Amazing. The absolute worst girl won

Amazing. The absolute worst girl won

It's like building the world greatest mansion in front of your clients, then right at the ribbon cutting ceremony, burning the whole things to the ground with a smile on your face.

>worst girl won
But Kosaki didn't win.

Kosaki was literally the OTP and the only good tier girl in this shit manga. I hated it from beginning to end.

Your taste is shit.

>I like bland, boring, doormats

Kosaki did absolutely nothing for 99% of the manga and has no scene that designates her as OTP. You're delusional.

chitoge was the worst girl by far.

kosaki/marika/tsugumi/yui/fuu/haru/paula/ruri etc were all great.

Except she's the OTP by definition. The entire plot is literally the fact that they promised to be together.

Kosaki > Tsugumi > Haru > Paula > Marika > Ruri >>>> Shitoge

>Kosaki did absolutely nothing for 99% of the manga
She tried to confess like 3 times, but something always happened. Her and Raku would always have a good time when they hung out. They would get over their initial shyness, have a good time together, yet the next time they hung out alone it's back to square one. Komi's writing was so shitty. It was just the same thing over and over again with each girl.

No, that would be Chitoge. The story proved that.

The biggest crime was the fate of Tsugumi. We knew she would never win, but her end story was bullshit nonetheless.

Nah, Komi always favored Chitoge. I still think Kosaki was the better choice, but accepted gorilla as the endgame girl since the oneshot.

Hey retard, the key-chan was Onodera the entire time. Didn't you read any of the last... 20 or so chapters?

>but her end story was bullshit nonetheless.
Raku didn't even get to hear her confession.

>Kosakifags are still mad
Delicious tears. Best girl won. Japan and Cred Forums agreed.

Doesn't mean shit. He chose Chitoge.

Not talking about who the real promise girl is, idiot.

Is there even a point in reading this anymore?

>Discussing the OTP

Is it not ending now anyway?

They stopped caring about the series the moment spoilers were leaked. No celebration or anything, they were just glad that the ride was over.

You're a moron. Did you even read the manga? Chitoge is OTP. Raku REALIZED that.

Being the key girl doesn't mean anything. Chitoge is OTP since start to finish because the story pairs them up and always maje it their love story.

>loses to both Marika and Onodera in the polls
Yeah, no.


Except she won the last poll

>Yeah, no.
She won the last poll, but she only beat Kosaki by 106 points. As the heroine and the girl that gets the most screentime/development, you would think that she would beat all the others by a landslide.

This is the correct taste.

With only about 10 points, despite how hard they tried to push her. That's a pretty huge failure of a main heroine.

>not subtracting the thousand plus votes from f-san/y-san/etc
Chitoge normally comes out on top.

Why are people surprised? Romance is predictable as fuck. Its typically the first character the MC is just meeting (or just meeting after a decent amount of time).
Reading Jitsu wa Watashi wa right now and I like it but its stupid that they are even trying to pretend alien had a chance over vampire. its just fucking soulcrushing watching them try when they are destined to fail.

How did Y-san do?

Onodera's sister is god tier.

>not subtracting the thousand plus votes from the publishers who have a vested interest in portraying the main girl as being the most popular

You mean the poll where that one autistic japanese faggot voted 1000 times for the same girl?

>not knowing about Y-san and F-san and K-san
Newfags detected.

Source: your ass

>Chitoge normally comes out on top.
Literally where? I've seen other Japanese polls and if a girl from Nisekoi managed to take a spot, the girl would be Kosaki.

Nips really love cuck endings hence Onodera is still popular.

If fans are that devoted to a character, then that's popularity in itself. Nobody caring enough about Chitoge to do that shows how unpopular she is in comparison.

Are you retarded? If they cared about that then they would have invalid Kosaki winning the polls because from samefag voter.

I know about them, but F-san only went out for one of the polls while Y-san went out for two of them. Don't know who K-san is.

Chitoge doesn't need a single fan sending thousands of votes to be naturally popular.

Onoderafags crying tears of blood after they found out that she had kids with her baking teacher 15 years older than her

>Onoderafags crying tears of blood after they found out that she had kids with her baking teacher 15 years older than her
Spoilers were fake. All we know about the husband is his last name.

Kosakifags BTFO.

The best girl won though so you're wrong.

I don't get why everyone (except for the one poster here that has mentioned it) doesn't consider the one-shot's ending for considering the OTP from chapter 1

like no matter what happened throughout the entire manga and anime you always knew the truth of the oneshot, and boom there's the ending that was known since chapter 0

>The absolute worst girl won
And this is surprising how?

