One Piece

It's pretty amazing how well sanji turned out considering his initial upbringing.

I guess zeff was just that great of a father? kind of a shame he's not in this arc despite technically playing such a major role.

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Pudding is cute.

When are they gonna reveal that Zeff was the cook on Roger's ship?

Her true form is better.

Didn't his crew get wrecked in Grand Line? Someone who used to belong to the Pirate King's crew can't possibly be that weak.

No. They sailed it for a while but then returned to East Blue so Zeff could retire and open his restaurant.

Zeff never said he got wrecked. He was actually pretty famous. Even a shitter like Don Krieg heard of him.

What the fuck is the deal with royals in this series? They're either complete saints (Alabasta, Dresrossa) or absolute cunts (Drum, Germa)

he wasn't

nice trips though

Stop bumping the guy that makes them before bump limit

user not every old pirate was with roger

Crocus was.

Fuck off reiju-shitter


Wait kid sanji was actually shown smoking?

I thought they had censorship laws against that

Why ? Their censor ship is different then ours

That's for anime, doesn't apply to manga I think?

Also, that panel is literally almost 20 years old by now, things change.

Will be canon soon

Neptune and Elizabelio are kinda middle ground

This is already canon.
How mad?
I know you will because you just got triggered.
Stay mad

That's just how it is and I old likes to show the difference by making the bad ones ugly

How were they middle ground? They seem like nice guys.

>he's already engaged to her
>she isn't a slur
>ods didn't say he wouldn't be shipping the crewmembers

Stay delusional SANAfag



yes but they would resort to use the army when necessary, unlike the ultra pacifist Cobra and Riku
Neptune even segregated Hody and co in a ghetto instead of integrating them

"spoilers" are out on

most likely the regularly scheduled fake ones but

nami uses shower tempo to melt the biscuit soldiers

luffy defeats cracker with bazooka one-hit KO

nami threatens homies to tie up cracker

cracker asks pound why he teamed up with luffy

cracker talks about lola, apparently they got along well

Zeff was captain of his crew though. We've not heard about Roger having sub-crews like WB


Fake as fuck

>nothing happens chapter
Hmm Idk, it sounds kinda Real to me.


>nami being useful
blatantly fake

Oohhh good point.

Sounds like a fanfic so is definitely fake.
Also real spoilers come out around noon in japan.
They posted that 2 hours ago. Nips were sleeping at that time.
You dumb fuck



Nami could solo Kaido.

user you sound like you're starting to losing it

>they come out at noon
You do Realize that today is Monday right? You don't need the time of day to know that they weren't released yet.


we're getting early spoilers/chapter user-kun



I can believe this.

>we're getting spoilers early
OK which usually comes out sometime around Tuesday

Beige is going to poison the wedding cake, and try to frame it on Germa, hoping it will kill a lot of his in-laws if not Big Mam herself and take control of her organization.
Germa will try to kill Sanji because they think he tried to fuck it up.
Luffy and Judge each defeat a Sweet Commander.
Beige'll try to use Pandora's box to powerup and take control and be foiled by the bomb.
Reiju will save the rest from the poison.
Big Mam let's them all go, including Jinbei, out of respect for saving them.
Yonji marries Pudding.



>capone poisoning the cake
>lola sister letting all of her family die
>reiju saves every
>BM let's everyone go
>yonji still marries pudding
this just screams SANAfag delusion.

>triggered LuNafag detected



Robin's pre-timeskip design was superior and when in God's name is Crocodile coming back, for fuck's sake

His personality was at its worst in Marineford, so hopefully not until the final arc

Skypiea Robin is best Robin

>you're triggered because you pointed out my delusional fanfic
Even further proof you're a SANAfag

More please. Keep dumping.
I love her and Reiju

Thats the defacto "I'm going to die" face.

>triggered LuNafag spotted


Normally I'd agree but they actually had the correct spoilers for 841 up way before Yonko or Sandman posted theirs IIRC.

