Storytime: Konjiki no Gash!! AKA Zatch Bell: Volume 28

Faudo has been awakened as the series moves into the peak of it's quality in the heart of the third arc, and where the anime diverged from the manga.

Gash bell is a Shonen action/comedy series by Makoto Raiku. The basic plot premise is that there are 100 kids from the demon world who come into the normal world to fight until only 1 is left standing, who is crowned king;

I'll be making a thread every day (can't give a specific consistent time of day yet due to IRL bullshit) and will post 1 volume every day until the whole run is posted.

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>Why should I be interested?
It has really fantastic art, good humor, great tactical fight's with great choreography and is really excellent at utilizing both positive and negative emotions for FEELS; admittedly the series is a little rough untill arc 2 rolls around, after that all the above starts to really shine and continues to get better; the art in particular.

>Where are your scans from?
NULL's release. their site is here: and they can also be found on and mangasaurus. EBJ has superior digital volumes for sale on their site, but they are japanese only, I'll be buying and ripping them eventually. There's also some really amazing quality Portuguese scans, but only for like 20 chapters halfway into the series, and, you know, aren't in english.

A-Destiny has really amazingly high res scans in english for the last 3 volumes, but they aren't publically available anywhere right now other then the last 3 volumes as jpgs on otakusmash, and the translation is generally nost as good as NUll's I feel in most cases. They also have 18-30, but thye quality isn't much better then Null's and the translation is still iffy.

>Isn't Zatch bell that kiddy pokemon ripoff?
You probably saw the localized anime. The anime is pretty not great due to changes it makes and missing the last arc (nontheless, here's a link to the anime episodes:, and the localization is fucking terrible. The manga is way better, but even it admittedly starts out only above average untill it gets into the second arc.

I encourage you to post and respond to stuff as i'm dumping pages. It's far more fun for me while dumping if I see other people reacting to stuff that's happening and there' conversations I can reply to.

HOWEVER, please do not post images till I finish so the image limit isn't hit before then, and use your judgement for how often you post/how long what you are posting is. Don't overdo it.


About fucking time, OP

Making me refresh the catalog for like half an hour



I was busy working on something and I wanted to start a little later since we seem to be blazing through volumes now that I have the pass. On that note: We are starting to hit the bump limit and the threads 404 a little too fast.

While I still want you guys to post in response to things and ask questions and stuff, if you could try to do it a little less then normal that would be nice.

Last thread 404'd at like 9pm EST, instead of like the 4am-8am EST the next day like it normally does.

A rare non psychotic zeon smile



>Why are they still mentioning-

Oh my god Rodeux is still fucking alive, they never burnt his book.

That's gonna come back and bite them in the ass ain't it?




Oh. I get it. Cherish is the sniper and nicole is her spotter. Pretty clever raiku

This is honestly probably my favorite part of the Gash vs Zeon fight

This spell is super fucking sick

Dude you haven't even gotten to the good part


Are their cloaks indestructible?
Their meaning both zeon and gash's of course.


So it's not just a really powerful sniper rifle, it's also a sniper rifle that can fire at you from any position she wants to without moving.

I think that's really awesome

Not totally, but they can take a lot of damage, you find out about how it works next volume


Jesus christ answer talker is broken as fuck.




Why the fuck aren't they trying to use Papipurio's paralysis goop spell? That shit is broken as fuck

Defaux looking boss as fuck.


Defaux would see that coming

How are they going to land it with Zeon's dexterity and Dufaux's answer talker?

How is it going to land with how fast Zeon is?

Love this page

Because Zeon would erase him from existence?

I mean working in conjunction with Cherish here, he has to dodge the shots, so either the bullet or the goop is bound to hit him eventually

It'd be worth a shot, at least. Not like anyone cares about the little fucker besides Whoopi Goldberg anyway

Really the combination of defaux and zeon is pretty much perfect, i have no doubt that if gash hadn't been given baou andif clear note wasn't in the tournament then he would be king.


With just one point of reference you can't draw a line between you and the sniper in order to tell exactly where he is, you need at least 2 points.
Go back to your cell and study more Zeon.

Worth noting that Zeon's Teozakeru basically oneshotted Leo's Beserker form, so it's at least as strong as a Dioga spell

And here Cherish's bullet just drilled a hole through it without losing speed


I miss Ted ;_;

concentrated spinning/drill attacks are always better than pure power types. besides, didn't zeon use...the lightning spell that was like a ring of zakeruga's not teozakura?