How anyone could think Chitoge is the best girl is beyond me. She's so aggressive, and gets pissed off over every little thing. Even if she does something wrong, she'll still put the blame on someone else. On top of that, she would hit/yell at Raku because she couldn't deal with her feelings.

oops I meant to say chapter 0 referring to the oneshot for both sentences

Either all otherfags bailed out of the thing was rigged.

Because it's obvious and doesn't need be stated. Only OP is under the delusion that Kosakifag is somehow OTP.

>The absolute worst girl won
of course. worst girl gets with worst boy. the manga comes in full circle.

>was typically rigged for Kosaki and Marika, but Chitoge still won

Chitoge > Haru > Paula > Ruri > Marika > Tsugumi > Yui > Kosaki

Everyone knew Shitoge was going to win against all logic because muh tsundere cliché. Doesn't mean people can't root for superior girls and rightfully call out the series on its shit writing.

Onodera was always hated and the least popular girl on Cred Forums. You'll have better luck rallying support at FB and reddit, OP.

>tfw F-san impregnated Kosaki
>tfw you will never canonically impregnate your waifu
why live?

Nice revisionism, Shitogefag.

Onodera didn't win you insufferable normie scum

Oh, so that thing about Chitoge winning was fake?

>She tried to confess like 3 times, but something always happened.
Yes she chickened out on all of those times

>Implying he's wrong

Koshitfag pls.

>loses to both Y-san and F-san in the polls
fixed for accuracy

"I can't believe my onichan's are still watching this gay show" - the Cred Forums Cred Forums post

PS: onodera dies in the end with cancer

You can't be serious. Not only was she boring, bland, and annoyingly generic, but she did jack to earn Raku's affection. Every girl except Kosaki developed and managed to tug at Raku's heart in some ways by doing something that allowed bonding to occur and for that people could relate, sympathize, and get emotionally attached to. But not with Kosaki who spent timid, weak, and NTR'd.


Chitoge > Marika > Tsugumi > Haru > Kosaki > Yui

But ShuuXRuri still best plot

if kosaki had actually confessed and raku would've started dating her Naoshi would've Kimi no iru machi'd this shit and then he would've realized sooner or later that he wanted to be with Chitoge anyways.

>annoyingly generic
This is rich coming from a Chitoge fanboy.

This. I usually like the shy cute girl but Onodera pushed it way too far. She deserved her end.

How many years will it be before we have a comfy romcom harem like this again?

Also Chitoge is qt in that pic

>if kosaki had actually confessed
She was never meant to confess so early in the game, because she would've won and that was never the point. Chitoge was always the endgame girl, it's just annoying that the silliest things would ruin her confession.

Onodera - Boring shy nice cute girl.
Marika - Hah haahahahahahahahahaha.
Tsugumi - Loyal dog.
Chitoge - Best waifu material.

It's that easy.

>muh tsundere cliché
Spoken like a dumb child who thinks he's smart

Shitoge objectively confirmed for shit.

QFT. Kosaki literally started out in the worst possible position of being the girl MC liked at the beginning, which is made worse by Kosaki's own meek and cowardly personality of sitting around doing mostly nothing.

All these Kosaki and Chitoge fans arguing over their generic waifus over a month later.

Chitoge is your typical shitty tsundere.
Kosaki is your typical shy, boring girl.

>why aren't you eating up the same shit over and over?!
Anyone who's not a complete newfag is sick and tired of tsunderes.

Since when did normal equal boring?

Even Haru was more relevant that fucking Kosaki

>mfw even Naruto handled romance better than Nisekoi

Is the LN finished now?

I haven't really being paying attention to recent developments.

Who continues to be more anally devastated, Kosakifags or Tenrifags?

>it's just annoying that the silliest things would ruin her confession.
No it's not
This is a fucking comedy for fuck sake, stop taking it so seriously

I never found Kosaki boring. In a series full of aggressive girls that got angry real easily, she was refreshing.

I guess she's boring when compared to the others since
-Chitoge is the daughter of a gangster/family drama/has body-guards
-Marika is the daughter of the police chief/has a body-guard/family drama
-Tsugumi is an assassin
-Yuu was head of a Chinese mafia group.

Kosaki was the only normal one.

>90% of the series romance was shoehorned in the movie
God no.

Kosaki a best. A BEST.

Easily Kosakifags.

Oh the fucking irony
You watch fucking anime
You know...the worst "animated" products on Earth?

