She may get a cold at this rate

She may get a cold at this rate.

Quick! do something!

Insert dick


I turned the heater on, she's gonna be fine

Unzips dick

Time to turn 360 degree then walk away.


I hear semen blankets are warm

spotted the degenerates

My house actually has proper insulation and central heating so she may keep sleeping.

>Act fatherly to the loli
>Act kind and protective
>But drop subtle hints of attraction here and there
>Subtly tease the loli with my body as she grows up
>By the time she's old enough she can't get enough of your dick

This is how you do it faggots.

Warm her up with hot semen.

I gave her a blanket

How much would you spend?

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Grab my belt and proceed to hit her as i yell at her what are you trying to catch a cold you got school tomorrow put on some damn clothes i wont have you dressed like some cheap whore in my house as i proceed to sit down and chug a beer. ( my parents thought me that one)

she'll be fine, if anything, she make get heat stroke, japan is hot that time of year.

>This thread


handjob is underrated as fuck

0$. I don't like child prostitution and you shall be ashamed of doign this.
[x] Take her in my home and educate her properly.

Why, I can do that to myself for free

Pretty much this.

oh, so it's all an act? you don't actually care for loli?

This user. He's husbando material right here.

It would be an act at first but then I'd grow to love her for real.

That's a lot of kisses.

Uh, I'm not sure they're for kisses.

>>By the time she's old enough she can't get enough of your dick
>By the times she's old
What's the point then?

4 kisses

you're alright

I'd make her docile, like a winter catfish

Tell her she can have a blanket, but first she has to eat a bowl of eggs.

How much to cuddle and headpat?

kill her