Out of place songs

Share some songs, whether they are EDs or OPs that are out of place or don't fit the mood of the show but still manage to be good.

I'll start with the K-On ending "No Thank You." This ED is an awesome song, and the lyrics work with what was happening in the show at the time, but it's a pretty dark/sad song for a show that was always so happy.

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Mio looks badass in that picture

Mio is cool, user.

She's also best girl, fuck anyone who thinks Ritsu is.

Pity Mio got so heavily marginalized in S2 though.

I think that's the point.

It's supposed to be the final ED.

Yeah, her vocals were always better, and she showed up a lot less.

But the show was still happy at the end, it doesn't make sense to use such a sad song. It just doesn't fit with the mood of the show.

I blame Azusa.

Most people do. She got way too much screentime in S2 and usurped Mio's role in the HTT group dynamic.

but y tho

I agree.

Did anyone else laugh their ass off at Tenshi ni Fureta Yo?

I don't get why people say K-ON is bad at comedy. That scene had me laughing for weeks.

I was fucking bawling, I don't know what the hell you were watching.


This is why the ED is totally out of place

Why did it make you laugh? It's one of my all time favorite anime scenes. I still watch it now and then.

She got her place in the background, just as she wanted

fuck that, she should be hailed as a goddess by all


surely you jestin'


Can't get any more misleading than this.

She's the audience surrogate

I'm talking about Mio.

I literally came back each week just to hear that song. It was amazing.

Other songs would be Evangelions OP and Elfen Lieds ED.

Well, at least she has a fanclub


I normally don't listen to jap music but "No Thank You" and "Kakakata Kataomoi" are the only ones I have made exceptions for.

Bit odd to introduce an audience surrogate mid-season.


Great OP, was not indicative of the show in any real way.

There were 25+ episodes after Azusa was introduced, though.

clannad: after story ending

My point stands though.

Personally I never saw Azusa as an audience surrogate anyway.

works real well for about 2/3rds of the episodes
works real, real bad for the others

Torch from Clannad. Would have worked okay actually if they used it in season 1 and had Dango Daikazoku in season 2, but Torch doesn't fel right after all those drama scenes.

I sensed something was deeply wrong after seeing that cake get stolen.

It fits perfectly, though. It's a song about not wanting to grow up yet, which was truly how they felt even though they've accepted it. They even went to the same college to further their time together

Mio was such a better singer it's almost embarrassing how big the gap in ability is between her and Yui.

Most of KyoAnis ED mesh horribly with the tone of some episodes. Chu2 would have a sad ending, like Rikka singing the song her and her dead father liked or Dekomori crying, and then INSIDE IDENTITY right after. Hyouka did this and Evangelion would have been better if it just ended after CONGRATULATIONS rather than having fry me to the moon play right afterward.

Elfen Lied's ending isn't really out of place, though, since the series is half harem antics. The anime played it down pretty hard, though.

I love a lot of Yui's songs due to the melodies and the instruments, but Mio was by far the best vocalist. Yui's voice is too high pitched for my taste.

Dude child rape lmao

>demonic prison guards in a hellish prison heiling towards the warden and his huge dragon made out of pure poison

Azusa is a sweetie!



I'll leave this here.

all of relife
seems like they had a drunk piano player over when they were recording . mr jazz man just playing his own tune completely unrelated to the anime.



How the hell has no one mentioned I JOE YOU JOE yet?





This shit somehow got used all the way until the end of the Cell arc, despite being outdated by the end of the first arc and as out of place as the French opening.

yeah no

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nah man. she's just swell

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Can't believe this hasn't been posted.

For me the OP and ED of Sora no Woto always felt like they'd have been better swapped. They're both good. They just feel misplaced.OP felt like and ED and ED felt like an OP

Is weird for hyouka since some episodes end without the ED but the final ep has KIMI NO MYSTERYYYY

Escaflowne's disco ending.

Because it's not out of place

Nichijou's OP is about unrequited love even though that only really occurs at the end when there is already a new OP.

nah. she's wonderful

It's still my favorite OP.

God Tier op.

Old Bleach had great character designs

nah, she's awful