Kosaki a shit. A SHIT.

Normal is boring in fictional stories

>This woman gave birth to a blonde daughter

Does Japan not know how recessive traits work?

Tenrifags comparison makes no sense unless you're talking about some other group of Tenrifags not from TWGOK that I'm not aware of.

The only good "romance" on Nardo was the gay love between Nardo and Saucegay

Hinata is a shitty moeblob with no personality and the romance between her and nardo is forgettable at best and laughable at worst

Nisekoi shits on Nardo in every way...not even close

I know nothing about genetics, but isn't the father blonde?

Chitoge's father is blonde
I have a blonde sister but both my parents have brown hair(so do I) so she got it from her grandma

>wow, this series/heroine is bad


Every time.

She's normal and boring. Being normal itself is bad in fiction anyways. Real life is normal as it is terrible, unfair, and ugly. People that typically consume fiction as pleasure and as a form of escape wouldn't want normal. Anime and manga and games are especially far from realistic and normal. Heck, you really wouldn't be here if you wanted normal things.

>The absolute worst girl won
Marika lost though

>My waifu didn't win
>WAAAAAAAAAAAH Tsundere's are the worst waaaaaaaaaah

Every time

I will fight you in real life faggot.

>brown-haired family, but sister is naturally blonde
That's hot, user.

>NaruSakufags still salty about best girl winning
No wonder you swooped down like hawks upon this generic harem's tsundere end to soothe your butthurt.

You need a life

Onodera was quite literally the most boring character I have ever had the displeasure of reading about. Fucking Rei has more personality than that doormat. If you thought someone who couldn't even hold a normal conversation could win Rakubowl than you need to reevaluate how you think plot develops.

She's still a better character than Onodoormat though.

Tsunderes are the worst in general, though, regardless of whether they win or not. Also, good job proving the point.

>Muh Narusaku boogeyman
Nowhere did I mention Suckura
Claiming that Nardo had good romance just because your shitty bland waifu won is pathetic

Nardo loves Sasuke more than Hinata that's pretty much a fact

Don't kid yourself, Hinatafag. All the romance in Naruto is shit compared to Nisekoi.

Y san is that you?

No she's not
She's the same shit except maybe even blander

You're proving his point, anti-tsunfag.

10/10 taste

-1/10 taste

>Tsunderes are the worst in general, though
Fuck off Normalpleb
I'm so sick of your kind
Kill yourself

Naruto had the shitty tsundere get turned down hard in favor of best girl. That on its own makes it far more original and interesting than generic trash like Nisekoi that's just a carbon copy of Love Hina.

>muh tsundere hate and muh tsunderefag crusade
I wonder who this is.

Could it be ESL-kun?

Oh, I should have included that part too. You guys always cry about "haters" when your characters or behavior gets criticized.

You're delusional and asspained tsundere hater.

Nisekoi has objectively better romance and the best girl won. Stay mad, Kosakifag.

Sakura is not a tsundere
She never got turned down either considering she never liked Naruto and liked Sasuke instead

I swear you fuckers are mentally retarded and can't read

One of many anons who know their stuff?



And you faggots put characters in a category and don't give them a chance like the little faggots that you are

Love rush already exist user

Tell that to the NaruSakufags. According to them, she was the exact same kind of character as your beloved Chitoge.

>Reiji Hakuba has a genetic condition that makes girls go crazy for him. It's called the Ubermale Gene
This sounds like magic trash...definitely not the same appeal Nisekoi had

And the art-style just doesn't look good to me

Being able to recognize archetypes is writing 101.

>Literally attacked an entire archetype and considered it all bad
Bitching at the fact you got labeled when people call it as they see it? Seriously?

Kosakifags should hang themselves.

Tsundere is a hated archetype, and for good reasons. Calling people "tsundere haters" is a hilarious attempt at a retort, since it's just stating the obvious.

You're delusional and are a hypocrite. At least you don't hide it.

But you NaruHinafags are just as cancerous
Before the finale there was never really anything significant between the both of them

Comparing trash like NaruHina which just came practically out of nowhere to Chitoge/Raku who have had immense development and practically spend most of their time together daily in the entire manga is borderline retarded

Anyway Suckura was not a Tsundere
She was just a typical 3DPD Teenage Girl who lusts for the bad boy's dick in 2D form

>archetypes I don't like = hated
>archetypes I like = loved
Makes sense. That would explain why hajidere is a hated archetype, so it's only natural that people hate Kosaki and they do.

>predictable rehash
>better than anything
You probably should get a bit more familiar with the medium before you speak.

