Cinderella Girls

What if Minami had been the anime MC? How would it have changed things?

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It wouldn't work. She's Mary sue as fuck. I mean her fatal flaw is that she works too hard.

It would have become an H-anime by episode 4.

then it's the same as uzuki

>cold tuna no fun allowed MC.
No thanks.

It would have been literally nothing more than a yuri anime with Anya.

Except for Uduki's crippling lack of self.confidence

I'm OK with this

Could you losers keep it down?

cant we have Kirari-chan and Anzu as the MCs instead?


It would have been a lot harder on my penis.

You make that sound like a bad thing.

I don't want blisters on my cock.

Well, my penis would have been certainly harder

What if the anime focused on LMBG?

It'd be AOTD

What if Koume won the P bowl?

She just stumbled a bit. Her ganbarimasu is eternal.

Ranko would have way more screen time that's for sure.

Choose one other CG to catch her chuunibyou.

Will it give said other CG more screen time?

Yes, but she ends up being incomprehensible to most of the other characters.

The perflat 2hu is showing some chuuni (and P-sexual) tendencies in her latest theatre.

If only she could turn off her bedroom eyes (apparently she can't).

>bedroom eyes

Alluring, seductive eyes. eyes
Here, ESL-kun


What would a chuuni cake be like, anyway.

A-1 would have just QUALITY'ED her up anyway like they did most of the cast

We have an idol with resting bedroom eyes (who is actually quite pure) and an idol with resting bitch face (who is actually a total sweetie and a qt when she smiles)

Ehhh... Uzuki is easier to self-insert and she's the closest to the P

I mean she does get female doujin artists (vanilla het, yuri, etc)

Did anyone get the BD, did they make anything look way better

I'm fairly sure that every CP idol has been shipped with TakeP (including Rika and Miria), as well as several of the literally who's.

I'm more than ok with this.

Ranko is for:
[ ] Protect
[ ] Propose
[ ] Procreate

[X] Prolapse

[X] Anal Prolapse

[ ] Pron

Boson darts. Always with the Boson darts.

Considering the anime made her and Anya two of the most popular characters in the whole series when before the anime they were just literally whos because of how well portrayed they were in the anime I'd say that having her as the MC would make the anime actually good instead of the piece of shit we got.

Fuck off, slut

The anime would have been infinitely better if it focused in any of the characters instead of being the scattered mess it was.

[ ] Precure

And it made Uzuki the most popular girl, so what's your point?

We simply call them droopy eyes.

Asuka, for the double dose of chuuni.

Is she trying to upstage Ranko?

How does one upstage a semon demon?

>pic unrelated

>horns from hair instead of head

Apparently she thinks it looks cooler that way (the main thought process for chuuni).

Nice pic.


Wish Bryn wasn't a meme summon.

I want to protect this smile!

Considering that would mean Anya gets more screen time I think it would be for the best.

Gay Garden 2.0.

Hey, I've been noticing you staring a lot. Do my books?



takep x uzuki otp

me x Anya otp



She was in every scene in the anime, just off-screen to the side.

Lending "books" is a pretty good way to distribute drugs.

Indeed, me and Anya are the perfect couple.

This shit was so disappointing. Most of the girls were interesting and quirky but they had to choose the enjo kosai, the scooter and the smiling bitch as leads.

And even then, they didn't focus on any of them properly to make them interesting.

>the scooter

>no one did a BD release of CG
fucking killing me

More Minami means more Laika
More Laika means more Anya
And More Anya is always great.

I liked them

Post im@s VAs. Sumipe's thighs are so healthy.

I liked them.
I also liked Uzuki's drama

Who's the biggest genuine slut?


Your pic's not related of course?

Nah, man. She's pretend-slut. Eye candy.

Her little sister. Middle schoolers are always the best.

>live, from the lush jungle of Southern Nao

Nao is so fluffy.

Not enough Nao.

I want to get lost in the bush!