Is this a meme now? You said the same thing last time. But you are wrong. They posted fake last week.
They posted the real ones at 11 p.m CT

That just proves that all SANAfags are delusional.

So far it's the only civilization confirmed to have fought on the side of the 'Great Kingdom' that Clover talks about, in the war against the proto-WG (Wano was probably on their side too)
It will surely come back in the void century tellings

Robin is no girl. She's a WOMAN. A woman of class and sophistication.

Not as delusional as you lunafag. :)

Will Sanji develop Conqueror's Haki so he can knock out the Germa Troops and have a true one-on-one fight with his father?

When did Oda say Zeff wouldn't appear to see Sanji get married?

>its amazing how well this manga character turned out, even though the author wrote him a tragic back story

nooo waaaay

>this actually would prevent that kind of shit from stopping him
Nice catch user.

To be fair Oda does take the past of a character into consideration.

Moria, for example. And you know, the whole changing people thing Luffy does by smashing their dream.

What makes you say that? I thought his personality was consistent

>Oda spends 5 seconds on Momji's design
Thanks sensei

Atleast he took 5 secs.
When he drew pudding he was taking a shit and drew it just like his turd.

It makes sense that a memory of 20 years ago wouldn't be as vivid as what you're looking at in the moment.

I'm sorry bro but the nothing happens spoilers are real

>I'm funny xDDDD

They fucking look the same


i'm here from the year 2020 to bring you the spoilers to the conclusion of luffy vs kaido.

open at your own discretion.


>Yeah, either the Reverie or as the Germa new Commander if she finally sides with the SH.
How would you guys feel if the Germa army was allied to the SHs in the final war? Do you see it happening?

>I'm funny xDDDD

Fujitora sent him into space? I feel like he would be able to do it tbf

Not really, you need to stop copying people's memes.
You copied the Cedar one. And now this one from that other faggot.
How sad are you?

>cracker talks about Lola, they used to be close.
Thought it was fake until this confirmed the spoilers are real.

This is why I only read One Piece arc by arc when I'm informed that an arc has finished. Weekly chapters where "nothing happens" are soul-crushing.

>Kaido is Doomsday.
In some ways this makes sense, if you ignore the rules of the OPverse.

In the opverse, it's canon that Luck > Curse.

Zoro once tested his luck vs a the curse of a famous sword.

Zoro is immune to curses. Kaido is fucked.

Hell, if Kaido picks up a cursed sword he'd probably die an accidental death.

>cracker defeated
>broken overpowered Cracker might help the strawhats in some way now.

>nothing happens.

>retard of the thread
The are fake Jim

It's definitely happening user, like it or not. It's so obvious that Sanji's family loves him.

They sent him away so he didn't have to fight wars. They were assholes to him so he wouldn't feel guilt for leaving.

They were trying to bait him to leave the whole time.

Dadji wants Sanji to take over as the main boss of Germa 66. He wants Sanji to forcibly do it, per tradition.


>I am especially pissed how Oda changed Zoro. No struggle, 0. No blood loss, nothing, no improvement to another level during fighting.
Just wait for his fight with the Shogun user.

>calls user retard
>can't form a sentence

In other pirate news, what did you all think of the trailer for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie?

So when's my main man Moriah getting a chance for his revenge on Kaidou?

It's pretty much confirmed Zeff will be showing up in this arc. But until then Sanji will continue being a little bitch / punching bag for his dad and brothers. Will probably be forced to fight Luffy at some point too.

salazar seems to use tar as toothpaste

wano arc


It's already Tuesday in Japan and other countries that matter.

Real spoilers will be out in about 4 hours

In really want Wano to be exactly like the Boss Luffy special, but I feel with Kaido and the Shogun present the stakes will be way too high.

Where's your proof

Wouldn't mind at all, honestly. Luffy already has a ton of allies, so another army will just add to that.