That's not really a fair comparison to make. Leo's form was just that, an alteration to his body. You can't compare physical form to the explosive energy caused by spells.
Plus, it's not as if the bullet negated his spell. It's small and has concentrated power due to its material, velocity, and spiral motion. So it was able to pierce through it, not destroy it.

Since neither zeon or gash got gigano/diago type spell i always saw teo zakeru as their gigano level spell, and baou/zigaru to be their diago levels.

If it's any consolation, basically all the fights in the next arc regardless of character have the same really meaty feeling punches that ted's fights had

The ring spell was used after Leo reverted back to his normal form and uses Fanon Riou Dio, the ring was used to beat that.

Not precisely, but we know that Demolt had a spell of the same type, and he it took a triple Zagerzuzemu boosted Baou Zakeruga to beat him in that form, and we know that even a 1x Zakeruzemu boosted Baou can cancel out Dioga spells

Well, the initial Baou seemed to be stronger then Gigano but weaker then Dioga, since Bao was able to cancel out two ancient demon Gigano spells at once, but got beat out by Pamoon's Ultimate spell.

Zageruzemu Baou semes to be at or slightly above Dioga since it barely beat out some Dioga spells in this arc and was able to help break Faudo's seal

True Baou, which he used last volume, seems to be Shin class, which we'll see more of next arc



Just shoot another Jigadirasu and be done with it.


How much fucking heart power does defaux have? They've been fighting for a while now, firing off really big spells, they literally just used their biggest move against gash, and their still going strong.
And he's not even using faudo liquid is he?


That or threaten to kill Nicole, Cherish will stop instantly, like the cowardly woman she really is.

Yeah, he has a huge reserve

Go to bed Zeon

Gash was drained by Baou.

Yeah, and you know what

>Heart power
I'm calling bullshit


Thats kinda funny.


>having a problem with that

You are gonna love the next arc, user.

Nah he has a good reason for having as much heart power and edge as he does

Next arc's villian sure as fucking hell doesn't though

Oh, I already know about Vino

That's dumb, too

>dude Dufaux not cool thats a bit overkill



Video with anime OST sync;d up the panels of where we are in the manga as if it got animated:




Since when did Zeon care about overkill?


Something something power of friendship?

In an earlier chapter against Apollo.

In a way its like acknowledging Cherish's strength.
He doesn't want to do that.
Zeon enjoys showing off his superiority.

Since always? Litterally the first time we saw him fight he used nothing but Zakeru and bitched out Dufaux when he wanted to use something bigger

bretty good video OP


It's a bit late to say this, but lightning bolts in this manga are slow as fuck.


Heh, they are aren't they?





how the fuck did defaux get down from that pillar?
Also I like how defaux is just casually walking to zeon with an irritated look on his face.


Maybe he uses answer talker to figure out a way to fall/land that won't hurt himself?

How the fuck did he get over there so quick
And THIS is overkill zeon


Dufaux what the fuck man!

He's probably pissed as hell by now with everyone trying to stall him to wake up Gash



I just realized this attack charges up in the same way that victoreem's ultimate attack did.

This page does a good job reminding you that at the end of the day these are all like 6-7 year old kids

Looks weird as fuck but I can't really hate a huge lightning cannon with a face and wings

Not exactly, since victoreem's has a seperate spell for charing compared to firing



maybe it doesn't require a spell for each "charge" but it's similar in how each gem fires up before firing, and how there's five of them.


ma spells are special tier now

That's a beautiful image.

I love it when the antagonist spots people through the scopes/sights/binoculars.


and people though zeon's spell was sexual.



Why not just hide behind a magic-nulling pillar?

for the same reason that blocking umagon's flames from hitting the partners didn't stop them from boiling I would suppose

The same reason Roudeax guarding his partner against Umagon's flames didn't work and she ended up almost fainting: The energy/heat will still travel around the pillars provided it's widespread enough

Kanchome is certainly enjoying that saifojio

nah teozakeru is a shiter spell
gash, zeon and now cherish have pierced throug it
I guess its only useful on big targets


Gash and zeon are both like 3x as powerful as the next strongest character by this point though, except like Brago

To think it's this one spell that protects them from now on against all the insane shit they come across



Too bad Won Lei couldn't protect on these levels.

Daily reminder that this spell was nerfed to hell in the anime.

A lot of things were shittier in the anime after the plot split

He protected his waifu that's the most high tier of protection

How so?

It barely tanked Jauro Zakeruga in the anime. Not Zigadiras.

is this foreshadow for the major asspull in the next arc?

