This is objectively the only 10/10 show in existence. Prove me wrong

This is objectively the only 10/10 show in existence. Prove me wrong.

You can't.

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It's 10/10 on opposite day.

Every other day it's 0/10.

Not an argument you moeblob watching faggot


Animation was very choppy at times but had excellent art direction, subiect matter, imagery and characters.

If it were made 10 years later it'd be AOTY of any year you put it in.

It's not that good.

This guy gets it
Thus guy doesn't

Yes, yes, and yes. SEL is a work of true art. Too soom for it's time. It would've worked better in a social network driven period.

Sadly, we will never see such an Anime

>tripfags on my Cred Forums
Get a load of this guy

Can we agree that game Lain > anime Lain?

>not even ABe's best work
>not even his best lolicon work



True, best loli is reserved for Kino

fuck i hated that anime, didn't even get it entirely and left me like i was hit by a thousand russian tanks

I like Bebop
Evangelion's alright
anything by Yuasa is Top-Tier
seriously though this show isn't all that good beyond having some cool art


Do masterpieces even exist?


I would have really liked Lain if the ending had given me SOME sense of closure or progress or meaning. Anything at all.

With that nothing-ending, I felt like I was exactly where I was before I started watching the anime. I felt empty and like I'd wasted my tuime.

Yeah but I wouldn't count on your average user to know what they are.

pic realted?

It's too vague & subjective a term to exist in any meaningful way.

I had to watch a comedy right after the final episode. Shit.


>writing EVA
>not just writing E

Let's all love lain!

Let's all love Lain!

Come on son, that's not even animated.

Let's all love lain!

Remember, when you fap Lain watches

It a 10/10
just rewatch again you see how good it is.

Let's all love lain!

>tfw you realize that Lain references John C. Lilly, and you look him up and fall down a rabbit hole of E.C.C.O., SETI, MKUltra, LSD, and sensory deprivation.

What was up with that weird long bit of hair?

It's cute

Watamote is fucking terrible, even at moe anime standards. It's all over the place and it's pacing is horrible, hardly any character development happens and it's thoroughly unenjoyable.

>tfw no stinky gf

I know, I just can't think why a girl with an entirely bland appearance in every other respect would cut her hair like that.

Because it comes from the right silly

But was it the AOTY?

I think I've got about seven anime rated as 10/10 but Lain is one of them. Though Evangelion, especially EoE is overall better. B

>t. newfag

Lain > Haibane > Tex > Niea
Kino isn't ABe.

Read the manga everything you said is in the manga now .

I'll keep it in mind, I was merely referencing the anime.

Season 2 would bing like the manga right now . Start at chapter 71

Gave it the random episode test and didn't like it desu

It's 10/10 of course but definitely not the only one. I can think of at least 5 other 10/10s.

It was pretty bad. I didn't get the all the hype.

It's good, but not as good as it's hyped up to be. Nine at best. Ten only if you're easily impressed by the 2deep4u equivalent of parlor tricks and misdirection.

It was shit and so boring, I didn't even watch it



I could get behind calling Monster & Lain masterpieces.

What else? Now & Then, Here & There?

Let's all love Lain!

the tatami galaxy

Monster is definitely exceptional. Some people seem to dislike the ending but I personally wouldn't change a think about it, thought it was perfect.

Back to Lain, I think it is close to masterpiece status due to how fucking relevant it is now, I mean it really has captured a lot of our current world with it's themes and complex narrative.

My only real gripe with is was the fact some aspects of the story felt somewhat not concluded I guess? I mean at least when I first watched it was I was so blown away that I feel like I barely grasped the surface of what it offered. At first I was like who the fuck are the Knights? Who is Lain? Who is me?

It's a strange show and I still can't fully decide on what I think about it even now. I'll have to rewatch it.

Fuck Monster. Having a message does not make a work good.

Man It's times like these I really wish I'd had watched monster but then I remember it's like 70 episodes.

Read the manga at your own pace.

Don't watch it yet, it'll make you become incredibly disappointed and let down by a lot of anime because you'll always be thinking of how much better Monster is. Watch all the trash first.

