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But japs are manlets
How will they make this a true jojo movie

Gee, that will sure work great

I'm super fucking excited.
I always felt like the JoJo's manga would be better adapted as film rather than an animation because of how Araki tries to contrast the realistic aspects with the bizarre ones. But I always thought it could only be done with part one. Knowing it's Diamond is just great.
Also it's Miike doing it so that's amazing too.
And if it is shit it'll at least always having the endearing factor of being the live action JoJo movie.

> Ghost in The Shell and Akira remakes have been blasted for recasting Japanese characters with white actors
>jews are white
Triggered hard. Fuck this shit.

Who's gonna play Joseph cause he sure ain't Japanese.

post wide hips and thick thighs

Rohanfucker better not post here.


Looks like its time for you to start crying, bitchboy


Really that's all at least try fucker.
I fought many shitposters before and have won every single time.
You'll be no different.

Pretty sure I'm not the only one to call it that some times.

This is why people hate us. What ever happened to good old Gay Priest

remuinder to report Rohanfucker and treat her like Gappy Posters


You aren't, I call it JoJo's all the time. It's just autists that gotta reply with >JoJo's like there's only one real way to shorten the title or something. I don't get it myself

I'll take RohanChan over Priestposting any day of the week. June - September 2015 was one of the worst periods for this general.



It's a trannie, he even admitted in the last thread.

I prefer that over Rohanchan

Rohanfucker's a girl?
I wonder how she feels about boob narancia.
Also thanks for not doing that to me.
I'll leave for the rest of today when Rohanfucker does.

Because JoJo's sounds stupid

except i don't want to fight I literally just want to discuss the series in peace without people getting angry over nothing

Post your top 3 favorite things about rohan

why are you all like this

Could be worse its not as if they are asking if I'm Evil. And Rohanchan bullshit is just autistic avatar fagging at least Priestposters made OC.

>Series called JoJo's Bizarre Adventure where shit happens like a teenager punching spaghetti, a boy having two genetic fathers or people turning into snails
>"Because JoJo's sounds stupid"

I don't understand what you're trying to argue here

narancia would've been 100% better if he was a girl to be honest

The fuck are you talking about? The two aren't really correlated.

Ok then fucker.
Rohan has a pretty cool stand.
I liked everyone of Rohan's chapters.
Rohan has a nice house.
Oops I mean had.

Oh look it's that click bait jewtube channel using more click bait to bait clickers.

I guess OP is a brain-dead faggot who subscribes to them and actual checks their website, because all they did was copy past an article from somewhere else and reference it.

Here is the ACTUAL article:

I want to fuck Pucci senseless!

Gappy makes me happy

Narancia is perfect the way he is fucker.

It does sound stupid and everyone has told you.

Do go on continuing to be in denial to affirm that you're not a super retard and a newfag.

Pucci warms my coochie.

Has nobody realized that you can report posts? Mods probably won't do shit anyway

He's saying there's no problem to call the series something stupid because the series itself is pretty stupid so it's fitting if anything.

Too much shitposting going on.
Post best boy.

narancia has a pretty good death too. the chapter where he died was the best in vento arueo

At least you agree that Rohan is one the best boys so I cant hate you at all



I've been here for ages and I remember back in the day people called it both JoJo and JoJo's.
In fact I don't know when "JoJo's" stopped being used.


>Miike’s film will be based on the fourth part of the storyline, “Diamond Is Unbreakable.” Set in 1999, the original version of the story followed an illegitimate heir to the Joestar lineage on a quest to prevent a magical bow and arrow from falling into the hands of an evil organization and ultimately involved multiple revelations about the various recurring characters and a subplot about a serial killer.

Too bad the argument makes no sense because the series is wonderful and calling it something that sounds stupid would be sacrilege


You're pathetic insults towards narancia are weak as shit fucker.
Again at least try.

I wish people would actually report shit, it DOES actually work. I reported the guy spamming his Fatwagon shit the other day and it was deleted pretty quickly.

Smokey says only YOU can prevent shitposts.


When all the secondaries left because they were getting spoiled.

Good on you for not returning shit flinging with more shit flinging, however.

He was basically posting porn, though. RohanChan is posting worksafe images, but I suppose she's still avatarfagging.

Look I love the manga but let's not go crazy and say it isn't really fucking stupid.

>prevent a magical bow and arrow from falling into the hands of an evil organization

That's not what happened at all.


So Joshuu is pretty much confirmed as josuke's counterpart now with thatg hair insult.
This only further proves that gappy is the worst boy in part 8.
I didn't ask for your shitposts dumbass.

why would I insult Narancia when i literally don't give a shit about him? the only character in Jojo people should care about is Rohan

With all the bitching about which Part is the worst in these threads are you sure this series is wonderful? It's attracted a lot of shitposting, and getting up in arms when somebody calls the series "JoJo's" is no better and adding fuel to the fire that are making these threads worse and worse

When is it ever necessary to reply to a post going >JoJo's and some reaction image like you're somehow superior just because you called it by a different name?

Great, more Cred Forumsermins and Cred Forumsckroaches on Cred Forums.

I love how the only part of this entire post people cared about was the " 's " at the end of "JoJo".

Sure thing, have two though.

Can you put a trip on so I can filter you? You'll get less attention that way.


We all know how Cred Forums can be but that doesn't mean baiting isn't against the rules, even if you're talking about something considered "on topic"

Again try harder fukcer.

Rohan licks spiders
>Best boy

So based on the casting, we're going to get AT LEAST
>Jotaro meets Josuke
>Aqua Necklace
>The Nijmura Brothers
>Koichi's Echoes (could be folded into either Keicho's or Yukako's fight)
>Top Yukeko
>Probably RHCP?

That's at least seven to nine episodes of content minimum, put within a movie-level runtime. Can that even work, pacing-wise? Could the second movie go up to Sheer Heart Attack, even though you can't cut out any of its fights?

