Why are there so few Madokafags? I don't mean fans of the show, I mean fans of the eponymous character herself...

Why are there so few Madokafags? I don't mean fans of the show, I mean fans of the eponymous character herself. Madoka is simply the superior choice of the sextet:

>Homura: lewd as fuck but is a completely deranged lesbo
>Mami: solid choice overall, big tits, possibly a haafu, but has a truckload of issues and tend to lose it
>Sayaka: simple, but plain. Obsessed with another boy and childish
>Kyouko: callous at first and will flip the fuck out if you waste a single crumb of food, impulsive
>Nagisa: probably illegal (not that stops anyone in the land of 2D), even more childish than Sayaka
>Madoka: calm-headed, thinks before acting rashly, has cute twintails and looks pretty with her hair down, kind to everyone, is literally Magical Girl Jesus, has an ultra-lewd goddess mode, best hair color, might be an 淫乱ピンク

It's literally not even a competition.

I agree that Madoka is underappreciated, people seem to take issue with how long she waited to make her wish, but if anything that makes her the most rational character.

Kyouko > Madoka > Mami > Nagisa > Homura
Sayaka is my self insert.

We're all on /c/

She's not very exciting. I prefer flawed characters.
Not that there's anything wrong with Madoka, she's a cutie.

She's boring.
>how long she waited to make her wish
She's arguably the most impulsive. She'd seize the opportunity to be useful and has to be stopped or persuaded not to.

Madoka's is generally right behind or slighty ahead of Homura in terms of popularity in Japan. Homura, Madoka, and MadoHomu/HomuMadoka all have 10k+ submissions on Pixiv.

>This adorable creature

>and has to be stopped or persuaded not to.
The only reason this isn't applied to the other girls is because no one tried to stop them.
What you're saying would just mean she's the most rational among a group of impulsive teenage girls.

Her first wish was to revive a dead cat because it made her sad. The only reason she's even capable of making her sacrifice is because of Homu.

Not even main character of series named after her.

Yeah but on here the Madoka threads are just endless shitposting between Mamifags, Sayakafags, Kyoukofags, yurifags, and the few Homurafags that still exist

Yeah, should've been called Sayaka Magica.

>I wish to revive a cat
>I wish for cake
>I wish to become a magical girl to stop Sayaka and Kyouko from fighting
>Is it okay to wish to become a magical girl?
>I wish to save Sayaka after being berated and guilted into doing this by her.

>Few Homurafags that still exist
You act like Homura isn't the most beloved character in the fan base.

>Sayaka Magica
Screen time =\= narrative focus. Everything is from Madoka's POV minus E10. Sayaka is bullied for 5 episodes straight, but every major revelation is told through, executed by, or is directly influenced by Madoka's interactions with her world.

Terrible, terrible taste:
Homura>Madoka>nagisa>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>mami>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>kyouko x sayaka

Sex appeal:

But few people waifu her since she's a crazy dyke.

It isn't applied to them because they're put in more desperate situations that force their hand. Madoka would waste a wish on a cat to be a magical girl.

It isn't rationality, it's compassion and a desire to help. Madoka is lucky the series revolves around her thanks to Homu and has to sit back and soak everything in before making a wish that doesn't screw everyone.

The main character is the one who makes things happen, not necessarily the narrator or the fly on the wall.


>Homura, Madoka, and MadoHomu/HomuMadoka all have 10k+ submissions on Pixiv
Man, 10k is nothing at this point.

Madoka - 58779results
Homura - 61624results
Mami - 49617results
Kyouko - 48134results
Sayaka - 45729results
Nagisa - 3352results

MadoHomu - 11168results
KyouSaya - 11053results
(Pairings are only sporadically tagged though)

Megucas are out of control

>implying episode 11 when she was arming up like a badass and when she pulled 999 rocket launchers out of her cunt to fight walpurugis wasn't some of the coolest shit in anime

I didn't listen to the drama CD, but what I got from watching the anime was that Madoka was rather disperate to become a magical girl so she can find some meaning in her existence, the wish was always irrelevant to her, that's why she wished for trivial things. She would have put her life on the line even if it didn't come with the wish so, dunno, maybe you should't judge her solely on those.

I don't worship false gods.

Only Lain is the one and true God.

In that case, the active lead is Homura. Sayaka becomes a magical girl and dies while acheiving nothing but fixing Kyousuke's arm so he can better fuck Hitomi. She's a decoy hero meant to show the audience the cruelty of the world.

I was a homurafag until rebellion.

Anyone else?

Hence why she's not a level headed protagonist.

I was a Madokafag until rebellion when I became a homurafag. Screwing over Kyuubey is possibly the smartest thing she could have done.

You were exactly the type of faggot in the audience Madoka was speaking to when she said she'd never abandon Homura, good or bad.