>Do you see it happening?
If Dadji and the Brojis get BTFO and Germa ends up swearing alliegance to Sanji because he 'freed' them or something, it's a given. If Reiju ends up taking over, it could go either way.

>It's pretty much confirmed Zeff will be showing up in this arc
You think? He was shown not long ago at Baratie reacting to Sanji's poster. It'd be cool but I doubt he'll have the freedom or even ability to make it that far at his age.

>Zoro is immune to curses
You don't think the "demonic presence" everyone notices and mentions when they fight Zoro or see him fight is his sword taking possession of him?

We'll get a pic of him having kicked some nameless assassins' asses that the germa sent after him.

Idk why but I have the feeling that the shogun will be a Spandam like character, politically powerful and cunningly evil but very weak strenght wise and a coward
If that turns out to be true I can see Momo defeating him

I don't know user, typically the Shogun is the leader of fighters and are typically a good fighter themselves aren't they? I feel like if Kaido has chosen not to get rid of him he'd need some physical power as well as political.

Yes, the shogun is a military leader so I guess it makes sense for him to be strong and he probably will be, it's just a gut feeling I have

>kind of a shame he's not in this arc despite technically playing such a major role.
I bet he will show up, charm Mom with his cuisine, and beat the crap out of Sanji's father after revealing that he was NW Big Shot back in the day.

Why do they even bother? It's the same fake ass shit every single week. I can't believe people actually give them clicks to see what bullshit they imagined this time

can someone post the blackbeard pacha edit?

Real spoilers hurry up

I really expected it to say Ura Faget

You know if he ever comes back, it'll be to reveal he was in Roger's crew, I'd rather he stay in cover stories only and remain an important early character that wasn't tainted by later revisions

I found it surprising how much they actually do consult oda when it comes to the anime

Shanks, Buggy, pretty much everyone on his crew could have been a captain after his death from what we've seen so far, as they were the two weakest

>caring about the anime

o fugg tequila wolf robin ebin

shes a bimbo since her only exercised quality is her looks

Robin is archeologist with over 20 years of experience in her field, pleb.

Have you even been alive for 20 years?

>chest exposed
Is Robin a slut?

When is the last time she's used that knowledge?

More importantly, if she's never had sex before but used her fruit to make an extra pussy on a wall and you fucked that pussy would she still be a virgin?

Do you know how archeology works? She's researching the Void Century and working on getting her findings printed in a credible publication.

She's a proper historian, so she can't just put her findings on the internet willy nilly.

Well it seems like the ability to read Poneglyphs is important to get to Raftel

It would explain how nobody's claimed to have gone there since Roger.

user plz no

I know Raftel isn't in outer space but I'd be so fucking pumped for that theory if we didn't know it wasn't true.

raftel is reached by heading to an underwater island with an inverse knock up stream

Raftel can't be in space, that's where Fairy Vearth is

Nice trips but not worth considering. Robin is used goods.

Name a girl in one piece that's isn't used goods

I concur

>name one girl who isn't used goods in the series
That's easy

Miss Goldenweek

Shirahoshi was locked in a tower for a decade

I'm gar for Sanji.

Tashigi had a man inside her

Oh nvm then

Well ugly girls dont count. Of course no one will touch them. Even then her brother fucked her I bet
They all got fucked
She fucked the shark

>S-she's ugly
Sure she SANAfag

I do the same with the anime. I read OP, but still like to watch the anime, despite the massive quality dorp after Water 7. It pretty much officialy went to shit when the series went 6:9 """""HD"""""

One I hear an arc is finished, I marathon that shit.


Sounds like bullshit, but I believe it.

They are fake. They changed them already

Well shiiiit I do now

To what?

The fight keeps going.
Big mom calls cracker and tells him why is he struggling.
Cracker sweats like a lot.
And idk the rest.

Viz when

Last thread

even better the amount of salt that judge would feel over his worst son getting conqueror haki after ditching him like trash would leave him mentally scarred for life.

