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Nyanhoe thread.

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RIP Nyanbo thread.

Don't worry OP, I'll be watching.


are they for sale?


I wouldn't doubt it

This is the closest we'll ever get to a yotsuba anime


A new one?


>this is the closest we will ever get to yotsuba anime
feels bad man

at least we won't ever have Yotsub& animeonlys

is the small nyanbo rie?
sounds like her

Seems like her.

>first animated Yotsuba appearance is a fucking CG monstrosity


It could be worse


live action

Reminds me of Trainspotting.

Cardbo has a catbased spinoff? When did this happen?

Oh shit, good point
Just thinking about it is making me a bit anxious.

This show is comfy as fuck.

I wonder if they get to go back to space?

>Yotsuba animated

This really doesn't make me any happy, I regret opening this thread now.

Man, even the still screenshots look great.

what does this air alongside? news? drama?

The DEEPEST show.

Time to skip the EDs this is too painful.

We should hire someone to parody Tiger Mask W's ED with Nyanbo and then replace the ED with it every episode.

> Calling their own spacecraft a UFO
Do they not know what it actually looks like? Or do they just not know what UFO stands for?


Poor guy kept getting projectiled.

He exists to suffer.



If you want this to live, you're going to habe to explain it to me.

> Calico
> (assumedly) male
Poor thing. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calico_cat#Genetics

They aren't cats though. I will get a kitten soon. Are males as docile as females?

Cute anime?

Also I just learned about en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X-inactivation. Biology sure is wacky.

> spoiler
It really depends. Neutered males tend to be more docile than fertile ones, but I've primarily had experience with spayed females so can't really give good advice in that regard. Unless you get unlucky you should be fine with either. Just remember to get it fixed, unless you plan on being a breeder.

Well is there any behavioral differences between male and female cats even if both are spayed/neutered? Thought about adopting a 1 or 2 year old cat but roommates don't think its a good idea to start anywhere except with kittens.

Also, most cats aren't really "docile". They'll usually be friendly, but most let you know quite clearly if you're bothering them, either by hissing, nipping, and/or scratching. They usually won't attack you unless it's a really nasty cat or you did something really, really wrong.

Ultimately, it depends more on the cat's own personality than anything else. My grandmother has two male (neutered) cats and they don't seem to have much issues other than climbing all over her furniture, but that's a cat thing in general. Two cats is a must if you can afford it, though, they'll keep each other company and generally be more well-adjusted than alone.

>two cats is a must

> Cat talk


Cred Forums is known for cat love to be fair.

Not really a must, I suppose, but I'd recommend it unless you get a cat that's totally antisocial.


I've been doing some research the last couple months and cat proofing the apartment but dunno senpai, most people told me as long as you can give a cat a couple hours of attention and interaction a day the cat will be fine. Plus I don't think I can afford to take two cats at this point, maybe in the future but not currently.

Nice thing is where I live there's very few pet laws when it comes to cats.

This series is super cute.

Well yeah, two cats would only be if you can afford it.

Exactly. Maybe in the future I'll go for a second one but for now one is probably safer. Also most of my neighbors have cats who are all outdoor cats but nuts to that.

Definitely, its adorable.

Cats have less emotions then dogs

By my understanding, they just express their emotions in less obvious ways.

Are you sure?

I want a piece of this nyanho

>earmuff/headphone not on ears

What's this about ears?


where are my figures to buy?