Kizu, Bake, Nise, and Neko

Where are the fan translations of Bake, Nise, and Neko? They were on BakaTsuki and got taken down. I wanna read them before reading the official if I can get my hands on it. I literally cannot find them, tried searching everywhere. I should've downloaded it before it got taken down dammit.

Also, how is it possible that no one has uploaded scans of the official Kizu book? Its impossible to find, and you can only find the fan translation. I want to read both, and have a digital copy saved.

And no, I can't buy it from Amazon nor get it from the library. I'd kill to be able to buy it but I just can't. I'm in a particular position.

Why is it so hard to find translations? Fan or official scans. Its one of the most popular series in the weeaboo world yet I can't find the material to read.

why would you want to read garbage fan translations and why do you not have $12 to buy one book

Cred Forums's secret archive of LN translations, do NOT share it outside of this board.

Not lack of $12. I just don't really have access to getting the series. And I'd rather have fan translations than nothing. I'd die to have Kizu official scans, but I'll settle for fan. For Bake, Nise, and Neko, I can't even have fan translations since I can't find them anywhere.

Laugh if you want, but I have a super conservative home and there's no way for me to enjoy this in book form. I do all my LN and manga reading on phone during transit.

>I have a super conservative home
why would this be a problem unless you're an actual child

>My Ultra Conservative Family Must Never Discover My Secret Anime and Manga Obsession
Now that's an anime I would watch, we're going to need a storytime or something.

I'm in 2nd year uni so...

But I guess you've never had super conservative parents before. They don't even trust online banking, and all transactions are monitored. Even if I were to try and get a copy from Amazon they'll ask why I spent money on a book, see the book and ask me why I have a book with a blond chick in high heels carrying a sword. Then they'll ask the contents and want to read it, and you know how that goes. Plus I have an annoying brother who'll make it impossible to keep it under wraps. Of course, I live with my parents still, and I'm Asian, so anything that happens in the family is known in the family. The best way to avoid issues is to do things on my phone where no one disturbs me.

And I mean conservative as in pretty fundie Christians. I also do a lot of volunteer work at church, so I'd like to avoid any questions if possible.

Its just something a situation I want to avoid if possible. Getting a pdf or something and reading it on the phone is the easiest way to do this.

Super lame and everything. Laugh at me if you want. All I am is a boy who wants to read the exploits of Rararagi and best girl Shinobu

You poor bastard.

Best girl is Hanekawa by the way but Shinobu is great too.

>2nd year uni
>living with parents
>living with fundie parents who don't let their adult son read whatever he wants
>depending on them financially
>you've probably never even had a gf cause of all of the above

user, I know you love having your mom cook you fried rice every day, but grow a fucking spine, get a job and move out.

You know, I never understood the need to immediately evacuate the house by the time you turn 18. I'm not too particularly keen on working when I can stay at home and study comfortably and try to get into med school, dentistry, or pharmacy or some other Asian dream. Get scholarships, pay as little as I need to for uni, volunteer here and there, what's wrong with that? You realize that I'm going to repay the entirety of whatever financial dependence I had with my parents later on right?

If I want to work in trades or something that's employable quickly, then yea moving out makes the most sense. Get a job, live from paycheck to paycheck. Completely goes against my culture, but who cares about that. But no. Why? What's the point other than just that extra bit of freedom and a facade of responsibility? I'll move out when I can financially support myself and give back to my family, thank you very much.

Nothing wrong with that user. 27 here and still living with parents. Saving most money and trying to get some kind of foundation made for myself so I can live fairly comfortably when I move out.

Just graduated school too so there is that. I do plan to live with them while I'm working full time mostly just to save money.
(and maintain my current hobbies)

>that extra bit of freedom and a facade of responsibility?

You're asking anonymous people on the internet on how to pirate an obscure book that you could buy freely for the price of a lunch because you can't choose your own literature or what you do with your money. I wouldn't call being able to decide what goes into your mind "a little freedom."

Are you that scared of real life that you'd rather have your parents dictate your whole life at a time where you should be taking your own decisions and having your own experiences? No one dies regretting not doing more with their lives than what their parents told them in their salad years, I assure you.

If your parents expected you to pay them back they wouldn't have bumped uglies and popped you out in the first place, you will always be an expense on them, which they hopefully planned beforehand.

By the time I was 18 I had a job, a car, a girlfriend, picked the career choice I wanted for myself, read any book I wanted, listened to who and what I wanted, and visited my mom on Sundays for lunch.

What do you have to show for your 18+ years of life? A life of meekness and submission?

Exactly. When I move out, I want to do it when I have a stable job, have some cash, and can pay back my parents easily with no worries. Enough to enjoy hobbies and life.

Better than moving out, screwing up your life, then crawling back to your parents and living in their basement again. Doesn't make you any less of a person to do either.

Wow you must be the pinnacle of perfection huh?
You know, life doesn't revolve around being able to do exactly what you want to do.

And you're implying I have no other hobbies or have done anything with my life other than read manga/LN or watch anime. I'm perfectly content with the things I've done in my life, even if its not to your standards of 'whats good'. If I like to volunteer with school projects or in the community while under the roof of my parents so what? Just because a person don't have a car or a job out of high school doesn't mean they're a failure.

Besides, not getting to read the Monogatari series probably isn't something I'll regret for the rest of my life. Its not like I'm completely constricted in what I can or cannot do. Not being able to get a copy of Kizu is one of the only things I haven't been able to freely want to do. I have very little interest in other things.

There are even official translations? I only find any monogatari series in japanese, and you know, i cant read japanese.

Kizumonogatari is available on Amazon, part of Bakemonogatari will be available in Devember.

I'm just picturing you with your hand over your mouth looking over your shoulders to see if your parents aren't following you and whispering to yourself "Oh my, how completely dashing, I would never be allowed to do that!" as Araragi goes out at night to buy porn mags.

The three parts will be available in December, February and April. They're getting this stuff out fast since it'll have been a year since Kizu.

oh, I didn't know about the other two parts.

time to preorder

lol and you'd be mistaken.

I do have a decent amount of freedom to do what I want. Otherwise I won't on Cred Forums right now. Anything digital I usually have complete free reign over since I'm the only tech literate person in my house.

Its just getting a physical book creates problems. Its honestly won't even be that big of a deal if I did get it, but I just want to avoid having to deal with talking about it. Actually buying things through Amazon and having it delivered is a pretty big deal for my family. If I could get it from the library, it won't be too bad. Except the library doesn't have it.

kind of an offtopic question

all these names confuse me, which light novel do i start with if i wanna read the series?

You'd probably start with Kizu, even though Bake was released first. Kizu then Bake, the Nise.

much appreciated, thanks user

I started typing an epub for Kizu but got lazy, sorry OP


When you say type, you mean to say you manually put every word in? That's hardcore bruh. I can see why you quit lol.

I'm just surprised I can't find the scans. An official book this popular, surely someone must sacrificed one for the sake of archiving/scans.

>monogatari localization is going in story order

Thank fucking god.

dude its a book with no pictures and the cover isnt even lewd, should be no problem unless your parents are isis or amish or youre really under aged

just admit youre poor.

>Kizu II screenings soon