CoC has to be inherited I think

They never outright say that, though Garp and other characters remarked on how Luffy inherited his

CoC is basically overpowering other people's will through your own so I took that to mean only some people have wills powerful enough for that rather than it being some sort of hereditary ability

They changed them again. This one seems legit.

>luffy needs Nami's help to defeat cracker
Will this faggot ever win a fight 1 on 1?
Luffyfags epic BTFO

Probably not for a while.
If he doesn't 1v1 Cracker, then his next fight will likely be Kaido which will be with at least 3 people, so maybe in a few years.

>how is he letting his crew kick his ass for almost every reckless thing he does?

>Nami wets the biscuits
>Nami yells Luffy appetite is infinite because he will be pirate king
>everyone looks surprised
>mirror world: Chopper and carrot are running form brulee
>Reiju heals Sanji wounds. They talk
>through Vinsmokes leave for the party
>Luffy turns to gear 4 "tank man"
>cracker attacks him but it doesnt work
>Luffy "canon ball" cracker and defeats him
>break next week

>>break next week
It's legit.

>mirror world: Chopper and carrot are running form brulee

Last time I checked they were shackled. How are they running?

They each had a ball and chain on their leg. They could still run.

>gear 4:tank man
not gear 5:blubber man?

Gear 5 will be when he turns into a gorilla man and then condenses that strength and it makes him look normal but be a lot harder.

>he needed help again.

>Nami helped Luffy
Well no one will be a jobber if they always had someone to help.
First law and now Nami.
What a hack

Chapter 842 The power of a full stomach

Luffy could devour the biscuit soldiers because Nami made them softer with rain.

Luffy's stomach is full and he is at its limits. More biscuit soldiers charge him, but Nami makes them softer with rain right away.

Nami: "I don't know or care if you are on the side of a Yonko or whatever! Luffy is the man who will become the Pirate King!"

Nami: "Which means! There's no limit to his appetite either!"

Luffy: "Eh!?"

Everyone is surprised by Nami's words. Luffy pushes on eating without thinking anymore.

Scene change, in the mirror world Bropper and the others are running from Brulee

Scene change again, Reiju is tending to Sanji's wounds.

Reiju asks Sanji where he learnt that "way of the gentleman"

Sanji remembers the harsh training received from Zeff.

All relatives leave for Whole Cake castle for the engagement ceremony.

Back to Temptation Woods

Luffy, with his stomach full, goes into Gear 4

Luffy: "Tankman!"

Cracker attacks Luffy, but the sword is absorbed by Tankman's soft stomach instead of piercing it

Like that, Cracker's upper body gets "swallowed" by Luffy's stomach folds

Luffy "I'll blow you to the ends of the New World! Cannonball!"

The half swallowed Cracker is blown away by the stomach's strength.

The bloody Cracker crashes onto the (not wet) biscuit soldiers behind, and flies far away while crashing through them.

OP is on break next week

So it takes Kong Gun to break Cracker's armor, but Luffy can just bite threw it?

>Luffy getting help again spoilers are real

>Everyone is surprised by Nami's words. Luffy pushes on eating without thinking anymore.
this made me laugh

LuffyxNami confirmed

I've been the user saying boundman is the only form for Gear 4. I even made a collage for boundman. Ah man.

enough to post this 30 year old slut

Is not a real form though.
He just called it that because he is fat. That's what I got from the spoilers.


Robin is no girl. She's a SLUT.
What do you think, when she lost her virginity? 9 years? 10 years?

Only when it's wet.

Nice tumblr pictures

>Regulars posting the same shit over and over in every thread.
>Tumblr images ahoy
>Western fan art

Fucking nuke these generals and delete all OP threads unless a new chapter is out already. This is why you can't let shounen manga have regular threads.

>implying she wasn't taking scholar dicks since 3

With her DF she probably can grow an hymen everytime she get penetrated, each time feels like the first time


>loses a limb
>regrows it with her DF
Oda hates exploring the potential of her power, doesn't he?

