Drawfag Thread 1874

Drawfag Thread 1874

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Draw Friends Booru!

Please help a little by tagging and uploading pics!
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Thread 1873

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gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=rachel_alucard swimsuit

Requesting the "Boss of this gym" scene with ExVeemon as Billy Herrington and Stingmon as Van-sama.

Requesting Rina eating ice cream straight out of the tub, while wearing cute pajamas.

Requesting Sina (top) receiving the knot of a Sylveon (bottom) in her buttochs.

My cute Maihime made it into OP. Thanks again user.

Requesting Mato Kuroi(OVA version), Black Rock Shooter and Rock from BRS: Innocent Soul meeting up for lunch at a Fast food restaurant where they all try eating one of those Black Bun Cheeseburgers together!

Thanks if you pick this up!

Rock: imgur.com/a/LCBh9

Requesting a parody of a skate magazine cover with Killua

anchor for uni wearing gothic lolita clothing

Requesting Agiri offering Hikage marijuana.

Requesting Diego Brando and Funny Valentine in an extreme jousting duel with spears, on motorcycles
(Ignore the knight armors in the ref)

Requesting Chris, Kirika, and Shirabe in lacy lingerie, licking each other's navels in a threesome daisy chain.

Requesting kurome like chan.sankakucomplex.com/post/show/4254787

kurome reference: i.4cdn.org/a/1475503862645.png

Requesting big, plump Sucy Manbavaran butt in the same pose as the picture on the left.

I'd like to see Tamamo wearing Scáthach's battle outfit - Scáthach wearing Tamamo's robes will be great as well - please and thank you.

Karas fighting Garo, in a city at night, or teaming up to cleanse the foul demon scum from the streets.

Requesting Aisaka Taiga and Fujimura Taiga getting fucked by tigers while making out and holding hands with each other.

I'll have references for the next thread.

Requesting Chihaya taking a cute photo of your waifu or dressed as Mahiru Koizumi from Danganronpa

Requesting Kuuko drawn Jojo style with Adramelech as her stand.

Requesting Ryoka Narusawa from Occultic;Nine, giving a lubed up tittyfuck or giving handjobs while her breasts are out.

Holy shit this girl has tits for days!

Still asking that mods do their job.

Requesting Homura as an idol

Requesting an angry and flustered Sophia in Ivy Valentine's outfit.

Requesting Noro in a bikini with her toeless socks still on

Requesting a huge tit Florence Nightingale in her bikini, fucking a guy who has made up a fake illness that would kill him if he doesn't have sex.

I'm basically taking advantage of the fact that Florence said that she would do absolutely anything to save a live.

Requesting color of Shion wearing cat lingerie
Color ref: imgur.com/a/aFK2r
Thanks in advance and sorry for the messy lines

Requesting Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell) and Saya (Namco X Capcom/Project X Zone) making a non-descript shota feel uncomfortable

Requesting Sakamoto wearing a dracula cape and fake fangs.

Requesting Miyabi Hotaka from Absolute Duo, in a micro bikini version of her swimsuit that barely covers anything at all.

Requesting colors on this image of my Valerie please!
Reference: danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1604740

Kuroha having her breasts fondled by Murakami, and she's smiling while holding 1000yen or taken further than just groping

>micro bikini
>with frillskirt
Is this a thing?

Requesting Cyan and Retoree in the situation on the right, with retoree on top and both in their underwear or naked.

I would like more of Tamamo in her frilly nightgown
If she were sleeply that could be pretty nice too.

Requesting a pregnant Kuroka from Highschool DxD with even bigger tits.

Lactation is optional.

Requesting more of Rina in this outfit

Nel in a sexier version of her white uniform please.

>Like bare midriff, exposed cleavage, no pants or just short-shorts

Was the third drawing for the Halloween collage released?

Not yet.

Requesting Iowa and Misaki doing a mother-and-daughter-style idol performance


requesting Vert, Noire, and Blanc as honey-bees like this.

Where the waifus at?

Patchouli weaking the thinnest sling bikini please.

