Danganronpa 3

The ride is over but at least best girl is still alive, that's all that matters right Cred Forums?

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Nope true best girl never came back as final boss so it was a disaster.

Confirming them as cannon was one of the only things that left me satisfied about 3. Kodaka is actually pretty darn good at writing romantic subplots id say, they generally have really good chemistry and while its obvious they usually dont slam it in your face. Naegiri took 2 sequels before anyone actually ever uttered a direct sentence saying they liked each other romantically.

I kind of wouldnt mind kodaka doing a slice of life series, no death and destruction everywhere, just a small little cute ride before hoping back into the despair ride.

Friendly reminder that Kiri's birthday is October 6th. Prepare your naegis.


>being this delusional

If anything I'm glad this piece of shit didn't came back

Why is she so perfect?

Why would I want any of that shit? Fuck you

DR3 is still better than that muh charismatic Junko headcanon

What a great time to have a SDR2 waifu.
Except for Chiakifags of course

It's the kuudere charm


She straight-up died for her husbando telling him to never give up hope.

>charismatic Junko headcanon
Indeed user. Because you know throughout our history in order to convince people we didn't use words, Junko time travelled and gave them all a brainwash video to use.

My pic folder is ready and waiting, fellow baconfags

>Tfw a SOL arc about headmaster Naegi and his right hand Kirigiri working to create a new HPA will never exist

end my life

literally falling for it despite how obvious it is

>Preferring this piece of shit ending we got over Junko coming back.

Must suck for you to have such shit taste.

Junko was never one of these people, she was just a batshit insane gyaru who couldn't stay put for a minute

Fuck that shit, im glad DR3 further stamped into cannon that junko was just a psycho that got lucky.

People tend to forget junko was always a parody character, her motivation and abilities dont make sense cause shes there to represent the absurd portrayal of despair as a literal thing. The charm in the character was that her logic had no rhyme or reason and she would destroy ever her own plan in way of killing her sister just to feel despair. Making her some charismatic mastermind would just be fucking retarded.

Do you think Naegi calls her Kyoko when they're in bed?


"Muh charismatic Junko" fags need to go, if there is anything DR3 did it right was stomp in their heads that Junko was always a cheater who relied on other people to get her shit done

He definitely sounds like someone with dementia

I do want that but i was actually thinking of an original slice of life story by him, you know fresh start just to have free reign on things. That said yes i would love a hopes peak SOL of naegi running the school with kirigiri. Plus i wouldnt mind them being made more cannon than what we got of beating it over our heads with implications.
>the SOL happens and like in 2 we find out no progress has been made between the two of them at all.

Kirigiri is the dom in the relationship though so if he called her that he'd be the one getting flustered

>Implying Junko coming back wouldn't be worse.

There were plenty better possible endings, that isn't one of them

The parody aspect of DR tend to fly over people's heads. Not just for critics I think alot of fans are equally if not more at fault on this. Yes being a parody does not exempt criticism but some of the complaints are more absurd than the stuff in DR.

How can one psycho be so perfect?


Naegi suddenly becoming a dom makes her blush errytime. He should do it more often.

>Naegi is secretly a switch, a sub who becomes a dom once Kirigiri teases him too much

Thank for the new headcanon

>Having the main antagonist of the series be the final boss of the series would be terrible.

...What? I sure hope you're joking.

>implying junko coming back would've been anything better than we got

Theres no surprise in it. Once a character gets a send off sometimes its better to keep them gone. Junko is one of those characters that gets worse the more screentime she gets and thats not to do with any "cannon" getting ruined. Shes a literal joke character designed to make no sense that only works based off the surprise of how crazy she is. The more used to her antics you get the less entertaining she is over time.

Is that really headcannon though, naegi has been the only guy to bring out kirigiri's more effeminate cutsy sides.

You're welcome, friend.
>who is a main heroine now
I'm telling ya, this is how their first child will be made.

>Having the main antagonist who's already been beaten twice rather than someone learning from her mistakes and becoming a better version from the start would suck.

Junko already proved twice that she sucks as a final boss, having someone who isn't bumfuck retarded following in her footsteps will always be a better finale because it would also prove that "Despair is contagious" like she always wanted.

But she was acting in that event, or at least is that how I remember it.

She's in good hands.

Was that a thing, i mean still naegi did get kirigiri to blush in cannon moments outside of FTE's. The guy knows how to defrost ice queens.

It's more of her actually getting flustered followed by playing it off like she meant to do it.

Yep, best girl is still alive and it feels so fucking good.

Yeah if I remember correctly she was only pretending to let her guard down to show Naegi how vulnerable he was through conversations.

>girl who can dom and sub
One of my fav fetishes

Yep. But I bet she was secretly pleased by this pick-up line.


You dont remember when pirates started boarding the island and naegi and kirigiri launched themselves out of cannons in a final act of love for eachother.

I wish these 2 interacted more in Dr3, they are so fucking adorable together.

Just shows the difference between the west & nips' taste as 2 of the most disappointing things of DR3 for nips was no Komahina confirmation and Junko not coming back again.

More like when the pirates were attacking Jabberwock and the survivors fending off the ships in the Jabberwock episode we never got.

Jesus fuck, I take back everything good I ever said about the nips' taste regarding this series. That is pathetic and they fully deserved this shitshow.

Forbidden fruit is sweet.

I think Junko coming back would have been better than what we got, but still have been shit. I wish they'd just gone with Chisa instead of wasting her buildup, or had Mitarai actually been competent without needing Tengan to motivate him. Mitarai final boss would probably have been the least awful way to end the series without completely rewriting it, just change the last episode of Future and Hope arc a bit and it could have worked. Fuck Tengan, honestly, his plan was worse than Delta's.

So, what would you think about and spin off of Juzo and Gozu

>One is a boxing champion and a closet homosexual
>The other is a masqued Luchador who bodyguards an old man
>Together, they fight crime
>Catchy 80's music starts





Who is this character? Your OC?

It would have been a great twist if Mitarai managed to fall into despair naturally, and just attempted to brainwash the world in the name of "hope".

I'm so happy for them, both deserved a happy ending together. I have issues with how they ended the sad but these 2 did get a good sendoff. Them running HPA together is the best way to give them closure

The thing with me is that Tengen's motives were so utterly crap that "For the lolz" would have been far better. It didn't have to be Junko it could have even been anybody as long as the motive was "for the lolz" instead.

Tengan's motives are cool but just explained in the worst possible way. He was losing power in FF rapidly and lost all hope in humanity ever recovering especially with him nearing the end of his life. He thought the world got into this cause of brainwashing so to get it out he just needs to do the same, only problem is he doesnt have enough time left to really rule over the world due to his old age so he needed someone with ideals as fucked as him. Hence why the killing game was to influence mitarai and send him over the edge. The shitty thing is you need to fucking read his BIO or rewatch most his scenes prior to his death to get half of that while the show when explaining his motives describes it like he just wanted the video.

The part of his motives i absolutely hate though, is even if it was too late to stop the game and get mitarai out of there, the fact that tengan didnt do more to guarantee mitarai's survival urks me given that the entire thing rests on mitarai basically becoming tengan 2.0.