I want to cum inside the bunny

Dude... I wouldn't be mad but it is cheap since tankman would've the same effect than boundman but only better.

I must have forgotten all those times Robin didn't have to constantly concentrate to grow, move, and keep existing her sprouted limbs

She can't grow a limb she doesn't have. Why do you think she's never grown a dick?

source on this
nothing's been posted on AP yet

>implying she can't grow a dick out of clits for maximum pleasure
Step it up, senpai!

onepiece-naruto I assume.

A dick made of clits is not an actual dick. Read an anatomy book, you fucking moron.

Could vegapunk be a main villian in his own arc? It seems as the story goes on he becomes more and more relevant to current events and we seen all of the yonkous faced but we still havent seen vega's for sone reason...

>an actual dick
Her wings aren't actual wings either, read an ornithology book you dindalinger.

I think Oda said somewhere that ahe can spout a dick & make it pee or at least boobies everywhere.

Sentoumaru used to be his bodyguard, but then became a marine. Does that mean Vegapunk's got something better now?

>Implying giant legs made out tiny legs are real legs.

>Implying she wouldn't orgasm with her dickclit

> Implying you wouldn't orgasm with her dickclit in your ass

Couldn't Robin just make fingers like out on the inside of her anus and vagina? And just massage and poke the everywhere?

Maybe vegapunk became a powerhouse after the time skip by augmenting him self with his own tech and inventions that only he knows about/has access to? Tech that would put all that we've seen in the series so far to shame.

If Vegapunk was a powerhouse, the government couldn't keep him in check and making superweapons for them.

Post the collage?

What the fuck are you even trying to say?

Eastern fanart looks lifeless and mass-produced. Western has so much more of a heart when it's not Tumblr bullshit.

>it's almost 2017 and we still don't know what Vegapunk looks like

Yes, I agree

He's got a conehead if the silhouette of him talking to Caesar is any indication. Also he's got goggles and a mustache.

>lightspeed readers

Like i said earlier. He could make technology and augment himself with it without anyone else knowing. And even if the gov. Found out about it. Neither vegapunk or the world gov. Would do anything to stop eachother since they depend of eacthother for so much.

he also can make clones which explains the pacifistas so he probably has a secret clone stash of himself


it was a cowboy hat

even better the amount of salt from Zoro fags

Come on now, what kind of scientist would wear that?

Sanji isn't acctually judge's son though, he was just created like the other four children. Didn't we just read that in the latest chapter?

If you're going to do this, post the video link as well.

A cool one.

I loved that bit

Not only that. He can find a way to augment MULTIPLE pacifista With the piki piki no mi energy beam while kizaru is still alive with the fruit. Vegapunk is the biggest hack in one piece and if its reaveled that he didint save the best toys for himself i would be shocked and dissapointed

maybe I am confusing him with the other scientists

It's about using the right tool for the right job
you don't punch or kick food, you cut it and eat it

She can sprout an asshole in your mouth and shit down your throat.

I've never seen a cowboy scientist before. Could be fun and interesting if accurate.

Make your own crew, Cred Forums.

>Captain: Sakazuki
>First Mate: Buggy D Clown
>Navigator: Miss Goldenweek
>Cook: Lily Enstomach
>Shipwright: Enel
>Sharpshooter: Baby 5
>Doctor: Ceaser Clown
>Helmsman: Edward Weevil
>Lookout: Monet

They'd find One Piece in a week.

Oda said Devil Fruit users don't poop anymore, it's what makes Luffy's recurring question gag funny

>gigante mierda

Well not really everyone thinks wee had the confirmation that they are natural born with genetics modifications. For me it's still ambiguous.

yeah I am dumb and confused him with the other ones, he is goofy looking judging from the silhouette

>Sakazuki being with pirate scum
>Enel as shipwright

Is that actually true?

>Shipwright: Enel
probably the best Shipwright you could get that hasn't actually been to the sea in his life

>Ceaser did nothing wrong

>Implying Sakazuki wouldn't pretend to work with them just to get One Piece than kill them all after, thereby ending the Age of Pirates

As for Enel, the dude designed his own spaceship.

