Ahh, I love new working!! already

Ahh, I love new working!! already.

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I don't believe in working. Afterall, I've never worked and don't plan on watching it.

Meh. Probably gonna take a while to get into. Gonna be hard to top S3, too.

>Inami tier
Inami with boobs

>Great tier
Higashida, Ghost girl, single mom, rich girl

>Good tier
Cooks, Slave-kun

>Bitch tier
Retarded manager

>The Worst tier
Higashida's parents

>The Worst but I still want to bang her tier
Higashida's imouto

I didn't even know I wanted a Working! spinoff until I watched this earlier today. Hopefully a new Servant x Service season will be next, although since that manga ended I doubt that'll ever happen.

>tfw doggy gf


I think it's almost entirely S3's crew, though. At least same director.

spin-off sucks, SUCKS!

Seems right, especially because Inami tier is subjective. I love Higashida so far though. Also his little shoulder shake during the OP is cute.

For all intents and purposes it's a spin-off. The anime was made just because Working's a successful anime, not because anyone gives a shit about the original webmanga.

It was pretty nice but holy shit I hope the characters are developed in a different way, I don't want new old working

>people like inami or inami with titties
even after she gets better she's still low tier

I like it too. Is there a place I can download the manga for this one?

At first I was ready to drop it mid episode then ghost girl came and made it tolerable. Host-Kun sealed the deal at least until 3 episodes have passed then I'll make my drop judgement.

Is it necessary to watch the first one to get into this?

It's the first episode of a series so ya you probably should watch it so you understand the character basics.

His family is really terrible.

No, but why would you not watch three seasons of a great anime?

yeah, I was suprised by how much I ended up enjoying it.

>no poplar
>no inami
>no banter master souma
>no yamada
why even bother watching this shit?

>there are people who don't like LEWDING
Those fags should be purged from Cred Forums.


Where do you download this?

Its hard to say who may favorite characters are so far, but I think Oujou-chan and Slave-kun are my favorite couple so far. Though I am happy they opened with a Valentine's Day episode.

Not one of the new grill is even 1/10 the qt Poplar was in the original

Take rich girl and put her in shit and you're spot on



It's from volume 4.

Wait, so it's not a 4 koma later? This first episode really seemed like a straight 4 koma adaptation.

It's a 4koma, though some parts are not.

Oh boy