So, the cover story is that the Remnants of Despair orchestrated the killing game and fucked off after they were satisfied with everybody dying. Okay. But how do they explain the fact that somebody uploaded a brainwashing HOPE video that broadcasted worldwide? Why would the Remnants of Despair of all people want to broadcast a video that fills people with hope?

>at night they fight crime
>during the day they drink together and talk about Juzo's love life
Make it happen

Generally I prefer 'Complex Motives' over 'I did it for fun' but that's only if its done right. Done wrong and it becomes a disaster. 'I did it for fun' is basically the safe option where its neither great or terrible.

He cancelled upload, dude.

Got my copy of the DR3 bluray into today and have been listening to the boozeman drama CDs. They've been pretty entertaining so far can't really understand everything in them but from what i could gather one track is after a night of drinking with Jin, Boozeman got into a cab then suffered from some alcohol poisoning, Mikan then proceeds to help him out. Was a pretty fun listen boozeman even commented on the color of her panties

Sayaka won, what are you talking about?

It was shown that it was still being broadcasted and mesmerizing people across the world. It took that long for the effects to be permanent, not for the upload to be complete.

Tell me about it, brutha's.

Oh, shit, she's got my birthday.


That sound pretty cool. I hope someone will upload and translate all the drama CDs for us.

No, the kaleidoscope was just a basic brainwashing video to keep everyone looking at the screen while the hope one finished uploading. The hope anime was presumably the one he'd been working on with the girl in the field.

Where were you when Komaeda became a SHSL Heroic Spirit?

Speaking of birthdays

Those quads
Rantarou komaeda 2.0 confirmed

Oh, wow! All of these sound awe-

>Go to Taco Bell with

Never mind.

>deah match against weedman
Who can do the most dab before we die

Sasuga son of Komaeda and Monaka.

>Go to taco bell at 3 AM with Leon.

I don't mind that

I doubt that Celes even likes taco bell

so whats the deal with naegi, he didnt do shit the entire series, he got saved and carried like a little bitch and never actually helped anyone

>Switch lives with Chiaki

>Play online dressup games with Chihiro.

Whoa whoa whoa.

>going to taco bell at 3am
No wonder she got stuck in the bathroom during 2-1.

Are you forgetting the remnants he stuck in the NWP? He also de-edged Munakata, who presumably would have killed himself after everyone else because Tengan had him believe everyone in the building was in despair.

>with Peko

>Throw a party with Akane
I don't have enough food for such extreme kind of fun.

He's a main heroine. Just as keikaku.

Damn this has to be the most awkward one so far.

>Deathmatch with Akane
Fuck that.

>Have to live with Peko
Will I have to listen to Baby Gangsta pounding her pussy every night? Might as well ask her to introduce me to Mikan or something.

His whole thing is saying shit like "dont lose hope" and be weirdly optimistic in front of people.

Hes a fucking mascot character

>Play online dress up games with sonia

I'm ok with this

>Handcuffed for life to Sayaka
Holy fucking shit yes please

>Have to live with Junko.

Farewell Cred Forums it was nice to know all of you.

>Handcuffed for life to Aoi
Not bad

>create clones of Chiaki
sweet I'm Izuru

Throws a party with pepsiman, that's cute.

Don't lose HOPE.

>Have to live with Junko.
>Birthday is 29th September.
>Same day Hope Episode came out.

What's the meaning of this???

>Prank war against Gundham
Come at me hamster boy.

It means he's Kizakura.

How can anyone have Hope with Junko around me the whole time?

*How can I

>not wanting to meet our true savior 16hours-kun


I would show Junko my hope every night if I were you.

>playing online dressup games with Junko


Even Hajime say many times what a bad mascot Monokuma is!

>Prank war against nidai

I think im going to die.

>caring about some reserve course trash opinion

Is that a beta Mikan?

>live with Nanami

Das it mane.

>tfw to intelligent to enjoy Danganronpa 3

>We never got to see Komaeda trash talk the reserve students.

Fuckin damn missed opportunity.


>Start a band with Chihiro
Fuck my life.



It's not AHHHH

>start a band with Mondo

>it's all over and we still (STILL) didn't get to see the Ultimate Despairs in action outside of a handful of split second shots

Fuck this noise.

>Switch lives with Toko Fukawa


>online dressup games with Sakura.
What the fuck?
No, seriously. What the FUCK?

You want to know why I didn't give RL Chiaki closure? I didn't need to.
Why I didn't need to? You never saw her ghost in the death theater with Junko and Chisa, right?
It's not just because I ran out of money to pay HanaKana, but maybe because I kept her alive somehow.
Maybe that's why he never mention her "death" directly, but is guilt-ridden over his act of betrayal from him and his classmates instead.
Maybe that's why you didn't see her ghost alongside her Hinata-kun.
Maybe Izuru dropped off her comatose body at her parent house and went off being boring somewhere else in the world, keeping her hairpin as memorabilia.
Maybe she wasn't with the despairs because they didn't want to drag her down into fugitive status and let the world be her oyster, not just Jabberwock island.
Maybe that miracle did happen, but I couldn't show it to you because we were only given 24 minutes.
Maybe you should buy limited edition DRv3 with OAV to find out the rest.

You pulled a top tier card, user.

>Create clones of Junko
Well, guess I'm the next antagonist.

>Handcuffed for life to
Well this should be interesting

Throw a party with Hiyoko.

Oh boy.

>Handcuffed to for life to sayaka
I'm pretty happy desu



I want to do gentle things to Kotoko

I feel like Kodaka didn't want to show them doing fucked shit on screen because it would ruin the audience's perception or some dumb shit like that.

>save the world with Hiyoko.
I don't mind this.

>create clones of Ishimaru

for what purpose

>Save the world with Naegi

How boring.

that's fucked up Nagito, please stop

Some was MERELY PRETENDING, some was her trying to save face.

Come on, Hajime has right.
He said Monokuma's business is doomed to fail.

Those halls won't monitor themselves.

Continued on this Was autistic and forgot to type the name

>No komahina confirmation


Japan confirmed for shit taste

You got it.

>Save the world with Weedman
Fuck yeah

Izuru pls.

Kotoko do fucked up things with Nagito.

here you go friends

would you?

I need to replay DR1 at some point and screencap the shit out of the Kyoko conversations. Her dynamic with Naegi is one of the highlights of the game.

All of the drv3 cast is pretty sexy desu


>mfw you realize soda gave AI Chiaki the mole on her boob because that's his number one memory of her.

Jin was lucky that Kyoko managed to catch a guy to continue the scam.


Dick or no dick
I'd go deep

Naegi-kun it seems my panties are wet.

you know wide.


>Let me tell you why.

This is gonna look awful silly if she turns out to be a girl. I'd dick her fucking hard either way.

>Live with Ibuki

Pls no I want to sleep.


Get out.


>every time you try to go to sleep you wake up to Ibuki spooning you and whispering melodramatic generic romance/porno lines in your ear

I bet she can be really calm at times.

