own point of view. I don't get why you are so obssesed with "manlet did it because he is an edgelord". There were a lot of things playing at that moment.

those are some nice tits

Kill yourself. Not even Arminfats think he was the right choice.

I know this series is full of shitty characters but who is the best shingeki?

Because it was never his true intention to go and save Armin while letting Erwin die. He fought against Eren, he struggled against Mikasa, there's no heroic shit going on there. Nothing. Why do you like to ignore Isayama's words? how Levi's perception towards Erwin changed in chapter 51 and that affected his final decision?


He reffers to the shifting ability. And even with that he's wrong. He didn't choose Armin. It was a side effect of letting Erwin die.

Ok, I see the problem.
You think that us saying that Levi took pity on the guy=ErwL, so by your logic this is false.
You don't even entertain that Levi's decision has no ErwL connotations anywhere, it's just compassion for someone close to him.
You are just annoyed that fujos use this development as support for their ship.
Man, that's paranoid from your part.

>You have a power no human has
He was referring to how he was a titan shifter now, you retard.


Best boy.

This. But Levi does feel a little guilty for forcing Armin into his soap opera, as evidenced by his face in that one page where Armin is saying they're stupid for choosing him over Erwin.

YH soon.


The thing is, Manlet chose to let Erwin to die, and as consequence Armin to live, because he considered Erwin had enough and his guilt will not lead Erwin himself and humanity to a good end, while Armin could bring something different without being demonized in the process. While your rant is "Manlet did it because he doesn't care about Erwin".

>there is one or two arcs left in the manga
>it will probably take another 2 years

When do you think the manga will end?

Season 2 when?

And who do you think will be best boy in the next season?

You know that's not true imbecile. He's saying that despite not being able to replace Erwin, he still has his own unique power.

And I'm telling you, mouth-breather, if that was the case he wouldn't have fought against EM. His first priority would've been releasing Erwin from his misery, but he didn't do it. He only did that after Erwin raised his hand. After the reason why he didn't trust him as much anymore got shoved on his face. Fuck's sake.

Nah, I actually believe he was talking about Armin "imaginative logic"by the power of being a Gary Stu

On one hand, thank you Levi for saving my son. On the other hand, fuck you for forcing the weight of humanity on his shoulders and straight up insulting him to his face. Fuck you, thank you.

What a retard you are.

True. Nobody can count to three like Armin can.

>When do you think the manga will end?
Sometime by the end of next year.
>Season 2 when?
Next Year
>And who do you think will be best boy in the next season?
Zeke or Kenny

What a retard you are.

>if that was the case he wouldn't have fought against EM. His first priority would've been releasing Erwin from his misery, but he didn't do it. He only did that after Erwin raised his hand. After the reason why he didn't trust him as much anymore got shoved on his face.

Yeah, something among these lines. What I'm trying to say is that he didn't do it out of pity or because Erwin was his top priority, rest of the world be damned. Isayama made this fucking clear in the guidebook.
I won't deny they were close and even friends, but in the end that wasn't enough for Levi to keep him alive. He elt him go not because he wanted the best for him, but because he wanted the best for humanity and fujos fail to see that.

Kek, we have reached the moment when Guidebookfag starts to lose his shit. Prepare to some LH posting.

>no Uri
Sad. Kenny it is. Zeke will be season 3 best boy. Also where are you finding that fanart? I can't find shit under Zeke's pixiv tag.

Also the manga will end probably in 2018.

Moblit was the only man worthy of Hange, numbnuts.


>Sometime by the end of next year
Yeah fucking right
Look at where we were twelve chapters ago, and look at where we are now
I give it two years at least, for a fulfilling ending

>for forcing the weight of humanity on his shoulders
they already told him they don't expect it, because he can't.

I liked MoblitxHange, I would have liked to see them doing more things together. But seeing Moblit protecting her so many times was nice.

Nobody can remember faces he saw for 3 years straight like Armin.

huh what about negative seven minus one chan?

>"don't let anyone regret this"
That's about 800k peoples' standards to live up to. That is a fuckload of pressure for his delicate shoulders.

Fucking this. Levi is unworthy and will never compare to Moeblit.

Moblit x Hange was patrician. Moblit did everything in his power to protect her, regardless of his own safety.
I read a side story from the smartpass app where he said he needed to look after her because if she died, it would be a heavy blow for the SL. But he really outdid himself, he was very good. Will be missed dearly.

At the same time they told Shitmin he can't replace Erwin, so they don't expect him to do it.

Levi better protect Armin with his life or so help me god...

>TFW Moblit was legit jealous of Levi and Hans relationship
really makes you think...

Most nip artists packed up and moved to twitter to protest pixiv's TOS. You have to stalk the tags and the "you might also be interested in" user suggestions now.

>Implying facts have anything to do with shippingshit

>Hanji literally said "What the fuck it's not like we have any choice now".

*Eren's shoulders.

But he still has massive pressure to be perfect. Even Eren doesn't have that pressure. Now every little mistake he makes--if he missteps, while training in titan form, or fails to pin Eren down the first time--those voices of "it should have been Erwin" will be clouding his and everyone else's brains and maybe even their voices.

The mere thought of that makes me want to cry. "It should have been Erwin" is going to be the death of Armin.

That's just fujo damage control. They do that when they can't reply back with arguments, so they screech and fingerpoint. Amusing, really.

The only one protecting and saving Hange has always been Moblit. Aside of touching her greasy hair, how many times has Manlet saved Hanji? Protip: cave scene is not one.

>is going to be the death of Armin.

>Even Eren doesn't have that pressure.
user, pls.


Levi better order prostitutes for Armin and Hanji. Jesus fuck.

This. Levi a shit.

But manlet protects prostitutes.

Well he'll be forced to look after her now she's the commander, so we'll probably see some of that in the future.

And the death of your favorite character too. And I mean figurative, not literal, though maybe that as well. Get ready for Armin The Edgehog.

I'm just saying, it's a miracle he can even put his belts on correctly.

Then he should know they'll be taken care of.

I liked MH but him dying for her was so cliche and stupid. I am still angry for that.

>he wouldn't have fought against EM. His first priority would've been releasing Erwin from his misery
Seriously, if you paid attention to what you read this wouldn't be an issue.
His first priority was humanity and that equals Erwin, so Erwin's survival is top priority right now at this point. Period. Get it so far?