>just a typical 3DPD Teenage Girl who lusts for the bad boy's dick in 2D form
So... tsundere?

>Onodera is at worst marginally less popular than Chitoge
Nice try.

archetypes are the worst thing that ever happened to anime

now all we get is faggots(mostly special snowflake waifufags) who like to abuse said arcetypes to bash on various characters for no other reason just because they're biased idiots instead of giving them a fair chance

>judging hate by popularity
So Chitoge isn't hated at all then, huh.

>b-but other people think so too...I can't think for myself after all so I have to justify what I think by saying other people do so too
Fuck off normiescum
This is exactly the kind of people I hate...fucking sheep

Fuck off to Facebook

Nice try, but she is.

It's clear you know jackshit about anime and manga so why are you even here newfag?

>fucking sheep

Shitogefags, everyone.

>got no argument
>better call him a shitogefag XD

Yes, pretty much. We're into them because we want to pretend the sluts that rejected us in highschool actually liked us, after all.

>double standards logic
Typical Kosakifag.

No, you made it pretty obvious you're a newfag.

>Yes, pretty much.
No you fucking retard
Tsunderes like the MC but don't wanna admit it because they're too proud/stubborn

Sakura never liked Naruto

3DPD Teen Girl=/=Tsundere

So I'm a newfag for not being a faggot conformist sheep like yourself and instead prefer to form my opinions instead?

Yes, and you sound a bit euphoric too.

shitogefags BTFO

The shippers and the pandering to them during the first half or so of the timeskip speaks for itself.

Move Kosaki down after Paula. Keep the rest the same.

You sound pathetic
Trying to fit in
Relax you're not in high school anymore you massive're on an anonymous website

Kosakifags BTFO.

>blonde hair
>ever not winning

Cred Forums when will you learn?

>calling main girl shit compared to the others

>Onedera a shit
>Chitoge a best
>tsundere a best
Anyone who disagrees should of died at childbirth


Kosaki should be lower. Also Tsugumi at least above Ruri.

>should of

reminder that onodera was there on raku and chitoge's wedding night, holding chitoge's hands and watching as raku tenderly made love to his cute wife

>Onedera a shit
>Chitoge a best
Pretty much.

>should of
ESL tsunderefags everyone.

That's pretty much what conformist means when it comes to Harem Romcom manga

Everybody always automatically hates the main lead because they know she's going to "win" and fail to realize that most of the time anyone other than the 2 main characters are supporting characters at best so they blindly hate on the main girl just because their waifu of choice doesn't win and they ultimately don't understand the concept of the genre itself

Hating the heroine is the popular choice

>"like building the world greatest mansion"

Maximum kek

Haremshit fags are delusional as fuck. Harems are the worst anime genre by far. Straight up blatant pandering to lonely, virginal otaku, and you have the audacity to proclaim as if they are "masterpieces".

Good job Japan, you baited another retarded haremshit lover to read your trash.

Reminder that she was the winner from the very start, and that a Raku who chooses Chitoge over her isn't the real Raku anymore. Miyanagi is the real Raku who actually was worthy of her.

>ending up with Raku

Wow. I haven't seen Kosakifags get wrecked this hard in a while. Not since they were btfo when Chitoge won beyond a shadow of a doubt.

>you have the audacity to proclaim as if they are "masterpieces".
I don't think anybody ever considered Nisekoi(or other harem manga) a masterpiece

For what it's worth though Nisekoi is a fun series

>>ending up with Raku

My thoughts exactly.

No, liking the main girl simply because she's the main girl is the very definition of conformism. It's like only buying whatever gets advertised the most.

>they ultimately don't understand the concept of the genre itself
Harem means one guy getting several girls. And yet, lazy unoriginal writers don't even try to change up the one girl he gets. Hating shit like that is completely justified.

At least it had a conclusion.

Nice samefagging there.

The main girl from Komi's new series/one-shot has black hair and red eyes.

>angry tsunderefags sperging out

Every time

>liking the main girl simply because she's the main girl is the very definition of conformism.
Good thing that's not the reason why I like her then

Can't say the same thing about you tho you pathetic special snowlfake faggot

inb4 they call you "that"

I want to get back on Komi's wild ride

It's the same every time. Noticed how they can't argue against that.

>Harem means one guy getting several girls.
Romcom Harem and Harem are 2 different hings

Nisekoi like Love Hina is a Romcom which has harem elements

To Love Ru is a Harem

There's a difference you massive faggot

>salty anti-tsunderefags sperging out

Every time

>angry tsunderefag sperging out

Every time

Main girls aren't bad as long as they're not obnoxious and overused walking clichés who win through pure plot armor from their position as "main girl".