Naegi-kun it seems you need to reopen Hope's Peak Academy.

/r/ing hajime giving the vibrator to everyone

>Every time you try to go to the bathroom, Ibuki bursts in and makes the same joke about "I C U P"

>You will never reopen an educational institution with your true waifu to carry on the ideals of cultivating hope through skill for the entire world to idealise rather than getting bogged down in the original's corrupt fetish for talent
Why go on?


I went through both games not seeing that the that doll was actually a vibrator

>threesome with trap maid and reverse trap detective

Everyone else is shocked or disgusted, Mahiru just looks like she's about to ground you and force you to stop hanging out with the troublemaker across the street.

>mikan and chiaki

>Only Mikan is happy with the present.

As expected from a slut.

so is chiaki

So is that AI Chiaki not understanding lewdness or embracing it?

Chiaki's not happy, she's completely apathetic about it.

Can somebody give me a hand?
I have to clone a Junko.

>Blu Rays will have extended cuts
Is this hope?

More like AI Chiaki just not giving a shit because she probably doesn't even know what it is.

> Deathmatch against Sayaka


>Bluray confirmed for extended cuts
>Pop open Hope Arc
>Begins with Monokuma Recap
This is true despair.


Mikan gets happy with literally everything you give her. It's the thought she cares about, like it should be.
Such a sweet girl.

/r/ version with all guys
Only Teruteru like this item.

and it just so happens that her favorite gifts seem to be largely S&M oriented.

Source? Or its BS



I only have Gundam's

Komaeda is fine with normals as long as they do their best and not impede people that arent worthless.

> vibrator

looks more like a vibrating onahole to me

Poor Soudako, not worthy of dating even as a cute girl.

>Deathmatch against Monokuma
Can I be more fucked than this?

The girl has kinky side to her.
Nothing wrong with that.

That's the button on the bottom not a hole.

>Saionji thinks it's to use on you

Teruteru and Komaeda are sluts

>Save the world with Nekomaru

Hell to the fuckin' yeah!

deathmatch with ibuki

>I tried my best
What did she mean by this?

handcuffed for life with togami

I see your maid and I raise you a nurse.

I'd beat her with my dick if you catch my drift

Nagito is just happy Hajime give him something. Not interested in this item, he call it also as trash. Teruteru is the only who like this thing and use it for real.

That got me by surprise

Delete this

She means Fuyuhiko probably won't be sitting down without wincing for a while.

At first glance Ibuki's design makes her look like an anarchist bitch who just wants to get back at society.

I didn't expect such a likeable, upbeat girl.

This is not a suitable picture for a brilliant and talented protagonist such as myself

Danganronpa is a series that likes to exploit and subvert cliches and expectations.

Usually the cute ones are the most fearsome/dangerous and the scary-looking ones are total bros who wouldn't hurt a fly.


This is the end.


>going to taco bell at 3 am with fukawa
She can go by herself

>Save the world with Sonia

I can live with this

>handcuffed for life to Chiaki
Bet Chiakifriends are jelly.

I'm assuming your just bullshiting me here, but if its true im holding out vein hopes for an extended scene of naegi actually reacting to kirigiri's survival.

Switch lives with weedman

Oh mang

I really hope v3 doesn't have dumb comic relief characters. Ah, who am I kidding. There's already shitty Ryoma.

anyone have the v3 characters pic with their talents?

More like this, is there a male version?

Dumb comic relief characters are what make danganronpa great though.

Will have to wait til late-Dec/January until we get the seiyuu?

It'd be awesome if v3 were full-voiced.

I know im late but i just finished DR2 and holy shit. I refuse to believe that there is any character in this series more based than this motherfucker

You think Teruteru is great?

There's nothing wrong with comic relief but they better offer more than that.

>Mother: Handcuffed for life to Sakura
>Father: Create Clones of Junko
>Brother: Go to Taco Bell at 3:00am with Sonia.
>Sister: Throw a party with Leon.
>Me: Save the world with Monokuma.

Upupupupu!, what a despair inducing selection.

Not him but I thought teruteru was a shit character until despair arc happened, he was really good in it

UDG was almost entirely voiced so who knows?

You dont think teruteru is great?

>You think Teruteru is great?

Do you not?

Gundham was a bro but you gotta admit Nagito was the best character.

It'll probably be very close to fully voiced. I imagine free time events might be the only ones not voiced.

I would of killed for them to just show naegi calling her this once.

Do you prefer your meat Hot, Thick or Hard user?


yeah they did a really great job with their relationship, i think thats why the pairing is so popular despite the game really only giving a few small ship teases here and there. Feels good watching them interact knowing that they do finally get together in 3 and have a not shitty end.

Nagito was fun in an absolute madman sort of way but Gundham's final speech completely solidified him as best to me

God damn it.

Why are spongebob analogies always relevant?

>but Gundham's final speech completely solidified him as best to me
Which is now retconned thanks to DR3.


It exist even Monokuma x Monomi shit...


you don't know what that word actually means

they just are

What? It still happened. Gundam's speech is still representative of his personality and values. There's nothing that DR3 changed about it

Would you?

I would love to hear your explanation for why you say it is retconned, because I doubt you know what retconned means.

Everyone here is quick to jump on his dick but I still think it's wrong he used it to justify murder. If he wanted everyone to live why would he try to win the trial?

>yfw you realise that it's actually Junko making all the lewd comments and noises as you're fucking Monokuma


user, you used the wrong word. Junko used Brainwashing video instead of manipulation for example is when you use the word Retcon.

It would have been better if you just said it was meaningless.

i wish DR1's survivor cast got a slice of life sequel, i love their interactions.

So, wait.

Why did Tengan hate Bandai so much?

Only furfags want to fuck Monokuma and the other stupid bears and the damn bunny.

>Save the world with Mikan
What have I done to deserve such a wonderful thing?

i now want to see episode 9 of DR3 where naegi just walks up and kicks kirigiri instead of caressing her face.

To stay true to his words about holding onto life no matter what.
If he just gave up and didn't oppose, it would have been a hypocrite, and it would have made his speech less valuable.

>life is important, you gotta fight for it, never give up dying just cause surviving is difficult
>btw, gonna accept death just cuz, bye
doesnt add up very nicely, don't you think?

So does Kirigiri have a foot fetish?

Junko really should have had more of her Monokuma personality in DR3.

that's what the 4koma are for my man

Yes, every time Naegi's shoe flies off by accident she has to change her panties.

>handcuffed for life to Chihihiro
I... Don't hate that, actually

>that one time Naegi's shoe flew off of his foot and landed on Kirigiri's nose and she made a quiet noise that almost sounded like a moan

She either hates feet or really loves them. According to an user posting the other day in DR:Kirigiri she felt uncomfortable taking her shoes and socks off for a footprint analysis to prove her innocence

Why did Hiyoko have to die? Best girl. Should have survived.

Maybe she feels like all feet are inherently lewd, so to her, it was like they were asking her to strip

...user none of them died have you not watched Hope episode?

But user, she did survive.

