Why are lolis so verboten?

Why are lolis so verboten?

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i wanna lick that cunny

I'd like on Tomoka shake, please.

We're down to the top 8.
Soon we'll see who the cutest loli ever really is!

This time there are captchas on each poll, to discourage tampering with the results.

>Kafuu Chino vs. Sharo Kirima

>Mashiro Mitsumine vs. Illyasviel von Einzbern

>Furude Rika vs. Shinobu Oshino

>Kinomoto Sakura vs. Koiwai Yotsuba

>Flandre and Remilia both lost in the same round
Well, at least they can't make fun of eachother now.

Flan vs Remi would have been interesting. They have both beaten each other in popularity polls in the past. But Illya and Mashiro are too strong for 2hus on Cred Forums.

>This time there are captchas on each poll, to discourage tampering with the results.

This is of course a step in the right direction, but does a captcha really help with proxy voting? I wouldn't mind typing a few extra words for my waifu.

I don't think of sharo as a loli though

What is the custest outfit for a loli and why is it a wedding dress?

What clothing company would actually make a loli wedding dress?


It's just a fluffy white dress. Plenty of those around.

why does loli grow the mustache

thank you onii-chan

what? it looks fake

To drink beer at the bar.

Why wouldn't companies make them? What else will lolis wear when they get married.

>Sakura vs Yotsuba
That ain't fair mate

obasans don't want the competion

>yotsuba and sakura in the same bracket
>mashiro and ilya in the same bracket
Oshino and chino get further than they deserve to be

Should be
mashiro vs chino
ilya vs kirima
yotsuba vs rika
sakura vs oshino

Rin's hair is adorable. Must be a pain to wash every morning, though.

The only thing a loli should wear on her wedding day is the wedding ring.

You can get wedding dresses for little girls, though they're usually just costumes and aren't of high quality. You can always get them custom made.

Why would you want your loli to be naked in front of all your friends and family?

Purity in front of God.

This has become a contest for loli semen demons.
Logical choice is to vote out Yotsuba.

Wouldn't she be embarrased?

Why would a loli be embarrassed doing something she normally does every day?

Never change Cred Forums. Never change.

Sakura is the only logical choice.

Can't wait for her new anime. She's super-cuddleable.

You normally parade your loli around naked in front of people?

You don't?
I usually just carry her on my shoulders because I don't want her feet to get dirty.

No, I don't. Most people don't. I have no idea where you would get the idea that that is normal.

Maybe he lives in a beach community or nudist resort?

A Halal Snackbar one.

When is the next round gonna be?

>Sad Flan
Now I just feel bad even though I voted for her.
>Rika actually beating Shinobu
Well that's a surprise.

It's probably that no named poster or the other rikafag making sure their waifu wins.


Eternal lolis are the best.


My wife with the popsicle in her mouth.



Who is this professional cuddle connoisseur?

yeah my Popsicle.


Ooooh, I like this subtle NTR.

gochiusa fags are the worst

I'm pretty sure lolis are illegal on Cred Forums/neofag now.


Loli is forever.


>Illya winning
All according to keikaku

>loli threads keep getting deleted
>but , a thread for the same sort of thing but dedicated to old hag characters, has been there since before all of them got deleted
Looks like we really got another retarded mod.
Remember to report this in the feedback form.

Illya's eyes and butt are adorable. I love that art style.

You have been granted the opportunity to have your very own loli, however she requires semen to stay in our reality.

You or another man must ejaculate inside her N times per week, where N is the number of weeks she has existed in our realm, otherwise she will starve to a very painful death. Do you accept?

>it only took 2 rounds to eliminate all the actually cute lolis. except Mashiro-tan and Yotsuba

Sasuga Cred Forums

I told you guys this thing would result in pain for everyone.


inb4 Illya vs Yotsuba

It's going to be Sakura vs Chino in the last round and Sakura will win even though she isn't cute.

I guarantee it


It's their tempting, beatable midriffs.


>Matsuri Sakuragi vs. Sherlock Shellingford
>Kokonoe Rin vs. Akari Akaza
>Miyu Edelfelt vs. Mari Funami
>Miyauchi Renge vs. Kate Hoshimiya

>Taiga Aisaka vs. Akechi Kokoro
>Last Order vs. Kobato Hasegawa
>Chloe von Einzbern vs. Kiki
>Inuzuka Tsumugi vs. Miuna Shiodome

It's the fault of all the spic nostalgia fags that inhabit Cred Forums.

Yotsuba clearly wins. She has home team advantage being on Cred Forums.

Super cute.


Who's the fucking proxyfag that keeps voting for Sharo.

why can't it be me?


Beako says she needs more Betty, I suppose.

illya is 18 she is NOT a loli

>her new anime.
Excuse me?

age has nothing to do with loli.

Just look at 2hus

But Shinobu won her poll.

>you will never watch a loli tinkle on the carpet because she didn't know it was happening

>post this
>rika gets five votes instantly
>voting rate is one every 4 minutes

One more I suppose.

When that image was made, Rika was slightly winning.

And, alternatively, even if age had something to do with it, Prisma Illya is 10 - not 18.

>it takes 15 minutes for the next vote
Yeah. It's getting proxied.

I will be EXTREMELY dissapointed if the winner isn't either Yotsuba or Illya. They are OG as fuck when it comes to Cred Forums.

because feminism won

The semen demon is not there though.

Fuck William Thomas Stead

And he is doing good everyone has recieved more votes than they should anyway so he doesn't need to hide anything. Ika only got so far thanks to those kind of votes as well.

>ugliest loli Renge losing on first round
Like poetry