She's not baiting. I've seen posts with the exact same opinions and layouts as hers before she started avatarfagging, so she really is that retarded.

I dont want any of this attention i just want to discuss jojo in peace
Also I dont know how to put on a trip

Only responding to pissed off posters is a clear sign that she's baiting.

>tfw its too late for Bowie to play Kira

This is the worst thread I have seen in a long time fucking avatar fags

if you don't want any attention then don't shitpost

I wish he would lick me like he licked that spider

Then stop being a retard. Stop with the Rohan pictures, and stop parading your taste around everywhere so everyone can instantly recognize you.

Take a break from posting, even. It's nobody's fault but your own that you're getting all this attention.

Pacing works differently when you're not trying to keep it exactly like the manga only animated. It'll be fine.

I like the glowing eyes effect

if you're going to fucking respond, you better not bitch about how shitty these threads are now

I thought that he was basically SBR Okuyasu due to his fondness for sexing mothers

David is putting it's limited budget to good use, it's a lot easier to make use of effects like that when your characters don't move around a lot.

I came here to discuss rohan and ill continue to do that. this is the last time i will reply to someone trying to attack harass me


Don't you mean Kakyoin?


I'm not even trying to harass you. This just isn't the thread for discussion Rohan, it's the thread for discussion JoJo.

If you really want to discuss a single character that badly, I recommend you go somewhere else.

r63 is shit

they both want to fuck a mom, but Okuyasu is from part 4 so I thought it would make a better comparison

You're a dumb fucking slut for rohan. You contribute nothing to these threads.
You are actually the worst shitposter I've fought ever since I started to post Narancia.
Fuck yourself you dumb fucker.

I just want some good reaction images instead I get autistic Rohan posting

How does Oku want to fuck a mom?

Are you retarded? It's gonna be a stand-alone movie.

Right into Kira

Considering there has never been a good live-action adaption of an anime, I'm just going to pretend this doesn't exist.


He really only said anything about liking milfs in this chapter though.
I think Joshuu would only want Yasuho,

He did in spirit

Here's a reaction image my dude

can we all agree that rohans midriff was the most important part of the new episode?

>condensing all of diu into two hours
no thanks
>diamond is unbreakable chapter 1

You literally want this attention bitch.

Go posts your tits on Cred Forums or something

d-delete this...

It's called 'Chapter One' you big silly.


>part 4 live action actually happening
>david bowie is dead

>Diamond is Unbreakable movie starring Nips, pretty much the perfect possible JoJo movie
>Shoot it in Spain

I still don't get it

I don't know how limited their budget is (moreso compared to SDC), but I hope they at least emphasize the important shots

I'm not as bothered by quality, but I want them to do the more iconic parts of DiU justice/be decent enough at least (and not have Quality Queen happen all over the BtD finale)


It probably will, but it will be fixed in the BDs.

Oh so it's finer I guess

Oh who we are kidding it's gonna suck like all live action movies do, i don't know even know why you faggots are hyped. Is it because of WB? God, stands are gonna look terrible.

Why is this not a Phantom Blood movie.

That image makes me wish for a 80s JoJo movie franchise where the costumes were all shit like that King C.

Why is Norisuke so HOT?

Wait, what? This only gets weirder

I'd pay to see that

I guess that Morioh-esque towns are rare in Japan.

What the fuck

what the fuck
where are those caps from? I just remember josuke getting kicked

That'd probably be a good and (hopefully) likely scenario

As much as I want the finale to be great, I'm not gonna get my hype/hopes up after Quality Queen

>Why is this not a Phantom Blood movie.
Because the Studio A.P.P.P. one gave Araki PTSD.

Honestly, though, they'd still have to cut shit out for a PB movie and it can't be split into parts like DiU can. It also has a fully Japanese cast (aside from 2 white guys), meaning that they won't be treading on any toes by hiring a cast of asians.

it’s really weird thinking about how i’m already older than rohan and yet ive done nothing with my life

Because out of all the Jojo parts, Part 4 is the most relatable to the Japanese. You know, setting and all.

If it was Vento Aureo, they might have to get Italian actors for authenticity.

I don't get scenes like this on TV, it pisses me off too but I know better than to actually do something like that.

Also I hope the "quality" will be limited to faraway shots like in DIO's World.

why is Rohan so hot?

Okay fuck it, I'm going to say something.

What is that thing on his hair? Is it a sweat band or something? I know this causes shitposting but I seriously need to know.


>Because out of all the Jojo parts, Part 4 is the most relatable to the Japanese. You know, setting and all.

But the most famous part is Stardust Crusaders. That features a japanese.

>If it was Vento Aureo, they might have to get Italian actors for authenticity.

You faggots always say that and it's always never the case. They are gonna get japanese actors regardless of anything, just like they do in all movies. That means nothing.

Again, Stardust Crusaders is more famous, more iconic, has an international cast somewhat. If it was a movie with actual budget and a cast of not only japs it could be enjoyable.

There you go again with that shit.
See I posted that image as bait for you and you fucking fell for it.
You really are a dumb fucker.
Just end your shitposts and leave now.

The ones that aren't Josuke getting kicked are from Enigma.

I always thought that it was a weirdly shaped bandana


don't reply to either of them

The middle half of an egg.

When you combine it with Abaccio and FF's hair, the true being is formed.

buts its literally prince v david bowie? in japan?


its just a headband. out of all of Rohans outfit pieces thats the one you should be the least confused about


The egg of the perfect world


>That features a Japanese
Jotaro and Kakyoin are the only major Japanese characters in the whole Part. Everyone else is something else

Only an Western studio would be able to cast and produce a good Stardust movie that looks relatively reasonable. Big issue being the monster of the week formula that makes for shit pacing in a film series

Diamond is just easier, even if it isn't as popular

In honor of the latest episode...