If I recall correctly, he didn't really do much to steer the trial in the wrong direction or defend himself. The only times where he really tried to do the latter was when Sonia was pretty much begging him to and when Komaeda wounded his pride.

I'm not even a footfag, but the idea of Kirigiri shyly taking off her boots to reveal her feet is giving me weird feelings.

>Marrying Ibuki
Shit image, I demand an update.

>The lewdest Naegi does to Kirigiri beyond consensual hand holding kissing vanilla sex is giving her foot massages
Stop stop stop stop I can't take any more of this

/r/ing Kyoko's fat ass



Well i mean an actual like SOL, like naegi and kirigiri doing cute shit in between work.

She's waiting.


definitely not a hand fetish

I'd be happy to trade fates with you, user.

>not wanting to taste some of that bacon
shit taste desu

I'd kiss Kirigiri's charcoal hand, I don't give a shit.

Kizakura-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

>rolling your date of birth.

>Living with Sonia

Deathmatch against Chiaki

I'm okay with it if we're playing Doom.

This is your headmaster tonight.

>tfw we'll never know what happened to Kirigri's hands
>tfw Hagakure will never meet up with his mama
>tfw no resolution about what happened in UDG
>tfw all those plot points just dropped like hammers

Way ahead of you.

>Mitarai gave Kirigiri a foot message before Naegi did when Mitarai was strapping her foot up with a bandage.

How made must Naegi be?

Wait, where in the show was this confirmed?

>How made must Naegi be?
He made it better.

rollin rollin

Its never said, just beaten over your head with implications, Episode 9 was more or less kirigiri's confession if you take what she says in her final FTE as fact (about her only showing her hands to people she considers family) and episode 10+11 was naegi's confirmation being far less vague and just outright saying he was in love with her. So when they spend 3 episodes getting all that out there most people are kind of just doing 2+2 as to what happens between them when naegi finds out shes alive especially given thet they are running HPA together.

I guess I'm just such a blind Hina shipper I didn't see it.

Well hina in addition to her actress is the biggest naegiri shipper in the world.

I have only played both games, so what's the deal with Naegi's sister? I mean, why is she 'important' now?

She grew an ahoge.

Online dressup games with Nidai

I'm in for a good time.

I used to like DR2 characters until I watched DR3.

Now I want to put them in a killing game whenever I see them.

What should I do, guys?

>married to Celes
I'll pass

What are you, a faggot?

I'm not a fan of burned corpses

>He doesn't want a wife who'll force him to make tea, use him as a chair, casually insult him, go berserk on him at the flip of a switch and secretly love him deep down and show it when it counts

Look at this C-Rank fuck.

Your loss.



you use your birthdays dumbasses

I was born in april, you can call me SHSL unluck

She was pretending but fell for Makoto's honest words.
So she pretended she still was pretending to save face.

>Kirigiri's hand

DR: Kirigiri is going to talk about that

I don't know what I'm going to do when the art of Kirigiri slowly starts fading until there is nothing left.

Kill yourself

>Married to Chiaki.
Is this good?

Hopefully Kodaka won't drop the HPA arc forever, I mean I wouldn't like any more "plot" in it but I would enjoy SOL light novels detailing the state of the world and etc

For example we could get details on the new HPA, on what Munakata is doing, etc

Munakata's dead.

>Switch Lives with Naegi.
Not bad. Hopefully I won't have to be a manlet twig and he'll get a Saonji tier growth spurt though.

>ywn be Jan/Jun 29

Maybe a nice life insurance payout.

He's in his twenties at this point, I'm pretty sure the time for growth spurts has long since passed.

You're a god now. Be thankful.

>Never see Gundam actually fight anyone
>We'll never know if he's actually super tough or full of shit

I'm okay with this

i dont get it but okay

This is likley going to happen though its uncertain if it'll be by kodaka himself. its even possible killer killer might continue on past Dr3's events.

It'll likley be kept alive for a while of her and naegi running the school. The art will probably never stop unless DR dies in popularity, she has the privilege of being the first heroine as well as having her own ongoing novel series so shes always going to have art as long as this franchise goes on.

>Married to Hinata-kun

Stop shitposting right now and write your sequel thesis.

>May 21
>Create clones of Makoto

So Junko's plan in DR2, only with more hope and more manlets.

So you're glad we got an old man with complex motives as the mastermind? That's lame

What episode? I feel like this is bullshit since I don't remember such a wonderful event.

Were Shirokuma and Kurokuma the Chiaki and Junko AI's?

Fuck off with your headcanon

This girl wants to pin you down, twist your joints in the wrong direction and step on you. What do you do?

Shirokuma and Kurokuma AI's combined to create a Junko AI. Chiaki AI was an AI created by Chihiro that took the appearance of Chiaki just for class 77.

Komaeda is cute!

>Worst Girl survives full an asspull
Asspull of the century fuck me that was garbage.


Ruruka's dead though.

Throw a party with Gundam

I mean an asspull usually implies theres no foreshadowing, kirigiri's survival was called the second she died and exactly how she would survive since they foreshadowed seiko's bottle pretty hard,

>Save the world with Peko
Basically ultra despair girls.

>come home today
>expect a new Danganronpa episode to cheer me up

for some reason ive become emotionally invested in the mutual happiness of naegi and kirigiri together, thank god she is alive

Married to Sonia. Not bad.

It's not an asspull in the slightest. It's hack writing to be sure, but not an asspull.

>Wanting to be King of her shithole country
No thanks

>married to souda

DR3 stage play when?

>[Hope] Danganronpa 3 The End of Hope's Peak Academy - Hope Arc - 02 [223B6BC2].mkv

But hope arc cheered the fuck out of most people.

Join the club, those 2 have lost enough as is, giving them a bad end is just too cruel especially since their story didnt need to be continued past the first game. Its also nice to sort of have confirmation on a romantic pairing for once in this series.

God i fucking wish.

I'm just sad that the ride is over

Don't hurt me like this user.

Yeah i really want more, hence why me and a few others are saying a SOL sequel of naegi and kirigiri running HPA would be wonderful, have a few past characters show up as teachers or just to show what they'v been up to, maybe showcase off what the next generation of students are like since the tragedy, actually confirm naegiri outright instead of giving us every implication in the world then pussying out last minute, and just generally showing these character's antics in a non life threatening setting.

Do you think that Kirigiri ever has to comfort Naegi after he wakes up screaming in the middle of the night from having a nightmare about her being dead?


Kodaka will never confirm a pairing as it would piss off too many crack shippers. For example Fuyuhiko and Peko practically have a love confession in chapter 2 yet it doesn't amount to anything in DR3 because it would piss off the Fujos who think he's gay.

Did the opposite for Chiakifags though. Lol.

I thought the fujos were all about Komahina.


I don't know why Sayakafags are mad. DR3 made it pretty clean that Naegi considers both waifus.

One of them just happens to be alive.

Fuck off to /vg/, you're done here


Komahina is just big one. A lot of Fujos like Fuyuhiko and Soda for whatever the fuck reason, just look at all the weird gay shit that happens between them in the first half of despair arc.

Do fujo's even care at all about naegi? As far as i can tell naegiri is actually a super popular pairing amongst the community especially in japan.