It is, I'm looking for the SBS number

>the dude designed his own spaceship.
I really doubt he did

I'm more likely to believe that he used the army of god to design it than some spoiled brat having the ability to design it himself

We've seen Magellan poop and Brook said he does


Why are you disappointed becuase Luffy needed help? WTF? He was weaker unable to beat Dofla with G4 because of his stamina, and Cracker is much stronger than that. Did you expect him to get so much stronger in such a short period of time? It allows weaker members to be more important and shows that they need teamwork. Luffy soloed countless people pre time-skip.

One Piece just hasn't been as good as it used to be since the timeskip. It's somehow gotten stale.

People are upset because Goku should be the world's strongest and be able to beat Freezer NOW! with his big lasor beams and all this talking is dumb why can't he just use rasengan and kill Freezer and be pirate king already?

Yeah. That's why they're upset.
You just got old, dude.

Drawing Robin lewds. Any requests?

For what a few weeks? Didn't he only go so far as to say 'you're fucked roger', after that roger went off to do the raftel thing, not everyone did the raftel thing.

Dominatrix Robin.

Just give her nice thighs and maybe some classy old school bush for me


With the introduction of Hakuba its obvious now that any swordsman with a mythic blade is possesed. Hence Zoro's Azura. Can't wait to see Mihawk, Shilliew and Vista's demon forms.

YonkouProductions posted the same spoiler on ArlongPark so it's confirmed

Crocus was the one who could read the ponyglyphs, Rayleigh says this in the archipelago. Given that you need to read four specific ponyglyphs to get to raftel in the first place, Crocus was with them all the way until Roger disbanded the crew

It doesn't seem to be pure hereditary. Luffy just has MC specialty heritage. Presumably Doffy's parents did no have CoC, the only other instance of family with it we've seen is Ace.

It's still all about a character having a gigantic ego thinking they are top shit.

>Nami wets the biscuits
So she does have a brain still.

Hopefully not because then Oda would give it to Zoro which is just unnecessary.



So other variable of Gear 4 theory confirm. G4 Woman and German when?

>break next week
But this part isn't real, right? Right?

Reiju is perfection

It's very real.

Is Pretzel stuck in the folds of luffy's fat? If dubs, yes.

>OP is on break next week

Must be legit

where the fuck did you get that Crocus read the stones? He was the doctor that tagged along to find Brook

So in the end Luffy wins the guy with the strongest haki he's ever faced by having a fat belly?

It's kinda normal, we didn't have breaks for 7 weeks in a row the other time.

Why not but every single important swordman has a meito. Actually only the Kitetsu line is said to be cursed.

>that 4 week break after marine ford
I almost killed myself

w-what about magellan guys?

Brook poops too, don't let this nonsense fool you.

What does Cavendish have?

A Meito (it's basically a named sword) but his sword is not ranked.

better than straight on power level fight that imitates dragon ball z

I was not implying there was anything wrong with it. It's great, it shows powerlevel fags that this is a silly series that they shouldn't be reading.

>zoro has the power of luck

meanwhile, acacia from toriko just ate midora's "gourmet luck", a conceptual power no less.

Post yfw Don Krieg shows up to help Zeff and the gang fend off Big Moms assassins

Just read that the cursed sword of Zoro is part of a line of three sword. They are all cursed and his current "Kitetsu" is actually the less powerfull of them. His sword is part of the 50 legendary swords (rank3), Kitetsu 2 is part of the 21 legendary swords (rank 2) same ranking as his two others swords and Kitetsu 1 is part of the 12 legendary swords (rank 1) same rank as Yoru the sword of Mihawk.

It's really interesting. I think he will get a new sword in Wano but i see him keeping Shusui and Wando Ichimonji till the end of the manga. He will probably just upgrade his Kitetsu and get a top ranked sword. But do you think he will get the ranked 1 directly in Wano?