Main problem with SDC is that the nature of its plot means that it either requires filming in tons of locations or massive CGI. Even if you remove most of the irrelevant stand users, you still have to film in:
>Hong Kong (Polnareff)
>India (Hol Horse/J Geil)
>Wherever Justice and Judgement take place

DiU takes place in one location only.

It didn't give Griffith a new body. It actually just gave JoJo characters headpieces

I can accept anything else as him just being fruity and eccentric but he wears that all the time and it's never properly explained what it is.

If it is a sweatband that thing probably smells like corn chips and pussy.

I will marry Narancia one day.
I know none of you believe me but I will do it one day.

so I got to thinking since rohan has sailor moon figurines, that’s to say he has read/likes shojo manga right. Headcanoning up ahead but he has a lot of nakayoshi and yume to hana magazines piled up somewhere in his house. so what if he might also have a super secret shojo manga bookcase or shelf that he lets no one else see because he’s too cool to let anyone know. And he gets references for romance in these comics because i’m pretty sure rohan knows next to nothing about dating/romance in real life

Hey everyone! Comparison user here. I just finished writing up the comparison for Phantom Blood, Episode #03. You can check it out here:
Enjoy! I hope the hundreds of scripts don't fuck up your pcs.

2 Questions

If David completely drops the ball with Highway Star (QUALITY, Poor Direction, etc) would that make you lose your faith in David Pro? Why or Why not?

Also, would it be acceptable if David Pro didn't use any budget on Highway Star and instead saved it for Enigma?

He's Araki's self insert, he must have at least a basic grasp of it in regards to writing.

Unless that's what you meant, he's never gotten the pusi in real life.

>Phantom Blood comparisons

It's 2016 user.

I already married Rohan so i don't know what youre waiting for
im 90% sure rohan is a virgin and will die a virgin so that makes him even better

post large breasts

sauce faggot

I've already done all the Part 4 episodes that have ripped so far! So I'm catching up on the rest of the BDs while the Part 4 episodes come out.
Also I think it's handy to have everything in one place, ya know?

Highway Star is the biggest fight next to BtD so it better have all the fucking budget. Enigma can get all the QUALITY in the world as long as HS is good.

>mfw SPW Foundation was behind the whole thing

And there you go again I didn't even mention you and yet you post.
I'll have to step up my posts now.

That's alot of comparisons, pretty neat
Keep up the good work

gotta give props for Naranciafag for actually have originality and not reusing the same 3 photos in each thread

Good to hear. Did you get BDs 3 and up yet for DU?


what's the point

I haven't seen any raws floating around, are there any I missed? Those always have priority over the episodes from past parts, of course!

Thanks man, glad you enjoy it!

I want to make Annasui my prison wife


Remember when rohan was legit about to cry because koichi came through for him. what a sensitive ass bitch, I love him

Don't expect budget this coming episode then, the actual chase and all the stuff people like HS for will be next week and not this week.

i agree just like his house.

Annasui makes me wet

One of those crowns that come out of christmas crackers

Thanks mane.
Why not?
Remember when Josuke beat the shit out of rohan and put his shitty manga on hiatus?
Good times.

Holy fuck there was a lot of QUALITY in the TV version.

How do you do these anyway, do you use a program that searches for differences or do you carefully look at them by yourself?

Why is Jolyne the worst JoJo?

Because Giorno is a GioGio

her lips aren't big enough

Oh I didn't know you got through all the Part 4 BDs, disregard me being an asshole then. Keep up the good work user!

How do you adapt a story built entirely around episodic progression into a 90 minute movie

I like that you arent conforming to gender norm by calling annasui your wife have a good wedding maybe youll love him as much as I love rohan

She's a woman.


GioGio actually defeated the antagonist of his part though


>gender norm
Wow you really are just a shitposting fucker.

He didn't GER did.

If it makes you feel any better a decent amount of Japanese fans were embarrassed/triggered by the yellow-washing of SNK and FMA.

Let's hope they don't make it gay like they did with the 4th series


Basically the short answer is I extract the frames from both versions with ffmpeg, check for differences in the two versions (usually the BD adds padding around the op/ed or the middle ad break, or some scenes last some frames more), then I instruct imagemagick to produce a composite image of each pair of frames, and then I look through that.
The whole process for an episode takes around a day/a day and a half, this one took a little longer since it had a shitload of differences for every scene that had fire.

Through an OP Requiem Arrow that probably could have helped Jolyne win her Part if they brought it back

Actually I wouldn't be shocked if Araki rebooted the series because the Beetle Arrow was a bad writing device for a long-term series

>Giorno, the world's gonna end if we can't borrow your arrow for a bit

I do remember that, i also remember all those short stories that rohan had and the multiple spinoffs with just him. And i remember how narancia died and he was immediately forgotten. Rohan is even arakis favourite you just cant compare to him

Aight thanks for the reply, and thanks for your hard work. I enjoy seeing all the fuck ups they fix.

Really I remember Josuke being Araki's favorite.
You know the same josuke who burned down rohan's house and humiliated him.
He's also my favorite character as well.

>rohan's spinoffs are getting adaptations

I hope it's not David, also I hope it's an OVA

No problem famicom, I'm glad the things I do are of interest to other people!

Jojos, maybe.

Josuke has barely any material outside of diu for being arakis """"""favourite""""""" he sure doesnt show it

No worries broski, no harm done. Thanks! Have a cute Araki.

Who would win in a fight: Naranciafuck or Lobotomykun?

>You know the same josuke who burned down rohan's house and humiliated him.

Best part of part four. Rohan got exactly what was coming to him.

Maybe it's because of Josuke not needing to be put in material outside of his main part for people to like him.
Unlike rohan.

Can a protagonist only be good if they win?

This argument is asinine.

Jolyne's stand was super underwhelming compared to most of the other users in her part.

It's naranciafag fucker.

>Rohan got exactly what was coming to him.
He deserved to be the mc with koichi though

>not spicing it up

He rebooted it because there really wasn't anywhere else to go anyway. Beetle Arrow had nothing to do with it.