>psychotic and desperate girl struggling with her self hatred
yah nah cunt

She did nothing wrong you faggot

I hate this line specifically because it makes the next series/movie so predictable
>Madoka will forgive Homura
>Homura goes to heaven
>everyone lives happily ever after
the only way i could see this not happen is if Homura does something to sinister that even Madoka wouldn't forgive her.

watched 2 episodes of this
don't get why people like it

>implying the paradigm will stay the same
We're gonna get duality ending.

Try watching more episodes

You mean like dethrone her, take over the universe, brainwash her and her friends, harrass her friends, and constantly manipulate her so she stays ignorant to what's happening?


She is literally the most level-headed girl of the group. Kyuubey literally said he'd destroy the world for his "energy," and Homura's the only one with with enough common sense to realize that the only way she and Madoka will ever have a chance at being happy together (aka all of humanity not being wiped the fuck out) is if Kyuubey is out of the picture. If madoka were allowed to continue saving magical girls and Homura just gave up and joined her, than Kyuubey would probably find a way to fuck that up and destroy the world. Homura made the right choice.

It was ALWAYS about Homura!


Reminder that homura did everything wrong

Reminder that homura did nothing wrong

She's fucking boring is why


As a Madokafag, how does it feel knowing that any sequel is going to have Madoka acknowledging her desire for Homura's pussy juices? If Madoka comes out as gay, are you going to reject it? I ask because Homura has become the universal embodiment of masculinity to Madoka's eternal feminine. She's not just going to waifu your waifu; she's going to fuck her like a man would. Like defile her with her those hands she changed fate with. Hell, Homura is not just an embodiment of masculinity in her demon form, her crown is literally the black orb. How do you feel knowing your masculinty is going to be annihilated by a "deranged lesbo" in your words? How does it feel Madoka is going to willing to up her pussy to the devil and get BLACKED by Homura?

You'd be surprised user. A lot of people just ignore it as a throw away. The problem is Homura's built up way too much good will and her greatest crime still wasn't that bad. But for the most part, yeah. The relationship is the crux of the franchise. They gave them a good conflict to work out. If they fuck it up, they fight forever. If they work it out, they can move on and make a universe a slightly better place, even if that means Homura just plays god with Madoka and eases her burden.

I became a homurafag after rebellion. It was good.

Madoka is by far the most well written and interesting character in the series. But I bet you're one of those people who think she was supposed to be some kind of saint or hero in the TV anime, right?

Happy birthday, Kaname Madoka!

I hate the cash grab meme, but it kind of was. As long as it's good, I'm fine with it. And you'd be crazy to think Kyu "my face is plastered all over the concept movie" Bey isn't going to be the true "villain".

They'll fight forever anyways. Homura is willing to sacrifice the universe for Madoka. Madoka is willing to sacrifice herself for the universe. The only way this conflict will end is if one of them gives up or dies.

It would be neat if the incubators were Homura's little slaves and not the masterminds behind everything again.

I just want to see a Madokami vs. Homucifer fight

Everyone else is going to fight. Madoka's weapons will be understanding and cheekrubs.

why not both

Madoka out gays all so it truly isn't a competition.


I am Homura.

My desire to feel your pantyhose-clad feet on my face is literally endless.

Sayaka had more characterization than all other characters combined and I'm not even Sayakafag

Madoka will punish those who sexualize the megucas.

She's kinda boring, didn't do much and not as sexy as the others.

But I want to sexualize Madoka. It's part of my religious worship to Godoka.

Homura doesn't have balls to do that
Literally and figuratively

>implying there is anything Homura needs to be "forgiven" for by Madoka

If shaping the universe to one's will is a crime then it is one that the both of them have to answer for, not just Homura. And this is absurd given how the entire magical girl system is built upon the concept of girls asking to change something in the world with their wish. If this is presented as something wrong then the one to be punished should be Kyubey for having created this system to begin with and then going after girls everywhere to take part in it.

Also, if this second sequel turns out to be nothing more than the negation of the outcome from the previous one for the sake of forcibly going back to where the story first ended then this storyline as a whole is going to look terribly silly. One can only hope the people behind it are not so shortsighted as to incur in such a basic error this late after having managed such a great work thus far.

>nagisa is illegal
Mami is the oldest of the 6 at 15, Madoka herself is 14.

They're all illegal.

you must worship her in a right way

Are you implying that shedding my semen to the image of our goddess isn't the right way to worship?

>muh hope
>muh peace
>muh friendship

The fuck is this, my little pony?

Sayaka or get out.

>completely deranged lesbo
The entire anime is lesbo incarnate besides the Kyosuke plotline

What if I like all of the characters? Or do you mean for waifuing? Madoka would be a very good waifu, yes. She is very sweet. I could imagine her being a great mother.

>Nagisa has 15x less views than the other girls

>those sagging boobs

No she doesn't and you must admit she's least popular.

She is the most popular one in my heart. That is all that matters to me.

>Nagisa has 15x less views than the other girls

Nagisa is a much younger character screentime-wise and didn't really do anything in the one movie she was in. That she had 3000+ pictures regardless is proof of just how insanely popular Madoka is.