Luffy confirmed for hack who can't even 1v1 a yonko commander

Reminder that literally everyone knows that and predicted nami would help

Last but not least, nothing happened: the spoilers.

>nothing happened
>another version of the gear 4

stupid hackposter

Don Krieg and Arlong are my favorite characters to joke about being new Straw Hats

I don't see him getting any new swords

Not even Kitetsu? There's a line of 12 Legendary sword, one of them owned by his rival. He would make sense for him to own one as well. And one of the 12 sword is just the upgraded version of one of his current sword, for me no doubt he will get it.

It would be cool to see more top swords also. 841 chapters and we saw only of them in action and know the name of another. It's not much.

Is he ever getting mentioned again?

hopefully not

I always wondered, why was his hair so long in the opening?

assume it got cut when mihawk destroyed his fleet

are those shoulders achievable natural?

>letting kaido die like kars
that's some half assed writing

Yes. They only look impressive because his biceps are underdeveloped by comparison. Wings and pecs too.

He turned out like that because the chef story he had before was the only story he had.

Oda retroactively added all this royalty and gene manipulation shit to give him some fucking storyline. I would't be surprised if the other strawhats suddenly get "bigger" stories after this.

Sorry for asking here, i would like to download the entire anime for my cousin somewhere, but i only found a tracker where there are 40mb episodes, which aren't a very good quality.
Is there any better resource? I there isn't then tough luck for him i suppose.. i tried the bakabt but they removed almost all one piece torrent and ab doesn┬Ęt accept new members.
Thank you

to hell with all the haters saying shit about her new world outfit. Robin is love Robin is life

l2 read fool. Shes the only person in the world that can read the poneglyphs (that we know of). Thus the only person able to find One Piece

one of the newest chapters she read a poneglyph on Zou owned by the Minks

New world, with strong world attire (the sweater dress and glasses)

>X Drake
Pretty much my dream team

Actually, Zoro's current Sandai Kitetsu is 4th ranked and is part of an unnumbered amount, not a 3rd grade and part of the 50. It goes:
>Shodai Kitetsu (1st grade)
>Nidai Kitetsu (2nd grade)
>Sandai Kitetsu (4th grade)

>I think he will get a new sword in Wano but i see him keeping Shusui and Wando Ichimonji till the end of the manga
I've said for years he will get Nidai Kitetsu in Wano and replace Sandai with it. He will never lose Wado Ichimonji, and Shusui is an incredibly important blade which he's inherited the will of. If he replaces Sandai with Nidai then he will end with three 2nd grade swords for a perfect balance.

I think it's nearly impossible to find a torrent with all of the older episodes in a good quality

He has haki, he doesn't need better swords

Higher graded sword with haki > Lower graded sword with haki


ITT we post our favorite songs



>the "other form of G4" guy was actually right
well shit

I for one subscribed to his theory and will now bask in the residues of glory!

From the description, Luffy comes up with it on the spot, so I wonder if any other forms will be situational-based like Tankman. Also most thought it would be a slimmer form, but it's actually even fatter.

>fight resolved by sending cracker far away
yeah doubt he's down for the count. just super pissed about getting hurt.

WG sponsored crew

Captain: Garp
First Mate: Sengoku
Navigator: Otsuru
Cook: Wanze
Shipwright: Rob Lucci
Sharpshooter: Kizaru
Doctor: Vegapunk
Helmsman: Sentomaru
Lookout: Fujitora

Sound theory. but I'm harboring doubts about judge beating a commander, he might win if he used bullshit trickery though.

I don't think Judge has anything BUT bullshit trickery going for him.