>He only did that after Erwin raised his hand.
This is why I say you should read this shit slowly.
There is a thought process for this. Levi doesn't go from "save Erwin!" to "kill Erwin!" just by him raising his hand. It starts with Flocke, goes back to Erwin desperation, Kenny's advice and Armin's dream. All in a sequence that shows hope and dispair as a reason for living being weighted down by Levi and, even then, he still is making preparations for Erwin to survive. Until Erwin raises his hand, only to show his utter dispair even at the gates of death.

>he didn't trust him as much anymore
True and false, his trust changed. He confirmed his ultimate goal wasn't an altruistic one, but Erwin was still very capable to achieve freedom even if he was doing it to achieve his selfish goals.

Armong is a disgusting Gary Stu. Never saw that coming desu.

>touching her greasy hair
And that didn't even happen in the manga. Araki's just a shipperfag and wanted to pander.

Manlet becoming the number one pimp in the walls after retiring from SL, when?

We're reaching delusion levels never before seen.

>Also where are you finding that fanart?

Not sure if it's fanart.


I feel sad for him too. I don't know what could happen.

>And the death of your favorite character too.

Armin is a waste of space

>every tiny mistake Armin makes, he and those around to witness it will be thinking "it should have been Erwin"
>he may never live up to Erwin but they're still going to expect perfection from him nonetheless

Well since he's a shifter like Eren now, I guess he'll be Levi's responsibility too. But that also means having to cut Armin's limbs off whenever he loses control.

I don't feel sorry for him.

He only needs Mikasa I guess. And he will feel better.

Manlet stated Armin can't. Hange stated Armin needs a lot of time to be even considered. So no, nobody is putting a shit on his princess shoulders. Mostly, they are going to expect him to master CT's abilities and using his amazing brain to being able to fly and shoot laser beams.

And that's where Armin's one major character flaw will come into play. Ever notice how he has such an anal desire to prove himself worthy? Well now he gets to prove that to the entirety of the walled people.

He is going to work harder than he ever has in his life, going to push harder and stress himself out harder and it's going to fuck him over mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Congratulations, Levi. This is what you chose.

>Armin's limbs off whenever he loses control.
>The little bitch titan will be canon.

Nobody does. The only ones with actual height on their backs are EHL. Punished HAnji will forget Armin exists soon enough.

Yes and they'll expect him to master it within an hour. He can't do that. They shouldn't expect it but just watch, they fucking will.

I want Shitmin to suffer, but at the same time I want EMA to be put into the background with their obnoxious whining and boring drama.

Omedeto Manlet then.

Yes, he choose Armin to suffer so Erwin could rest.
He, by himself, doomed humanity.

Hopefully he ends up killing himself.

Heartless. Truly heartless. Erwin admonishes you from the heavens.

Not happening. He wouldn't believably be able to put a CT anyway. Since he's stated for chapter one to be a runty weakling with 0 stamina.

>He can't do that.
But he can. Just wait to see how Isayama shows us how amazing Armin is.

You're trying to shift the focus of Levi. His top priority never stopped being humanity, and it's because of that he let Erwin die. It's because of that Isayama has made it clear that Erwin was selfish, he didn't want to save humanity, that wasn't his ultimate goal. Levi was deceived. Isayama literally said Levi thought that he and Erwin "would save the world together". Levi had an idolized version of Erwin in his head, and it after he realized Erwin was capable of condemning humanity as long as he had the satisfaction of seeing what was inside of the basement by himself affected Levi enough to make him angry and take out his pent up frustration on Eren and Jean. It's been all over the place and that's why Levi let Erwin die. A broken dream and an untrusty facade isn't what he nor humanity needs.

>That's about 800k peoples' standards to live up to. That is a fuckload of pressure for his delicate shoulders.
That would be Hanji, because she is the new commander, not Shitmin.

Slow clap for Levi, biggest fucking jobber of humanity.

He probably will, in the final chapter of the series. Or one of EML will kill him. Or that whole thing Jean said during the FT arc about leaders deemed unfit for the job will get "mysterious injuries to the neck" will happen to Armin. He'll go out like Arminius did.

You'vbe been nothing but delusional for two months. No wonder.

No fuck you and Isayama don't you fucking dare. I would drop the goddamn manga if that happened.

It's both. I may be an Arminfag but I didn't fail to notice how much Hanji hates the shitty position she too has been put in.

Obnoxious drama and delusions.

He can't and it would be better like that. He needs to pass through a lot of stress first. Poor guy.

*Only Hanji.

This talk of pressure and shit is giving me secondhand stress. I'm going to bed. When I wake up, there better be real image spoilers and real text spoilers too.

G'night faggots. Happy month of Halloween.

>It's both.
No, just Hanji.

Yes, you can notice Hange's expression is different and she seems to not enjoy it. I guess she didn't want to become the commander but Erwin chose her so she has not choice.

>It's both. I may be an Arminfag but I didn't fail to notice how much Hanji hates the shitty position she too has been put in
You don't give Hanji enough credit. She's by far the most mature character of the cast and she understands her responsability, she goes as far as reassuring Armin by telling him that she, like him, will have to do her best. He's not alone in his struggle.

>his """""""""""struggle"""""""""""""

This. I hope he suffers.

Armin is trash.


Well, he's got fucking titans powers and people are expecting him to contribute to humanity. Of course he's got a struggle.


Worse than trash.

Titan powers he got because he's a Gary Stu that shat up the story.

IE just say one "clever" thing here and there.

So what? that's the course the story took. How he got the titans doesn't change the fact he's got a lot to do now.

Poor little Armin. While everyone else died horrible deaths he was asspulled from the grave and given superpowers. Such a tragic character.

Are you kidding? Hange will most likely test his powers and he'll be used, much like Eren, as a weapon against their enemies.

Is Eren a Hitler expy? Titans = Jüden

>he's got a lot to do now.
That would be Hanji, since she is the new commander. Shitmin just needs to impress everyone by counting to three.

Don't tell me his "death" wasn't horrible. Being scorched to death doesn't seem any better than having your intestines gouged out or being eaten, they're all horrible ways to go down. The only difference is that Armin got the serum.

>Hange will most likely test his powers and he'll be used, much like Eren, as a weapon against their enemies.
And? He's a soldier, just like the rageturd. Of course they will use them.

