What are you actually supposed to do in this situation?

What are you actually supposed to do in this situation?

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Turn 360 degrees and walk away

Why does she sit like that?

rape her

Tell her, "The wind is beautiful today " and then just stare forward for the next hour


>girl walks up behind you and sits down awkwardly close
Just stand up and walk away.

Call for backup, then go buy some potato chips.

No you get up sit next to her and put your arm around her

If she doesn't freak out your golden, just put the other arm under her legs and then carry her home

look straight ahead, and declare,

"Tadakuni best girl."

I like this idea, but what will happen if you freaked her out, I mean a quite good relationship just got broken cuz of a technically stupid act right ?

The wind blows to tomorrow

never laughed harder at anime

maybe her butt hurts

"Y-You too."

Just bee yourself!

Don't break a wind.

Ringo a best no disagreements.


Whatever stains the guys saw up under her skirt disagrees with you.

The wind... The wind is changing...