Wait so what's better, the manga or anime?

They're pretty well equal. Monster feels "better" as a manga because the pacing and writing seems better in a manga format but the anime is pretty well chapter for chapter adaption with only a few additions.

Biggest thing with the anime is the soundtrack captures and builds the atmosphere really really well. It really deserves a blu-ray remaster.

Personally I read and watched both and enjoyed them almost equally. The anime just made the experience a step better to me.

Sorry m8, there's at least one more.

From the top of my head?

> Baccano
> Steins; gate
> .hack//SIGN
> Bebop
> FMA brotherhood

Watched this on 2x speed and still fell asleep

.hack//SIGN not that good just play ps2 dot hack games.

Retards saying shit like this is why everyone bashes Monster.

It's not action packed but the art is great, the story and pacing are cool, the characters are pretty sweet, the music is fantastic too.

That said there are animes with more beautiful art and compositions like Record of Lodoss war, Orphen or Escaflowne so maybe it's not a 10/10 on comparison.

It's funny you mention that because it's actually a super deep metaphor for Lain's personality or something I don't remember because I haven't watched Lain in a long ass time but I remember an interview with the creator where he talked about it and how he didn't think lain should have a symmetrical face or something it's on wikiped I think check it out?

Did the Lain VN ever get a playable English patch?

And you don't seem to understand

.hack//SIGN is probably the most polarizing, love-it-or-hate-it anime out there. I think the only real objective arguments you can make that it's not 10/10 is that it loses a lot of focus and takes too much time developing other characters instead of the main character (and the stupid recap episodes)

Now that you mention it, I remember reading the same thing somewhere. The creator made a point of it. He expressly put it in the official art. Pic related

Also, checked

Don't listen to . Read the manga, the anime can't replicate Urasawa's skills. It just doesn't translate well to animated format.
Also there's lots of dialogue so if you want a good pacing you should definitely read the manga.

But listen to the soundtrack while reading, it's amazing.

>just play ps2 dot hack games
Or don't, because they're fucking horribly designed. They feel like really bad indie games.

>the only 10/10 show in existence
>the only

And you don't seem to understand,

>the only 10/10 show in existence
that would be azumanga.

lain is the modern art of anime. incredibly pretentious pile of shit mainly watched by young hipsters.

Haibane Renmei.

ABe is the saviour of anime

Despera when?


well I don't think there has been any news of them cancelling it again, so they should be working on it still hopefully

Prove you're right. You can't.

>the only 10/10

Outside of the obvious Evangelion, Paranoia Agent would like a word with you.

Let's all love lain!

Eh, it looks like it's moving softly on my monitor because I just turned it on; close enough.

Let's all love Lain!

Such crazy bananya adventures! Really fun episode though, let's see what's enxt.

>I don't think there has been any news of them cancelling it again, so they should be working on it still
There was never any news of them uncancelling it to begin with, there was just some unofficial mention by ABe that he'd found a director.

Despera sounds like the kind of anime/LN an Cred Forumsnon would write in those "Cred Forums writes an anime threads". Heartwarming, but with a sense of dread in the background, too.

I swore that there was an article saying they were working on it again
then again that was on MAL and who trusts MAL

Lains always so sad looking. I just want to scoop her up into a tight hug and tell her everythings gonna be okay. No lewdness, just cuddles and feels.

I-is this what its like to have a daughter-fu?

>non-existent characters with no personality at all
>raised but never developed themes
Into the trash it goes. Texhnolyze was by miles better than this and I know non-psychological shows that had more actual psychlogism in them.

My favorite part about Texhnolyze was how Yoshii is set up to be a kind of self-insert for the audience, but later ends up being a psychopath.

Let's' all love Lain

I don't think Yoshii was either a self-insert or a psychopath.

Choose one.

Is lain the easiest way to spot a 'too deep for you' retard with shit tastes?

I know some people will knee jerk to Eva, but its got cool robots and fights and fanservice. Only the last two episodes are nonsensical bullshit.

