Senzu Beans

Can you essentially be immortal with these?

>187 years old
>Brink of death
>Take senzu
>Nope! Good as new

Senzu beans doesn't cure age. Aging isn't a disease nor a wound. In fact it doesn't even "cure" anything, hence why Goku diead from a heart condition.

This, it can't even heal scars.


Do you know what the "sen" part of senzu means?


does senpai mean 1000 pies?

It means immortal. It's sen as in sennin.

it means sagely/enlightened/holy

Why the senzu bean didn't cure goku's heart disease? Always found that bullshit like sheng long don't being able to ressurrect android 16

They just give you a shit load of energy, like if you just downed a crate of red bull and ate a whole cow.

Goku got a super rare powerful heart virus that he probably got from running around in space/afterlife so much.

That energy can go to healing wounds, but if a disease is gonna kill you, all the energy in the world won't help you

As for reviving 16, it was said because he was a robot, but Eighter got revived after Buu blew up the earth, so that's bullshit

>but Eighter got revived after Buu blew up the earth
oh shit I forgot about that

Eighter was revived by porunga, not the earth sheng long

Wasn't it because they were Android and 16 was a robot. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Literally the last time I've seen DBZ was when toonami came out

His heart disease went Super Saiyan with him, user. Pretty sure it's not a normal virus.

Why would you take a senzu bean when there are other (and better) methods to become immortal in dragon ball universe

Are we sure that normal (Earth and Namek) dragon balls can grant immortality?
If not, there's only the super dragon balls left, and climbing a tower to ask a cat for beans should be easier than getting them.

Yes it was successfully granted in the Deadzone movie.

Not canon

Can they grow back missing limbs? Or would they just cauterize the stump?

Just to add, I guess if we are talking about "will not die of age" immortality, instead of "cannot be killed", I guess there might be other alternatives.
So is that considered canon?
I'd think Shenlong should not be able to grant that as it normally should break the story, unless you were able to un-wish it with the dragon balls (giving the villain a year to make that impossible), or had the King of All as a friend.

We can imply from Dragonball GT (no matter how much people hate it) that it was within the dragon's power to grant immortality since it was given to Goku, as seen when he returns to see his great great grandson.

>no matter how much people hate it
Not canon and if it was, S is actively retconning the shit out of it.

Well you have the fountain of youth thingie

I don't think you know how heart disease works.

You're right I'm no doctor, but REGULAR DISEASES DON'T GO SUPER SAIYAN

If only that Phoenix pet of Roshi had survived.

I would say it's like using an AED to bring you back from the brink of death, but you'd still bleed out from such a critical injury.

But them I remember Tien got his arm blown off so fuck knows

Too much bacon

Tbh, I've read the manga till piccolo junior arc recently, and I haven't watch db in years. I don't think senzus prolong your life, they just speed up the healing process of your body for some injuries (diseases and old age are not included) In the series it was shown to also recover stamina and energy.

You could become unstoppable, unbeatable; but you would still die. Multiple resurection is the way to go ( if porunga can resurect someone more than once). Or you could do like king piccolo and wish to be on your prime again.

Probably. They grow back teeth at the very least.

Why didn't F. Trunks take a senzu plant back with him so they could grow more?

Senzu beans provide 10 days' worth of rest and energy, so no, I doubt it would grow back the limb.

No problem with organs. It's just a convenient plotdevice that they don't put too much thought into.

They also regrow teeth.

All Senzus do is act like 3 meals or something, plus accelerate your ability to heal.
That said recovering from holes in the chest is pretty impressive

Didn't it fix vegeta's broken arm before?

They're just a plot device. If the Z fighters were smart they'd wear Bane-like suits that injected senzu bean into their veins whenever they took critical damage. Instead they're retarded and literally don't take them with them when heading to the future to fight to the death.

>Are we sure that normal (Earth and Namek) dragon balls can grant immortality?

They can. It's just that most people who want that sort of thing never get it. At the most, King Piccolo wished to be young again, but not for immortality

they're ten days worth of food

They can fix his arms, but not his shattered pride.

Or 20 if you are on a diet.