Requesting a simple tea party between Pixie (Monster Rancher), Angewomon (Digimon), and Gardevoir (Pokemon)

Those are some big fat cat tats.

Requesting the THICC fairy casting her THICC spell on a stick-skinny flat girl and saying "You just got THICC'D, bitch"
Preferably a runty girl like Tatsumaki

more interested in those geta'd feet

Hi! I'm a waifu!

ai rabu waifu!

t. footfags

Anyone interested in bestiality? Message synwdzff @ grr.la

Also if you're into other stuff if that can never be requested in wwd

Do you do futa?

Requesting a picture of Karna, thirsty, spotting Jinako's 'lemonade' and drinking it only to discover it isn't lemonade

Also, Jinako wearing a Zero Suit or Eva plugsuit

Requesting Zamasu in either of these. But, like, with Trunks. imgur.com/a/QZGBt

LED Mirage mecha musume girl please and thank you?

I'd like to please request Goblin Slayer (the man in armour) with his helmet removed, revealing that he's Ryan Gosling from the movie "Drive". If his companions can be around him reacting with surprise like in the second picture here, that'd be really cool although it's not necessary. Thanks!

Requesting Minori Rokujou from Maken-Ki, doing jump ropes while completely naked.

Optionally you can have a couple of guys in the background jerk off while watching her, but that is up to you.

It's damn shame that the second largest pair of tits in the series gets so little fan art.

Don't get cocky.


I'm not an artist

Do you do lewds?

Does it have to be a waifu? What if it's not a girl requested in the wwd?

Requesting Jack wearing a fundoshi.

Requesting Domino wearing a revealing witch costume which shows off her cleavage.

Preferable to be a waifufag that's into it or something else. Security and confidentially has to be established, if you have no "name" you're harder to trust.

Running Miku (with larger breasts) all sweaty after a long run

Requesting more source and adaptation versions of girls together


Requesting Medusa wearing a nightgown.

Requesting femdom with any legal loli.

Holy shit that's a great and thick Sucy butt, OR here thank you friend.

Dat ass

Requesting Alucard/Girlycard wearing a cute vampire-themed dress.

Holy shit, dat fucking ass!

Nicely done, user, nicely done!

>no vampires

It's October, where are the Halloween requests?
Also, requesting this with an anime character of your choice

Requesting Nene and/or Clarion sporting Kusanagi's haircut, but keeping their own hair color.

Requesting Lala (left) cutting Miia's bangs really short like her own.

This list is missing so much. And Sophie isn't eternal loli.

Requesting Shizuka and Saeko in Toki's (SMT IV: Apocalypse) outfit

Requesting a stand for Charles THE HAMMER Martel

Requesting Tachibana Kanade in her witch outfit. Eating candy, flying on the broom, casting magic or anything else similar is fine.

Requesting Rachel in her swimsuit and Hazama/Terumi having hatesex, while viciously insulting each other's sexual prowess or lack thereof.
gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=rachel_alucard swimsuit

The naughty parts could be hidden, if you'd rather make it semi-SFW.

Noire in a tightsuit on a motorcycle (black and blue Yamaha MT-10) holding a sword as well

Requesting Ellen and Hayato eating at a diner countertop while the latter mutters something about recently wanting to kill his boss

Could you cut it out, Ycake? You've already embarrassed yourself enough.

That's only a small part of the whole list.

Girl thicker than a snicker!

Day 3 - Risty in Western Cosplay (Power Girl)

>no M. Armitage

Request Asuka Tanaka (left, top) as a nude winged blue-skinned demon girl (right) perched somewhere high, like the edge of a rooftop or balcony, optionally playing the euphonium (bottom).

I found a mistake, I apologize

Day 3 - Risty in Western Cosplay (Power Girl)

Effie with black sclera and as a full-dom but with a hint of gentleness, like a succubus.

Requesting Scathach in an alternate version of her outfit similar to Cu's Extra-Tron costume.

Very nice work.


I'm going to request my waifu as power girl maybe next week, good job!

Requesting Mutsu doing jujitsu

>those nails
Too long.

Shut up, nerd.

It's you, huh? Your trips will silence me, but I'll be here.