Lain takes the cake in being a series full of nonsensical bullshit. It doesnt even make it fun or interesting like FLCL does. Its more like someone watched the animatrix and decided to remake it with:

>zero likable characters
>barely any plot progression at all
>no real story to speak of
>some really vague and stupid scenes left open to interpretation to fake depth
>no real ending to speak of
>most noteworthy and most memorable scene in the whole series is a room slowly filling with computers

Is the lain fanbase some cross between Cred Forums and Cred Forums where cute anime girl liking computers is some sort of holy grail?

>. Its more like someone watched the animatrix and decided to remake it with:

Yeah, it's like the creators invented a time machine to copy something made years in the future


Can you point out a show that does symbolism and imagery well? Or are you just mistaking your subjective bias against symbolism and imagery for an actual objective criticism?

>not realising Lain casually drops a heap of references that all run deep
Lain is top tier.

I always personally considered pic related a 10/10 but nobody ever agrees.

Opinion discarded. The anime is shit. I played the game recently and it was much, much better.


You're officially retarded, friend. Sorry you couldn't keep up

Finally someone who understands.

Were any of the LainOS projects ever completed? The best I can find is half-completed source from ~2005.

About half way through I was prepared for this to be the best thing ever made, but I feel like the message kinda fell flat near the end. I'd have to rewatch to remind myself why I didn't think it was the clean 10/10 that I was prepared for it to be.

This sounds interesting. What's the deal

lets all love lain!

There were several attempts in the mid-2000s to build an operating system that mimicked the look and feel of Lain's Navi. Voice control was out of question, of course, but it was thought that the feel could be replicated.

Sadly I don't think any were completed.

>Babby's first coming of age story

Let's all love lain!

wouldn't that be TTGL?


It's not that good.

What was his name again?

TTGL at least had a plot with consequences.

Are there any other series in the "girl with autism gets caught up in some kind of government conspiricy due to powers she isn't aware she has in a vaguely cyberpunk setting" genre as good as lain?

The only one that comes close is key the metal idol as far as I'm concerned.

>God with autism

TTGL is overrated normalfag garbage.

kauboi beep-bop

I forgot to mention I'm 15 only, so don't be rude.

took me way to long to find the pic

Let's All Love Lain

> are you just mistaking your subjective bias against symbolism and imagery for an actual objective criticism?
Not him, but here's a hint - all criticism of media is based on subjective bias. Any criticism, no matter how widely-agreed-on it is in practice, would automatically become praise if someone enjoyed the feature being cited as a criticism. And that's what a subjective opinion is.

Let's all love lain!

Wrong. One can be objective. There are standards based on the craft and technical skill. The use of the particular skill in conjunction with other technical elements creates the experience that is subjectively reviewed but the execution and development of MANY fundamental elements of both literature, film and animation can be observed objectively.
Lain is objectively good and subjectively, by right of informed opinion, a master piece.

>he couldn't keep up with Lain's plot

oh man, I know it's mean to make fun of the lesser-abled, but that's funny

denpa no onna

I got Lain more or less but I never understood denpa onna
and then there was the space midget too

Thread theme:



>There are standards based on the craft and technical skill
Standards created by years and years of opinions.
Being standard doesn't make them "objectively" correct.

You seem a little slow, user
Let me explain it to you

>craft a system by which things may be loosely judged
>follow the system despite liking or disliking the topic
>find that some things you like are poorly made
>find that some things you hate are well made
It's that easy, user

Things can exist outside of your "if I like it that means it's good!" mindset that every 12 year old seems to get into. You're better than that. Snap out of it.

This. The accuracy with which they predicted the future (though far from 100%) is way better than pretty much anything to ever exist. If anything it's all the more relevant today.

here, was not me.

>There are standards based on the craft and technical skill. The use of the particular skill in conjunction with other technical elements creates the experience that is subjectively reviewed but the execution and development of MANY fundamental elements of both literature, film and animation can be observed objectively.
It can be "observed" objectively, sure, but not evaluated objectively, because evaluation is subjective. Unless you're evaluating how well they achieved their goals or something like that, but that's a completely pointless endeavor that has nothing to do with quality.