Anyone have any zatch merch?
I was lucky enough to get a good portion of the eng manga and the first 2 seasons of the anime.

Also reminder not to post images and to use imgur or the like if you wanna post pics of stuff.

Everybody asspulls in the next arc.

Except Brago.

I've got 2 games (ps2 fighting game and the quirky gamecube one), and a few dvds that I picked out of a bargain bin.
And a bunch of the old trading cards because the local toys-r-us was selling them for 50 cents a pop so I decided to blow 20$ for no reason.

It never occurred to me how much Zatch bell stuff I had

I have Zatch Bell Mamodo fury for my ps2

I think spirits of demons have been seen before now, not just with the first cherish fight either.

Internet cut out

I have Volumes 1,2 and 12 of the manga. A Zatch Bell Plush, A Starter Deck worth of cards with the book and Mamodo Fury on my GC.

Super brilliant

He doesn't really need to.
My stuff.
I have a bunch of the cards too hidden away somewhere


Meant volume 11 not 12

Also volumes 24 and 25 are mint in wrap.
I figured if I was gonna have to read the rest of the manga online there was no point in opening them

I have one of the english DVD sets and the first 14 volumes of the manga in english, as well as a good amount of the TCG cards

I also oredred the japanese guide books a few weeks ago off ebay, though they haven't come in yet


This fucking guy AGAIN

it's time

Aw yeah. It's happening~



Oh yeah, they didn't burn his book

Sniping is always so cool.



Actually I lied before, this might be my favorite part of the gash vs zeon fight

So even Dufaux didn't see this coming?


Rodeux looks like he should be in a metal band

Apparently not?

He probably never asked if Rodeux would betray them

>his face is literally being torn apart

You will never be badass enough to grow armor in your arms

I imagine being a therapist in the demon world is a high paying position.
These kids are getting fucked up

Also Roudeax has gone through like 4 fucking design changes due to Faudo's powerups so far christ

I don't think Answer Talker works like Atum

Probably because Rodeux betraying them is basically a non-issue.





Cheeta may want to enjoy some demonic D as well

This is probably my favorite instance of backstory/motivations we get on villians this arc


Just like that hangnail last night

i always imagine him sounding like troy baker

Every single non-issue they contended with added up to lead to their defeat

GG, answer talker

Does Cheeta have autism

Also, I just realized that The reason this is what finally causes zeon to rethink his angst towards gash is because he realized that what Roudeax is saying about Cheeta is the same with him and Gash: He's allowing the fact he didnt get Baou to dictate how he lives his whole life


Rodeau might be an asshole, but he has a massive pair of balls.

I want to lick Cheeta's eye socket


she had a boyfriend so nah

This is another one of my favorite pages in the whole series

Also he's the manga anime OST sync thing for this part:

Pretty much the entire rest of the volume from here on out has a video that covers it

>one last blowjob


"You let one stupid wound dictate the way you lived your life." Clever, Raiku.


Pussy pass :(

I always remember the "live strong" page but looking back at the whole thing this was one of the most brutal chapters in the series

>Rodeaux tries attacking with his wing
>it fucking stabs him
>his arm and leg get contorted beyond recognition




God I love Rodeaux. An asshole, who was totally aware that he was an asshole but he has such a great end.

Would you anons be able to hold onto your mamodo's burning book through all the pain?



>You will never be this metal



Shocker, Zeon is fine


oh fuck they were demons this whole time?

no wonder you had to burn the book

why did they censor the anime so hard lol

Because they had to turn it into a kids show :p

>why did they censor the anime so hard lol
Because they wanted to aim the series at kids for some reason even though there's 6 year old girls tring to commit suicide and people punching other people so hard all the skin on their limbs fly off

What? What weird ass country are you from that localized the anime like that?


I remember in the tv dub version of Naruto, the Third calls Orochimaru a demon, in the unedited shit, the devil.

Rodeoux is dead.
His corpse is now rotting in the demon wolrd.

>literally zapped to her a crisp not so long ago

>the feeling Zeon gets is like Barry's heart telling him not to forget the little things

In the US "demon" was localized as "Mamodo"

Dufaux is midly shocked, thats new


they just called them something different and lightened up the blood in a few spots, wasn't particularly hard 2bh

well at least she'll be with Ted now

They also covered a few penis's


They censored that? And it's not like it matters, demons or whatever, we just know they aren't fucking human.

He's back!