Johnny didn't win the race but he's still pretty cool

It is David, and it is an OVA. Only one is being adapted though.

Rohan would make a shitty protagonist.
How is that spicing it up?

All of the JoJo's are decent to amazing. She's the least competent of the whole bunch.

>there was he when me for was else one no
What did he mean by this?

It's been confirmed it's one so far (Millionaire Village). It's a bonus from all the BDs.
I want them to do a Dead Man's Questions one too but time will only tell.

She was super competent with her shit Stand, there was no way she could beat Pucci so she gave Emporio a chance to do it with her sacrifice. She gets shit done all the time before then. She's one of the most competent.

Rohan is an autist and would make a terrible MC.

Get postan

Too bad he's already the MC of his spinoffs and theyre fantastic. If rohan was the only mc in jojo the series would be 3x more popular and millions of times better
rohan 1
Cred Forums 0

Gappy makes me happy

Rohan, get back to work on your shitty manga and keep working so hard that you don't recognize the world has ended you piece of shit.

I'm starting to get a feeling Rohanfucker is an Anime-only casual, only people that haven't read the manga think Rohan is a good character

It's from bottom to top.

God damn Dio makes my dick erect.

Half of the spinoffs are just him telling stories with him hardly being there at all.
He's just an asshole mane.

With Miike directing it doesn't matter if it's bad or good, it'll be a Miike movie.

It's strange how similar Stone Free is, in terms of its abilities, to Hierophant Green.

Was Araki trying to make some kind of postmortem statement on Jotaro's friendship with Kakyoin by giving his daughter such a similar stand?

I love him because hes an honest asshole though he isnt afraid to do or say anything

Are you including straight priest under the umbrella of Priestposting?

I don't see the similarity to be honest

Rohanfucker just give up already
nobody cares

I bet he's afraid of talking shit to Josuke's face ever again.

should I read the manga in color or the original black and white

I'm normally partial to reading manga as it was originally presented, but the art seems less exciting without the extravagant colors.

heavens door is the cutest stand in Jojo and you cant prove me wrong.


>Just jumping into part 4
Gay. I guess its the most easy way out as it just takes place in a Japanese city and it is less about the long journey to get somewhere.

>Even my user, GioGio, does not know of my ability.

Damn, I really liked the idea of an actual girl trying to attention whore and become a thread celebrity here. Even though he's annoying the idea is somehow endearing.

I know there are some real girls around here but they probably don't browse Cred Forums and they sure as hell don't try to sperge their way into celebrityhood on Jojo generals

>There was a Priest in Part 1 and Part 6

How are you anons planning on enduring Highway Star's two episodes? Just watch and get it over with or skip it? I just might do the latter, it worked out fine when I skipped invisible baby/rats/harvest.

Maybe some day.

Either is fine, choose whichever appeals more to you. Disregard anyone who tells you one is "clearly" better than the other.

Can you guys please just go back to calling me Rohan chan. i dont like rohan just to fuck him


>I'm normally partial to reading manga as it was originally presented,
Sounds like you're like me and will prefer reading it all in black in white. My biggest problem with coloured Jojo is that none of the colourisation was overseen by Araki himself, and some of it (Steel Ball Run) looks like utter shit as a result.

Other people will tell you to read some parts in colour and others in black & white but I think we can all agree that sticking exclusively to B&W is a perfectly valid way to read the series

Don't worry RohanCunt, I still love you.


Jolyne defeated Pucci when she used the Joestar Secret Technique on Emporio. Joseph won in the end, through the power of bullshit.

Im not trying to attention whore and yes im a cisgendered woman and not trans but that doesnt matter. what matters is how Rohan is literally the best boy of all time.
also please don't use the term "trannie" actual trans people should be respected.

On a somewhat related note, let's hear some unpopular opinions
I liked Johnny's color scheme in the colored manga

Seeing as you guys like to spoil things for anime only guys like myself, does he at least make his new wife happy?

Part 5 in particular was really hard to see sometimes thanks to the B&W, although I'll give that the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up to shitty scan quality.

You are such a huge retarded fucker.
Why are you even here?
Also Narancia is a cute boy.

Kira is the best husband anybody can ask for

"Do not reply to Rohanfuckers." This is a new addition to the /jojo/ unwritten commandments. Follow them, or suffer the consequences.

Whatever you say butch.

Intentional spoiling is frowned upon and against the rules.

Also, kind of.

yes, until he fucking dies



Freaks who chop their dicks off and try to pass as women deserve all the hate and pain they receive, fuck off.

Would you guys fuck Johnny for America?

What do you mean? She's already happy.

We have enough avatar fags, don't contribute.

Narancia is as stupid as he is ugly and also as dead

As I see it, Araki is absolutely brilliant in his use of colors, and reading JoJo colored by anyone else, be it an official release, is just an insult. Araki is well-aware his manga is black and white and he fully works with that. Also, that's how it was originally presented as you said, and it was in that format that it gathered all the fans it had in Japan over the years, so it's not like it's unreadable.
Also some color choices are weird, like the main villain from part 5's being pink. Since unlike many other manga mostly nothing in JoJo has canon colors as Araki colors differently whenever he does a colored illustration, having constant fixed colors that were not chosen by him doesn't appeal to me. If things had canon colors and someone else just colored them with those it'd be fine.
Really I just think he's aware of his black and white limitations and his work was never meant to be colored in the first place.

At least Narancia doesn't have a mop on top of his hair.
Also death can't stop my love.

>like the main villain from part 5's being pink
I meant his hair.

I'm gonna keep posting these until you guys stop

>Intentional spoiling is frowned upon
Sure it is
Well that's a relief I'd hate for her to lose her true husband and be mistreated by the imposter, Also she's pretty cute I hope Kira give her the good ole D

Wew lad, this the worst Jojo thread I've seen in a long while, make this madness stop!