*Eren got a lot to do.
Armin will just blend in with the background agin like he did last arc, thank god. Eren is the protagonist and the story rotates around him, and no one else. Fucking Arminfags.

Hange will be under a lot of pressure but Armin too. Doesn't matter if he is hated but it's the truth.

>Eren is the protagonist and the story rotates around him
Sadly. EMA are worst MCs.

And that's a struggle by itself. Meeting everyone's expectations and contributing the same way Eren has done so far.

>Armin will just blend in with the background agin like he did last arc,
You're in for a dissapointing ride son. Armin's relevance will keep growing now that he's humanity's second shifter.

I wish a miniature Bert would pop out of Armin like a chestburster then eat him to grow back to full size

The EMshit is funny.

No thanks. I wish both would have died, not just Bort.

I'm fine with anything that ends with Armong dying.

Oh boohoo.

>Eren goes alone to titan village.
>No AM for 6 chapters.


Impossible. Eren is a pathetic Scouting Legion bitch. He'd never go rogue.

Me too.

That would be my face if there was no EMA for the rest of the manga.

>Eren goes alone to shifter village
>Eren comes back to the walls
>It's been 2000 years

Was he on a boat trip?

>Eren comes back to the walls
The walls are doomed without the coordinate. So if the rageturd comes back, there most likely won't be any walls anymore.

Just fucking go Eren.

Fucking THIS.

The walls were just fine for 5 years without it. I won't doubt they would destroy themselves without outsider help though.

Nope. There is no cure for Mikasa's retardation.

EMA will die in the ocean.

Yeah, Armin is SnK's boat.

話86 「弁疏」


The walls will turn into a living hell soon, whatever that means, but Eren can stop it.

>His top priority never stopped being humanity.
Yes, that's why Erwin was going to be chosen in the first place, as he proved to be a very capable leader and make great advancements with the few information that he had. That's why Levi stills tells Armin he will never be like Erwin, that's why Hange says to his face several times that Erwin had to be chosen instead, not because of his "dreams" but because of his capabilities.

>It's because of that Isayama has made it clear that Erwin was selfish, he didn't want to save humanity, that wasn't his ultimate goal. Levi was deceived.
Yes, and he still didn't care too much when he discovered it because Erwin, even if selfish, was doing progress. His selfish goal wasn't incompatible with freedom.

>Isayama literally said Levi thought that he and Erwin "would save the world together". Levi had an idolized version of Erwin in his head.
Which I agree it shifted, Erwin wasn't a morally high being fighting for freedom anymore, but just a man imprisoned in trauma. And Levi realized this.

>he realized Erwin was capable of condemning humanity as long as he had the satisfaction of seeing what was inside of the basement by himself affected Levi enough to make him angry and take out his pent up frustration on Eren and Jean.
True. But then, why didn't he really break his legs then? Because he still trusted in his capabilities as a leader and strategist.

>that's why Levi let Erwin die. A broken dream and an untrusty facade isn't what he nor humanity needs.
Yes and no. He let Erwin die not because his dream was selfish, if this was the case he would probably have broken his legs because of his distrust. He let him die because that dream "broke" him to the point of stopping his life at 10y.o.
He was what humanity needed, everyone says it and reaffirms it, but he was a broken man, used by the ones around him without any consideration.
Erwin had a hard life.

*Armin will die before even smelling the ocean.

She's only retarded because of prolonged exposure to Armin. Same as Eren.

Story 86 "excuse"
- Ymir letter
- Ymir Yeager confirmation
Brown branch of Ackerman
Ackerman house warrior
Yeager house looks imperial family
- Zeke's mother Ellis Yeager
· Young Zeke enter underground shopping center

i see you

I haven't watched the anime yet and only read maybe 2 chapters of the manga, but want to get into it. How good is the game for getting me up to speed?

Is not about them dying, is all about the good people who died and that won't come back never.
>Anime Pope
>Big grandpa Ackerman
>Historia's siblings
>Manlet's first squad
And so many. Just because Armin needs to show how pure he is, and nobody gave Eren a gun to shoot the bullies in Shiganshina and later kill himself

You go and read All You Need Is Kill instead for a much better and conclusive story with similar elements.

You do realize the people who say he was what humanity needed are the ones who are unaware of his goal, right?

Sauce or bullshit.

His goal don't matter retard. Erwin was more talented and accomplished than Armin will ever be.

Poor Mikasa. She was mature enough to agree that Armin should die only to reverse course at the last minute.

So why Levi still puts the man on a pedestal? Saying that his choice wasn't for humanity's interest but his own personal feelings?
If Levi choose Armin because his dream was the best for humanity, why tell him those things instead of reassuring him saying clearly "I choose you because you were the best"?

His goal matters because he doesn't sacrifice lives for the greater good but for his own selfish purposes. Levi knows this, unlike everyone else.

Same reason why Hange is unaware of Erwin's true intentions. Same reasonw why Levi closed the door to have that discussion with Erwin on chapter 72. It was something that not everyone needs to know.

Excepet nobody actually does it for the greater good, and Erwin was just guilty. Still no one will ever do as much as good as he did for the Walls.

>Excepet nobody actually does it for the greater good
How the fuck not? the guilt was derimental for Erwin. He himself admitted all he spouted was bullshit to convince people, fooling his comrades, friends and even himself. He recgonizes he was a selfish piece of shit. Levi finally understood this and thus made his final choice.

It's still unnecessary cruel if that were the case.
With a "I choose you, that's it" would be enough, why the "you'll never be like him" in a despective manner?

>Young Zeke enter underground shopping center
Kek, so is he Manlet's dad?

Because Levi is stupid. He doesn't know how to express himself properly, this has been said over and over and over again. He's rough with his words, but he's a good, selfless guy.
In the end he did reassure Armin and Hange even managed to lessen the tension as well. They're good.

And Levi noticed this before going to Shinganshina, yes.
Why didn't he do anything about it? If he considered Erwin unfit to carry the Legion, why did he fight Eren and Mikasa for the serum? Why, even when Levi didn't know if Erwin was still alive or not, did he hesitate giving away the serum? Armin, the one with the "better" dream, was in need of it.

No, Levi is blunt, not stupid. He says what he thinks with no filters, what he says, he means. But he is not cruel either, that's why he reassures him later with the special abilities thing.