The request wasn't, but you're still a nerd with bad taste.

Get bent!

>those thighs
dear lord

Just fuck already you double faggots.

I want Mutsu to attack my dick with her thighjitsu

Requesting Kodaira in a sling bikini

Nice! How can you make so many nice artworks? Isn't it too tough?

Requesting a pear-shaped Red Cap with her hair tied up into a fluffy ponytail.

Well, it's a challenge and what's the point of a challenge is it's not tough?

Draw Maihime please
Use her sword too if you like

Well said!

Fuck off already.

Hi user, I'm from the future. I'm here to tell you that you do in fact complete the challenge satisfactorily, and make lots of people happy with your deliveries and with energy to spare. Keep working hard! I'll see you in 28 days

Requesting a large breasted Chisa Yukizome getting impregnated by a guy wearing a Monokuma mask.

Requesting a request for a character that I actually like.

Do you have a list of the girls you're going to be drawing?


A Taihou automaton version please or ditching her bowgun for a Tommy gun also requesting anal

Good evening!
Requesting more lewds of this cute semen demon, Sakura Chiyo.
Naizuri would be nice.

Or maybe just a drawing of Chiyo wearing this:

Very nice!

not him

Requesting paizuri through that boob window.

Holy shit, asoc you are still around?

Have you finally gotten good at drawing?
Or at least at colouring?

Mashiro being super cute

Requesting Cinder Fall wearing a black version of Funny Valentine's outfit

Remember what happened to the last "halloween" collage?

That is such a cute Oora holy shit

Requesting Kongou smelling clothes.

Thank you, user, I will do my best!

Requesting buff Asuka doing a double stein-hold.

Also requesting more girls wearing suits and looking cool as fuck. Any girl you would like!
But if you need someone to draw, how about Clarion from Kōkaku no Pandora (aka Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn), since she's basically a prince for Nene.

Clarion references here:

>Holy shit, asoc you are still around?
I got nowhere else to go

>Have you finally gotten good at drawing?
I have never drawn

>Or at least at colouring?
HAHA! No... I'm still a noob. Always will be.
If anything, im slightly less horrible (but just a bit) than 4 years ago.

Requesting Bouya Harumichi riding on a giant crow - Tony would be best - with Yasu freaking out behind him.

Requesting Tatsumaki doing the Marilyn Monroe wind scene from the seven year itch

This is really pretty

Aww, she didn't make it in

It was a signup. To get in, you had to specify the costume and slot number. If you didn't know there was a list, by default you weren't in.

asoc.... you have been in these threads for years

Requesting Rukia doing something cute or cool with a Salamence
A few ideas:
-Them performing a Dragon Dance together, just something silly
-Them both taking a nap
-Her using a TM or some kind of explination to teach it Earthquake
anything else nonlewd/nongore is fine between them

Rokuro from Sousei no Onmyouji wearing the outfit on the left

Late but here.

Yep, since thread #3 I think. I wasn't a colorfag back then, just a random user requesting stuff.

Anyway, requesting Tamamo wearing this shorts and socks design, rollerskating on the beach while listening to her favorite mixtape (a cassette with random songs on it, NOT a music demo) using a either a sports walkman or an Aiwa TX 476

Maybe she's listening to this


Tamamo cosplaying as Shiranui Mai from the Fatal Fury/KOF series.

Requesting 2 ghosts lifting Teacher Ritsuko's mini skirt exposing her panties with an ashamed face like in the upper left image meanwhile Nube is watching with a crazy face like in the reference.

Very appreciate if both of her butt and crotch are being shown.


Nice tats

Requesting Jeanne pole dancing and Nero throws money at her or put them in her bra or panties.

Requesting Niekawa and Anri from the Durarara!! series being together such as symmetrical docking

Very nice, user

I could use a really nice and warm picture of Noire happily being comfy in some comfy clothing

Oh right, forgot to add that text.

I'd like Homura wearing a watermelon bikini like Momiji's.

Is that Shana? This must predate me, because I don't remember a Shanafag. I'd be all over that for a joint request.