Most entire *series* are lucky to get a few hundred. Madoka had reached the level of series like Kancolle, Touhou, Fate, etc. where individual characters alone have more art then the vast majority of series.

More giant Sayaka required for... research.

It really is a shame, Madoka is absolutely wonderful, best girl by a long shot

She is cute, isn't she? There are a lot of images like this but most of them are weird.

Yes, I should be happy that she has so many fans, even if the other megucas have more.

Because she's the most calm headed and normal, out of all of them. Normal may be the best, but it isn't the most exciting.

Madoka is my waifu.
She's an adorable character who meant well, but I felt that the anime focused more on Homura, Kyouko, and Sayaka than it did with her or Mami. It's very hard to say that she outshines the rest of the cast when she never faced the same struggles as the other girls did.
That is not to say she didn't struggle, because she did: She gave up her existence to save the ones she loved. If the anime explored this aspect of Madoka then people will probably like her a lot. She lived a normal life with a loving family and is surrounded by friends who cared about her. At one point, she probably had to accept the fact that she needed to give up this beautiful life to save her friends and the universe.

I want Madokami to become Homucifer

Prove it. Timestamp.

What if I think everyone's wrong?

Aoi Yuki herself said Madoka would be the least interesting to date because she's so normal. But that stability and level headness are the reasons why things won't end on a total tragedy next project.

Part of me feels bad for what everyone's gone through already, but another part wants this next project to be the most devastating.

She grows fast but not as fast as her senpai

>series as a whole: 199613results

>there are only 200,000 Madoka Magica works on Pixiv
Hopefully the new project will double that number

Madoka trying to be edgy in an attempt to understand Homu's hobbies would be adorable.

Madoka has always been my favorite meguca, but mostly because she's basically Yuno from Hidamari Sketch.

It'd make a good doujin. Imagine Madoka using eyeliner to give herself that "thousand yard stare" look, using her magic to cause mild inconveniences for others (moving someone's pencil a little bit more to the left on the desk than it was) then going around calling herself Evil Incarnate for it.

Homura is a yandere and will kill her competition for meduka. Your extra dimension won't save you.

As much as I'm a sucker for yanderes, making Homura one would lessen her character, I think.

>Mami hd lewd
How is that image lewd? It is just a cute Mami.

The dress, I guess. I saved as filename.
Now THIS is a lewd Mami

She's boring. The reason why Mami is the best character is because her flaws makes her interesting. Also you have the whole empathy build up (her death,her situation as a lonely depressed highschool student, etc).

Homura is too Mary Sue-y, Kyouko and Sayaka are too one-liner

>Brought all her suffering on herself and cries about it the entire show

Homura was too Mary Sue-y, but Rebellion changed that, I think. It let her finally snap and, on top of shifting her from the prime protagonist to a potential antagonist, it expanded upon her character and her motives.

I hope she dies in the next project. The poetic irony of it all, and the shitstorm it would cause, would be glorious.

How's the Wraith Arc manga? Any interesting stuff?

Really what would be more devastating? There's literally nothing to give a shit about outside of whatever Madoka and Homura's final fate is. This is a consequence of killing off your cast 100 times with no intention of making a sequel. Are we supposed to care about Mami or Sayaka or Kyouko? They're just so inconsequential to the universe that I can't even get worked up about them. Madoka says she hates Homura? Too out of character. Madoka says she doesn't eat pussy? I don't think it's implied Homura ever thought she did. Homura grows to hate Madoka? Possibly, but literally why? Homura will die with Madoka in some fashion and we'll just get the manga ending where they're reunited in conceptual limbo where they start over again.

Summary: Madokami's world is somehow worse than witchverse. Wraiths eat souls and girls cant be saved by the Law of Cycles. Homura is being secuded by a crossplaying Wraith. It's a train wreck. but you should probably read it because wraiths will play a major role int he next project.

Homura is being given a pretty big life line with Wraith Arc. Madoka's sacrifice was almost pointless.

>being a Homufag
>being a Madokafag
You've all got it wrong
You need to be MadoHomufags


So they're basically confirming Homura did everything right in Rebellion?

I don't like her. She basically acted like a female looking version of Ikari Shinji all the way.

>Madoka says she hates Homura? Too out of character.

I don't think they'll do this, and it would take some jumping through hoops, but it's not entirely inconceivable.

>Sayaka gathers the strength to face Homura
>they go at it, with Homura obviously winning
>Madoka begins to remember herself, powers start returning
>Homura notices, but is too distracted by Sayaka
>decides to try and finish her, knocking her out
>accidentally hits too hard and ends up killing her
>she tries and attend to Madoka, but it's too late; she's already regained her powers
>Homura's chance at forgiveness is wiped away by the sight of Sayaka's corpse

Forced I suppose, but not impossible.

Happy Birthday! Madoka!

Best girl

precisely why she is waifu
i need more of my people in anime.

I want madoka to become my daughter


Because Homura is the best girl. You have to be some kind of flaming faggot to disagree.