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This was the best first episode of the season.

Can't wait for full loli lion song.

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Who's this semen demon?


My dick can't decide between this and Rosia.

Rapezziauto cameo when?

Probably in the CriCri-manga.
In the anime, doubtful.

Who shall win the key to her heart?

Her onii-chan.

Best girl.


I bet in later episodes, it will actually be shown that she's just a clumsy naive girl
>daggy-chan, why did those girls suddenly float in the air?
>>ehrm, special effects
>why were those meanies suddenly attacking us with giant shurikens?
>>ehrm, they were jealous of your beauty
>why didn't anybody cheer for us when we appeared in front of all?
>>ehrm, they were all just too awed from your beauty
>should little girls really wear these clothes?
>>ehrm, yes, everyone likes seeing little girls in frilly dresses
>>(tch, can't she just shut up and only open her mouth to sing?)
>daggy-chan, will you sleep in my bed with me again?
>>... sure

My dick already made his choice.

Does she bite on benis?

I want to inseminate Rosia.


I can't wait to hear Umaru play an edge-meido.

orz soon


Fund this!


Robot > Ayylion

She should join the green lantern corps.

Cred Forums please

Hey man, if they're gonna turn the Plasmagirls into Milky Holmes, might as well do other kinds of crossovers.

She's a cat. Cats love it rough. And with barbs.

I started watching S1 today because of the lion loli but holy shit i stayed for these guys.
I hope we will see Aion and his band interact with his little sister.

I'm a crazy yurifag and still liked those fags.

Ping pong short was 11/10.

I started playing the phone game and it's quite fun even if i have no idea what i am doing.
Now i'm hyped for S2.
Also why the hell is there so much Crow x Cyan on pixiv ?

Help, how do I stop listening to this?

Mascot characters are shipped together just because they're both often used together to advertise SB69 stuff.
Also, the last short episode had Cyan and Crow as childhood friends. It's of course non-canon, and just for fun, because that's just a trope to do so in a highschool setting.

But it's cute, and thus, people ship it.

You don't. You let the darkness consume you.

King x Cyan would have made more sense since they interacted much more.

Reminder that クリティクリスタ a shit!

Luckily there is more RetoCya than Cyan x Crow.

This is the superior Cyan pairing, though.

>This was the best first episode of the season.
nothing else has aired yet you retarded pedophile

Grateful King is an anime original character and very recent.
Although one of the SB69 web shorts previewing the game did show some Elvis-Presley-like character standing on top of the Midi City tower, which then became the basis for the Grateful King in the anime.

Shipping Crow with Cyan happened before the anime was released.
And it helps of course that both have a human form.
Grateful king on the other hand is just a black-silhouetted midget, and more of a fatherly mentor-protector figure to Cyan anyway than a hypothetical love interest.

Wish I had the mental capacity to play more than one mobage, otherwise I'd be enjoying this one between episodes.

And soon, there will be more RoCyan than RetoCyan.

The age of catgirls only loving catgirls is soon upon us.
Down with the old doggirl loving catgirl-hegemony.

Put your trip back on, Retoree.

Rosia will be busy getting dominated by Aileen since Aileen will want to prove herself as the better main agent of Dagger.

WHERE is my fucking x旋律-schlehit melodie-?

It suppose to be out 10/04, and it's fucking 10/04 in japanland!

Correction, it suppose be out 10/03.

I'm too tired going through all the sites and find none.

Unless you're talking about the game version, the full version of Schlehit Melody will be released at the end of November.

is for 10/03

That is weird. I would expect the TV edit versions to be released as part of the 2nd OST that will be released on January 18 like they did with the TV edits for season 1.

Is there a compilation of all the full songs? I remember someone was doing it during Season 1, but I don't think the mega exists anymore.


You don't really want to stop listening, do you user?

It was in the last thread, but here:!olhm2R7B!tv7kHxqbCd__zCiPbOQB9w

Nah, grateful king has been around since the start.

Shows up around :50. They just never used him

I want cyan to sit on my lap so I can give her head pats

Loop this instead

Didn't realise her VA was new.

What a cut little kitten cat girl

I like sora uso more. This song is great but sora uso has a much better build up to a more awesome chorus imo.
Oyasumi paranoia has a stronger verse tune but the chorus is not as hype.
I feel forbidden is the weakest, altho that's not saying much cause they're all awesome.
The new song completely blows everything else away though. It's gonna be a painful wait for the full version.


I like Forbidden.


I want to fuck that condescending look out of her.

Is there a full version?


Yeah. I hope she's gonna have a great career from this point on.

She's a fearsome regal lion. Fear her.

How adorifying.

And once her playmate is fully charged up, she'll get you.

Just gotta wait for a few hours until their drummer can move again.


Ominous gathering of the ominous little girls.

There's some speculah that Rin and Oboro were voiced by Ayane Sakura (Moa) and Hiroyuki Yoshino (Grateful King).

I made some OC

I've been noticing this show has the same kind of dame-dame fun that made me like Milky Holmes.

Anime original adaptations of mobage tend to allow the show writers to just have fun with stuff.

That's why Milky Holmes season 1 and 2 were so great.


Why is Neretoree such a bitch?

Perhaps her butt hurts.