Miike made me curious until I found out he directed that awful Ace Attourney movie

Also I understand why they described Jojo in the way they did, and it made sense, but it really made it sound lame. Especially that part 4 description, they could have just skipped the part about the bow and been more vague.

fixed the picture. You forgot the part where were married so i put a ring on my hand

I disagree, only SBR benefits from being read in black and white

It's time



It is

>3. Purposeful spoiling of a series may result in post deletion and temporary ban.

fuck off

Spiral staircase
Rhinoceros beetle
Ruins street
Fig tart
Rhinoceros beetle
Via dolorosa
Rhinoceros beetle
Singularity point
Rhinoceros beetle
Singularity point
Secret emperor

>jojo generals go undercover with an actually pertinent subject line and none of the usual generalshit / pastebin we have in the OP
>result is the worst jojo thread ever

i would.

I know it's against the rules but a few months back I had to avoid these threads because whenever I tried to raise a question or discuss something from the latest episode(in a thread clearly for anime only guys) people would still deliberately spoil ports of the manga with no spoiler text.




I don't need a reason to fuck Johnny

There's a nifty little report button attached to every post.

Spiral staircase
Rhinoceros beetle
Ruins street
Fig tart
Rhinoceros beetle
Via dolorosa
Rhinoceros beetle
Singularity point
Rhinoceros beetle
Singularity point
Secret emperor

Why does dio look like a trap? His jaw isn't as square, his eyelashes are longer, he has dick-sucking lips under his lipstick and his pecks vaguely look like tits.

this thread is better than the last one

Gay Priest is here now.


is it time?

I will fuck him until he cries.

They chose the part where Araki started to make everyone skinny, and the one where everyone is Japanese.

>Sexualizing rape
You are disgusting

REAL men don't need consent.

Great job. You just convinced me to wait until DU has been finished before I start and watch all the BD versions.

Friendly reminder Josuke is taller than Kira

You're such a fucking idiot.
End yourself please.
Also to the guy who was going to dump his narancia album I'm sorry but I don't think this fucker is leaving today.

True thats why rohan is the only man worth loving. real men are awful album for Naranciafag
it's alright man, you probably have everything that's on there already but here ya go

I wouldn't know anything about that so I'll just have to take your word on it.

Thanks man, even if I hae all of these it's just nice that someone likes narancia as much as I do.
If you want here's my own narancia album if you want to take a look.

But user, you are a real man. You have a penis.

oh shit, ty man

No problem man.
Glad to post narancia anytime.

Sometimes i wish i were a dude due to the amount of sexism women get but sadly im not. also post more kakyoin

itt: most annoying stand cry


Fuck you fucker.

Don't think too hard about things like sexism, blaming your shortcomings on society makes you a whiner and that's not what Kakyoin wants.

He felt like the world was picking on him too until he learned to confront his problems with his friends.


But my shortcomings are society's fucking fault.

I hope one day you slip up and post something that can be traced back to you so that I can break into your house and knock your brains out with a fucking hammer. I'll make you watch, I'll get your family first, oldest to the youngest, then I'll smear their remains on the littlest one's face while demanding that you keep your eyes open as I finish the last one off, they'll be screaming "help me help me" but I'll just keep hitting them, then I'll get to you you fat little bitch and you can be certain what I have in store for you is one hundred times worse than what I gave to them.

here is a screaming kak.

Thanks user thats really nice of you. maybe you Cred Forums guys arent so bad after all

Damn son, I'm sure your parents are proud of all that edge

Im flattered you like me so much that you want to come and visit me but Rohan is the only man ill ever love sorry you virgin loser

Jokes on you I was raped as a child.

You are an awful person and shiposter.

anyone noticed how this general went to shit after tumblrfag Rohanfucker came?

No shit, let's stop talking about her

I know what Tusk Act 4 reminds me of



It's a he, trannies deserve no respect.

everyone is too stupid to just ignore something they dont like. too bad for them im not going anywhere

"JoJo/JoJo's" > "jay jay bee ay"


If I'm stupid it's only because of my autism and down syndrome.

Look here.
I have never met such a fucking retarded shitposter such as yourself.
I would want carnefag to comeback instead of you.


The part 1 and 2 dubs are so bad, holy shit.

How can people defend such trash?


Funny is my hunny

I don't even know who is worse.

i don't care if you guys call me trans or not, real trans women derserve just as much as a cisgendered girl like me

Who know who mane.
Be honest and tell me.
You're such a dumbass fucker.


Oh wait, you're right


No they don't trannies are mentally ill perverts who need to be locked up instead of being allowed to spread their degeneracy to the rest of society.

it's time.

I don't give a fuck what you have to say because I'm trying to ignore instead of reply to the source of the cancer

We're getting new dubs

What colour panties are you wearing right now

ok grandpa. People with your mindset are dying out anyway its 2016 and more people are accepting lgbt+ rights. keep screaming and maybe someone will hear you before plugging their ears



>We're getting new dubs
I hope so, Patrick did a nice job as Dio but almost everyone else was shit.

Great idea, this hasn't been shit for any other series with live action adaptations

Let's also start with 4

It's interesting how 2 is the only even prime number

I really hope this happens just so i can hear the tidal wave of nerd cries when it doesnt live up to your impossible standards. Nothing makes me feel pure joy than the useless prattling of whinny neckbeards echoing from their parents basement. Please, Satan, let them make this movie.

Keep believing that freak, I hope someone sees you out in lipstick and a dress and blows your autistic brains out.

Rate my 「UNDERWORLD」 drawing

Do Russians like JoJo?

It's the same cast, but hopefully they'll be directed better

I liked the JoJos and Speed Weed though. Everyone else was forgettable at best

Most people are honestly looking forward to the movie though

Most people are looking forward to the movie.