I want a picture of you're waifu eating a dick shaped popsicle.

Requesting Princess Knight going down the stairs with a view like in the reference.

Requesting Saber taking a hit and getting knocked into just her underwear a la the ghouls and ghosts series.

THICC Patchy in Oktoberfest clothing please, also whit her huge cleavage showing too!

Requesting Maho Nishizumi and Erika Itsumi symmetrical docking together in bikinis, or bunnysuits or even nude please.

Requesting Frenda lifting her bikini a bit to show her nipples.
Or her and Nico Yazawa doing something lewd together because both are DFC, short and hot. And they like the same type of swimsuit.
Sexy swimsuit...

only one thing is right for that pair

Haven't seen that yet, feels like I should

Requesting pov things with her, like cuddling with her, taking cozy naps. Eating her cooking, drinking alcohol with her.

This idea wasn't bad: Tamamo performing a strip-tease or something along the lines of a gravure video or intro to an AV in her swimsuit - in, coming out, or midway in the water.

it panders to all my fetishes

Same here. It is one of the anime I am most hype for this season

So... did you liked the self-incest?

Oh Yes! I did!
so did muh dick

Also requesting Jack getting spanked by the female MC.


gudako a cute

>watching mark crilley
Jesus Christ what the fuck are you doing.
If you're literally starting from zero. Peter Han's dynamic sketching or the Drawabox lessons, either of them are better than that garbage.

I know I'm 7 hours late but still posting this on the off-chance that you do see it.

Crilley's not that bad, relax. He isn't one people should learn from, obviously, but he's pretty decent at what he does.

Happy October!

I'm requesting Momo Kawashima sitting on top of an SV-001 from Metal Slug. Whether you have her sitting up there adjusting her monocle, pointing at a target whilst yelling an order to fire or whatever is fine!

I would like her wearing her jacket if possible.

Also if the SV-001 could be colored in the Hetzer's colors/ emblazed with the Turtle Team logo where the upside-down yellow triangle is, that'd be really cool!

Thank you for considering!

requesting better requests

Lewd girls wearing lewd heels.

Requesting better taste

> lewd heels.
What does this even mean?

Big titty Korrina going braless and sweating, showing off spots of skin and her nipples underneath her top where the sweat has soaked into it.

Strappy heeled sandals are like lingerie for feet.

Can you draw Welf Crozzo dressed as the Flame Swordsman from Yugioh?

Yes! Requesting more lewd heels please

>cracks/splits in the heels

requesting lewd heel removal in a sexy way


It's not cracks you baka. It's a scale pattern, so they're obviously made out of something exotic like alligator

Requesting a giant Brandish μ and Mount Lady preparing to fight in front of a city.

>heels dangling from foot

Then it's drawn poorly, an alligator skin shoe would have those scales all around, it looks more like her feet cracked the back of the shoe, a common occurrence when you don't take care of your heels and wear them out too often.

Excellent taste.
>tfw that user taking names of waifufags who liked heels wasn't a drawfag
>there will never be a waifus in heels collage
Pure suffering

I prefer flipflops for that but heels are nice too.

Being footfag is suffer.
My brother.

dangling is amazing, I prefer as much foot exposure as possible


I'm not a footfag, but I like the heels with open toe.

Screw the heels, I want to see my waifu only half-wearing a bikini like that!

Watching a girl removing clothes is like watching a present being unwrapped. I suppose it's developed into a fetish for me. Being naked from the get-go isn't nearly as good as seeing the clothes come off.



An anime version of Dr Frank N Furter has already been done by a professional

Theres not much better than watching a hot girl tear off her clothes til shes in her bikini

>Watching a girl removing clothes is like watching a present being unwrapped. I suppose it's developed into a fetish for me. Being naked from the get-go isn't nearly as good as seeing the clothes come off.
My thoughts exactly. There is something so much more erotic and attractive about a state of undress rather than full nudity. I love it

That Iced cream looks bomb as fuck.

Post more undressing pictures

Requesting a Professor Chronos (from Yu-Gi-Oh GX) version of the angry Pepe reaction image.