>craft a system
You've already failed. If the system is crafted by people it's inherently influenced by their opinions. You can't NOT be influenced by your opinions. No one can.

>You seem a little slow, user
>Let me explain it to you
Don't be a fucking smug cunt user, look at where you are. It's possible to explain your OPINION without being an insufferable asshole.

>>craft a system by which things may be loosely judged
Nigger, that "system" isn't objective. At best it's an approximation designed to roughly describe which things are enjoyable and not, and at worst it's designed to be some measure of "value" or "worth" regardless of enjoyment, making it irrelevant. And you call other people slow?

It being crafted by opinions isn't the point you dingus

After it is made, you just follow the formula
It's not rigidly objective - nothing is
But it's not purely subjective either because you follow a god damn formula

Thoughts on the formula's usefulness are subjective
The formula itself is not, it just exists

So there's a formula, and there's literally no argument that's been made about how or why this formula is supposedly an accurate description of what is "good" (nor even a definition for what "good" means if not in relation to enjoyment/subjective opinions), but we should all follow it anyway? What?

"If an anime features the kind of pickles I like the most, the anime is good. If not, it's bad."
Everything you just said applies to this formula.

>i dont like formula
okay, nice opinion faggot
the point is that you can dismiss the formula, but that doesn't make the conclusions of it any less objective by the formula's standards

standards are generally different depending on the genre to account for subjective bias. For example an action show is expected to have much faster pacing than a character-driven mystery drama.

>It being crafted by opinions isn't the point you dingus
When the point is "is there such thing as objectively good?" yes it's entirely the point.

>Thoughts on the formula's usefulness are subjective
>The formula itself is not, it just exists
But the formula's usefulness is the ENTIRE crux of this argument. If the formula doesn't result in things that are good, it's completely worthless.

>If the formula doesn't result in things that are good, it's completely worthless.
What objective formula did you use to come up with that, Mr.Opinion-man?

Okay, you seem a little slow, so let me spell this out for you.
>what the formula is is subjective
>whether the formula actually determines good is subjective
>the formula itself is an objective process
>but the designation of the results as "good" is still subjective

Yeah her name is Asuka

>Everything you just said applies to this formula.
Yes, and it would meant that those anime are objectively good when judged by that formula

Subjectivity faggots never learn

>every statement must be assuming objectivity because I can't fucking comprehend that someone can say what they think without including the qualifier "in my opinion"
Just stop.

See , "when judged by that formula" means that they aren't objectively good as a general statement.

>formulas are subjective

This is objectively true GIVEN that we are following the standards set forth by mathematics

Your opinion on those standards is subjective
The answer "4" is not fucking subjective

You're a fucking idiot.
If someone were to paint two pictures. The first a delicate landscape with a number of different brushes and the other a canvas that was beaten with a tank top after being soaked in various different coats of paint there is an objective winner.
One painting has far more objectively talented elements. The subjective enjoyment may vary but the objective quality is global and near absolute.
Art is subjective, craft is objective (to a point). Any artistic product must also be derived from craft be it a pot off a wheel or a can of tape for a film.

You're thick if you think that you cannot evaluate media from an objective standpoint.

Math is dogmatic, nigger. Four is twice two by fucking definition.

>more objectively talented
I would agree. But the amount of talent something requires does not determine its quality.

>by fucking definition

Wow, it's like you finally fucking understood what I was saying

If a formula defines something as "good" then it is OBJECTIVELY good when the formula is applied.

A "thing" cannot be subjective or objective
How we feel about a "thing" is subjective
How we define a "thing" results in objectivity
The thing itself doesn't care either way

Not subjectively. Not from an artistic standpoint. However, to some people, it does.
Craftsmanship has been admired for millennia without having much to do with art. To suggest that it was nothing at all to do with the subjective experience of media is facetious at best and retarded at worst.