>Komi will probably never make a manga this comfy again
I predict he'll make a shitty battle harem next just like Ken Akamatsu with Negima

>Special snowflake crying about how his waifu didn't win

Every time

>Kosakifags are still mad, still crying, still delusional, and still sperging
Classy thread.

Why are you describing yourself in here, OP?

>romcom harem
Literally nobody says that. Harem is a shit genre, get over it.

>still samefagging

Boringderefags are the worst. They wouldn't be like that if they had better taste and picked the winner.

Most plebs here do not think that way and just blindly hate on main girls

Also Chitoge was not a walking cliche...not anymore than any of the other characters in Nisekoi at least

>muh samefag
Kill yourself.

>if you don't repeatedly gobble down shit over and over, you're a special snowflake
Duly noted.

Kosaki isn't my waifu, but if she was, why would I want her to win and be with another man?

Checkmate shitoge cucks.

>Oh noes, I can't argue against it. I better call him same person to invalidate it
Kosakifags, everyone.

>They wouldn't be like that if they had better taste
Can't stand tsunderes. Worst trope along with yanderes.

Where is Onodera's hand going?

>Chitoge was not a walking cliche

>...not anymore than any of the other characters in Nisekoi at least
Yeah, not even you could believe what you were saying there.

B-but muh unsupported and non-existent OTP!

>Also Chitoge was not a walking cliche...not anymore than any of the other characters in Nisekoi at least
Exactly, all the girls were a walking cliche. Its just that majority Chitoge fanboys truly think she's something special, when she's just your typical tsundere.

raku baby

He did choose her when they were kids. Too bad Chitoge's constant violence made him retarded.

it's already over and has been for like a month at least.

Plenty of people say that
It's used to make the distinction between a Romcom which has plenty of girls that act as support/writing tools for the story and a true harem like To Love Ru where the girls are fine with a harem and are standing in line to suck the MC's dick

If it's so "shitty" then don't read it and stop acting like a tsundere about it

>implying there was a choice
Sticking to a promise because of the idea isn't deciding options out of romantic feelings.

Argue against what? Shitogefag delusions? Onodera was far more proactive than Chitoge, the plot just kept cockblocking her constantly to force a Chitoge end despite her actively rejecting the idea of a relationship.

The ending was literally so bad that the author forced a fucking dude into Onodera's life in an extra story to "prove" that she didn't die a foreveralone permavirgin.

>Onodera was far more proactive than Chitoge

Dat irony and plot cockblock rationalization.

>If it's so "shitty" then don't read it
That's what most people are doing. It's also why tsunderefags believe they're popular, since most people drop series as soon as they see it's yet more tsundereshit cancer, leaving only the shiteaters behind to circlejerk.

It's objectively true, though. Onodera was the one who confessed to Raku, while Chitoge was just running away and pitying herself until Raku magically decided to throw away the love of his life on a whim for her sake.

It's pretty hard to believe that any guy could like that doormat.

True End

Chitoge won, so threesomes aren't impossible

She's not the most original but she's one of the more tolerable and fresher takes of her type

Like she realizes that she likes the MC like 40+ chapters in and she actively tries to get his attention so that's better than most tsundere out there right off the bat

They don't think she's special they just think she's the one who deserved to win because she has the best interactions with Raku because they actually read the damn manga and are not memespouting faggots who only watched the anime

Nisekoi doesn't claim to be original but the characters are for the most part likeable especially Chitoge considering all the character development she gets

Just because they may seem "cliche" doesn't mean they aren't good characters



kosaki was pregnant too

>cherrypicking a confession made at the end
>made moot when everyone including Chitoge eventually confessed
>ignoring everything else before that where the story mainly ships Chitoge most, ergo she is the one who worked hard the most to win Raku over whether she realized it or not at the time

>why would I want her to win and be with another man?
Because you want her to be happy?
Same reason anyone roots for their waifu


He was 5 years old

>they actually read the damn manga and are not memespouting faggots who only watched the anime
I've read the manga, but didn't care for majority of their interactions. Everyone has different taste.

What would Onodera look like with long hair?

>That's what most people are doing
Yet here you are on a thread arguing about it

>Chitoge eventually confessed
Not until Raku did. She had to do nothing.
>the story mainly ships Chitoge most
Yes, but she barely even worked for it. She won through a series of contrived coincidences and everyone else deciding to step back for her sake just because. It's pure plot armor, and that's the main issue people have with series like these.