I mean i am just being a privileged ass about it, kodaka did pretty much outright confirm the pairing since they outright state their feelings for eachother was indeed romantic then placed them in a situation where they will ostensibly spend most of their lives working intimately together. Its pretty fucking canon i just wanted more cute shit.

The only gay shit I recall happening was Fuyuhiko trying to stop Souda from getting naked when they get dosed with the aphrodisiac.

I think the most popular Naegi fujo ship is Naegi x Togami
But not all fujos are exclusively into gay shit, some ship straight pairings too


Don't forget this scene. It doesn't take a lot to please fujoshi.

Even if it's extremely popular by just leaving it as 99% confirmed the 1% is enough for all the fujoshi that think he's gay.

Yeah, 'lol'.

Will you ever stop filling a post with grammatical errors?

How could one anime ruin such a beloved character? Now that AI Chiaki is a chameleon AI, she has fallen off my list of best girl significantly. Being Chiakifag is suffering.

Fujoshi scum want to turn Hopeman into a fag! I don't like it! He is for me heterosexual or better HOPEsexual. He is not interested in guys. He loves only Hajime's or Izuru's hope inside him.

Well... Nagito x Monaka is best! Fuck you fujoshis!

t. male Hopeman fan

Naegi x Togami was pretty big back in the day but I think a lot of those fujos were also down with Naegiri and there was a lot of threesome stuff too.

>forgetting Hinata x Naegi

Shaking my head senpai.

Someone needs to photoshop this image with naegi and kirigiri looking happy as shit, possibly with hinata's laugh face replacing theirs..

Komaeda x Monaca is shit though, maybe not as much as Komahina but it gets here
Protip : all shipping is garbage

The anti-shipping faggot is still here?

Shes alive in hinata's mind, like literally shes in his subconscious.

Fuck Izuru. He deserved it.



>Prank war with Naegi
What the fuck?

Because Kodaka hates her and her fans. Just killing her once wouldn't be enough, even killing her twice would be too easy, his goal was to kill something more, her very image. Via a gruesome execution for the real one with no nice closure at all afterwards (not even just a cameo in the theater) and a retcon-tastic explanation for the "original" one that makes her seem like somebody who leaped into the uncanny valley and never looked back, he did it. For you, for me, and a lot of others. Does it suck that he did that? Yeah, kind of. I was a lot more upset about it a few days ago but now I can feel the despair solidifying itself in my heart which helps to calm me down. There's nothing we can really do about it but try to move on.

I'm just ignoring the final episode in my mind now. It's probably best to do it with DR3 as a whole, but I can't get myself to do that quite so easily since I like the real Chiaki more than the AI.

AI Chiaki=/=Real Chiaki. Plus that was her ghost, if it was too hard for you to figure out.

I prefer in general straight shipping.
Yeah, yeah... some would call me old-fashioned.
Homosexual stuff is no so my taste.

Naegi and Komaeda belong together

If Hinata got over his waifus death you should be able to as well Chiakifags.

It's less about getting over her death and more that the writing was too terrible to take seriously. I would've been okay with her death if it was resolved in any sort of reasonable fashion, but the ghost is a joke that makes a mockery of both characters.

"alive" is a bad word for this. She is dead but Hajime keep Chiaki always in his memories. ;_;

Its left up to your interpretation and has been since 2. If you want to see it as her metaphorical ghost then you can, if you want to pretend hajime is having 3 ways with himself, ai chiakers, and izuru then you also can.

pls be in

Hiyoko x Teruteru pleaseeeeee!

Beat her ass.

Doesn't look like she works out so it'll be fine.

Yeah, it's funny. The "copy" (Real Chiaki) ended up surpassing the "original" (AI Chiaki) for me as well. You kind of have to tear out chunks of DR3 and form it into what you want anyway to help get satisfaction (even the Naegirifags admit to doing this), and since they were pretty determined to screw over real Chiaki you might as well do whatever you want with her.

As said, it's honestly not really about her death at all. I predicted from the very start that she would die. I just didn't want that mockery to show up. I can't even reconcile her with the real Chiaki.


How would YOU go about arranging a killing game Cred Forums?

I would rather "interpret" that you fix your apostrophe key and get some decent typing habits.

>You kind of have to tear out chunks of DR3 and form it into what you want anyway to help get satisfaction (even the Naegirifags admit to doing this),
Naegirifags pretty much got their confirmation they just didn't get anything like a kiss.

It's nothing about her death dude, it's the image. Kodaka literally ruined the image of Chiaki. He showed no mercy. The miracles aren't about her living either, but what she stood for as a character. To completely disregard that is what ruined her in the minds of many Chiakifags as she never received that miracle.

For a moment I thought the last one was Mukuro and a soapy sponge

"Pretty much" is not "definite", I'm just pointing out there that it happens even for them.

>Married to Mondo

Herro Chiakifriends. Sorry that I was so hard on your waifu. I left RL Chiaki's ending ambiguous for reasons. She may still be preorder the limited edition of Danganronpa™ V3™ Everybody's New Semester of Killing™ with the Komaeda Nagito Bonus OAV

Time for hope.

Kidnap people and lock them in a hotel making them kill someone for a reward like a tv one week and birth control another. Then after a couple weeks they would probably starve because i would be bored and watching anime or something.

thanks user, but i felt the urge to try and improve it.

Guys I'm in the mood for some quality Naegi/Kiri smut. Should I try sifting through all the dickgirl doujins again to find a gem, or should I just give up and look through pixiv or whatever?

>DeathMatch against Leon

>entitled chiakifags
Lmao, cry me a fucking river. Be glad that literally the ENTIRETY of class 77 woke up and deal with the fact that not everybody gets a happy ending, see: Munakata, Juzo, Seiko, Ruruka. Or do they not count because they're not "m-m-muh gamergirl waifu"?

I always thought the niniko doujins were perfect for maximum cute and smut.

Slumber party.
Spike the kool-aid.

Why is it that anyone who had someone die for them in this series they become unkillable
>Sakura died for Ashina
>kochi Died for Kirigiri
>peko died for fuyuhiko


Juzo died for Munakata and it's implied that he kills himself offscreen.

That's what we call plot armor

Remove this ugly bear, damn it!

Cause it'd really devalue the sacrifice. Kuuzuuru originally was going to die in 2 before they realized it'd just make peko's death meaningless. I fully agree with that sentiment too hence why i was so salty over kirigiri's death for a while since it really would of made koichi's death pointless when they could of just kept him alive.

also you can add juzo died for munakata on that

Naegi is SHSL Plot Armor and effects all those around him.

>Be glad that literally the ENTIRETY of class 77 woke up
Why would I be glad about that? I'd rather they kept the fate of the comatose guys ambiguous or woke them up after the events of DR3 instead of bringing them back through a fast-forwarded miracle that wasn't even executed well.

>and deal with the fact that not everybody gets a happy ending
Munakata got shafted too, and Seiko got way more than the real Chiaki via the cure. All Chiaki got was a half-appearance as a monstrous amalgamation that doesn't even make much sense. As for Juzo and Ruruka, it's more justified since they accomplished their role and paid the price for their mistakes, whereas Chiaki quite literally did nothing wrong by DR3's standards.