Better than ever

actually yeah okay, most of the censoring was zatch's dick and sexual stuff like folgore's song and big boing

That fucking top right duckboy


Hey guys, I missed the last few threads and just now caught up.
I fucking cried when Barry disappeared. Didn't think it'd hit me that hard but holy shit.
The feels


h-he's fast!


berry is best boy, no doubt.

Does Zeon also have a royal speech tic like Gash?

Does anger count

Not that i'm aware of.

acknowledging gash's strength?

>Zakeru: Lighting blast
>Zakeruga: Concentrated lightning beam
>Raajia Zakeru: Widespread lightning blast
>Jauro Zakeruga: Ring of lightning that shoots multiple beams of lightning

So what exactly does Teo- denote?

>sounds like someone wants to get raped again


Raajia Zakeru is more 360 degree planar while Teozakeru is just a stronger more widespread Zakeru.

One of the best goodbyes.

>unuu's externally

what the fuck

So he does have honor.



It's not that he does have honor. It's that these events are making him see something



"regal words"


One of the great things about this series is that they kept the heart power limitation consistent throughout the whole thing. Each arc had a magic plot device to restore it though, but it still needed refilling when it was gone.

Well until clear's completely fucking stupid brand of bullshit

Gash looks very tall in this shot. Same with Tio

Their legs seem a tad too long, am I just seeing things here?


nah I think so too, art gets wonky now and then

>regal words like unuu
God, that sounds so fucking dumb


He was out of heart power a minute ago, how the hell did he recover so much that fast.

Somehow I never realized that the half spell she got functioned similarly to the other one she unlocked at the same time.

Isn't it because part of their clothes are burnt off so you see more of their legs than normal?


You will find out the source of his insane heart power in like a chapter

Never underestimate the power of edge user.

Uh oh, Kiyo got hypnotized


they were called mamudos or something stupid


No he awoke his rinnegan



Why did Rodeaux betrayed Zeon?

It looks like it, but its actually some kind of 'know the answer to questions you ask yourself' power he got from resurrection. Dufaux has it too. Because gash and zeon aren't similar enough already, now their partners have to be power copies too.

He and a few other Faudo guys were planning to betray Leo in the first place

Rodeaux is the only one whose personality wasn't affected by the Godufa buff though

He wanted to stop betraying his waifu

Hey laid a finger on his butterfinger

It's called a FOIL you illiterate.

There's a few ways to interpret

Personally, I think it's a mix of just he remembered that his original goal was to ursurp Faudo's power after Faudo corrupted him the past volume or 2, and the fact that he realized that just like how Cheeta allowed her injury to control how she lived her life, that he himself allowed his obsession with beating gash and the others to control his motivations and to accept faudo's power and allow it to control him.



Baou is an edgy little shit

Man dragons must be tough to draw. The jawline and scales.

You are what you eat



All the weak demons sided with leo then zeon under threat of death.

All the strong demons did so under the idea they would turn on them and take faudo for themselves.

Dufaux was out of power and zeon was wounded. It was the only chance he would ever have to take faudo. He would have to serve forever if he didn't try. He could have beat leo, but zeon was way to out of his league, even powerless. Death before subjigation.

He may have kept attacking despite its uselessness because he saw his partner returned to her 'I'm weak, and so I surrender to the world without fighting.' Mindset. At least he could try to change her.


I like how the electrical arcs here look like chains or reins that are attached to Baou



Talking to a magic infested dragon thats used for attacks.

hey, it's unfair to put guys like won lei and riya under "weak"

they were just forced to help because of the curse


What hate do emotionless autists even have? Besides for normies

Raiku's bacteria-hate fetish is getting out of hand heh. He's scared for life and this is proof.

I hope you guys are ready to find out why Dufaux is such an edgy autist





He probably got tired of trying to inflict despair and just wants to finish it

True, but everyone is weak compared to gash and zeon in this arc.

I also was only thinking about those that stayed after faudo was awoken when I typed that. The cursed people didn't join as much as become prisoners.

What the fuck has Faudo been doing, just standing around off the coast or what


Yeah pretty much

the 3s agree that that doctor is a dick.



the real king of edge


So yeah he had a pretty good reason for being an edgy psycho

what the fuck


fucking Bravo Raiku

wow this wasn't even a long time ago, this was pretty recen


Yeah I'd probably wanna kill the world after that too

Thats fucked


Of all the things in his backstory, this one strikes me as being most ridiculous.

Dufaux's origin story is probably the most evil shit Raiku ever wrote. I wonder how he came up with it because every almost every other bookmaster has a pretty down-to-earth story.


They were made for each other.