Would it be considered too lewd for the WWD to request waifu seductively pressing her butt against the glass of a shower door?



Who wears flowers in their hair like that anymore?

Cute anime girls.

Ask yourself this:
Have people gotten delivered lewder in the past?

If yes, then request it since there's no issue

If no, then request it so that you can set a new standard, and also get what you want. It's a win-win

Are you kidding me? There was a HUGE flower crown boom in fashion like, from 2013-still sort of present. Get with the times.

Requesting girls undressing since this a drawthread.

Butts pressing against things, butts squishing when they sit down, butt squeezing, we need more things like this.

What time period do you live in? Victorian? Islamic Terrorist America?

Murrika, you dumbass. It was big with the hipster/indietumblr crowd.

I second this request

I might even ask for this with my waifu. Well, that or high heels and a bikini

Consider how she's king Arthur, i must do this one. This fits so well.

Requesting Otoha Takanashi in a frilled bikini

I want to commission art of this quality so bad.

I will take any action-related requests. I wanna draw something cool. Cute girls doing badass things with a bit of lewd is fine too.

Yeah okay kid, next time try a bit harder to sound like an adult.

Takumi Mukai surfing

Tatenashi dodging bullets matrix-style, while some of those bullets graze her clothes and reveal some skin and underwear

I don't even understand. I'm just telling you that flower crowns are currently being worn, I think I know what I'm talking about.

Mid-air clash of two girls, one of them is sending a high kick while the other girl is coming down with a fist punch into the girl's kick, fist and keg locked against each other in combat.

>pick images with a store front

Girls have to be wearing Subway uniforms now.

>not In-N-Out
>not Hooters

Yea sure thing boy. Grow up a bit before you think you can talk, your mind is still underdeveloped.

Pretty sneaky there, Lala. Thanks ddd! Care to do a follow up pic with Miia waking up, looking in a mirror, and freaking out?

I'm glad to see other enjoy undressing. People have said I have good taste in the past, nice to know it's still approved of.

Please draw Liliruca Erde prepared to fire a bolt from her arm-crossbow, with clothing damage if you want the lewd angle.

>He doesn't eat a sub from subway while drawfagging

That's fine, but I just think that there are cuter or lewder uniforms for girls to wear

>get a load of this guy

good luck user, ive been trying to get sharkbro to let me pay him for months

>calls out subway
>potatoes and grease
>word pun family restaurant

Requesting Tsubasa stripping down to her swimsuit like in

Requesting Anna carving a boulder into a heart with just her bare hands

Requesting cute girls in a dark room getting felt up and fingered by strangers to her enjoyment


A man of refined taste. For you user, I'll draw a whole comic. She'll carve the boulder and rape MC on it. Not sure how lewd I'll get so it may have to go on /ic/ or imgur.

My waifu, please.

>all these anons with good taste
Undressing waifus collage when?

Don't tempt me and give me ideas

But they're really good ideas user.
Do it

Depends, you gonna draw it?

Choosing who is the toughest part though

Requesting an image of Okita pulling off stockings and focusing on her feet.



My waifu obviously, as well as any others who would be interested

As tempting as that would be, I'd rather just have a single image of her bending over towards the viewer and flashing a lewd smile while pulling down her shorts and/or panties.

Or pretty much this A bikini held up only by the next strap while the side straps dangle to the side, the bottom in the process of being removed.

This is one of those cases where it'd be better to ask for waifufags' input. If they don't want her in that sort of setting and you draw it, they won't be pleased.

Requesting a Hassandam.

Maybe you could look at the fetish list and figure out from that what waifufags would like this kind of thing, it'd be a nice surprise.


oktober fest is upon us

Well, I know what I'm requesting this weekend, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed some of these collages actually get made. You all have excellent taste

I agree, that would also be a good way for him to choose because I very explicitly listed undressing as one of my fetishes

Link to the new fetish list? iirc, it had the guys email whom I need to send my list to. Still need to update it. I think undressing/stripping is already on it, I just need to send it in.


Just wanted to let know to the guy who requested colors for this Nep: I haven't drop it or anything, still working on it.

