This is how Europeans are drawn in anime

This is how Europeans are drawn in anime.

It's not though watch the K-On movie to see how they actually are

This is how Americans are drawn in anime.

>racist jokes in sakamoto
glad i dropped it

the funniest thing about this is the irony in the fact that japanese actually make themselves look european in anime, while making actual europeans look ugly with ridiculous noses

japan is a joke

>watched the k-on movie
>was expecting london to be filled with pakis and indians
>entirely white

Is Japan's view on the western world really that skewed?

>getting triggered by ebil racist jokes
You have to go back.

>Waah waah why arent japanese racist like me?

Cred Forums will conquer all, faggot.

No, how dare my 2D escapism cartoons make fun of me when I love them so much

What's the problem, Celty a cute!

Cred Forums will die soon when Hiro kills them.

>getting triggered in racist jokes

11/10 bait

Why would you be at all surprised or bothered by the Japanese being racist?

Also here's a European.

Why would he? Cred Forums and by proxy trump are saving Cred Forums.

Perhaps their views on the outside world aren't entirely informed by Cred Forums

I like her, im glad shes not blonde.

>Even with the big noses I find the american women hot

help me.

>actually getting triggered

Maybe tumblr is more your thing?

So basically they're delusional.

It's a gag series. Who gives a shit if it pokes fun something to get a laugh out of people and bring joy to the world?


Something tells me if a black/hispanic/etc... person said the same thing you'd chalk it up as hypersensitivity without the slightest hint of irony.


I haven't watched the show, but judging from the pic isn't it making fun of HOW americans are depicted in anime?

>actually getting triggered
Holy shit, I'm laughing.

Or, you know, they don't live in London


>portraying Burgers with tiny beady eyes while Nips give themselves huge, colorful, expressive eyes


There's literally a legitimate psychological condition where East Asians (mostly Japanese and Koreans) who visit Paris suffer breakdowns from the destruction of their idealized mental image of it.

Not even joking.

That always happens.


I don't think there is any aspect of Mugi that isn't more Aryan than that policeman.

>Be britbong
>Live in london
>Its incredibly culturally diverse
>Half the famillies in my apartment building are Pakistani
>"but, but, muh Cred Forums boogeyman! racism!"

Stuff it up your pipe, faggot, london is about as white as the last crap I took




Ancient romans were aryan, retard.

Can confirm. The K-On London was like looking onto a dream.

The common misconception is that Britain is filled with middle easterns and Africans, which itself is not true. But it is true that London more than makes up for it and skews the polls.

here's your (you)

I'm pretty sure not all policemen in London have to remain completely still. I think only the royal Guard has to do that.

What's it called?


He's just pissed at some asian midgets bothering him.

Berlin Syndrome

Durarara!! *

I saw the London NFL here in America and there were a lot of Mudslims in the stands it was horrible.

As I understand it, even those guys don't have to do it, its a myth popularised by the media.

>"ere day mo' an mo' uv these fookin wogs an slantz come into me own country"
>"just control yer selv and stay cool Barney.... God save tha queen..."

Yeah but I didn't think I'd get results from "Gooks go to paris and are sad because of niggers"

It's not making fun of Americans, you dumb fuck, but of the girl character who in her vision sees only herself and Sakamoto as normal (self inserting as a busty blonde) and the others as ugly.

First result if you change some of the words.

>suffer breakdowns from the destruction of their idealized mental image of it

You gotta be joking right?

>Its real

Are gooks that mentally weak?

Most of it isn't because of niggers though. Its the language barrier and difference in culture. Also, paris has a lot of shitholes(always has really) that contrasts with the idealized city of romance and beauty that many japanese have.

>tfw watched the dubbed version

The movie was made before the heavy immigration

"Paris syndrome" being a thing is astounding enough, but I am even more impressed one can find it by typing that sentence into Google.
>next result is a video titled "'Is this Africa?' - Japanese Girl goes on Paris vacation for her VLOG, can't believe her Eyes"