How many times have you fapped to Berserk?


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Not enough.

Fapped to Silat once, I'm not gay though.

just once



Why did Donovan go full nude?

user I...

That's okay. I fap to trap hentai and I'm not gay

I'm actually bi
and a girl
and a trap

Griffith raping Casca was pretty hot, to be honest.

I lost it at the cult cave

For me it was Slan. Don't tell me you wouldn't trade your soul for a night with her

After that it was the time Farnese was getting off to her fucked up shit

I love fapping to the troll rape orgy always get me hard as iron.

Do I have a problem ?

>Rape horse
>That weird birth machine where the slave women got knocked up or something
I feel like an edgy teenager, but as long as you balance it out with kissing and handh*lding, it's okay, right?

Once or twice when I was younger

Berserk has been going on for too long

And that one time the senile king tried to rape his daughter. Good times.

Its much hotter to fuck someone when both of you are completely naked. Its so much more animalistic.

Shit, I forgot how much guts actually believed in and was loyal to gambino.

Somebody needs to translate Patapata Rosine.

Never have
Obviously gotten hard a couple times but that's it

The first time i saw that loli ass my Dick almost exploded

>Farnese was getting off to her fucked up shit

Farnese hasn't been getting off lately like she was earlier in the series :(

I wish I was there fucking some dirty peasant cultist slut

How? Do you have the boipucci?

Whenever I decide to read the eclipse again.

Miura should draw doujins. Idolmaster doujins

Why does everyone worship this manga when all it appears to be from an outsider's perspective is an orgy of edgy sexual violence? Convince me to read this.

>Convince me to read this.

It's probably the greatest revenge story ever. I've never read a manga like it.

If you're into Game Of Thrones, you might be into it. There's a lot of creatures, violence, and sex.

The edge gets overplayed somewhat by the fan. Make no mistake, it has always been around, but it has also been intermixed with some off-beat comedy. More important than the edge or humor is the building of Guts as a character and his journey.

This may be an odd comparison but lets take Monster: Just like how Tenma is trying to decide if he actually wants/should kill Johan, Guts also has various recurring questions through the series.

Your politeness in responding to me without contention persuades me more than anything. I'll give it a shot and see how I like it. Monster is one of my favorite manga.


That part actually made me kinda queasy...

This; I'd like to know what she said to that guy at the end.

Everything but that panel

not much at all

including that panel.

Many MANY times.

I miss angry/domineering Farnese...

it's good manga but not for fap

When will Farnese get BERSERKED??

This was insanely hot, also the eclipse.

Guts still loves and respects the man even after everything.


It's impossible not to...

Miura put the @ down and get back into the art dungeon.

Wow. Guts is a very compassionate lover despite hating being touched.

A few times.

Bless all the bush in Berserk

never it's too melodramatic for me to getinto the mood

Love all the rape, mostly because Miura makes it look like the girls are all not-so secretly enjoying it. Fucking whores.

I want to get raped by Griffith. No homo.

What the fuck is up with her hands? Maybe I'm going crazy, but her hands don't look right

thats a big horse

Any more of this?

When Guts realizes that his Casca won't be coming back. It'll be more of a pity fuck, like Griffith/Charlottes.

When guts fucks casca and when fernese was shlicking

Not yet. Saving my loads for Casca, Farnese, and Schierke getting raped in Casca's dream

>It's probably the greatest revenge story ever. I've never read a manga like it.

But no one has got revenge, how can you call it a good revenge story?

delet this

>mfw Casca then actually does regain her memories only to find Guts balls deep in Farny

>But no one has got revenge
That's what is so great about it, because the story is so built up that you can feel the rageful journey that Guts has gone through in order to seek revenge...

Technicality, if you want to pick it apart, Griffith got revenge for Guts leaving him... Plus the manga isn't finished yet, so we don't know what's gonna happen yet

I got hard looking at Casca's pubic hair when her and Guts made love, and when she got raped but I've never jacked my dick to Berserk.

I've jacked my heart to Schierke though.

The Wyald scenes are good


Just terrible.

Hey, I was just thinking of making a Berserk thread. I was rereading it, and, in your opinion, is the Black Swordsman arc shitty? I know it's the very first page and all, but I feel like Guts fucking anything besides Casca, let alone an apostle, is way out of character. It's a lot harder to get through than the first time I read it, because I know everything else is so much better.

>Bless all the bush in Berserk
This. A thousand times

I fap to berserk but for all the wrong reasons

Someone post the orgy the Count's wife was in.


Man, I felt bad for the count. Poor guy.

you a guro fag?

Imagine the art on those idolm@ster doujins.

I'd like to think Miura draws them and keeps a secret stash for himself and probably release them when he not around.

I'm imagining something like this but Chihaya instead of Mika

When does Black Swordsman even take place?

A few years after Golden Age.

Fapping to best boy redeems you user.

It is rare for an art style to be able to capture realism and moe.

Why are there so many Schierke doujins when Farny is in this series.

Also, Berserk thread? Guys please criticize my WIP Berserker armor model. Shit on it, any detail that seems weird or wrong, anything that seems disproportionate, please tell it to me as rudely as you want.

It's for 3D printing, so that's why I'm going for maximum detail.

