I honestly believe this is a masterpiece and more people should watch it

I honestly believe this is a masterpiece and more people should watch it.
Now go watch Yuyushiki.

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I honestly agree.

I know jack shit about coding. Do I need to to like it?

Lovely show

This anime is so boring that I don't think I'll ever finish it. I've made it through 7 episodes over the course of 3 years

What do you think Yuyushiki is?

You do not need to know about coding.

You need to like butts.


>this early to a /yys/

It pays to stay up late on a monday in britbongia it seems

Post Fumi

I compiled the Yui-chans.
If someone has another idea like this I'll probably do it.

>watching moeshit


I tried to watch it last night when I was depressed.
It was too happy for me

Isn't that like the best thing when you are feeling down? It always makes me feel better

Now yu see as I see.

>Watching Yuyushitty


Pick one


It's a fucking cartoon. What do you think?

Do it for Yuru Yuri next

Great idea, I'll do that


Coding is this season with Stella no Mahou.

Yuyushiki is about data processing, which apparently just means looking random shit up on Google and Wikipedia.

Is there a webm with this scene? I love how fluid and weighty the animation looks as they're tossing the can and zooming towards the camera.

May be a challenge since there's 3 seasons and some OVAs. Good luck, user!


Bitch, please.

Oh shit, the ping pong lesbians got their first episode. Remember to watch.

I seriously have no idea why you guys like it so much.

It's mostly because you like the threads here, isn't it?

Good lewds

No. I have watched the series 9 times. and only been on the threads twice

Way ahead of you. Can't resist those sweat-drenched shirts.

It's because we don't have shit taste

the threads here kinda suck. it'd be better if they came up as new content came out instead of being a weekly circlejerk.

the show itself is probably one of the better sols out there. good characters, good comedy, good feelings.

You mean they don't check Cred Forums to decide which series get more seasons?

They should, honestly.

Dubs speak the truth. Boring show, one dimensional slapstick that you would have to have the mental age of a 12 year old to enjoy. It's a shit show, but autists tend to gravitate towards these things.

I honestly believe Yuzu is for bullying and more people should bully her.

delete this

I wanna toss Yuzu in to the pool


Why didn't you compile Yukari laughing? It's all we really need.

Did manga dude die?

No, but I did.

Yup. Great scene.

>mfw yuyu thread

It was kinda mostly boring and tiring until around episode 8 or 9 or 10, or whenever the other 3 girls started hanging out with them.

This scene was really amazing though.

Fine, I have it downloading. I'll start watching it tomorrow after work.

Thanks user. Finally could replace my gif.


moshi moshi?

Just downloaded it after over a year of saying nah i'll watch it later.

You better be happy op, i'm starting it now.

>5 hours ago

yes, I want to grope the butts

Enjoy. The first few episodes might feel slow but after that the characters start to grow on to you.

Are they lesbians? They seem more pingpongsexual to me...

It's basically the opposite of that desu, a lot of wordplay and great characterization

I'll let you decide.

w-what are they saying
>tfw can't read moon ;_;

>It was kinda mostly boring and tiring until around episode 8 or 9 or 10, or whenever the other 3 girls started hanging out with them.
Ya, first half of the show is standard pleasant sol, but the back half is when it really starts doing it's own thing and being amazing.

I got 3 eps in and decided it wasn't my thing. Nice and cute, I suppose, but I didn't get much else out of it.

But then, I loved K-On! to death and it's one of my favorite shows.

Should I give Yuyushki another shot?

the butts are great


hold on to your nutbladder

>implying I haven't rewatched it at least 5 times
No, but you will need to know some basic algebraic topology.

>Should I give Yuyushki another shot?
Relative to watching other anime or going out, meeting people, having hobbies, exercising, etc?

If you don't give a shit about yuri you probably won't see the appeal, but if you like girl-girl flirting this show is amazing.

>"I'm looking forward to your results, Kumami."
>"You, whom I regard as the strongest player..."
>"...and also the only person in this world who knows my secret."
>"Yes, oneesama."

I don't know japanese either.

Yuyushiki is my favorite without a doubt. and Tired Yui is a miracle that transcends the universe.

i fell in love with the series at nantsutte tsuchatta.

If someone could leak S2, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


sent ;)

S2 never, now that Risa's on her deathbed.

Can't they just put a microphone next to her bed?

I don't want to be "that guy" but what is up with their eyes

You lost me.

┐( | . | )┌

( ^ヮ^) ( ^ヮ^) ( ^ヮ^) ( ^ヮ^) ( ^ヮ^) ( ^ヮ^) 

Why does the official anime twitter account keep posting even after all these years?

They are bored?


new episode when

This is extremely well done. Thanks for sharing

For years I thought this was a yuri anime and I don't know why.

Because it is

Don't feel bad. There are still people who think this is a yuri anime.

>trolled softly . jpg

I don't know why either.

What is the classiest legume and why is it the peanut?

Back to work.

Don't pretend like you never imagined what the classy banana of your best friend tasted like.


Yui's classy red bean is a delicious celebration with every taste.


Awesome O.O

Someone post that picture
You know the one

How exactly is Nichijou "All-girls slice of life"?

>denno coil
>slice of life

>aoi hana
>same level as boring witch , KKK and hanasaku irblowha
>which is also listed as "all-girl"
>as is miname-ke

no, it wasn't


I think it's all girls as in all the main characters are girls

>no, it wasn't
Yes, it was.

How many equal area triangles can /yys/ split a square into?

>I dare you to try an odd number.

A-channel was as generic and boring as a moe SoL can get.

>that bad section
I'm getting real fucking triggered real bad right about now.