How so? Maybe mom was just broke as shit

I don't know, Triple G's story comes pretty close on how dark Raiku can get.

This is a great line coming from a villain.

Surprising self awareness after he spent the last however many volumes chewing on the walls.

The fact that neither this group of assholes, or a confrontation with gash's father happens irritates me.

Video of manga panels with the anime OST sync'd up for this part:

>triple G


The antagonist from Raiku's manga after this one, Doubutsu no Kuni, Giller Giller Giller


Ah, okay. I need to get around to reading that eventually

This coupled with being a horrible parent, some people abandon their shitters free of charge, so $10,000 is one hell of a deal



So to the anons who said that partners were picked to help the demons grow (and the partners) why are these two partners? They're perfect together, but they don't grow at all, they just continue to suffer together.

Been a while since I read Doubutsu but wasn't his deal just that his dad was a dick so he killed him, then when he turned kind in his final moments Giller was inspired to kill everything to recreate that beauty?

That's definitely dark too.

Why is the generic subvillain my favorite character now?


I mean, if some punk-ass scientist offers 10k for your freeloader, why would you push the price lower?


Also, so yeah, how did these two fuck?

Zeon's got a nice smile when he's not trying to kill

Good smile there Zeon

They can relate to each other, which helped them bond.



he big


Just like Rein, I doubt the king can't transform.

Oh shit, is that what the next arc is about?

>Gash was gonna kill him


Yeah, incredibly so. Dufaux autism got really well justified.

I assume he was talking about his two sons. Seems like Baoh is inherited.

One of as in either Gash or Zeon


man gash was fucked


And that's the right way to defeat an edgelord with the power of friendship
any other mangakas are they even trying?

>his smile and optimism: gone

Good partners.



I find this even more sad when your remember Zatch is only like 3

He's so damn optimistic, a great way to not turn to a faggot edgelord.

This page was all it really took to redeem zeon in my eyes. Best evil twin boy


jesus christ the king really should've thought more about who his caretaker would be

How did they not find out how much of a bitch she is? You'd think they'd have at least one of the royal guards keeping tabs on her to ensure she isn't abusing him.


Couldn't the king have someone better take care of his son?

Kolulu seems like a nice girl, why not have him become part of their family?

That black skinned elf girl in the back right is a cutie
Truly the rarest waifu in Zatch Bell

Fuck, this is really painful for both, Gash and Zeon.


This is kinda like Kyle's backstory, isn't it?

I thought the same thing my nigga

A bit, yeah


PLOT TWIST: he has a third son, Gasheous Bell

for you etc, etc


That's a pretty enormous hate

Wait a sec, wasn't she one of the winners of the design contest?

Something about immediately going to bed after just hearing the best news in your whole life really fucking gets to me man ;_;

Like, you used to be so depressed but after knowing something so good the first thing you decide to do is go to sleep, and I mean really sleep.


That cutie looks like mars' queen


I love this panel

Hol up, if Zeon stole his memories before why is he just getting on the feels train now? I cant remember, did he actually extract them or did he just put a mental block on Gash?

My fellow Cred Forumsmrade!


Man, it almost makes me forget he threatened to blow up Japan and mind broke a girl to do his bidding.

I think he just erased them

Is that Tio and Kolulu

Pretty much.

His dad basically robbed him of his childhood once he realized he could talk to animals and milked the fuck out of him. The mom, a religious nut job, stopped the child labor bullshit and told him about Heaven and how it is the only way to stop the cruelty that was life. He kills his dad to prove her theory, and his death confirmed him for it. Also he remembers Heaven, which apparently that's where people start before life and he wants everyone to return back to it, by means of forced death.

Where did the name defaux come from anyway? did he answer talker his birth name?

Top 3 of the best pages in this manga.

He stole them, but he never really looked at them

Looks like

It's like stealing a book just so the other person has it.

He didn't seem all that sad in patty's flashbacks. And if he was looking for some friends, well patty...

Oh shit it is, never noticed that

not really too shocking though, since Tio said she knew him in the demon world and Kolulu got really worried when she saw gash, then got a confused look on her face when gash said that he'd never seen him before

Gah, I'm getting Mother 3 flashbacks.



Yes. Kanchome is also in their class.
I'm not sure if Umagon is because his age is later confirmed to be 4, yes the wiki got it if from the manga and not out their ass, so they are right.

Cheeta sure is cute here.

Stole them and I guess put them in some Metal Bottle. When Baou came out the bottle started cracking and leaking memories out

The one next to Kolulu looks a bit like Coral Q
The back middle left might be Sugino
And the very front left could be the ice kid from the start. Reycom I think his name was?