Because, as Isayama said, Levi didn't think too much of Erwin's selfless dream. It did bother him, yes, but his final resolution was "whatever, let me help you anyways". It was only towards the end of the chapter, where even in his dying moments Erwin didn't let go of his childish dream that Levi realized he was gone for good, not going back, not shaping Erwin into whatever manlet wanted him to be. So he chose to let go for the greater good.
Also Levi did stare at Armin before injecting Erwin, as if doubting himself, so you could also appreciate Levi's lingering doubt there.
It just goes to show that Levi never meant to free Erwin from this hell in the first place, and the "doing it out of pity" argument is just a consequence of his choice which was based on his own personal feelings for the greater good of humanity.


And it's because he's blunt he doesn't have a filter and doesn't mean what he says. Mikasa called him out on that, Hange had to translate what he meant so it didn't sound as rough and Levi thanked her for that.
He's rough with his words and likes to use insults for every little thing you stupid cunt.

>Brown branch of Ackerman


Who cares if he's selfish? Everyone is. And still no matter what you say, Erwin is a hero. He always risked his life as much as any other soldier. No one will ever amount to a third of what Erwin has done to help the Walls. Not even Eren, even more Armin.

>Who cares if he's selfish?
Levi did.
>And still no matter what you say, Erwin is a hero.
Nice and all but he's dead and probably in hell.

>shaping Erwin into whatever manlet wanted him to be.
He very much realized this could not be done before Shinganshina, that's where his frustration comes from.

>Also Levi did stare at Armin before injecting Erwin, as if doubting himself, so you could also appreciate Levi's lingering doubt there.
Yes, only to quickly change his mind at the sight of a breathing Erwin and getting some Eren teeth on the air.

>It just goes to show that Levi never meant to free Erwin from this hell in the first place,
Not at first, no. He wanted to save him because he was useful for humanity. Levi, like everyone else, only thought of Erwin as the Commander of the SL, not a human being.
Why is so difficult to understand? The dialogue is there, the panels are there, hell, even the guidebook doesn't contradict anything.

By now this is either very poor comprehensive skills or bait.

>No matter what you say, Erwin is a hero.

We all get it Erwonfag. Erwin is "amazing" and no one could replace him. Doesn't change the fact that Levi thought he was a piece of selfish shit.

Erwin is AMAZING.

Armong a shit and so is Mankasa.

>hurrdurr I'm glad he's dead 2.0.
A very low energy bait, that is.

And? who cares about them Erwonfag. That salt.

Clearly you do.

Stop giving it (You)s.

Yeah, I should stop feeding sophielann the attention whore.

>He very much realized this could not be done before Shinganshina, that's where his frustration comes from.
His frustation comes steems from the fact Erwin is a selfish motherfucker, but that's why Levi wants to save him, because there's still hope for him. Remember when they thought everyone had died with Bert until he kicked Eren so hard he landed on top of the wall? What did Levi propose to Erwin? Run with Eren, as long as you and him are alive humanity has hope.
Until then Levi considered Erwin's humanity hope. Until he raised his hand and showed Levi that even after throwing away his life, his selfish dream never once left his mind. Not fit for humanity, not worth to see what would happen next.

>Yes, only to quickly change his mind at the sight of a breathing Erwin and getting some Eren teeth on the air.
Idiot. I'm talking about this scene. Know your manga better.

>Not at first, no. He wanted to save him because he was useful for humanity. Levi, like everyone else, only thought of Erwin as the Commander of the SL, not a human being.
You're wrong. He did think of Erwin as what would free humanity from everything and wanted to help him no matter what, until everything came tumbling down and Levi had to chose between the old, rotten desire of his commander of the dream that truly resonates with what Levi wants. Chapter 53, read it again.
>, even the guidebook doesn't contradict anything.

Are you serious? the guidebook outright states that Levi didnt' chose Erwin because he wasn't fighting for the greater good. Fuck damn.

>By now this is either very poor comprehensive skills or bait.

Get your head out of your ass you self entitled faggot.

You're weak.

Erwin is the best written character in SnK.

What the hell are you talking about kek. I didn't know Erwonfags are that retarded.

He's definitely better than Armong.

Erwin is AWESOME,

Erwinfags are nothing but fujos and autists. This is the sad truth.

All Erwonfags are fujos?



Erwin is such a complex peson. Selfish but generous. A child but a man. A ruthless commander and a scared son.
I love Erwin.

The thing I don't understand is why this two speedreading contrarians still aren't able to grasp such a basic storytelling.
>Idolized man is not a hero like I thought but a guilt ridden human, still very capable
>save him=humanity survives but he still will be a traumatized broken dude
>a kid is dying too
>let's release him from his suffering and save the kid because why not, maybe the little dude has something to offer.


Dubs win, sorry user.

Plenty of us are just full homosexuals.

Besides Mrs. Smith, they are all fujos. Same with Levifags I think, LMfags are whores and LHfags are self inserting girls.

Because Levi didn't think any of that UNTIL this part you dense motherfucker

>All those delusions.
>Erwin isn't fighting for the walls
And Armin is, 100%. Not selfish at all.

No. I never liked ErwL and I'm not even a fan of Levi either.

>>Erwin isn't fighting for the walls
You want spelled it out for you retard?

All fat though.

The only fat ones are Levifags desu.

But everyone who sees chapter 84 right are fujos, user.

Going to assume that Hanji, if so
Cute. I need more bath time pictures

I have never imagined I would say that Mrs. Smith is nothing compared with these Erwinfags.

Good for them but I prefer Erwin and Hanji's interactions. The manlet is a retard and babby's first edgy husbando with an ugly design.

That's because you're not seeing it right asshat.

Mrs. Smith probably took off her trip to shitpost up a storm. Don't delude yourself.

We get it armongfag, you're butthurt that more people like Erwin more than your coconut Stu shithead.

>TFW Hange's actress shipped them too.

Armin a shit, Erwonfag. Now fuck off.

>Erwin didn't devote everything he had for the SL.
>Only Erwin fights for something.
>Everyone else is the noblest person ever.
>He's totally not being delusional on that page.
>Not reading chapter 69 at all.

>Erwin survives
>He is now a shifter
>He still can't get over his dad's death
>He turns into edgelord
>Humans killed my dad not titans
>Humans a shit
>I wish I was with broh ZexZex being edgy towards humans
>Mfw dad won't forgive me for spilling spaghetti in front of MPs
>Mfw being shifter is killing me anyway
>Mfw stupid Manlet didn't spare my suffering
>Fuck this gay world I am going full Ozy

Think long and hard about what you just said. How can you even begin to compare the butthurt? Erwin dies, Armin lives. There's absolutely nothing to be hurt over.