Also working on that NicoxNicoMom pic.

Good night!

Speaking of which, what was the sex position called at the bottom of the page here? It's probably my favourite for intimacy, but I've never heard the term: i.imgur.com/Bw04k7A.jpg
NSFW, obviously

Please don't use my cute Hime for trolling.
And you already got delivered: drawfriends.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=65834

>that sub view

Some motivational shit right there

I love that position too. Apparently it's called acrobat, but there's no booru tag for it.

That seems to be it alright! Thank ya kindly user of Great Taste, adding it to the list.

Requesting scantily clad Georgette

>adding it to the list.
Y-You can add stuff?! H-Hazukashii!


Read the first line. I just hope he still checks.

I don't think I could email a stranger and tell him/her to add more to it.

Guerilla mail, that way you won't need to use your real email. Just make sure you mention who your waifu is along with your list.

Spoilered for guro

Nice! Thanks again.

I just sent my updated fetish list to the pastebin guy, hopefully he sees it.


So does anyone have a list of good artists to commission or something? I don't know why people in the drawthreads on Cred Forums are so rabidly against telling me who I can pay for art

Not OR but this is pretty cute.

That's really nice user.

Elizabeth naked hiding her important parts with her tail and wings.

I love that outfit. Such a great top.

Requesting redraw this but not chibi please

>Liked the girl
>Read request

Why would someone ruin best girl like that?

Weekend is over, but here's a little something.

just don't

I'm really thankful for you to spend time drawing my wife and delivering me this sweet cake and sweet bassist after the crazy week I went trough. You're a truly great person and I wish you the best.
Thanks a lot and please continue being such a nice person and make other people happy too.

as while reading imagined him looking like, selling something to your favorite anime character

Don't what?

Thanks to you faggots i have discovered some really cute girls such as my lovely Hana.

So post more of them so i can draw them dressed for autumn like in

Someone draw this with Koume!

Would any drawfriend share his photoshop pencil settings with me?

Has anyone felt like they've spent a little too much in commissions?

Yeah, once.
Artist really didn't do as good a job as he did his other drawings, but I didn't want to make a fuss about it, I just wanted it to end.

I have one.

Probably spent 1k burgerbux on commissions. Worth it though, got some really good shit for myself and myself only.

Don't know if this is more Cred Forums or more Cred Forums, but Requesting Mowgli and Baloo from The Jungle Book: Shonen Mowgli anime recreating a scene from the Disney version where they are floating down the river and Mowgli is siting on Baloo's stomach (and not singing "Bare Necessities"). Make sure Mowgli's is wearing his yellow loincloth, and has his ponytail and sideburns, and Full color please!

Request Choji from Naruto Shippuden as a sumo wrestler, wearing a white mawashi. Full color please!

Get the fuck out to

Will I get any better if I just make a screenshot of my waifu and try to trace it in photoshop?


Yes, you'll get better at tracing.

But as someone who traces the same face constantly, I notice the little nuances, the proportions, styles, and characteristics of a character's face and body, so much so that I do not need to trace him/her anymore. So perhaps, there is some sort of good that can come out of tracing.

>See kancolle and touhou request
>nobody complain
>See a character request that literally from crap anime
>"Hurrr Durrr Fuck off to Cred Forums Im a good Moodss"


How did I miss these?!

>last place
Unacceptable. Requesting cute drawings of Ruby

Requesting a 2 panel image. The first one having Aika (left) telling drawfags to stop drawing her in with gags and have them do Neena (right) instead. The second one having Neena lying on a couch in full view with her mouth taped shut with a disinterested/defeated look on her face. Bonus points if a third panel has Aika in the exact same manner with a "not this again" expression on her face.

It's been a good morning. First Wikileaks was full of shit yet again, then the alt-rights killing this site are crying salty tears, and now this. Thanks!

Yeah, but it's just not the same. Besides, I'm asking for a parody of that particular image in my post.

A Rider-class Tamamo


Not the OR. It's always nice to see this type of work again, you are great! It is possible for this to be scanned?

Thank you so much user. Just to ask, is this version a WIP or a plain traditional sketch. Either way it looks nice so far.

