What was his name again?

What was his name again?








Is this out yet



anime was a mistake

Mr. Murder


Siliconfags get out

Kyrii, according to any new English readers

Little tip: any time you think that something good will come of this world, think about "official" English translations. It'll stop that dangerous idea right where it needs to be stopped.


Nigh unstoppable machine-god-sama

Looking forward to interpolating this to 60fps, because the studio is guaranteed to go full retard and make it "24" frames per second so that it looks animated; even though it's a full CGi film where lowering the framerate makes it look like shit.

As beuatiful as the Master Edition is, I cringe when I'm reading it every time I see fucking kyrii. Thank god they only say his name like, 3 times in the whole volume.

You called?

>interpolating will magically generate frames out of nowhere

Silicon lives matter, faggot. This poor young woman was just on her way home from school to help her friend gain access to the netsphere when she was shot down in cold blood by a safeguard. And did the governing agency do anything about it? No, it never even made it to court because the authority and most denizens of the megastructure still think of silicons as second class citizens, constantly forcing them to live in dangerous projects and refusing to raise minimum wage just to keep them down. You privileged safeguard pieces of shit force silicons to commit crimes just to survive then turn around and shoot them when they do, and you wonder why no one likes you.

Fair amount of people are also pissed that they butchered the book passage too. It was part of the actual chapter for a reason, and they fucked it up because they didn't notice why.