Good taste. Too bad Leviwhales only reduce Hanji to shipping fodder for their manlet. Hanji has fantastic interactions with several characters.

Nein, arminfats like you and erwinfujos are the fattest.

>Good taste. Too bad Leviwhales only reduce Hanji to shipping fodder for their manlet. Hanji has fantastic interactions with several characters.
But the one she interacts with the most is Levi. Shipping her with him is only natural, user. Nothing wrong with it and that is coming from someone who loves Erwin and Hange.

Disgusting. I don't like any of EMA, nor Manlet. They're all poorly written crap. My girl Hanji deserves better than to lose Moblit and be stuck with those boring sacks of shit.

They are still butthurt kek.

And Hanji is still more than shipping fodder for a Down syndrome-faced manlet. I don't even see her having a romantic partner in the end anyways, she is devoted to her work.

Is Erwin winning another japanese poll I'm not aware of? Or did the Arminfag get turned down by an Erwinfag?

Said the Arminfag who comes here to sperg just because people don't like him.

>And Hanji is still more than shipping fodder for a Down syndrome-faced manlet
I know, but so what? let people have their fun for fuck's sake. This place really needs to ignore mindless shit like shipping.

KEK. What else Erwonfag?

It's butthurt EMAfags and shitletfags as per usual.

He's specially hurting today.

This place is like real world user.

Looking at the state at the thread earlier, not at all. More the like she's the cancer personified and you should stop to give attention, moron.

It's annoying when that's 90% of content concerning Hanji. I can only hope S2 gives more focus to her as an individual character, and added filler for Moblit.

It should crawl back to its hole over at Dumblr, with the other Armongfats and their cringe headcanons.

>to sperg just because people don't like him.
I thought that was you. No one mentioned Armin until you did it.

>I thought that was you
Who, exactly? Because I sure as hell ain't the only one who dislikes Armin here.

So all his flashbacks were for nothing? He SUDDENLY decided Erwin had to die? He was more unfit to lead because of those words in that moment than the previous scene with the suicide charge?
Seriously, your interpretation of this last chapters is very convoluted. And to explain your point of view the story should have been told "slightly" different.
I still think is the correct interpretation. Simple and clean.

I guess you're right in the sense it's filled with all sort of opinions. Meh, it's pointless though. Shipping is pointless. Circle jerking that won't lead to anything. I still enjoy my Erwin and Hange. They had an awesome relationship that's so often overlooked, but who am I to complain? I should work on what I want to see if nobody is doing it for me.

I hope you realize Japan milks her scene with Levi, the one where he grabs her head, like crazy. It's in lots of merch and since it's so damn popular I believe they'll still milk it. Don't let it get to you though. You don't need to become sour because some people are having fun, whether you like it or not, her relationship with Levi is a big part of her character and vice versa.

Then you have good taste, my friend.

I don't care who people ship no matter how delusional it is because you're right, people should be allowed to have fun. But LHfags are easily triggered and argue whenever someone doesn't agree with them. It's hard to keep things lighthearted when those shippers constantly go into defensive mode like that and won't let people express their opinions, too. The shippers are the ones who need to learn how to ignore other anons.

I said that you were the one who mentioned Armin when someone said Erwonfag. You sound butthurt.

Sad to report that it's not just just an English-speaking Arminfag problem. The ones in Japan have started acting just as butthurt and cancerous.

>having fun
That's why there's shipping wars here all the time right? Seriously how braindead are you newfag, all you care about is to shit up these threads with vapid ship wars concerning shit such as Eren and Mikasa.

Oh my god that scene made Levi confirm his doubts, Erwin wasn't letting go. Erwin had to go because he wasn't what humanity needs. Holy fucking shit.

You're right. Shippers do get easily triggered, they should learn to ignore as well.

I suppose shit taste when it comes to Armin is universal.

>1 chapter later
>Levi: Erwin was the right choice.
>Hanji: Erwin was the best choice.
Yeah, no.

Amazing how you keep saying you're not an arminfag, yet here you are replying to me constantly with your anal devastation. Not an Arminfag my ass.

>Oh my god that scene made Levi confirm his doubts, Erwin wasn't letting go. Erwin had to go because, even though he is what humanity needs, his guilt is eating him alive. Holy fucking shit.

>eren jaeger (354)
>levi ackerman (306)
>mikasa ackerman (122)

>this triggered.

It wasn't for you kek. So sorry. And no, Armin is fucking shit but so is Erwong.

>Tumblrina Arminfag is easily triggered
Not surprising at all.


>even though he is what humanity needs,
He's not. Humanity needs real drive to reach freedom. The kind of drie EMA has as cliche as it sounds. Levi could see it in Armin's eyes, the same eyes Eren saw when he finally understoon he had been trapped all the time.

Sure thing, Arminfag.

Erwonfags can't be that retard. Believe what you want user.

Reminder: Armin ruined SnK and /snk/

Then get the fuck out if you don't enjoy it. Or are you so sad that you're still here purely out of pettiness?

It's sad that Erwin and Hange didn't say goodbye to each other.

Armin is shit

>He's not.
Levi differs with that.
Also yes, that little panel of Armin's eyes below the fuckhuge Erwin farewell.
So meaningful, his Armin glowing eyes.

Really fucking sad. But the fact is that he trusted her as much as he trusted Levi, leaving her as the commander. That's a lot, that act implies a lot of shit. Also, I'm glad she was the one who delicately touched his face after ha passed out ;-;7, call me crazy and a shippertard, but it did seem very intimate.

The Wall Faction needs strength, and EMA are way too weak emotionally, and physically on Armin's case. All drive in the world means nothing if you cannot handle shit and put it together. The strenght SL current has is Hanji and Historia. Which is not as good as Erwin's.

Where's Levi?

There is not even a SL left, really.

Levi can only follow orders.

Don't worry. I thought she was going to kiss his forehead. It would have been beautiful.

Fuck off sophielann.

She did when they layed him in that bed after cleaning it and putting the flowers in the nightstand.

What the hell? Why you don't fuck outta here dumblrina.

In the bottom panel, can't you see him? He is speechless from those marvelous glowing eyes filled with dreams. Who cares about Kenny's words, or that dude saying goodbye. I bet, in that panel, tears are forming in Levi's eyes as he imagines the ocean.