Give me a natural number and I can split the square into 2n triangles with equal area.

does zero count?

>I dare you to try an odd number.
proof plox

>natural number
Nice meme.

A-channel was ok, it just lacked a main hook or pull to draw you in. The characters and art were cute though.

i think at least kiniro and a-channel could get bumped up to ok

Not very intuitive. The case for even n is trivial when the triangles are arranged in a sawtooth patten like on page 1, but the substance of the proof is in proving odd n is impossible.


Welcome, is this your first /yys/?

Indeed the sawtooth pattern is what I had in mind when I said that I can produce 2n triangles with equal areas for any n.

This isn't really a /yys/ though.

>so ra no wo to

You're wrong. It's shit.


Yuyushiki episode 1 has been watched on niconico 1 million times!


How many hundreds of thousands of views are from /yys/ though?


Is it too soon to lewd the yuyus?

Why does Yuyushiki have a large enough following for people to call the threads /yys/? I seriously don't see what makes it so special. Where are things like /nnb/ and /yryr/?

Lurk more is all I can say.

I thought NNB and YRYR we're kinda generic. These kinds of animes come and go, the people just move to the other threads. There still hasn't been an anime like Yuyushiki since it ended. That's why japs keep tweeting about it. Put ゆゆ式 in twitter search and see for yourself.

>this fucking stupid
>in a Yuyushiki thread
Based on some of the posts in this thread I think you should find that Yuyushiki is literally the thinking man's Eva and that you should neck yourself.

It's not about how large the following is, it's about how autistic and willing to discard discussion in favor of circlejerking they are. If it just came down to popularity the shitty threads wouldn't last for three fucking days every week.

/yryr/ did exist and was even worse because it was up all the time, fortunately S3 seems to have killed it. NNBfags lean towards the spam meme threads direction with their shitposting, so they never developed a crippling dependency on a single thread.

The puppet theory was just a smoke screen. We need to dig deeper to find out the true meaning of the story.

I only got around to finally watching it recently. It definitely was not bad, but it didn't strike me as some type of influential masterpiece.

I suppose is the answer I'm looking for. Thanks for being helpful

For me, it's not the jokes or the setting that make this anime. In fact, I think both of those are below average compared to other similar anime. It's the more subtle things like how the characters behave and interact, that I appreciate. Someone mentioned NNB and YRYR. Try watching them side by side with Yuyushiki and compare in which show the characters laugh more. Maybe the jokes are not up to the bar in this anime, but just the fact that the characters themselves find them funny is something special and rarely seen in anime.

Do you like any of the fall shows that have started so far?

I want to like ping pong girls because it's a sport anime with cute girls, but the first episode didn't have that much action yet. I hope Kinema citrus will be able to deliver good animation in the future episodes.

Takkyuu Musume is literally a sweaty Yuyushiki

I am going to keep watching it but the first episode didn't leave much of an impression on me.

I watched Shuumatsu no Izetta and was surprised how much I liked it.

The matches have potential to be pretty flashy if KC delivers, but we'll see. The story itself isn't anything special.

Yuyushiki is imperfect!

Her booty disappered. Which is sad because today is お尻の日.

I don't remember this show having actual animation. Was this S2 or something?

Sorry, sorry. I'll put it back when I'm done with it.

2013 vs 2015

Yuyushiki strong

97.5% 1.3% 0.5% 0.2% 0.5%
186 201 people
Total comments: 600 908 words

95.1% 2.2% 1.1% 0.6% 1.0%
20 309 people
Total comments: 58 572 words

We will get 100% in 2017

Come on KC, we all fucking want it! Give us that second season!

Only if this post



I'm honestly impressed more with the retweets and likes. Probably the reason they keep posting.


Okusama ga Seitokaichou's s2 first episode was great

Japanese fans just can't stop talking about yuyushiki.
They also have weekly yuyuesdays on twitter with a theme for drawings

Can you blame them, we also can't stop talking about yys


Good morning /yys/

Do not sexualize the yuyus

Don't desexualize the yuyus

Do not de-desexualize the yuyus

Sorry, I can't read.


Anyone have the image of metal gear yuyus?

Put that cookie down!!!

Trick or Treat?

Why did it go to her lower half? What does it mean?



Thank you, Kinema Citrus


She switched clubs.

Selamat Pagi /yys/

I hope you don't mind if I borrow your teacher for a while.

Hallo, Yuyuko

Don't dededesexualize the yuyus?

Yukari is an angel

Not yet, but soon...


Ohayou yuyus and nichijous


>no Anne Happy
>New Game in average
>Gochiusa in bad

The one Yui-chan at :41 without context is quite magical

>Kirino Mosaic

Honestly though enjoyable it was pretty subpar.


Yuyushiki was weird, in that some of the best parts of the show, including animation, were near the end.

You're subpar, user!


Epic meme, sir.




I wish there was a show about cute girls doing cute data analysis and machine learning

Wait a moment, that is exactly what an intelligent AI would say. Go to sleep mode, HAL.

There seems to be more shitposting than usual today. I wonder why that is? These threads are always so nice and comfy


Did everyone seriously forget about Anne Happy?

It was a pretty mediocre show, not surprising.



I fucking dare you to say that in my face

>Kirino Mosaic

>kiniro mosaic
>not bland, repetitive and boring



Wew lad that's fucking perfect. Now do Yukari.






>Was this S2

I haven't been in these threads in years, what's this about 2015?

Rebroadcast followed by Blu-ray Box release

Yuyushiki? More like Yuyulicki, amirite? Amirite folks?

Guten Abend, Yukko-chan!

Get a load of this guy.