That's because it changes over time and the current style looks nothing like the original one.

How many loads do you think Donovan blew in his ass before he was finished?

berserk in a nut shell

what flavour do you think shierke's ass is?

>hating gangbang NTR


How many breads have you eaten in your life?

>6 month long edge

tsunamis mah nigga



I've enthusiastically eaten ass and it honestly doesn't really have a flavor.


Even if the girl took a shit and washed her butthole, if you spread her anus open it still smells.

Your girl must've douched hella times.

Oh, yes, there's always the hint of a familiar odor, but there's no taste on your tongue.


I've got wood, man.

Why do I have a wood on this kind of stuff?



I was mildly traumatized by this scene when I first read it all those years ago

It's funny and kind of worrying how nonplussed I am by it now

Farnese, lots of times.

A few times to the troll gangbangs and Wyald+Casca


This is amusing to me because Femto's armor is based on that of the Phantom of the Paradise, who watches in shrieking horror as his nemesis makes love to his crush from a window looking down on his bed. Dude tries to kill himself out of grief. Intentional irony here, maybe.

griffith fucking the princess was hot

Jesus. I avoided those movies, I'm glad I did that animation is terrible.

Griffith was thinking about Guts while going at it and break down after he's done though.

Dude hates every moments of it.


Is this the only time Griffith ever had sex with a woman?

nah, Casca was

>Why are there so many Schierke doujins when Farny is in this series.

This so hard. I don't understand why there's no BDSM themed doujin of her.

Not only was this one of the few times he had hetero sex, it was also one of the few times he was a top.

>animation is terrible

Thats a good 2D scene. What ridiculous standards do you have?

You can't tell that 3D is being used there?

I don't get it. Why did he chop it like that? He could have used the edge of the blade.

Damn the movies were pretty good with the sex scenes.

For what a few seconds? Most of it is 2D and even the CG with the monsters is somewhat subtle which makes it not bad unlike the shit in the 2016 anime.

everyone is forgetting casca?



>that whole scene
Now both my heart and dick have begun to beat

only to this picture

I don't know, it looks good to me - you'll smash and scratch it a bit after you make it, right? It would look too "perfect" otherwise.

Ubik is still the best God Hand

>i'm a horny motherfucker with no self control

So am I, but jesus, I wouldn't start fapping to berserk. I never did.


Why was Wyald never in the original anime? It would have been 10x better

same, berserk is way to grimdark

That wasn't Griffith, it was Femto.

Guts called him Griffith and Casca recognizes him as Griffith, it's Griffith

>she opened her mouth to accept Femto

What did she mean by that?

>mfw every time I read the Tower of Conviction torture scene with the breast rippers

I always wondered if it was consensual or not?

Maybe well find out when her memory comes back...

>I always wondered if it was consensual or not?
It wasn't consensual, movies made this scene way more erotic that it should have been

Reminder she's like 15.

Meant to type than


With what torque?

Add some of these nuts that are on the side of the helmet. Otherwise, looks fantastic.

one for each silver coin


Thought Guts and Casca lost their virginity together.

buttrape doesn't count

i'll be honest, i haven't read berserk in a very long time.. is it worth catching up right now? from what i gather not much is really happening(?) so i may find myself generally unsatisfied with how things may be unresolved

>I'm not going to say where I left off should I start reading again?

same, didn't help that the ritual involved drinking baby stew

it's on the order of years (right around miura idolmaster), so i'd have to spend some time sifting through chapters to find where i last specifically left off

So you have 10 chapters to read.


because too many japs love the idea of fucking children

And you're saying other people don't?

alright alright alright

best jew

if you have the urge to fuck kids then you are japanese, no questions asked


Am I late for the rape party?

go back to your ramen stand you kid diddler

Kill yourself.

You're seriously rendering first impressions as illustrative of the overall quality of any work? Are you fucking stupid?

The movies are not canon

I feel like the edges of the "jaws" aren't pronounced enough but I'm not sure if it's enough of a complaint to adjust.

>that part where Griffith comes out of the egg
>those noises of his leathery armor stretching

Is that the only canon lewd Shierke?

Not enough time, I guess. It's fairly long and not entirely necessary, also low budget.


He's not wrong, you know.
You might have the J(ap) Chromosome.

>miura can draw naked schierke whenever he wants

what a cutie

At the start it's like Devilman crossed with that Paul Verhoeven movie 'Flesh+Blood.'

Now it's mostly just boatrides and memes but we're all in too deep to stop.

Wow. Berserk is a big guy.

>guts, please a bit gentler
>nah bitch, face the tree

Once or twice to the troll rape scenes. Lots more to art of slan tho

make the lower jaw a bit shorter, looks like it has prognathism
the eyes seem wrong, they should be wider and more slanted
make the edges and points (like the point on the glabella or the edges around the jaw) protrude more
make all the teeth larger but the cuspids even more so

But Farnese is more than balls deep in Casca right now.

no one's stopping you from making it

I need to sniff that kid witch butt.

I always imagined Farnese seducing Guts with a love potion and Casca finding out, uses the Beheilt to sacrifice Gut's Party then cucks Guts again by demon raping Farnese.

He's trying to say his dick is so huge that the rape will feel like she's having sex for the first time again.