>Ymir Yeager
They could be related. I don't know if I like the idea or not.


So sad.

Hange is my favorite character and I ship her with Levi.

Same. They're very cute together and I'm looking forward to their interaction now that they're the only veteran survivors.I wasn't expecting this, not even in my wildest fantasies

Yes, I can't wait as well. I wonder if he'll ever go crazy overprotective mode. I mean, she's all he has left.

It almost seems too good to be true.

I'm scared.

>I mean, she's all he has left.
This sounds so surreal, but it's true. The only close people they have left are each other.
I know, too good to be true. I'm scared as well hold me

Hanji is too good for him.

>she's all he has left.
Don't you mean he's all she has left? She not only lost Erwin, but she lost Moblit, Nick and two squads. Levi still has his squad so he's not completely alone.

Different strokes for different folks I guess.

Moblit was the best. Levi will never compare.

Hange is also close to Levi's squad. They always worked together, besides, I don't think there will be a Levi squad anymore now that the SL is in dire need of new recruits. They might become squad leaders themselves.

Eh, let's agree to disagree.

>Levi still has his squad
Sasha, Connie and Jean. EMA are traitorous fucks and should be courtmartialed.

Hanji will have the kids too. She's more fit to lead them than a manlet that hits them over everything.

Yea, it's so weird but in a good way. I mean, I'm not happy about Mob and Erwin dying, but when it was all over my LH shipper heart was like... "wait wut. Wtf it's just them now" I don't know how this happened, but I'm not about to question it.

I'm really hoping Isayama doesn't squander the circumstances. SO much LH potential

It's okay user, we'll be okay. Just come into my arms.

>They might become squad leaders themselves.
You can't honestly believe that. After EMs insubordination and Jean fucking up with Reiner I doubt that. And SC aren't leader material.

Please contain your landwhale speak and don't sully Hanji.

Thye're different dynamics, user. Levi and Hange are equals that call each other by their names and don't stutter nor sweat in presence of the other. They're friends.

>landwhale speak
>implying half this thread isn't from tumblr


It's sad when the three cowardly normalfags on the brink of mutiny turn out to be the best and most loyal soldiers under your command.

Then don't contribute to it, you turd.

Maybe you could not be so autistic and just ignore it.

To be fair, Levi is pretty abusive.

Or maybe you should stop shitting up the thread with your landwhale tendencies.

I hope Jean stabs him in the back.

We are at war soldier.
They are lucky to be alive.

Same. I wasn't happy with Erwin dying, and Moblit's death affected me greatly. I still can't believe how much shit went down, how much they lost. Yet they still managed to survive. What are you trying to do, Isayama?
Yes, it'll be okay. Their relationship can only deepen from now on

I like Moblit and Levi, I just prefer her with the latter.

and I just can't see her having romantic feelings for Mob, especially after the whole jealousy thing he had towards her and Levi's relationship. He's great, but to be brutally honest, he was in the friendzone.

Shush brat.

Me too. Jean > manlet any day.

Call every other poster out too and then we'll talk.

You're extremely new if you think it's autism to call out posts like that. Shit like that is very frowned upon on Cred Forums.

Most accurate fanart I've ever seen of the retard MCs.

>Shit like that is very frowned upon on Cred Forums.
You're talking about 2013 Cred Forums. Times changed, oba-chan.

People already do that to the stupid Arminfag, but saying shit like "my shipper heart" deserves a callout on Cred Forums. Not even trying to hide your Tumblr faggotry there.

Yes, thanks to Levi newfags like you.

>deserves a callout

Holy shit, you really are autistic.

>Implying I haven't been here for years
You're just annoyed, I get it. But you're not contributing either. If you see an offense just report and pray for mods to their work instead of complaining like a whiny bitch.

>getting butthurt because I used a word you used
Holy shit, you really are a back pedaling retard.

>after the whole jealousy thing he had towards her and Levi's relationship
But that proves one-sided feelings were confirmed, that's something you can't say about LH. And we saw Mikasa get jealous of Historia and Annie even though nothing was going on with them and Eren, so that was likely Moblit taking their friendship out of context because he had feelings for Hanji.

I sincerely doubt you've been here for even a year.

Yea, I still have mixed feelings about the Erwin death and Mob death killed me. Levi and Hange really have been through so much. Give them atleast some happiness after it all Isayama.

That's it user. The only way to go from rock bottom is up. Together. LH will only become closer.

That's so cute.
Think what you may. But I've been here for lots of shitstorms, I did get to bully dutchguy.

I still doubt you.

I drew pictures of cancer makoto back in 2013

Post then.

Those dubs are for absolute, undeniable truth.

Hate to break it to you, but one-sided feelings is worse than no-sided. Because atleast there's potential for LH still to have those feelings. That scene portrayed Mob as the friendzone guy hard. Mikasa is an autist who gets jealous of any girl Eren gets even remotely close to, not comparable at all.

>taking their friendship out of context

Honestly, no. The fact that Levi even tried to make him feel better proves he took nothing out of context. It was basically

>yea, but you're important too so don't feel so bad

>implying Hanji has time for romance

I'm not your cockslut. You don't tell me what to do.

>implying ANY of them have time for romance

Doesn't mean it can't happen.

I'm not even saying it will for sure, but it'd be nice.

She did like Keith after all. And Pixis and Nile have families, I think commanders can afford time to do that.

Then you're a liar, user. And not fit to be a cockslut.

I agree with you.

>>yea, but you're important too so don't feel so bad
and then Levi felt inferior and took Hange's bags as well when he absolutely didn't have to

She got over it.

You can look it up yourself you lazy cunt. I also drew a makoharu request where they were both sleeping

Not that user, but even though she got over Keith, her liking him in the first place shows romance isn't out of the question.

Of course. What I meant is that Hange has had romantic feelings and a sexual preference.

Should i make a new thread?

If he can find it you could just as easily be lying about it.

Wait until page 10, please.

>Literally AMfag tier argument
Not surprised here

What this user said

Unless you're a robot, most people do. That doesn't mean she has it on her mind anymore.

