ITT: Shows that make you ANGRY!

ITT: Shows that make you ANGRY!

Pic related this shit is absolute trash I hate every fucking character especially these cunts, only retards could like this garbage for the pandering shit it contains.

Worst main character ever.

This show was fucking awful.

What is this Negima?

I know, right? Why did it take so fucking long for best girl to win? After all, it's ABOUT best girl, so why the fuck did Kyousuke dither about with those other sluts?


That other male character was such an insufferable cunt.


I want to gouge Kirito's eyes out with a corkscrew.


Calm down. It's been, what, three years already. Get over it.

Why is it that meganes get so violent at any provocation when they lose? The psycho megane from Seishun Pop attacked Nee-chan with a knife when she lost, and Manami straight up started a fist fight with Kirino, and kicked Kyou in the gut for not choosing her


Ayase is an Angel

Please consider the consequences, Minami.

Patrician taste.

I think this is now an Ayase thread.

Kirino-lite is all I saw of her and her stupid yandere gimmick.

>kirino but yandere
Sounds pretty good to me.

Ayase likes Manami though.

That was before she punched Kirino.

This. This is the only show that makes me physically upset and it was because Sorata is such a fucking faggot.

I would have loved to see Ayase's reaction when she sees the bruises on Kirino's face, and forces Kyou and Kiririn to tell her what happened


Dont get me wrong, I really enjoyed Tokyo Ravens,but the ending just didnt feel right in my opinion. I wished that they could have done something different with it.

>I hate being lied to the most.

Ayase's a bitch.

A normal person finding out their best friend has a weird hobby would just make fun of him for it.

Then again, eroge is a degenerate hobby. It's very close to furfag level of degenerate.

If they had just met her after the fight, why would they lie? Kirino would still be on cloud nine from Kyou reaffirming his love for her, so she would probably happily tell her pet yandere what happened, not realizing that Ayase's eyes were slowly getting blanker and blanker the more she heard.

It's not necessarily that they're meganes. It's that that they're the childhood friend.
For some reason unbeknownst to man, childhood friends believe that they were first girl and have every right to do as they wish with MC.
Being first girl gives you absolutely zero rights if you just hang around your beloved guy without even giving him a hint.
Manami was a fool. She said nothing, did nothing, and waited until someone else stole Kyou from her before going "b-b-but that's wrong! Also I love you!".
She simply reaped what she sowed.

>Ayase's a bitch.
>But maybe not.

Hey man.
I did say that liking eroge is pretty degenerate.

But that doesn't mean you act batshit crazy over someone that participates in that hobby.

Either way would be entertaining, but I think Kirino would want to keep it to herself.

Ayase is a good girl who was too innocent. Once Kirino corrupted her a little, Ayase was able to handle the lewd. It just took time to break her in.

It's common for the main rival in incest series to be megane, though.
>Nao Yorihime from YNS
>That psychotic bitch from Seishun Pop
The psycho also wasn't a childhood friend, so your argument has a few holes in it, my friend.

Details. I stopped a few episodes in.

Why do people watch terrible shows just to complain on Cred Forums about them?

But Kirito has no soul.

There's nothing to hate

It's not about watching all the shows. It's about showing all my friends online that I did.

You're only saying she's a good girl because she's hot.

Replace Ayase's character design with Manami.
I know your treatment would be different.


too relatable and depressing, didn't even have a happy ending when it sorely needed it

I was angry I wasted my time on the five episodes I watched.

I watched the Ayase rejection scene
I basically yelled fuck this, fuck that and fuck you asshole MC. What was that? That was far too callous, I really wanted to kill this motherfucker (when I watch anime not a lot of emotion comes out, but I felt genuine rage. It was as if I was rejected)

This isn't how amnesia works.

Well the specifics of his condition could probably be argued for a while. That aside I agree in that I really thinks this whole bullshit ended up hurting the show more than anything.

Kirino a best.

She loves Kirino though.

Any Studio Trigger and westernized shit.

>I'll forget my new memories once I regain my old ones!
Has there been precedence of this happening before? How would you ever come to this conclusion?

Every single fucking character in this show is terrible.
The MC's power is quite literally just an excuse for trash writing.

Don't get angry. Kyou found his one true love, and had to let his other bitches down. It was gonna happen eventually

I would post a picture of the shitheap of a spoiled twat that is Umaru, but I refuse to subject the world to any more of its horror.

But yeah. Umaru.

This disgusting creature


>MC's super special power is 2.25xp rate
>show still shows us the grind multiple times
I liked it. It's not exactly great writing but it's definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to "MC powers".
Lili is great, fuck you.

I was referring to the Argonaut ability

Hestia and Aiz have great character design at least. Don't give a single shit about the story.

Oh yeah, fuck that "plot relevant critical strike" bullshit. Fuck most of what happens after episode eight, really.

After seeing how she handled Sakurai and later Kuroneko I highly doubt she'll keep anything to herself. It's like she's marking her territory and wants other girls to be aware that getting close to Kyousuke isn't allowed.

I don't know who enjoys watching unlikable retards and whores fail to communicate for 76 episodes. Only part I enjoyed was when that one dumb bitch fucking the teacher got decked by the friend-zoned dude. Dropped it right there knowing it would never get better.

If you didn't like it maybe it wasn't for you but I loved this character and the way he was so abusive towards her was so infuriating I hated the MC forever. I mean, he was so close to actually punching her I'm surprised he did not go that far. And he didn't had any reason to be so mad all the time, he was just a loser that was jealous of the girl being better than him. And she still loved him.