And yet he was smarter back then.

Being Marika-fag is dissapointing
Being Tsugumi-fag is sad

>Onodera was far more proactive than Chitoge
>the plot just kept cockblocking her constantly

Baseball incident
>Raku asks her "What were you gonna say?"
>She says "Nothing don't worry about it"
>Lets a sigh of relief because she's too chickenshit to tell him

Sleeping incident
>Raku "Did you say something? *I was so excited about going to the beach with Onodera I didn't sleep last night*"
>Onodera runs way like the chickenshit she is

Typhoon/Phone incident
>Writes a message telling Raku "The girl that loved you in middle school was me"
>Decides to be chickenshit and not send it and deletes it

Meteor incident
>Raku falls unconscious
>She only says I love you then and proceeds to feel bad about herself for being so chickenshit

Nah fuck you Kosakifag
Kosaki had the help of Haru, Ruri, her mom and even Chitoge...she even practically knew Raku loved her because of Ruri yet she still fucking blew it at every turn

By contrast when Chitoge realized she liked him she knew he didn't like her but she still did her best constantly to get close to him and win his heart

But it's the fucking truth
Japanese Animation is trash
Kill yourself

No he wasn't
Otherwise he wouldn't have picked the ugliest girl

Onodera was the only one that really had any chance. It hurts a lot less knowing that Marika was never really in the running.

>worst girl won

If by "winning" you mean getting hooked up with that faggot Raku, then yeah, I guess she did "win".

Go back and reread the manga, speedreader. Raku chased after her and Chitoge waited for him, but Chitoge confessed and poured her soul out via monologue first.

>barely even worked for it
You're delusional. Chitoge and Raku grew fond of each other half-way the story. They still bicker and have childish fights, but that became their way of showing affection and getting along. Romance hit them later on, and by then Chitoge, while often still in denial, worked with the intention of falling for him. That's backed for the plot no matter how you ratioanlzie it. Most of the other girls worked harder and showed better results to earth Raku's affections than Kosaki and that's in spite of less of spotlight time compared to Kosaki.

Good job, you listed examples of her getting cockblocked.

so tsundere

She cockblocked herself you fucking nigger

But let me're one of those faggots who blame the big man on the sky every time you screw something up instead of taking responsibility for your own actions aren't you?

Where did go wrong?

Chitoge is one of the worst main heroines ever.

>Said a butthurt Kosakifag who likes the worst main heroine rival ever

t.buttblasted kusoderafag


>the big man on the sky
Oh boy, we've got ourselves a live one.

Weak attempts at hanging out and cowardice in the presence of other girls vying for Raku isn't being active. Kosaki seriously enjoys getting NTR. All Kosaki had to do is say a few words. She was in love with Raku from the start, likewise for Raku who has a crush on her. But nope.

I'm talking about our Lord

This. Literally a bad copy of the already shitty Naru.

Chitoge is nothing like Narusegawa
You're just a dumb memer who never read the manga

>hating Naru
Shit taste tier.
>hating Chitoge
Absolute shit tier taste.
>hating both
Kill yourself tier.

Nah. Chitoge is pretty good. Very adorable to tame her willful attitude and is interesting enough to have a personality that stands out. Great angry/make up sex and lover's spat material too.

>God damn this is such a shit series, it has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
>I'm going to keep reading though.

> Marika this low or even anywhere outside of the very absolute top

Beito desu no.

But seriously drunk Onodera was such a gigantic slut. She could've exploited that sexy personality more, would've devastated the competition.

I will support this user in the massacre against your being, bitch.

Should I pick this show up?

>above Ruri


No, it's actual trash

>best (orange) not even in the running
>second best (brown) robbed
>shit piss poo bitch wins
fuck it

All girls are slutty when they are drunk. That's why alcohol is an important element of a good party.

Marikafags around? Let's give this pitiful thread some taste.

Tsugumi can go fuck herself as well.

>cutest girl doesn't win
I'm glad I didn't waste my time with this series.



Leave OP alone.

Technically Kosaki won first, but the author cockblocked Raku and Kosaki. They confessed and despite living with each other for some retarded reason they forgot all about it and don't talk to each other after the incident.

>people didn't expect chitoge to win

It was obvious from the start.

Except the worst girl was BTFO by a superior girl that won the bowl.

>If you lose you win
Fuck off Trudeau.

Fuck off shitogefag

>t. delusional tsunderefag