>muh entitlement

>Switch lives wtih Mikan

Juzo didn't die for Munakata, he was killed by him

Fuyuhiko was supposed to die but Kodaka like him too much to kill him off so he backed out at the last second. At that point it became a meme so Kirigiri had to live as well.

Wait, so did they hate the ending more than people in the west did?

Because wasting a sacrifice is dumb, you don't kill off a character to save another character if they're just gonna die later, it's a waste of drama.

Thanks guys, I found a few others so I'll save these for last (and hopefully, best). They definitely look the most vanilla.


Oh man, you took the bait. Don't do that.

She can't possibly be alive after the ghost scene

When will this meme end

It's pretty much the same as here, the hardcore fans hated it while the casual fans loved it.

>Create clones with Kirigiri
So Naegi and I get one each? Neat.

>ghost scene
Of AI Chiaki

That feel I want a Fedora Fuyuhiko drawing like the right image.

They genuinly have the cutest looking kirigiri out of all of them. I was kind of sad he never did another one of her after DR3.

Not really.

Yeah, except that was AI Chiaki. She even specifically stated that she was the AI version. People get it mixed up when she said they are one in the same. What she meant was that both of their beliefs and personalities were the same. I went full autism.

>Seiko got way more than real Chiaki via the cure
Except Seiko died thinking that she couldn't save anybody. The cure is after her death, much like how real Chiaki's wish to see Class 77 again is granted pust-humously in the form of AI Chiaki.

Nah its more or less the same, surprisingly well received overall but not without alot of criticsm.

I fully expect a supplementary sequel to come out sooner or later to further explain certain things.

>there are people that think Chiaki could be alive


fuckin how?

>There are still sayakafags
I don't understand this, someone please explain it to me.

Just read this it explains everything.


Took the waifubait HARD.

>What she meant was that both of their beliefs and personalities were the same.
Problem is, their personalities aren't quite the same either. Real Chiaki isn't sleepy, and despite her demure introduction she's actually a leader-type of girl and she pulls everyone together. She's also got some mild aspergers-tier difficulties in containing herself when talking about her interest. AI Chiaki is more of a 'beacon'(outright stated as much by Sonia) cheerleader, somebody who's narcoleptic and somebody who's an insatiable learner, as well as being more out-and-out purely autistic.

In other words, there are multiple little inconsistencies and differences in their characters despite having broad similarities, kind of like Luna and Diana in ZE. So saying that they're "the same" doesn't really add up to me.

>there are people who still don't understand it's not about her life or death

They're ironic most likely

Still waiting on that 150 page essay on TeruTeru.

Then what is it about?

You could try reading this thread at least instead of shitposting.

It won't because the anime didn't fucking bother to tell us what happened.
Has someone tried tweeting Kodaka about Munakata's fate?


Damn skippy!

"A Public Discourse On The Minute Intricacies and Lascivious Idiosyncrasies of Teruteru Hanamura" 150 page pastebin coming right up.


>the lives of the entirety of class 77 excluding Nagito and Hinata


>Chiaki's life


Can you really blame him?
Someone post one of those "Happy Chisa/Juzo/Noose" pics.

Jesus christ this comic escalated quickly
>should i get him a cake?
>oh, i know, i'll just suck his dick while he's sleeping

You can take Nagito too.

I would sacrifice everybody except Hajime to bring back real Chiaki.

I only need those two for Hinanami happy end.

So basically Altruism vs. Selfish

Easily, though it'd be considerably better if you also traded Komaeda for the other 4 SDR2 survivors. The comatose kids, like many other things in this show, didn't explicitly have to be dealt with onscreen, but Chiaki could've used a better closure.

If the trade's somehow not enough, you can add Kirigiri's death and remove the cure's existence, so long as Naegi ends up being more relevant in the finale than merely as the savior of the SDR2 cast.

Fuck no. Chiaki being the only one that dies compliments the message they are going for with DR2's cast anyway. Living with burden and working towards atonement i much better than bringing back chiaki.

Except that message gets entirely shat on when they are all a bunch of dindu nuffins though.

Honestly? Sure.

From what I can tell they're mad about 2 things

1. AI Chiaki wasn't an AI specifically meant to be a recreation of Chiaki like AI Junko was for Junko. She was a formless AI that took Chiaki's form because she was the one person the entirety of class 77 wished to see again the most.

2. Ai Chiaki was the one to show up as a ghost in the finale instead of the real one.

>the message
What "message", you worthless fucking fruitcake? They were trapped in a shitty mindhack video with no way out.

It wasn't even AI Chiaki on her own. It was an amalgamation that didn't even make sense.

This. Like it'd be okay if they stated specifically that both Chiaki's combined together somehow. That'd be acceptable. We are upset that she'll never see that she was recognized for her sacrifice first and foremost.

The message was thoroughly ruined long before Chiaki's fate was revealed. It means nothing now, which is part of the problem.

Well no, it was AI Chiaki carrying on the spirit of the original. They didn't fuse or anything, though I suppose it's possible real Chiaki became a ghost in the machine by possessing the AI version.

Not being in control of your actions doesnt exempt them from having guilt. that was the whole point with mitarai too, he was held hostage by a psychopath but alot of people's deaths are still on his hands. They could of just claimed they were dindus and pleaded innocence but instead of running away from reality they accept their responsibilities and exile themselves from a rebuilding society painting themselves as the ultimate villains.

It was Kodaka trying desperately to cover his bases without stopping to consult the writer(s) for real Chiaki which made the whole thing fall apart and cause Ghost Chiaki to look like one of those weird enemies in like, a horror game that has the silhouette of a familiar person but then they turn around and you see a monster.

The problem with that is that none of them look like they even feel any guilt except Sonia and Hajime, everyone else is completely happy go lucky like nothing happened but they're claiming they fell guilt regardless.

It does, though. When you are literally mindcontrolled into doing things, it is not your fault in any way. Can you shut the fuck up already, you worthless Naegirifag? Your posts read like garbage and your reasoning is even weaker.

If they wanted to redeem themselves, they would renounce despair and use the talents they previous used for destroying humanity to rebuilding it. Instead, they're just gonna go fuck around on Jabberwock for the rest of their miserable existence. What kind of message is this? Just admit the writers were pressured and caved, reducing the overall quality of the series as a whole because of their incompetence.

Fuck, not only am I retarded, I now have to throw a party with Pepsi instead of Makoto. What a downgrade.

This holy fuck, no one knew the details about the killing game. Just claim Tengan was brainwashed by Chisa and Makoto was right to cure the remnants of their despair.

Because she was the main character of the Another Episode game. It was about the people who were kidnapped in the videos of DR1. In Makoto's case, it was his sister (and parents, but they're supposedly dead)

So who's supposed to be the 'Killer' in the KillerxVictim pairing with real Chiaki? Mikan, Chisa, or Junko herself? I think all of them are capable of getting shipped with her like that. I don't really count Izuru because he's basically just a useless prop at that point.