>There's some speculah that Rin and Oboro were voiced by Ayane Sakura (Moa) and Hiroyuki Yoshino (Grateful King).

It's weird they were not credited when both VAs were credited for their main roles.

>no fanservice of best new girl (or anyone really)
>that samurai shit shounen-tier group
>trying to make something as silly as SBR somehow deep unironically
These are hurtful problems.

>first 3 minutes is a space battleship firing a giant laser on sound planet which unleashes goth lolis of doom playing their darkness song followed by time traveling ninjas
u wot

Goth lolis are serious business.
Do they even qualify as lolis?

It's that retard again. It's best to ignore him and/or not take his posts seriously.

Nice, wasn't expecting it so soon


>"ASSEMBLE! Fujoshi Brigade of Circlejerking!"

>retoree isn't holding cyan's hand

Guitarists before bassists.

Need more furry forms. Much more furry forms.

Goth loli is a fashion style.

Anyone know where I can purchase either of these? Next picture in next post.

Yeah, but he's using it as a noun to describe BVL.

Forgot to spoiler, shit.

delete this

I assume he knows that.
So to answer, the main girl does, the others don't obviously.

>police officer Cyan
>Rosia with a baby?
>Aireen elementary school girl
>Darudayu hostess
>Marimari hippy
Aww yiss

Nice, they're including other characters beside the 3 main male groups.

Is that a Rosia holding a Tsukino-baby?

>Is that a Rosia holding a Tsukino-baby?

Who is the father? Dagger?

Lesbian catgirl magic transcends biological limits.

Well, those tend to be made in preparation for the upcoming comikets, so that's the first place to look out for them. Then the unsold doujin stocks are sold on that one site I don't remember the name of it anymore.
Something similar to toranoana, but not quite like it.

How can catgirl give birth to a bear girl?

Ah, thanks. Appreciate it.

Magic. I mean, music.

Lesbian catgirl magic transcends biological limits.

I will never eat ramen prepared by them.

>not wanting the devil's breath
>or black stardust
What are you, a cattle?

Just go to Japan?

No human can eat those.

Not that I Want to eat them but they won't be the ones making the ramen.

Weak. That separates the gods of darkness and their crimson gaze from the sinful unbelievers like us.

It's time to dip into the lake of hellfire and unlock the secrets of being a real man through fatty oil.

Just thinking about lake of hellfire makes my eyes tear up

>No human can eat those.

I once ate three cloves of garlic raw. I think my body can take it!

i also think the loli is the only good thing in this show
i will skeep all the fujoshit; and wait for more of her and her full song to download
ugu ~~

There is nothing better than a nice relaxing massage.

Why can't they design the middle school girls a bit more like lolis?
Not that I'm complaining, just strage use of "younger girls" who look more stacked than half of the main cast.

Growth hormones.

Anyone else found it extremely cheap that they reused their only decent melancholic song from last season for the emotional scenes?
It just bothers me for some reason.

Cats can love dogs.

But only cats can impregnate other cats.

I don't believe that ever since a man impregnated a monkey, even if the cub was dead at arrival.
Maybe a feline can impregnate a canine.

>a man impregnated a monkey

Indeed they can.

>not following fucked up news

Fucked up level of nature:
A, 1kg dogs can impregnate 90kg monster dogs [x]
B, 4 year old girl was impregnated and gave birth at 5 [x]
C, Lions impregnated tigers and vice versa [x]
D, Man impregnates monkey [x]
E, Cat impregnates Dog or vice versa [ ]

Come on nature, you can do it.

I also heard that there are apparently some asian countries willing to do gen-reearch on how to create human-animal hybrids.

The future is soon and perhaps scary and strange.

I would love to help them with their research, especially if it means balls deep humping said animals.

Are you sure humping won't be the other way around?

If it is, I'll leave it to the rest, there are more actual faggots among beastiality fags than anyone.

So did we send the roaches to Mars or they just feel clever?

There would be no problem between Earth and Mars if we just send them cute roach-fus.


How did Cyan and Rosia birth a beargirl?

Where there's cuteness, love will find a way.

Don't forget to congratulate the froglet.

She will soon lose her cute tail ;_;

They don't actually let her mature, right?

Hopefully not.

Have we ever seen Roger with her hair down?

I thought the same thing today.

The father is me, that's how.

I can't tell who Arashi and Gengen are supposed to be.

Shounen tanteis.

Cute as fuck.

My wife Rosia is so cute.

The fate of any idle once she's past 14.

Can I watch this without watching the intermediate shorts released between S1 and S2?

Yes, but your are a retard.

Without any problem. The shorts do show a teensy weensy bit more of the life of the cast.

All the shorts together however only make for 30 minutes, so that shouldn't be much of a problem.


Your dick has already made the choice. You are here to understand why.

It's a good song.


It's too cute to question.

>オヤスミパラノイア still playing

Why would you want help?

Is there any way to skip these awful loading screens in the game? Like a download all option?

I don't think so. Kinda weird that they don't let you but the devs seem incompetent

There's a cache all furniture option. Hope you've got 2 hours to kill.

This is the opposite of a problem. Unless your game froze, then just quit out.


Cyan is clearly mounting Retoree.

What are those scoops of?