> when the formula is applied
We're going in circles, nigger. They follow objectively from the premises, but if you say "X is objectively good" without defining your premises, you're wrong. Even if you say "X is objectively good because _____," you're still wrong. The only claim you can actually make of that kind is "X is objectively good where good is defined as ______," but then you're effectively just saying X is ______ and then stating that you think _____ is good.

Hang yourself.

>It's not rigidly objective - nothing is
Math says hi.

This guy is a winner. It depends what approach one takes in valuing the media. Academically there are already a load of ways to systematically examine the subjective. There are even more idiosyncratic frameworks at play in the individual consumer. Naturally these would substitute academia's systematic approach for bias and personal preference but once you define the criteria it is in and of itself objective relative to the framework of reference

Except there are inherent standards that are universal to all observers. While the enjoyment derived is variable the ability to appraise, for example, the difficulty and craftsmanship of particular elements is near global. There are objective anchor points from which a relative and subjective experience can be drawn with respect to personal bias and warrants.

>if you say "X is objectively good" without defining your premises, you're wrong

More along the lines of, "invalid" than wrong
But yeah, it's stupid

In the same way however, it's equally retarded to say
>"it's subjective"
because literally everything can be viewed subjectively

> However, to some people, it does.
But isn't that their subjective opinion?
> To suggest that it was nothing at all to do with the subjective experience of media is facetious at best and retarded at worst.
I never meant to suggest that, definitely not. But as you've just said, it has to do with the subjective experience. Many people judge those things as good, but that judgment is subjective - subjective consensus can't turn things into objective fact, the actual basis of a subjective opinion held by a million people is no stronger than that of the subjective opinion held by one (not that I'm insisting the one guy's opinions should force their way into museums because of equality or modern art or whatever - tough luck for him). And yes, this is getting pedantic, but that's because you and I basically agree.

>because literally everything can be viewed subjectively
Hello there, it's me again, mathematics.

>if you view it objectively then it's not subjective!

Again, I agree, and I don't think I've actually contradicted what you're saying. I might not say the "standards" are universal so much as that the qualities are universal and the use of them as a standard is personal, but that's pedantic again.

>user can't look at a math problem and think of literally anything except for the formula


You activated my trap card. I actually WANTED to get into a meaningless argument about the objectivity of certain events, and how we perceive them, and whether or not those perceptions are objective truth, and if each person's view of the world can be considered objective relative to themselves.

me & you right now

>In the same way however, it's equally retarded to say
>"it's subjective"
>because literally everything can be viewed subjectively
I'd dispute that. The only way to make the statement "the car moved exactly a foot forward" subjective is either by questioning reality or by jumping through some really obnoxious linguistic hoops and claiming not to understand the definition of clear-cut words. That doesn't apply to questions of media quality - there is not a linguistic map that tells you something is automatically good, the dictionary will just tell you it's "something to be desired" or similar, and any further definition of that is obviously a matter of personal taste and priorities.

>language is objective

>not taking it to it's logical conclusion
Poor form.

Unless you subscribe to quantum physics and their bullshit ‘true random’ malarkey you by definition believe in causation. Cause and effect.
Expanding the implications of a causal world it would stand to reason that the initial cause would dictate the finale effect and that everything between was transitional between the two. If that is correct, and it must be if causation is true and sub atomic ‘true random’ doesn't debunk it, then the world is in essence predetermined.
If the world is predetermined than so is the progress of man.
Now the matter of the mind is a tricky one. A lot of people have had a lot of opinions. Unless you subscribe to a theological viewpoint that means you ‘soul’ makes you inherently different from animals then, while far more advance, our process is an extension of theirs.


Neurological research into both animals and humans have discovered that every possible reaction can eventually be mapped if enough time and energy is expended. We have mapped a sea slug to the point where we will always know what it will do.
Brining it all together
By this stage we acknowledge that the mind is simply a quantifiable electric and chemical reaction. It can be mapped and most probably altered. We also accept that the world has no random elements in it, merely unknowns/identified factors. By this logic were I to make a piece of art, in theory it would have an objective and quantifiable reaction when observed by an individual. Were I to show it to multiple subjects a baseline or average score could be developed. Deterministically speaking there is only a finite and predetermined set of human minds

>tl;dr Determinism.