Why the hell did you just give that stand tits and ass thats not what underworld looks like at all this is really gross

>Speed Weed
>JYB Jonathan
I'll fucking cut you, they were the absolute worst part of the Phantom Blood dub.

It's kind of weird seeing an old man with freckles.


Overall, David Production made a good anime.Objectively, a lot of the animation, direction, and music isn't terribly great, but I want to replace it in the context of a minor studio doing this job. It sorta evens out. It could have been better, but it would have been asking too much for DP. I can't say I love the anime though, it's a goodie, it's here to expose more the manga, which everyone should read.

To be frank, if the anime's cancelled, I wouldn't care much. Seeing the derailing that is DiU, I don't really want DP to continue adapting JJBA. JoJolion is scheduled for French publication soon anyway.

>tfw hate everything about the English dub from the casting to the directing EXCEPT for the writing, which somehow turned out surprisingly good and managed to capture the weird mixture of whimsy and epicness you can only get from JoJo

Too bad the script is the only thing that's actually changing for this new dub. The old script was the only thing they should've kept.


Hey Lewdanon
are you interested in character design

I'm scouting for talent for 7SU2

What's the consensus on Polpol?

Obnoxious spotlight stealer or loveable character?

How strong is A rank strength for a stand? Could jotaro lift a battleship if he needed to? Or are stands lower than im thinking.

hes pretty boring and bland

Back before the anime existed, what was the community whipping post before animeonlies?

Was it HftF-onlies, people who only read part 3, or, god forbid, OVA onlies?

He wasn't really a spotlight stealer, especially since Jotaro was the focus of Part 3 like he was supposed to be. Maybe Kakyoin should've gotten a bit more limelight, but Avdol was less help during battle and more of a guide while Iggy is just a dog

He got fucked in Part 5 though

He punched through diamond teeth, so it's more like it just depends on what Araki's feeling

Rohanfucker the end is near for you fucker.

So author fiat/ the willpower meme gotcha.

I'm gonna keep posting these until you guys stop

well that, that dude looks like a lady

What were they talking about? Clearly something to do with Koichi.

you should make the arms really pale and have self harm cuts drawn with a marker. Probably what she looks like.

There is nothing better than the feeling of a freshly cleaned pair of hands.

I know it's a bit off topic but, wouldn't you agree, /JoJo/?

It depends on the Stand since the stats are arbitrary and don't actually mean anything.


He hates shitty kids that steal his god damn steat.

>Remember not to validate trolls!
>validates trolls

Giorno should've been a girl and should've been shipped with Narancia so he actually felt something for his death instead of just Bruno's

The only thing I didn't hate in the dub was Patrick Seitz as Dio.


Giorno makes a cute girl.

>Female JoJos
No thanks.

I'm gonna be real, I hate working on things that dirty my hands

If my hands get any dirt, grime, mud or dust on them I immediately have to wash them

Is there a collection of all your art anywhere?

>come to discuss JoJo movie
>thread is hijacked by generalfags
I hope you all die in a fire

The movie is going to be shit, nothing to bother talking about.

What the fuck do you want to discuss? Complaining about a shit general doesn't actually add to it

Why does nobody understand that?

>the "Giorno should have been a girl" meme again

>come to discuss JoJo movie

I'm going to sound like an autist but I've taken to wearing gloves sometimes because of this.

So if say for some reason diavolo needed to rip through and destroy a huge lighthouse to preserve his identity he'd ne emperoring the shit outta those bricks?

But Jolyne was top tier.

Nice meme!

He could easily destroy brick if that's what you mean, but he'd be better off using a bomb.

Giorno wouldn't have been a better character but at least there would be another waifu in the sausagefest that was Part 5

I'm honest about my waifu faggotry, I don't give a fuck

What? He'd probably be able to destroy a lighthouse since King Crimson is stated to be super strong. Not SP or TW strong but still top tier.


>I hope you all die in a fire

It's not, she was pretty good.

I love this meme! Keep it up!

Being honest about being a faggot doesn't make you less of a faggot.

How is liking Jolyne a meme?

>Jolyne is bad because she didn't win memer

Jolyne's the anti-Giorno. Actually a girl, has a character and lost through bullshit means instead of winning through bullshit means

Never said it did, just like I never said Giorno would be a better character if he were a girl. Just saying maybe I'd actually like the character

If you take a second and look at the other user's posts, you'll realize there's nothing of substance to reply to. It's only empty shitposting

Don't make fun a jolyne guys. Just cuz she's the only lady jojo doesnt make her not top tier waifu material

Who are you talking to?

Jolyne isn't bad because she didn't win.

Jolyne is bad because she's an unlikeable, incompetent cunt that didn't do anything worth mentioning.

Every JoJo, even fucking Giorno did something cool people like to bring up from time to time. Jolyne does not have this.

Im honestly just trying to find the upper limits here, i find it interesting.

your just mad because she's a girl. girls can be protagonists too, get over it.


Most backroom second-hand retail jobs have you wearing gloves user. Why don't you get a job?

Has this series ever been translated?
if not
Can someone translate this series?

How is she incompetent and how is she a cunt? You actually have to explain this if you want people to not call you an idiot. She's probably one of the most competent MC's in the series given she did so much with such a shitty Stand and never even stood a chance against Pucci but managed to give Emporio the chance to stop him. And I don't see how she's unlikeable either.

I can say similar things about any JoJo to call them unlikeable

Jonathan was boring, he isn't as colorful as other JoJos
Joseph was annoying, he doesn't shut the fuck up
Jotaro was boring and annoying, he doesn't become likeable until Part 4
Josuke was shit, he wasn't the protagonist and has shitty hair
Giorno is Giorno
Johnny is unlikable, a sociopath, completely unrelatable and Gyro and Funny were better

Whatever, it's a goddamn opinion about likability. As for competence, remember Joseph got by an entire part by sheer fucking luck

Ok so you don't like women gotcha user.