Why would I lie about that? the thing is, I've been here for almost four years. I also used to dump junji ito stories

>there's potential for LH still to have those feelings
Yes in your delusional head there is. Everyone else sees them for what they are: comrades. Romance has never ever been implied between them. You're forcing your own shipping fantasies onto them. I have absolutely no problem with you shipping them, but for the love of god stop saying this pair has romantic potential when only a vague friendship has been established. If something romantic happens, by all means share your thoughts, but until then fuck off.

>i can't argue against it so I'll insult it!

Not surprised here.

Then post Cancer Makoto, without needing to use an archive.

Why wouldn't she? she's still young with a short life expectancy, I bet she thinks about it sometimes.

>Why would I lie about that?

For some reason people think stewing in this shithole longer than others gives their arguments more weight.

And so has Erwin, but he gave it up. Hanji probably won't think of settling down when the war is still going.

Erwongfags have made me hate Erwin after this chapter, the constant wanking is getting annoying
>inb4 arminfat

Shipperfags will take anything out of context in order to prove their shit ship as canon.

Agreeing with you here, Levi and Hanji are nothing more than comrades. They obviously give a shit about each other but never has it leaned towards anything romantic.

Shipperfag delusions are real, and as you said they're doing nothing more than forcing fantasies.

>after this chapter
He did nothing but lay dead in a bed. What are you on about?

>stop saying this pair has romantic potential

It has the setup, that's more than a lot of SnK ships.

>when only a vague friendship


>fuck off until something romantic happens!

I guess that means pretty much every shipper in these threads should fuck off then.

The LMfag?

>Arguments are actually just headcanons
You got nothing to argue with.

Not your cockslut, faggot. But I'll tell you it was the two panel comic where he said he'd be alright. Do your homework.
Well I ain't a newfag and some of you faggots love to throw that around to make arguments seem less relevant.

If only every shipper fucked off, we would be slightly better off as long as the Arminfags and Levifags go with them.

>I guess that means pretty much every shipper in these threads should fuck off then.

Yes, yes they should because the shipping is pure cancer.

I don't remember anyone saying anything explicitly romantic happened between them. You're literally just mad that people ship them and want them to become closer.

Figures you were a newfag.

Erwonfags were always pathetic.

LH has the foundation for a budding romance, now more than ever. Yes, it hasn't happened probably never will but it isn't impossible.

Yet you're still butthurt about it.

As pathetic as Arminfags amirite?

Yes, Erwongfag. Now fuck off.

Would you happen to have the shitty daki compilation thing put together for sleepytime threads?

Think what you may faggot. I honestly don't care anymore. Neo Cred Forums is here to stay, I hated it at first as well but after a month I got used to it. You should too instead of yelling at everything like an old hag.

Even worse.


To be honest, I don't think any ship in SnK will become canon depending on how the story ends, but I'm rooting for LH until the end. and there's nothing wrong with that.

They have been through so much, and it would nice to see them find some slice of happiness together. However shortlived it may or may not be.

the only thing I've seen on /snk/ is people bitching about armin nonstop for months. You certainly talk about him a lot for people who hate him.

Even when people aren't talking about him they spam armin out of no where. So whether you dont care or not he is forced into the convo, from haters or his fags

Yep, and it's only going to get worse.

What did Armin do that can be at all considered treasonous?

>They have been through so much, and it would nice to see them find some slice of happiness together. However shortlived it may or may not be.
This. What makes me like them so much is how much they've been trough. They're the only ones who can truly understand and support each other, that's so nice.

What other choices do they have? The SC is basically demolished at this point.

Armin is worst shingeki.

Nope would you happen to have that picture where they were all melting?

And you can't support each other as friends? Do you have no hope of romance in your actual life or all you can do is project fanfic onto characters?

I don't even hate him but some are paranoid as fuck and keep mention him when they don't know what to say.


>where they were all melting

Can't remember that one. All I really have left are the hat edits

I support them as friends and lovers, yes.
>Do you have no hope of romance in your actual life or all you can do is project fanfic onto characters?
What does that have to do with anything?

Yes, I love the trust and understanding between them. Hange even translates for him and he thanks her for it and he told Mob to take care of her ;_; Not to mention the bathing.

I want them to be happy together.

It's not him as a character per sey, but his fans are so fucking intolerable that it effected my opinion of his character. Too much "Erwin bby" and "Erwin is a special snowflake who dindu nuffin wrong ever in his life" type shit.

The point is, it's fine to ship them but the LHfagging is getting out of control. You guys are way too defensive and you argue in almost every single thread. At least the other cancerous shippers take a break and don't argue with every person who says something negative about their ship. Tone it down a little. And don't continue to express and defend delusions when you know the majority of the thread is getting annoyed and tired of hearing about your headcanons.

I'm indifferent to Erwin. He was a weird character for me, he had moments where he was hype as fuck then other times where I want him to fuck off. But I see this behavior with all the popular characters.

Or you can just ignore? why argue? why are you talking as if you were the majority? grow up please.

Is it bad to support them as lovers because you see them as friends? ignorant.

and you can't support each other as lovers? You're the only one here projecting anything. I don't mind if they stay as friends, but I think it would be nice if they became lovers. What's so bad about that?

Kill yourself already AMfag

I just wanted to remark your absolute retardness by comparing your ship basis with AMfag arguments, which where basically based on air.

What's so bad about it is that you don't see them as characters but as shipping fodder. I hate Levi but even I think it's obnoxious that all he's worth is who he fucks, and Hanji isn't all about her relationship with levi either.

The bathing is enough. Who the fuck bathes another person? For what purpose? Levi could just ignore it or train while Hange is in her lab, but he goes and bathes her. He's responsible for her hygiene, that's marriage level of commitment.

You sound like a whiny autist, not even gonna lie.

>the LHfagging is getting out of control

You aren't an authority that can dictate what people post sorry, anonymous imageboards don't work that way.

That was from side materials you dumbfuck.

Fuck off. I don't ship any of them but you are a retard that can't even reply to the shipperfats properly.

>hat's so bad about it is that you don't see them as characters but as shipping fodder. I
A crazy thought, what if, bear with me.
What if you can do both? respect their characters AND ship them together?

You're the autist who only comes here to discuss your shipping fantasies better suited for elsewhere.

>Levi bathing Hange
>marriage level of commitment

Finally someone said it.

Official side materials that go with canon. It was even portrayed in chuugakkou.

A crazier thought is you abiding by that. Clearly you don't, all you are is muh shitty romance in a non-romance oriented series. Go read a love novel then you braindead hambeast.

