The show will be terrible

The show will be terrible.
Do yourself a favour and read the manga.

I just hope they don't over-SHAFT it.

What's up with their faces?

>not Shinbo
Dropped harder than your mother dropped you.

according to spoilers, a love trinagle between rei's teacher(guy with glasses), akari, and shimada started. both guys are interested in her.


The colors look absolutely terrible, what the fuck were they thinking?
And the whole thing seems extremely low budget. It makes me miss JC Staff.

Another sisters arc?
Not that is was unexpected, but will Kyoko and Nikaido ever be relevant again? They've done nothing in 6 volumes.

Thank you for your shitaste.

This is like boku no pico, but for faggots right?

but if it's not, how come there's no series director credit anywhere

>Another sisters arc?
Not surprised that most of the focus is all on Akari since the last volume ended with Rei making a chart to find her a partner.

I also want more focus on Kyoko too. I haven't found out the rest of the spoilers, so she might've been showed up.

The manga is already terrible

Are you seriously claiming that those flat neon colors look good?
At least they got the backgrounds right.

They do that sometimes. Sasami-san for example was supposed to be a Shinbo directed show until the ending credits were seen nobody else was mentioned anywhere in the PV or website but then it was Naoyuki Tatsuwa who was the actual director.

how come you are an EOP?

>complain every thread about how their stupid cel shaded/gradient abomination looks like ass and doesn't fit umino's aesthetic
>people shit on me

>now people agree

they should have just got the H&C team, it was a perfect adaptation


too lazy to start

So who does that say it is and whose twitter did you take the image from?

Shaft fanboys are rabid and without taste, what else is new?

H&C was an uninspired boring adaptation with crappy visuals and dull coloring.

But this isn't dull and crappy looking at all, right? Stop posting.

Are you kidding me? The OP is literally one of the most inspired OP's in all of anime history, and the music in general for the series is perfect.

I could go on and talk about the direction and art being wonderful and literal improvements to the source, but you are clearly just a shitposter.

You probably can't though

>I could go on and talk about the direction and art being wonderful and literal improvements to the source
Go ahead

I need some SHAFT head tilts in my life.

People forget SHAFT exist if you aren't into the Monogatari series.

The OP is a good one, but that's not anime at all.

Looks good.

I mean I wasn't a huge fan of the manga art, so I'm not real worried about the color palatte


What looks good about it?

All the things you don't like.

not him, but instead of dull and crappy some might say soft and easy to look at (alternatively: comfy)

alternatively: die

something something fagtron

But it isn't soft and easy to look at. It's flat, the shading is horrible, looks cheap, and it clashes terribly with the backgrounds.

Thats like your opinion man.

isn't the difference between "soft" and "flat" just whether someone likes it or not?

I see what you mean about the background though
I mean it does look a little cheap

I don't really think anything looks all that bad about it, no cheaper looking than the majority of seasonal anime. There are plenty of people who already decided to hate it before even seeing it though and are just looking for reasons to pick on because it is SHAFT.

i can't really remember, but left girl did jav.

Scenes in the manga fell flat a lot of the time, I'm not saying there weren't good scenes, and that they weren't well done, but often I felt like umino's "loose" art didn't do the scene justice

it objectively clashes with the backgrounds (which look wonderful)

Umino's art is shit anyways, all the characters have ugly wide mouths they look like frogs.

In your opinion it objectively clashes.

No you fucking retard, it is literally the polar opposite of the background. Do you understand the opposite of clashing? It's compliments. Or matches, whichever you want. Which is OBJECTIVELY doesn't do.

Go gargle shinbos balls

the style matches the calmness of that part of the story well, but compare it to another relaxing anime, hidamari sketch
I wasn't a fan of the manga art either, but I wouldn't call the anime art "wonderful" by any means

I don't think it clashes, you are entitled to your opinion that it does though.

SHAFT is a good studio, pleb.

a monogatari-esque toothbrush scene with hinata might make my dick explode

I want to punch all the girls' faces

I hate SHAFT's overdirected masturbatory hipster style and I sincerely hope this will be one of those shows where it doesn't rear its ugly head to often.

One trick pony.
And the one time they don't to use their powerpoint presentation gimmick, the anime looks so cheap it could be made by Toei.

it actually fits here though, have you read the manga?

Get out, Eurofag.

Last time I checked, the manga hasn't updated anyway.

It's ok user not everyone can have good taste. Stick with your generic character designs and mediocre art direction.

Fuck off cunt.
The Sangatsus aren't made for lewd.
I swear if some subhuman Shaftfag draws Momo porn I'm gonna find and kill him.

Madoka, Monogatari, Hidamari, SZS, they are definitely not a one trick pony. Try harder faggot.

The art give me a honey and clover kind of vibe for some reason

no shit me too I wonder why

I did, that's why I know that it doesn't.

I did, and that's why I think it does. Guess that is just your opinion then.

why don't you think it fits? it's rather slow paced without a lot of action, so the "overdirecting" gives some interest while they're talking about some random shogi strategy or talking about his relationship with his family
opinion user, opinions are things you can talk about and discuss you know?

I think I'm starting to see a pattern here.

Umino was the one that wanted SHAFT to work on the anime.

>>why don't you think it fits?
Because it is not like how honey and clover is and that was the best anime ever and I just want a reason to hate this anime because SHAFT are making it but I don't really care about the manga but will now pretend I am a huge fan of the manga who is deeply offended by this adaptation just so I can shitpost on Cred Forums about SHAFT and maybe get some people mad. I probably wont even watch the anime to be honest just pretend to while trying to derail every thread about it I see with studio shitposting.

The character designs are not done by SHAFT and their art direction is just stuck on being different at all costs so sheep like you can continue to wank over their vapid style-over-substance shows while feeling superior to the other sheep.

Except I don't judge a show by the studio like you, so who's the real sheep?

neither are very sheeplike behavior




Please do continue deceiving yourself of having taste when there is none to be found in the entire industry. It's kinda cute.

Anime adaptions just make discussions 1000% shittier.
Why not just read the manga and discuss that, idiot?

There are many anime that considered art. Watch 1000 series and maybe you can find some.

Doesn't negate the fact that it looks bad.

Hilarious to see someone calling people sheep will spewing shallow uniformed meme opinions all over the thread.

Why do people like you get so worked up over an anime?

You remind me of those autistic fuckers who squeal loudly and run over to the manga section of a Barnes and Noble or a Borders (RIP).

you know the story, of course it's gonna be good

and wait till a few weeks in, angry people usually get bored

Looks pretty good to me. Much better than previous adaptations of her work to anime.

It's only bad if you've read the source material first.

You guys sure love getting mad at good stuff for some reason

Getting mad at everything is the Millenial way of life.