What does the tattoo mean?

What does the tattoo mean?

It means that she was branded a slut at birth.

The king put that there so everyone knows that pussy is his

Every man that finished inside her got to add a little bit to it.

After about 30-40 men the tattoo was completed.

It means that she owns a Cred Forums pass

Thats an elite pass

used goods

this is my fetish


The King's way of claiming best girl.

Who did that to Lisha
She suffering so much and her haters doing bad jokes whith that marc

Why didn't she get raped again?

Tramp stamp
Tested and approved goods
Arrow points to good stuff

Author didn't want to upset the elevens by making the main heroine impure.

Lisha a shit. Kill yourself spic.

Did he make every male cockless in the process?

Killyourself first
Stupid Miserable Hater Faggot Shitty
Lisha A BEST!!

Ponos goes down there

Because Lux was the rape bait. The series would have been much better if it was about rich girls violating him and passing him around.


It's a crest of the old Arcadia empire, presumably also the crest of the house Arcadia.

Literally branded as "Lux's property, do not touch".

Ignorant fuck. Improper english is not spic only.

benis goes there :DDD

Eiks sun pitäs olla nukkumassa tähän aikaan?



Why she showing her uterus tramp stamp to a complete stranger?

>Ignorant fuck
That's you. ESL-kun is a well-known Mexican troll.

Is she used goods? I love used goods. Should I pick this up?

With a bit better editing that could be a good image for my colle.

So you shower the ignorant fuck with the recognition he seeks? You are are worse than ignorant.

Takaisin ylilautaan siitä

We are not just memeing. That branding really is from the guy who used her.

It means she's used goods and only retarded ESLfags like her.

Is a command Seal, she can bring any men that talks weird when they have Sex


What slutty panties!

>It means she's used goods
came here to post this