Clearly Patty deserved better, trying to love this lonely child

Bleh. Doesn't have it.


Reycom, yeah, but I don't think that's him

Rodeaux is a pretty cool guy.





I totally forgot about that Heaven bit.

Man, Doubutsu got really weird when they stepped into that tower. Might need to reread it one of these days.


Well this is explains Gash's wanderlust.



That smile looks so satisfied.

they're midgets (again)

Wait, Faudo is alive, right?
Does that big motherfucker just run around the demon world without a care about the other demons?


There's that again, thank god is over.

No, he was sealed.

Why wouldn't the message disappear after he Zeon disappears??

My understanding is that Leo's tribe is in charge of safeguarding it to make sure nobody uses it to fuck shit up.


he did to show his partner a message, do want you want and don't let anybody else dictate what you do, see how he hesitated the minute his partner also submitted to zeon? he knew he would die but he wanted his partner to stop letting her scar dictate here life


>repairing some magic technology from the demon world
>uses a hammer and has some nails in his mouth


It's alive in the same sense an Eva is.
Right now it's going berserk.
In the Demon world it was probably just in it's tower form indefinitely

He was sealed.
>Does that big motherfucker just run around the demon world without a care about the other demons?
I doubt he will be able to do much after what's about to come.



Never hire your lawyer to repair the faucet.

>That smile
Nice to see Zeon at peace

I wonder if the doctor has succeed in creating super soldier with answer talker? maybe invade the demon world so we could see gash and zeon dealt with them all.

>This goddamn volume
So amazing and sad at the same time.


I'd bet my left nut that the big guy for you king is just his formal transformation and that he can go to his normal human sized form when he's being casual with friends and family and banging his toptier qt3.14 waifu

>The time we spent together was fun

Like that time you tried to mindbreak a girl with lightning, or when you double-zapped a book just so a partner couldn't say goodbye?

Zeon cutting off that edge and autism.


10000 is a pretty high price from the buying kids deals I've seen with mad scientists.


Give the kid a break, he's only like 6 and has had a fucked up life.

I think he extracted them, but never bothered or couldn't look at them himself. I think he started to see them when his evil was getting devoured because that was what was stopping him from viewing the memories. Hence why he saw them all after he was defeated, and changed personalities over the fight.

I think the evil eating power also explains why so many of gash's enemies stop being such assholes. Barry, for example.









It is over.


>Volume End

Raiko you cheeky little

Pretty sure they shouldve "taken care" of them as soon as they could


They both enjoyed that.

>lumping in Rodeux with the heroes
Just no


Are you ixmplying mind break isnt fun?



suzy time

Was just a prank bro


Cute, but what the hell are those?

please, he's talking about all the hotdogs

Even Gash Bot is suffering


>oh vey goy give mee mee this month's payment

So yep, he just stood there for like 1 hour or something.

Its highs are really good, several of them hitting me harder than Zatch Bell did, but it does have a similar problem with the last arc where parts of it are great but a couple of parts don't quite gel together.

This. Zeon didn't tell Dufaux to shot another Zaker after the first one hit Rops/Apollo's book.


Wait a second, how long was this fight anyway?

Oh shit forgot to post the anime OST sync video for the last part of the volume:

Anyways, end of volume 28

On a tangent: some people expressed it would be cool if we could run our own character poll like Raiku did throughout the manga run.

I think that'd be fun, alongside maybe 'saddest book burning" and "favorite fight", but i'm not sure how that'd work best

My current best idea is as soon as I post the last page of the final volume, I ask people to post their top 5 of each, and then people will respond and i'll tally everything up while people disscuss the end of the series, and then i'll make a second thread for the gaiden chapter and post results there once i'm done dumping that

but that means only votes from people who were present at the time would count

Anybody got a better idea?

go figure, Gash is the polite one

5 minutes.

Gashbot was a dick, Suzume did nothing wrong.

What the heck is Zeon doing in this image?
Shredding....chocolate covered bananas?

Raaja seems to be "large" or "wide".

It's not really clear if Teo- is a discrptor, like Raaja (wide) and Ganzu (rapid fire), or if it's a power indiactor like Gigano and Dioga

if I ever write Raiku some fanmail/can get somebody to translate it into japanese, I plan on asking him which it is.

That's cute.


So if we ignore Clear, you could argue that Gash is top dog right now. The strongest demon child.
Delusional Brago supporters need not reply.