Good art can be objectively measured not simply by technical skill but by the quantifiable reactions that are erroneously assigned the term 'subjectivity' due us not being able to accurately or effectively measure their, very much, objective and quantifiable nature nature

Is this the most autistic thread on Cred Forums right now?

>if we ignore the things that contradict me then -


I'm pretty sure /lit/ has threads like this every day.

Fucking prove it. I keep asking quantum fags to explain true random to me. It seems counter to pretty much everything else possible. If you're familiar with it I would genuinely like to hear about it.

I'm just glad nobody has quoted Dostoevsky or Nietzsche yet.

Are we fucking arguing quantum physics now?

Google Double Slit Experiment

inb4 yuri jokes

I can accept that.


To a point. It's more that we're discussing causality and the implications of true random.

I do this in every single Lain thread that goes on for a while

>prove it
Impossible, science doesn't prove things
Science works with what makes the most sense and has held up under scrutiny
For all we know, atoms don't actually exist, but for now that doesn't matter because what we have works

With that said, basically;
(1) it's the best explanation we have right now for that level of "zoom" on the inner-workings of the universe
(2) it's falsifiable, but no one has falsified it yet

Would you have been happier with substantiate it you semantic bugger.

Still though. wouldn't it be unusual that every other case of random error was simply and sensibly created by a collection of unaccounted/uncontrolled factors? I'm still reading the paper I was sent but I'm just saying, when you're treading new ground wouldn't you expect to find a lot of seemingly random activity because you still have no fucking clue what's going on down there?

Sorry, better to treat each other like retards than to miscommunicate and end up shitposting for the next hour again

If you're saying every event could be influenced by regular cause and effect that we can't perceive for whatever reason then sure that's possible - but if we can't perceive it then it's no better than random/probabilistic anyways

I'm fairly sure that most of the scientific community doesn't like quantum stuff because of it's "weird" nature of lacking concreteness, and I think that this is important to the field. If it wasn't so damn weird and (seemingly)random then it would just be another part of mechanics

>then it's no better than random/probabilistic anyways
Well no, not really. If it is beyond our ability to quantify then it might as well be random in terms of measurement and prediction.
On the other hand if it isn't random then causality is upheld and determinism is by principle, undeniable.

I'm more than willing to accept the role of observation and wave functions and all that. I'm not versed in them, I only understand them superficially but their introduction would just add more elements to account for.

Unless true random has no influence beyond the sub-atomic level it is contained to, under any circumstance, it could have to have implications for simple cause and effect which is not random at all.

I just felt like posting this.

I'm not sure if determinism is right or wrong, honestly I lean towards it being right (at least on the macroscopic scale)

That said, finding out if I'm right or not will always be interesting to watch

Go for soft determinism then.

Excuse me?

I'd rather not fall into any pre-made stuff.
I'll feel my way around in the dark until someone calls me something and I have to look it up


>Lain thread that is not full of memeposting.

>implying your suposition that perception can be accurately and confidently shared with a collective to the point that they can clarify and substantiate each others unique perceptive experience to allowing it to be classified as a fact isn't an opinion
Wew lad

>implying our experiences are different
Wew lad

>free will philosophy
No thanks. Free will is a worthless concept anyway both scientifically and philosophically.

I truly believe that I'm the only one that exists, and I'm simply dreaming. If you take Occam's razor to it's logical extreme, that is where you end up.

All of these are 10/10 material:
Legend of the galactic heroes
Neon genesis evangelion
Clannad after story
Revolutionary girl utena

Your edge cut me from here.

>implying you exist

>he links thinking and existence

No user, I exist, but do you?

le ebic nihilism amirite xd

>My brain's construction is trying to imply that I don't exist.

Nice try.


Nihilism and determinism go hand in hand, putting "le ebic" before something does not falsify it.

le ebic your opinion

How is it edgy at all? If Freewill exists what does it mean for us? We're all going to continue our lives which for better or worse simulate what we would call will. The same thing happens if it doesn't.