Can you draw a green day and oasis lewd plz

I like part 5

Why did DIO even bother to keep a useless idiot like Nukesaku around - much less turn him into a vampire?

It really makes sense that the average Jolynefag is just some redditor white knight trying to desperately defend a shitty character.

You faggots should go back to where you came from.

She set herself on fire to psyche out Rykiel and did the Mobius Strip thing, aand those are just the ones of the top of my head. Your post reeks of someone who read Part 6 in it's entirety in like 2 or 3 days and then complained about it not making sense or being shit.

>tfw American Dream is a casual who only draws Lisa Lisa, Jolyne and occasionally Part 3 girls

At least he did Reimi, so he's learning about part 4 girls

What did you like about it?

I like how that's the only post you replied to

You haven't explained why she's shitty though. Not defending the other guy but you really need to actually give an explanation that isn't "WAH SHE'S SHIT FUK U REDDIT" if you want people to take you seriously.


I was gonna make fun of you but you did it for me

He was loyal

>Setting herself on fire
>Mobius strip thing
>something people bring up from time to time

I'll throw in my two cents, I like Jolyne because she is a cute, pretty buff and can make herself a dick out of string. I also bet she would be pretty dominating in bed hehe

the real jojo casual filter is purple haze feedback

They're brought up all the time around here when people talk about Jolyne and cool shit she did, the fuck have you been all these years?

Was it really that hard to find some half decent pants for that cosplay?


dont forgeto

Take your fedora tipping ass back to where you came from.

Beat Takashi as Zapelli when?

Man you people are like self shooting, fish in a barrel

But he wasn't, he sold DIO out the second he was threatened.

DIO should have been perceptive enough to know this. It's not in his character to bestow such an honour on a traitor.

At least the due on the left sort of got into it. The guy playing Giorno really doesn't seem to give a fuck

user is stirring shit for attention and as soon as contradictory evidence is brought up he bounces because he can't keep spewing shit and pretending to be retarded

Like this: You still haven't replied to the other posts, bozo

The white characters are going to be portrayed by white actors.

Where are you?
You still there?

are you genuinely trying to say that the mobius strip thing wasn't cool and interesting? because then i know this is master bait.

Nice argument friend.


He knew DIO could take all of them on his own.

And he was right, except for Jotaro of course.

Reddit browsing faggots deserve nothing but a swift kick back to where they came.

Arcadefag is still alive?

I've literally not once been on Reddit at all in my life.

He posted an update last thread.

hey guys remember when jojo threads were good

You're moving goal posts and not providing proper conversation now. You sound more like reddit trying to fit in

Now provide either factual evidence, an honest opinion or fuck off and stop trying to bring the threads downward


I was refraining from posting Rohan pictures but yeah, i'm always here

I never got the autism train meme. Was it just hype train jokes with extra autism?

ah yes, before the Rohan poser

Donut is cool though

rate my shit taste

Are you fucking implying that what he said is bad? Faggot

It was an user trying to piss off a guy who said to stop posting it, then it just devolved into another faggot shitposting for attention.

>Redditor trying to accuse anyone of ruining threads
Just fuck off.

Even though you're still here
Your end is near.

It was me having a lot of time on my hands and being an autist with nothing better to do.
I swear to god every time I come back to these threads there's like 5 new shitposters

Kill yourself, Jolynefag.

Ah ok thanks. I sort of faded out of posting on this shit site for a while back when the SC anime was airing so I don't remember too many memes from back then.

I fucking love Jolyne. It’s a big thanks to her that Part 6 is one of my favorite parts. She starts off as a punk chick being sent to a prison for a bullshit crime she was framed in, and escapes with the Joestar determination to save others. She’s a really fast learner and has most of the prison’s many rules and regulations under her thumb in a matter of weeks. Despite just learning how to use her stand recently, she manages to completely master it and use advanced techniques withing a few months. She’s tough as nails in a fight, going so far as to light herself on fire or dangerously unravel her body to ridiculous shapes and sizes. She takes solitary confinement and meteors like no big fucking deal. And all while being a tough-girl, she manages to keep a really cutesy relationship with others, being very affectionate with Weather and feeling a need to protect Emporio. Creative,strong, funny, and determined as fuck, Jolyne is the best Jojo.

Youre boring me to tears can you at least post some Rohan so ill actually be interested in your posts

I'm with Naranciafag
Down with Rohan

Look, I'm gonna be nice now and this is my last reply to you. Either say something that isn't buzzwords or fuck off. Plain and simple. Jolyne isn't even my favorite JoJo or my waifu, your ranting is just getting on my nerves and you sound like an utter retard. If you want to be taken seriously instead of making yourself look like a total cunt for attention, chill.

this really is a shit place to discuss Jojo

but I don't have anywhere else to go

desu leddit is marginally better, but it's a lot less fun

blame Rohanfucker
she/he/it ruined this general

Tumblr actually has pretty good discussion and you can make lots of friends

No way mane.
I only post good characters.
Come on man join me.
If you need narancia images I posted my narancia album in the thread earlier so save some.

Stop being so triggered over being called out and fuck off.

If reddit is so much better, then fuck off back to where you came from.

This --->I mostly come to this shitty site to vent, tumblr is way better desu

You're not wrong but at least we got some neat OC from it. I know that seems like a foreign concept now,though.

>I only post good characters.
so why are you posting narancia?

I'm the one that posted the dropbox link earlier

Oh shit nice dude.
Because he's a cute boy and my wife.

I smell a samefag

For some reason that link didn't seem to work for me.

Boys can't be wives

Especially not dead boys

Mostly the fights and the whole mafia concept, the crew was pretty cool as well. I wish they would've used Requiem stands in the later parts

Reminder to report and ignore Rohanfucker

Please learn to use the report feature. The mods aren't going to monitor god awful generals for us nor are they able to with how many threads there are, so if you want shitposters to stop then just report them. It's the only way to get the mods to do anything. You have only yourself to blame for not using the feature of the site intended to stop shitposters.