Adorable but I wish I knew what he was doing

Much thanks.

status: unedged

Won't be long, now.

They read かつおぶん, which seem to be some kind of Bonito packing.

In other words, he's doing Bonito flakes, aka, fish flakes.


What is the name of the track used here? it's really good
nice try suzyfag, she's not winning the kiyobowl and you know it. Ditching gashbot shows why

I'm pretty sure earth is a demon police, the child of a demon police family line to be exact.

Never hire a cop to fix your microwave then.

Is Kanchome seriously the best the harpies could send?
Were there no birds of prey?

>That knockoff Keith

Poor Raiku, it still keeps happening.

Ashuron is still stronger. Probably.

There's Ashuron too, but he was too focused in taking out Clear

>What is the name of the track used here? it's really good

Yasashii Kaze, from the second OST

how about jedun? he was a cool kangaroo giant snake.

>10 demons left

Why didn't they get the notice at this point?

So did Dufaux and Zeon hunt down these guys? Should be pretty easy to track down with Answer Talker and teleportation.

Unko Tintin...

Because there are still 11 left

You missed one.

Man, the translation completely ignores the part about Zeon's lightning only powering up Baou once.

At least 11, Brago offed another one off-screen next volume which triggered the message.

what the hell he looks all malnourished and abused

What the hell kind of demons did gash's father have to beat that would require the full powered baou we see in the next volume. Was stone golem that much of a threat? I think clear said he was an unprecedented demon, in both power and mindset

Ah, found him. My bad.

Yes. He might have a tough match against Ashuron but I think he and Kiyo would have beaten him.
Even though Sherry says Brago is still stronger than True Baou next volume, we all know that bitch is lying. Diborudo Jii Gurabidon should be his strongest spell now and Baou could eat it for breakfast.

He was too shy.

Poor guy.

You'd think the royal palace would have had a better vetting process

>thread hits bump limit just as dump ends and everyone wants to talk


He has the strongest spell in the series.

Wait, does the raw actually say that?
because I remember in the first clear note fight kiyo commenting on how clear note could handle the zeon powered up zakeruga.

The original Japanese specifies that? You sure?

If so, how come then 2 volumes from now pic related is said?

Raiku said in an interview that Gash's father, along with 3 other demon teams, all had to work together to take down Golem.

I mean I can make a second one?

Such is fate.

it's strange, but when i read this, how it was wrtitten, it makes me think the once all of it is over, he not only will properly apologize to those who he fucked with, but he will also be forgiven.

Zeon really understood his lesson, and payed his dues here.

>tfw thread dead as soon as I get here

christ, golem didn't seem that strong, seeing how he needed to use underhanded tricks to win fights.

>Raiku said in an interview that Gash's father, along with 3 other demon teams, all had to work together to take down Golem.
That would easily fill 2-33 volumes worth of content.

It's not like he has to.
His brother is the fucking king in the end, and he only really cares want Gash wants.

Wait until Vector Ball is finished then maybe we can get a prequel/sequel for Gash Bell.

Funny thing is they're not rally evil
they're just playing a battle royale

reminder zeon can still solo everyone (except clear) and win. He's loss is because he lost his edge while gash being helped by his friendship power to boost his bao

I heard that no one really knows where Vector Ball is going itself, is that true?

let's just say golen got some goodie shin class spells to wreck some noobs

This feels so wrong yet im laughing.

>That knockoff Toadette.

what rank is raajia zakeru? is it stronger than teo?

What does Faudo's liquid taste like?

How can a character be so adorable and cool at the same time.

>These past few volumes have had me in tears at times
>We haven't even started the Clear arc yet
Jesus, I don't know how i managed it on my first ride. This will kill me this time.

I love that stupid knight thing.

2 and 3 are talented

Raaja is just a preefix that means widespread.

It's probably the opposite of Zakeruga. Instead of the Zakeru being boosted by having extra power concentrated in a beam, it adds extra electricity to spread out.


Zakeru < Raaja Zakeru =|= Zakeruga < TeoZakeru < Other stuff

taste like magic, or tasteless like water because nobody complain about its taste.

So are Tio, Umagon and Kyanchome aware that Gash is the son of the king yet?
I don't recall reading them freak out over that fact yet. It'd be somewhat a big deal, especially for Tio.

OP here, bumping

>On a tangent: some people expressed it would be cool if we could run our own character poll like Raiku did throughout the manga run.