As long as free will can be acted upon by external forces then it doesn't matter scientifically either. In fact neurology has basically already shown how that whole 'thinking' thing works. If you want to meme up a little soul that supersedes your head to validate your ultimately predetermined choice then go ahead if that makes you feel better.

It's a shell game. Its being true of false effects nothing on any level other than emotionally in those who invest in the concept. You've been scammed, my dude.

Nihilism is avoiding the problem

That's a pretty ebic opinion you got there. It would be a shame if someone posted some smug anime girls to smash it into tiny pieces.

>implying a lack of inherent meaning devalues derived meaning.
Freewill is retarded but so is nihilism. I have in built goals and emotions. Just because there is no greater purpose to my biological drives shouldn't mean they are worth less.

>Have you any idea what it's like to chase the same squirrel every day for 16 years.



You're here forever

No love?

Evangelion produces more discussion has far better music and better girls and did it all for cheaper and was more successful and makes more money from merchandise and will be remembered as one of the most influential anime to ever exist with a larger fanbase. /Thread

Naruto produces more discussion has far better music and better girls and did it all better and was more successful and makes more money from merchandise and will be remembered as one of the most influential anime to ever exist with a larger fanbase. /Thread

I don't necessarily think that people can't derive meaning, I just don't. Yeah, I could be a hedonist, or I could be an altruist, or I could do a million different things, but in the end I just don't give a damn.

K-on! produces more discussion has far better music and better girls and did it all for cheaper and was more successful and makes more money from merchandise and will be remembered as one of the most influential anime to ever exist with a larger fanbase. /Thread

>has far better music and better girls
Only part of this that is wrong.

Shiro Sagisu a best, and I like my women emotionally damaged just like me

I respect that and understand it. I would however suggest that if you know that you could be any of those things that you not suggest determinism is linked with nihilism.
As a determinist I really don't share your cynicism.

Re:Zero produces more discussion has far better music and better girls and did it all for suffering and was more successful and makes more money from merchandise and will be remembered as one of the most influential anime to ever exist with a larger fanbase. /Thread

Pokemon produces more discussion has far better music and better girls and did it all better and was more successful and makes more money from merchandise and will be remembered as one of the most influential anime to ever exist with a larger fanbase. /Thread

Thread true ending..

>autism gets disrupted by technically on topic pasta

>actual on topic post doomed to a slow death

I-it was a fun Lain thread while it lasted boys.

Remove the chaika from that face. Chaika is too good for this bullshit.

I was just pointing out that the knee-jerk response a lot of people have to the concept of having no free will is to stop caring.

They're totally separate philosophically, they just happen to be frequently lumped together.

It was great but this thread is fucked

>better girls
You watched it wrong.
Absolute cancer (the waifu wars)

But yeah, Eva and Lain tackle different subjects and both do it extremely well. The psychology in Eva is spot on and the characters are some of the most human characters that anime has to offer.

>You watched it wrong.
The fact that you actually typed this out, and potentially believe it to be true is hilarious.

>The psychology in Eva is spot on
>spot on
Would you like to amend your post or delete it?

I don't know, but it's certainly the most supreme 'modernist' anime I've ever known. Probably the only one that can be properly called so.

Legend of the galactic heroes is a true underrated masterpiece. It offers so many great political ideas, the characters are fantastic and the show has an uncanny ability to start off great and then get better with each episode.

Utena is another 10/10 masterpiece.

Why is she a bisexual coalburner?

Let's all love lain!

Overrated shit.

Utena isn't that bad man

Hey now feller there was only one eva post

so what happened to her sister?


ping pong

I still like Penguindrum more than Utena


>Prove me wrong.


don't worry user it is.

The first half of the series were the OVA with added scenes. The other half turned into a "family problems lol". Also, I remember that trailer with a bunch of scenes, battles and characters that didn't even appear in the series.

She was never real

>tfw they don't have it in Rebuilds
literally ruined rebuilds for me


Also Mononoke but newfags don't know 'bout it

The second half the protagonist was mopey and just being told how shitty everything was the entire time and her being retarded