Reminder that based Jorge Joestar fucking explodes Narancia's face

Cast him

No, not a samefag. This place is filled to the brim with angry virgins so it's a great place to blow off steam when something is pissing me off. Pus trolling/shitposting is mostly accepted so I can come back and do it whenever I want.

Mountain Tim

try this one

Reminder that Jorge Joestar is non canon bullshit.
Narancia can also death can't stop me.

Does anyone have a collection of that lewd drawanon's material?

Requiem Stands were written to be a little too OP. Acts are a much better formula as it shows proper progression in power instead of being a power up found through an outside source

Yeah, the fights were probably some of the best parts of Part 5 if nothing else. The story got a little too samey with Stardust at times, but it's definitely unique in its own right

Favorite character? I kind of didn't really care for anyone myself except enemy Stands, Ghiaccio for being a complete autist or Sex Pistols

is this autism the work of an enemy stand?

Some faggot linked this as the general from the other general thread earlier even though this thread was made much earlier and doesn't even have general stuff in the OP.

i really like lolita style fashion, could you put me in a cute baby blue dress with frills?

Jorge Joestar is more canon than your dead fuckboy.

Sorry I have to use it to get rid of Rohanfucker.
Again I am honestly sorry for all of this.
Fuck off rohanfucker.

What role does this guy get?

>i really like lolita style fashion

Most fatties do

I think the only reason that Rohanfucker dislikes Narancia is because he'll never be able to use HEBUNS DUR to look into such a pure mind

Dr. Joestar, I'm SPW

Thanks m8.

He gets you banned for posting 3D

They went with the chapter that is almost completely Japanese people only.

Wise move.

But sadly it won't work.

Look at the Sakigake!! Otokojuku live action. All those skinny 5'5 actors that were LUCKY they could hide most of the time behind bulky school uniforms and around other 5'5 actors to not make it seem like they were skinny Japanese short guys

He's the first Kira.

Stephen Steel if they wanted to make Stephen Steel like 15 years younger and attractive.

Fuck off fucker.
I can't believe such a sad man exists.
How can one truly live without loving narancia?

Grey Fly in the part 3 movie

>he will finally become the plane crasher

Hey, to be fair most of the Part 4 crew wear bulky, school uniforms too

Plus they're a lot slender than the beefcakes in Parts 1, 2 or the Crusaders

thanks doc


They went the safe root. Part 1-2-3 would never happen, it's too GAIJIN, and Japan won't have that

Has Doc abandoned these threads yet?I don't come often enough to know,but I haven't seen him in a long time.


I'm pretty sure it's more or less the fact that it wasn't able to become a Naranciafag so it's being a rebel

I am short and tubby but at least im not obese

Kevin left us for that big speedwagon in the sky.

Probably Bruno or Mista when interacting with Sex Pistols. Also Pesci and Doppio if we count minor villains

Also, part 4 happens in a town, while part 1,2 and 3 needs a ton of different locations around the world.

I see him a lot, since I work on things with him

Show your belly

Nice work referring to her as it. Wouldn't want to trigger it now would we?
So you're fat?
Just say so rohanfucker.
I'm pretty sure there are lots of people who draw fat rohan porn.

>doc uses another self to do oc
>another one to post updates
>another one to maintain his page

>short and tubby

You wouldn't happen to be into skinny asian guys would you?

This guy?

maybe ill post a pic when im done my Halloween cosplay but otherwise why would i do that? its not even on topic

Hol Horse

The guy who tried to rape Josuke's mom

does Narancia got permanently smaller after little feet fight?

Hey rohanfucker.
It's me naanciafag I got something for you I think you would love.

The entire horse? Are you sure he's big enough?

>goes on Tumblr
>does cosplay
>shit taste in husbando's
>get's easily triggered
I didn't know people like this existed outside of tumblr

No, he was always a short little gremlin

Narancia's like a more realistically proportioned Koichi

No but he gets permanently deader a few weeks later.

i actually do love this lol, i'm going to save this. Rohan is my adorable little gremlin and i love him

Don't stick your dick in crazy, user.

You crazy bitchfucker.


>few weeks
It's a few days man, after Trish shows up the rest of the story is set over like 4 days.


I've been out of the loop for a couple of weeks. What's the general consensus on the new OP?

That's a short amount of time to receive his trademark bullshit powerup.

I'll kill you ROHANFUCKER

It's pretty good, though the visuals look cheap as fuck since there's obviously a very small budget.

even more proof Rohanfucker just wants to be a Naranciafag, but it's too much of a hardcore rebel to

its super good, best OP in the series along with cnbt imo

a toss up between good and ok, leaning towards good

I personally like it, it took a few replays to grow on me though

She's Trans? That's disappointing. I thought we actually had a girl in the thread for a change, shitposter or not.

It's pretty much split 50/50

Personally I really like it and hope they clean up a few animation errors when the BD finally releases.

One of the best

That's what happens when you think and type at the same time.

It HAS a few animation errors, I hope it cleans up ALL of them.

im not trans at all and i dont care if someone thinks i am but seriously fuck you for thinking trans women arent real women

You still think everyone's just gay here, right?

Migrate to the new thread once you are done with your retarded shitposting

You aren't a real woman, please fuck off already you mentally ill queer.

they're not, being trans is a legitimate mental illness, surgery doesn't change what they really are

Go fuck yourself.

>fuck you for thinking trans women arent real women
I'm a girl and I hate trans, those freaks need to keep out of our bathrooms

well you're a shitty girl then, i actually know someone trans irl and they would be pretty disgusted with you

I see you're a femanon with great taste in stand power.
I've a good taste in stands myself.

Why does this guy always remind me of cell?

both are perfect

And good, I would be disgusted with them, just like everyone else is, except everyone's afraid to say something.

not surprising the degenerate knows more degenerates

You tell them Hitler.