Adlet and Hans spitroasting/DPing Chamot from Rokka no Yuusha after all the shit she put them through, as she's bound up or not if its just spitroast then have Adlet using a dildo on her ass

Not the artist, but probably not a WIP.

Thicc Patchouli in a lewd microkikini sunbathing please.

I need a picture of Rin from Fate sucking either the toes of Luvia, or a portly old man.

Hopefully not colored like that, yeah?

I'm stuck in a hotel room for a while because of work, so it's unlikely that I'll have the desire to finish this when I get back home.

If not, thank you anyway for your avaible free-time.

Sexy lewd Horn, or just anything.

Better than no color!!!

Requesting Panty being sexy and lewd in these bed sheets covering her.

Race Queen Ayame please

I have a fetish for nursing broken girls back to health.

Can someone do horrible things to my girl so I can get to work?

Aiko as a sexy nurse/doctor please!

It's national Mean Girls day, or at least it was.
Requesting waifus sitting at tables of differing cliques

Requesting this with Yui

List the cliques. Not waifus, the groups. This might be something fun to do.

nerds, cheerleaders, the uglies, goth chicks

Requesting big sopping wet Nero titties.

I want this so, so bad, holy shit. I want my waifu as Regina.

you got this

Requesting more of Yukizome strapped to the chair, making erotic expressions and sweating and trying her hardest to somehow escape her binds.

Didn't you want a bunny suit?

Requesting cute amputees doing cute amputee things.

What a coincident we share same waifu !

There's no reasoning with misha-fag


Holy fuck.

I have to admit, I wasn't confident that idea was going to get delivered, but you certainly came through! That's so lewd and so well drawn, thanks user. I'm sure the Koume user will also be very pleased. Girls getting fingered in the dark needs to happen more often

I wish the Koumefag would come back.

The head's a bit big but good other wise

>Panties drawing for the drawthreads again

Enjoy faping
Glory hole is kinda my thing too

Oldfags, Discordfags, Futafags, Footfag, Some waifus as staff because they're too old to be in high school.

Jebus tap dancing christ that's hot!
I implore you to do a version of that exact pic, but remove the hand and put this girl giving Koume cunnilingus.
Or any other IM@S girl

>Or any other IM@S girl
Like Anastasia, or Mika

List of waifus in each clique?

age of waifu or waifufag?

Waifufag and by extension waifus that have been here for too long. Like the Seniors of highschools.

I'm 35 but I don't count myself as old.

Amount of years you've been request in the WWD, user.

Requesting Cyan and Mouse-user

I wanna be the hot, popular, mean girl clique with my waifu!!

Well i just bothered to check out the drawthreads some week ago.

I wonder if JADF still lurks around.

Elle topless handbra with or without leaking milk

If its too lewd I would like just about anything else of her.

Needs a clique for the less popular girls that people try to avoid and not talk about.

Those quads demand it

>Glory hole is kinda my thing too
Do you feel like drawing more right now?

I was looking forward to this. Glad she made it in, she looks great. Can't wait to see the others.

Would you do something gloryhole-related with someone from ?

Draw Koume sucking the tip of a huge straight hard dick through a gloryhole!

Strange to see everyone jump on Koume stuff suddenly.

I suppose this is why Koumefag's not coming back.

Yeah, I was wondering if that might be it too.

So who's this guy? Just a general requester who wants Koume lewds?

Who knows. That'd be my guess.

On one hand, I do, because he has good taste, but on another, Koume is too cute to resist.

Shiroyasha using teleportation magic to project unsuspecting people's nether regions in her face.

You can still request nice Koume lewds without him.

Oldfags are waifufags who requested before the threads even existed.

Requesting Tamamo getting a little too excited over seeing a stallion during a road trip

Which directly correlate to the amount of years you've been requesting, user.

Requesting Nero flashing her big tits with inverted nipples.

Requesting Keiji pulling Kanetsugu's leash back as she pounds Kanetsugu's ass through her ass window with a strap-on. Loud moans of "Wan, Wan" are escaping Kanetsugu's mouth in the process.