CLANG got s2

>CLANG got s2
>umaru didn't

wtf is wrong with this world?


Well, Doga kobo rarely makes S2 and they make the best products. Such a shame

World isn't ready yet for this miracle of the universe

>wtf is wrong with this world?
the >umaru thing
that very wrong

They said once I get dubs they'll get the production going

dumb hamsterposter

sounds like the world got one right for once

>garbage such as One Punch Man got a second season
>Himouto Umaru-chan didn't

What the fuck?

Umaru is stronger and faster than baldy!


>One Punch Man
Sounds about right.

Because umaru is more shit and worse

Umaru is some of the worst blatantly comittee driven bullshit I have witnessed in a long time.

Can someone please just post the pictures of her getting nailed?


The only good thing about umaru is abuse.

Mangaka can't even come up with a Original idea for a character he have to rip off character for another anime and manga.

There was a ryona thread a few days ago, I found it all objectionable apart from anything with Umaru.

I think Umaru symbolizes everything I can hate about a medium when someone has made a deliberate and a calculated appeal.

And being tomoko bitch.

everything is wrong with it