They're casual fuckbudies, I know it. Why else would they be so comfortable with touching?

I do see them as characters. and I like them both very much. Just because I like the idea of them having a romantic relationship doesn't negate that.

Side materials not written by Isayama himself.

It's impossible to ignore you fags. And you're more delusional than I thought if you honestly believe I'm the only one annoyed with you. Every time I come here lately the thread is focused on stupid arguments LHfags stirred up.

These threads are for talking about the manga. I come here to do that but all I see is shipping shit. And you call me the autist? I'm not the one constantly shitposting about a romance that doesn't exists. That's fucking pathetic.

Don't project so hard onto me. And I've talked about Hange and Levi separately plenty of times, and about many other characters as well. You just can't realize it because we're anonymous shit for brains, but that doesn't mean we don't do it.

Officially reviewed by him though. Also, he didn't write ACWNR either but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.

I see we're discussing best ship in this thread. Wonderful.

Levi can go fall into a dumpster for all I care but again, Hanji doesn't have to be some lovesick waifu for the dumb manlet from your fantasies. They are never going to have that kind of relationship.

What do you mean by melting?

>Hanji doesn't have to be some lovesick waifu for the dumb manlet from your fantasies
Where is she portrayed as that?

Still not written by him.

Pretty much. You don't bathe a woman unless you're married or fucking.

When isn't she? Very rarely that's for sure.

So what? he approved of it and that's enough.

The only one who sees her as a lovesick waifu is you. You're projecting your autism hard here.

Manletfags are worse than any fag here, at least with Armin the actual fans of him are decent besides the samefagging one anyone with a brain just ignores

He also approves of all the other fan service for the sake of fan service. Of course he's going to sign off on it, but it doesn't mean it's canon.

Why? because there are picture with kisses and hugs? that's how most relationship work, user.

Crème de la crème

Yeah sure, because they're totally fucking and all that too right? Really you LHfaggots prove you're as stupid as the LMfags or the other shippertards here who don't care about the characters. Just your fantasty of them.

My nigga.

Be more specific and have the decency to at least post source. I can and I will if you ask me, what about you?
>but it doesn't mean it's canon.
All smartpass and interviews are canon. They give you insight of these characters. Deal with it.

And those pictures are OOC as fuck and make Hanji into something she's not.

Love that pic.

Explain this

They're not canon, no matter how much you want your delusions to be backed up.

You're the most autistic user here. You start this shit in every fucking thread.

>two characters standing next to each other in combat stance means true love
I guess the whole military are one big orgy then?

Veteran ranking:
Hanji > Mike > Erwin > Shit > Levi

They are.
>Kodansha and KDDI operate the Shingeki no Kyojin smartpass app. In an interview with Kodansha’s Hiroshi Yoshimura, Executive Director of Digital Business at Kodansha, Yoshimura confirmed that Isayama does indeed supervise the smartpass content.

That's no different than the LMfags thinking the staring/same panel scenes mean something romantic. You think your ship is special but you're just as delusional as them.

You can always count on the shipperfags to be defensive and autistic.


Someone's ass is a little sore, Arminfat.

And he still doesn't write them. Also chuugakkou was poorly handled characterization.

This is a fucking meme now, isn't it?

Explain what, that you're as stupid as Levi? You're just proving your delusions now.

Look closer.

>Arminfag maymay
Must be yours that's sore then, manletfat

Let me guess, you also thought Erwin and Hanji were holding hands on that artwork on the plum wine.

Levi and Hanji have stood next to and talked to nearly every character in the series. Guess that means they're fucking everyone if shit like that indicates romance.

As I said, just because he doesn't write them doesn't mean it didn't happen. They're approved by him for a reason.
Also, he worked closely with Saki Nakagawa.



>all LH fans are one person


It means everyone has fucked everyone, since standing near each other is grounds for such things in the minds of LHtards.

Were they not?

>autism autism autism
Is that the only counter you have to anything? Autist.

What you don't get is that everyone in that setting is separated, yet you have those two in the middle protecting each other's back for the fuck of it. What can you make out of that? They're really close.

Stop being an autist, and maybe I'll stop calling you one.

I'm not that user, but you must relate well to that word.

>i'm not that user


You all act exactly the same.

I'm not. Check the times with here

Yeah I guess sharing our opinions make us look somewhat similar. Wonder why.

and you cry about it in every thread. Get over it, you're not magically going to purge the thread of the "pesky LH" fans by autistically trying to pick fights all the time.

The real autistic one here is you, face it.

This. I've never seen such a childish user. Probably a shipperfag himself with an extreme case of butthurt.


>and you cry about it in every thread
You still think only one person hates you fags? Wow.

Do you think he is the fujo?

All Levi shipperfags are cancerous shits, fujos or not.

That's usually the case. They parade as "neutrals" but it's just that they're mad that people don't ship what they ship.

Most likely. Though she/he/it/xir claims hates Levi, do you think someone would do that? lie on the internet?

Or maybe some anons are sick of you tumblrinas and your shipperfaggotry in general.

Newsflash: not everyone is a retarded shipperfag. I know, that's hard for someone like you to grasp.

It has to be a shipperfag. They've taken LH as a personal offense. I've never seen this level of hatred towards a ship since oreimo threads.

Apparently that's what they want to delude themselves into believing among other things.

Really, in SnK generals you have never seen others lash out about ships. Is this perhaps your first two months here?

I think it is the LMfag but I could be wrong.

I can't speak for the other but I hate Mikasa and Levi so no, AMfag.

Well, only AA causes this much buttblast.

It's definitely the LM fag. Or the MobxHange fag mad that we're not shipping her with his self-insert.

Why the AMfag will complain about LH?

Nope. You would be hard pressed to find a ship that doesn't cause major buttblasted anymore here, except maybe BR because Bortfujos were obnoxiously vocal.

But moburrito is cute.

It's sad how you think people don't hate your constant shitposting and shitty ship and that they're only butthurt because they're a bitter shipper. You couldn't be more wrong.

We get the KYS whenever we post a ship but LH has been dicussed seriously for a time now. Why does that user care so much? what is he trying to prove? why is he so insecure he has to argue against a ship? I can only wonder.

meant for

What shitty ship then? Because Mankasa and Levi are among my least favorite characters.

Spotted the LMfag!

I replied to the wrong post, user.

No problem.

I'm saying the complete opposite, retard. I'm not a shipper.