They all looked super regretful when talking to mitarai and they all willingly sacrificed their futures shortly afterwords. Living with guilt does not mean they have to be all sad and mopey about everything.

What part don't you get about them personally feeling guilt even if they aren't at fault. Mitarai and the rest of the remnants are guilty but are still living with blood on their hands caused by their actions willingly or not.

And what the fuck does naegiri have to do with any of this?

>Komahina WON and there is literally NOTHING that chiakifriends can do about it
Kodaka is truly a creative genius.

Wouldn't the killer be junko?

They were going to help people around the world though, everyone just assumed they were returning to jabberwock to shitpost.

Chiaki was probably in my bottom 5 of the SDR2 cast so no.

I don't care because it's stupid and feels like the writer telling me I should feel guilty.

I guess, but Mikan and Chisa also did their part in shoving her around.

>They were going to help people around the world though,
No indication of that.

What went wrong Cred Forums? Why my preorders aren't over 10k like my accountants said they would?

>the writer telling me I should feel guilty.
Oh god you self insert into the series, that explains fucking everything.

If they were really going to go around the world and rebuild it, they wouldn't of gone full batman.

You sound upset, friendo.


Oh man, you're actually this dumb? Yeah, I would expect nothing less of the guy with horrible writing habits to also have terrible reading habits. It's that I feel the writer is telling me I should feel guilty for... not making a tinfoil hat. If I get mindcontrolled into hacking off my own arm, well gee, it's my own fault.

>DR3 will totally answer all of your questions about DR guys
>unless it involves something that happened in AE :^)

I'm going to assume he meant "telling me they should be guilty" referring to the remnants, at least I hope he did. It does feel like that though, there's a bit of a dissonance between their words and actions.

Yeah, sorry, I'm a little tired. That's basically what I mean, that I should feel guilty and/or condemn the remnants because they got mindcontrolled. As far as I can see, they did nothing wrong.

>a little

>clones of Junko
Don't get any ideas, Kohacka

Can we all agree that this old man was the one who got shafted the most? He could have potentially been the masterminds of masterminds. Instead, after Mirai-12, he's been reduced to a wash up, senile geezer.

Fujo pls. Hajime is straight.

Cry about it.

What the fuck is this boogeyman poster you keep going off about? The only one we ever had was the death-fag and hes long gone (plus was revealed to be a shipper fag).

No, that's a terrible trade.

Stop that. I just don't like people with terrible typing habits.

I choose to remember him as he lived, based as fuck.

You should have found a way to kill Chiaki a third time.

Better one is:




No GTA5 bullshit where you can save all of them.

Clearly not given the autismal rage your displaying throughout most this thread.

If you're gonna have a happy ending, go all the way.

No because that means DR1's cast is fucking decimated while DR2's cast gets off scot free.

I only showed up at the very end of this, practice what you preach and calm down with your bogeyman, dude.

>throughout most
Please, please, fix your habits.

Don't even bother. This guy is legitimately autistic and has been going off on people since the show ended. His typing style is eerily similar to barneyfag as well which makes me wonder if there's a correlation or if it's just the average typing style of high-functioning autists.

Take the beta third path and sacrifice Kaede so they both live.

Now do you remember? Who you are? What you were meant to do? I cheated death, thanks to you. And thanks to you I've left my mark. You have too - you've written your own history. You're your own woman. I'm the Ultimate Despair, and you are too... No... She's the two of us. Together. Where we are today? We built it. This story - this "legend" - it's ours. We can change the world - and with it, the future. I am you, and you are me. Carry that with you, wherever you go. Thank you... my friend. From here on out, you're Junko Enoshima.

Nice pic of Omaru

If it came down to it? Sure.

I'd prefer kirigiri alive. I liked chiaki alot as a heroine but she was kind of reliant on hinata to carry her character for me.That isnt a bad thing at all but in contrast I like Kirigiri alot more as an individual character.

No, I'm just able to recognize writing styles. It's not some unique gift of mine, you seem to pride yourself on a similar talent as well.


I'd give up Kyoko and Makoto for Hinanami happy end.

Yeah good point. Guy seems like a brick wall that just falls back on ad hominem more so than actual discussion. Like even if hes bringing up a fair point he ruins it by flinging some shit for no reason.

Hopebot leave, you cant stop kaede being the protagonist.

Hey, don't be mad that I can call you out when you're being a brick wall.

You know putting battle of the waifu's aside. I kind of wish we got to see how kirigiri and chiaki would of interacted. We got at least a little bit of hinata and naegi but never the chance for the heroines.

Good taste.

Yes. All joking aside, what he's been through would fuck any man up.

>you seem to pride yourself on a similar talent as well
No, retard. It's because in pretty much every one of your posts you say the exact same thing about pointing the other poster's writing style.

Nah, I'm just one person of many who does that sort of thing. I think you're a little paranoid.

>Imagine a scene where Kirigiri is brinking on life and death.
>She sees RL Chiaki
>Chiaki encourages that there is nothing to fear and have hope
>Kirigiri scared of accepting death
>Last minute, Chiaki pushes Kirigiri into trapdoor and Kirigiri wakes up
>Kirigiri touches her face that supposedly had blood on it
>Kirigiri surprised that it was wipes off

Hey Cred Forums, What's the greatest lesson you think I learned from all of this?

Yeah, I know you think you're real clever and all by trying to pull a switcheroo but that doesn't really work when it's glaringly obvious which posts are yours. Try to start by dropping the robotic autist voice that all your posts seem to carry.

Talent means everything.

Kodaka is a hack

Become a million class murderer with my friends then we can all live on an island fucking each other till we die.

I mean really, when you try to wholly shift it into an argument about the person themselves instead of what they're talking about, that's when you know that you've lost.

As above. You were the ones who gave up first after I posted , and as for your own moronic comment about writing styles, would you mind stopping to think about how your own is easily identifiable?

>Chiakizuru zombie fight vs Hajizuru
>Hajizuru rips head off of Chiakizuru zombie
>"Daijoubu, Chiakizuru. Mou ii"
>Places hairclip on zombie Chiakizuru head
>"Arigatou Hinata Kun. Daisuki"
>She burns up, reducing to ashes along with hairpin.
Yep, better than Kohacka

This is honestly why i was so against killing kirigiri off. Naegi is a really cheery guy but he is fucked psychologically. His optimism might just be fooling people but he isn't always so cheery. Take Maizono's death for example, alot of people tend to forget naegi was caught in a conflict of sadness and anger at maizono at the end of chapter 1. Kirigiri was the one who brings up the idea that the leon message was her feeling guilty about throwing naegi under the bus. I always quite liked the dynamic between the 2 of them and how they were there to support one another in their times of emotional instability. Killing off either of them I think would just be an awful way to see these characters off cause you essentially removed the pillar keeping either of them together.

DR3 reminded me how much i actually really like naegi. They do a good job showing the contrast between his optimism and his skeletons in the closet. I still prefer hinata though.

Misread that, replace every instance of "my" with "your" and "we" with "you".