>I think that'd be fun, alongside maybe 'saddest book burning" and "favorite fight", but i'm not sure how that'd work best

>My current best idea is as soon as I post the last page of the final volume, I ask people to post their top 5 of each, and then people will respond and i'll tally everything up while people disscuss the end of the series, and then i'll make a second thread for the gaiden chapter and post results there once i'm done dumping that

>but that means only votes from people who were present at the time would count

>Anybody got a better idea?

Next volume has one of my favorite chapters. I can't wait.

>bumping a thread over the limit

wow I wanna buy a shota dufaux for that much

comfier than a cheap car

He's the OP so he can't bump his own thread anyway

He's been dumping for a month, so he knows this

He's "bumping" his topic that he brought up


>gash won becuase zeon lost his edge
should be called zigadirasu shin zakeruga

i feel like this guy was meant to be the final boss' partner since raiku put emphasis on weapons of mass destruction during the final arc

Sounds fine to me

I'm not bumping the thread, i'm trying to get people to respond to my question

His book took* a really long time to burn

Just do that, don't worry about missing people

Yeah I was immediately aware of that just as I submitted. Am I a retard? yes, absolutely. Are you a nigger? You better fucking believe it.

My only suggestion is to make like half a dozen strawpolls. Yeah it would take fucking forever to type them out and you'd probably have to go the extra mile to include what volume/chapter each fight is in to jog peoples memories. But it's all I can think of.

maybe they breed by kissing

>maybe they breed by kissing
>Cherish is pregnant

It seems pretty clear to me.

I'd say that line should be more like "A Zakeruga that was powered up in the battle with Zeon".

I'm also pretty sure that Gash's father didn't have the full-powered Baou during his battle, but rather that it grew stronger for almost a thousand years after he became king.

>mfw no big brother

This is all of Zeon spells, right? This mean he only have 10 spells compare to Gash 11 spells, it never really hit me that Gash had more spells unlock until this post.

Not only that, but Zeon put all his points in an offensive kit; whereas Gash balanced his out with some defensive and supportive spells

He also has like no utility compared to Gash

What a minmaxing DPS faggot

He doesn't need Rauzaruku because of his royal training

I wouldn't be surprised if he had one or two extra he just didn't use here

So how exactly would you word what Zeon said in that picture, so I know what to put for my release? You gave a sufcieint example wording for the zakeruga line in volume 30, but not for here.

Also, that makes me think, is the comment from Brago about how "our power is still stronger then that Baou's" in regards to the zeon boosted bou a mistralation too?

Yeah but that begs the question; Would that make Rauzaruku useless, or would it make him so fucking overpowered it'd be the only spell he'd even need?

This is the most heartwarming page in the whole series

Yeah because Gash uses Magnetaru and Angrylightningballaru so often. Let's not forget about Rashiru "Job" Do and Mighty High Five.

Couldn't possibly go a single volume without the job meme could we?

That's from Sherry, and notice the sweating

I doubt she's sure of herself

The device that will send Faudo back to the demon world is inside the room with the device that will send Faudo back to the demon world.

When is the last time a Rashirudo blocked something without a Zageruzemu? The weird clown guy who they forced to jump it?

I see a interrogation sign at the end

Depends on how the modifier works, I'd say

If it was
>1.5x to Speed and Power
then yeah it'd be pretty broken

But it'd be worthless to him if it was more
>raises Speed and Power to 100

>I'm just gonna slowly walk my way to Zeon because I'm to cool for running

How can you be a prince if you can't even construct letters out of your hair?

Reminder that Dufaux Answer-Talked to get everyone in position here

Oh yeah, I forgot about him.

Fucking Metal

Panel 1 would be something like "Though it will be only once, with this Baoh will become stronger"

Jedun is so damn cool. Top tier character design.

"With this, although it's only once, Baou will become even stronger"
"My power will only strenghten it once" "Make sure you hit"

Or something like that.

>is the comment from Brago a mistralation too?
Looking at it now, it does looks seem like it.
Also, it's Sherry saying it.

>you will never have an edgelord mamono say this to you

>"With this, although it's only once, Baou will become even stronger"
>"My power will only strenghten it once" "Make sure you hit"
>Or something like that.

Alright, awesome, thanks. For the

>"My power will only strenghten it once"
>"Make sure you hit"

Which panels are those?

Could you mark each panel as A, B, C, etc?

>top right Kyanchome
Every time

>Which panels are those?

Right bubble "My power will only strengthen it once"
Left bubble "Make sure you hit"

It's funny to think that Kyanchome seemed OP at the start of this arc

Even Baou is shocked

To be fair, original line says "merely $10,000"

Thanks user