>i'm not autistic but you better type like you're writing a graded essay or else i'll throw a fit

Is this a gainaix ending? I actually cant tell what imagery I'm supposed to be picturing here.

Who are you quoting?


user dont bother, i got out while i could. This guy is genuinly autistic, and I'm fairly certain he still things hes talking to me.

>You were the ones who gave up first after I posted
If you're trying to insinuate I was one of the posters initially arguing with you, you're actually retarded.

So now that it's over, do we still hang out here to talk about Dangans or do we have to migrate to/v/ soon?

Doesn't sound like me at all, sorry!

Nah, believe me, I know who you are from your writing style. I got snappy with you but I was honestly hoping it'd get you to put in more effort and treat me with a bit more respect. Silly me, right?

Oh no, I was simply referring to 'you' as a whole, not you in particular. Sorry if you got confused.

Jesus christ this thread is hitting /vg/ levels at unprecedented speed.

You're doing this on purpose to rile him aren't you? Keep going it's hillarious.

Pack your bags, we're going to Cred Forums.

I don't even know what they are arguing about.

I stopped messing with him to talk in the gundam thread for a bit actually, i just came back to the hilarity of autism overload and couldn't resist.

We've been slowly moving there since yesterday.

Why would you refer to "you" as a whole when it's clear that there was two different discussions going on, one of which I did not take part in? I couldn't care less about your Chiaki argument, I'm just calling you an autist.

The message of 'atonement' in DR3 is silly because they all got mindcontrolled into it so there's nothing to really atone for. That's about it before it spiraled into meta.

Despite being a Kirigirifag, I would gladly accept this trade. That girl has been through enough. She deserves her happy ending.

I said it earlier dude, I'm tired.

I'm not your dude, buddy.

Would you trade
>The lives of 77th class except Nagito & Hinata


>Junko's life

Fixed and yes I would more Dis Pear please.

I'm not your buddy, pal.

I'm not your pal, friend.

I'm not your friend, amigo.

fuck this just reminded me i never watch the new season of south park that started up recently.

No time like the present right?

They both have been, thats why i don't like the idea of choosing between them.

I wonder how well dude kirigiri's chances will be in V3 for a happy ending with kaede. Yeah fuck it im assuming hes the deuteragonist until proven otherwise by the game.

That's why I wanted double or nothing.

Kaede will be lucky if she makes it out of there in one piece, let alone having anyone else tag along with her.

One minor detail I liked in Hope Arc was that Hajime had a much broader chest. I don't know why it wasn't like that before, but there it was, the 91cm or something chest he was supposed to have the entire time.

I dont think kodaka will kill off kaede. I'm more concerned about our fake out protagonist trio. I just really hope maki survives decently far into the game cause i really like her design, its like 1 of only 3 designs in V3 i particularly like.

I noticed people talking about this before but Maki doesn't really have a 'circle' around her promo... whatever design like the dead characters in DR1/2 get. Know what I'm talking about?

He is True Despair.

Naegi-kun it seems you and I are wed.

Hajime's always been shredded, let no one tell you otherwise.

I'm sorry i dont quite follow what you mean. I dont think they have anything hinting at character survival yet anyway aside from dude kirigiri getting killed off in the promo.

Hinata looks like 3 kids sitting on top of eachother pretending to be an adult here

oh man, not that one

>deathmatch against Gundam
He was the only character I liked besides the protagonists ;_;

Is this from the manga? WTF. He's ripped like John Cena.

Naegi-kun don't believe this impostor.

Image search this, should show up. If not google Temparing Danganronpa or something.

Did Hajime order Anchor Arms?

Holy hell those proportions are yaoi tier.

Why, oh why did I look up this doujin?

Holy shit i'm dying.

But which one is the real one?

>>I'm sorry i dont quite follow what you mean.
Yeah don't worry, I'm not making sense either. If you look at the promo release images for characters before, starting from Leon, the killer characters tend to have a 'swirl' around them. When I was looking it over I realized it's actually not as clearcut for dead characters as I thought, sorry. But unless that part changed too, it seems like a pretty good rule for figuring out who's gonna be involved in the murders/obligatory suicide.

Assuming it holds then Kiibo, Ryouma, Gonta, Kirumi, Oma and Korekiyo look like likely suspects.

I can be his hero in other ways even if he can't love me back.

>yfw he'd rather fuck his tulpa than your manslut.

Also: I'm pretty sure Kiibo will not only be a killer, but the case 1 killer, because the very image of 'Naegi' has edged closer and closer to a killer over time.
Naegi was falsely accused.
Nagito really was going to do it.
Therefore, if the trend holds then Keebler will be the case 1 killer.

>posting real Chiaki and saying that
Not cool, dude.


Keebo is going to die in chapter 1 to mark the end of Hope vs Despair cause of Keebo's false talent. There is no way Ogata will do two different voices for 6 chapters.

Why did Kyoko hate Jin

I wonder how much DR3 will be in V3. There's some minor overlap so far (like Maid vs Housekeeper) but how much more?

Cause he was neglectful and when she went to the academy he avoided her. She didnt realize he was always watching over her and trying to look out for her.

It's clearly this one.

cause hes trying to steal her husband

She's also just kind of a bitch.

I'll get the biggest laugh if somehow Chisa is the mastermind of V3.

Trying to steal her manlet.

>Start a band with Junko

So Dethklok?

>Imposter did not impersonate a female once
Wasted opportunity.


>Go to Taco Bell at 3am with Hiyoko
I honestly can't think of a worse fate.

Underrated post.

Imagine if Chiaki came back, but she had major brain damage from the blunt trauma and blood loss she had to endure during her execution. For instance, she loses her ability to play video games very well. Forget getting the high score in Gala Omega, she struggles to so much as overcome casual mobile games. She's still dimly aware of the talent she once possessed, which makes her repeated failures all the more frustrating for her, but she still has fun playing games. The best part is, she always ends up forgetting what happened except for the most basic of details, so even a single game can always give a fresh experience for her. Her speech pattern is stunted and instead of being able to articulate complex concepts like talent, she simply whines for Hinata-kun to play with her. She gets lonely when he leaves her for too long, probably ptsd from her execution.

Whenever he does, she giggles softly and nuzzles against him, and basically she cuddles more than actually playing the game. Her love for him is the one of the only things her enfeebled mind can cling to, so whenever he has to get up - even to do things like make lunch for her - she cries and holds onto him. She holds him in a bear hug and begs for him to not leave her. Even though his strength easily outclasses hers, he can't do anything or else she would get hurt. So he has to very gently push her away, letting her fingers grasp the empty air, and seeing her eyes water as she realizes she has to say goodbye to her Hinata-kun yet again.

Then he comes back with the food and she acts like she hasn't seen him in forever, and then they hug and kiss. Of course, this cycle continues on and on... truly, her childish innocence in this state creates an eternal game utopia.

I wouldn't mind this if you didn't make her retarded.

If she just lost her skill, and some memories that would be fine.

Hell, I could even be okay with her losing her ability to verbally communicate. But she has to retain her ability to comprehend and think.

>Mahiru doesn't like stuff like that
She just needs more training.