Great I can't wait to see people bashing cracker tomorrow.

how would everyone react when Oda reveals Sanji isn't related to Reiju and they copulate to break off the marriage

Mfw enel actually ended up on raftel, which is on the moon.
Mfw enel would be the pirate king if he was a pirate

What i got from this chapter is that Luffy can't 1 v 1. He needs people to weaken his opponent first.
First Law and now Nami

Read the fucking chapters
Cracker outright said he can't take pain, not even a shot. sending him flying is more than enough to destroy his will to fight

that's a retarded reason to defeat a yonkou commander. Luffy should end him normally. Maybe sending him to fly after 11 fucking hours is enough, and it's not "pain" what ends him.

>Captain: Robin
>First Mate: Reiju
>Navigator: Nami
>Cook: Pudding
>Shipwright: Gina
>Sharpshooter: Baby 5
>Doctor: Muret
>Helmsman: Koala
>Lookout: Perona

hating pain doesn't mean he can't take hits at all

he could just get mad as fuck like pearl

>Bropper and the others

I'm not convinced

Is Sanji going to fuck Reiju?

They are siblings. So no


>thinking they are the same spoilers
>getting one popular theory right means the rest was correct
Are you stupid? Those were fake, Luffy did not defeat him with bazooka. Kill yourself

>Captain: Kuzan
>First Mate: Sabo
>Navigator: Laffitte
>Cook: Pudding
>Shipwright: Pauly
>Sharpshooter: SogeKing
>Doctor: Kureha
>Helmsman: Bon Clay
>Lookout: Monet
Bonus Nakama: Caesar Clown

I wonder about how Oda could add things to Zoro's storyline.

He probably can't without it turning into total shit.

Could just as easily have Luffy do it.

Pudding instead of cosset.
End yourself

All I've predicted is him being a descendent of Ryuma, but the extent of that will just be in terms of keeping Shusui, and wont be a major plot line where he'll meet family, etc.

Zoro is the reincarnation of a Wano hero-deity.

I totally forgot to change that, I Ctrl + V template from But If i could still change it, it would have been cosset...

>Fuji the lookout
It's ironic how it actually would work sense his CoO is crazy strong. He sensed nami attack from a distance

Well, that doesn't add much story to it, does it?

It just makes the people of Wano accepting him to carry on Shusui.

Sanji and Zoro have no reason to follow Luffy and make him PK.
They should just make their own crew.
The other ones are weak so they can follow Luffy.

Wow! You're mentally handicapped and yet you can post on the internet! Congratulations!

rate my crew
Captain: Shirahoshi- a brave and outgoing leader
First mate: Hannyabal- very respectful and loyal to his superiors
Navigator: Zoro- he'll take paths you'd never find on your own
Cook: Luffy- a taste you'll never forget
Doctor: A Humandrill, they learned from the best
Shipwright: Usopp- nobody cares about his ship more than him
Sharpshooter: Absalom- they'll never see him coming
Helmsmen: San Juan Wolf - he'll have no trouble turning the ship in any weather
Lookout: Mr 4- his speed at discovering things is almost inhuman

That's not an argument.
You insult people when you are wrong right kid?

>Well, that doesn't add much story to it, does it?
>It just makes the people of Wano accepting him to carry on Shusui.
Well yeah, isn't that what you'd want? If it was made a much more major thing like Sanji's then everyone would just whinge. It'd just relate to a legacy of Ryuma being the previous WGS and how Zoro inherited his will through Shusui (being an heirloom) to fullfill his own dream.

>San means four
Fucking newshits.

Toriyama mode will be Gear 5

It's nothing to do with the "San" in "Sandai" you retard. Sandai Kitetsu is graded as Wazamono (4th grade).
>12 Saijo O Wazamono Grade (1st grade)
>21 O Wazamono Grade (2nd grade)
>50 Ryo Wazamono Grade (3rd grade)
>[Undetermined] Wazamono Grade (4th grade)

Zoro agreed to forget the result of his fight with Ryuma, that's why he didn't bring it up when Kinemon accused him of grave robbing, He has a genuine claim to Shusui but he won't use it

Sanji is so damn cute.


Because he loves his crew.

Sanji's had weird shit in his background going back to at least Jaya. This is not new.

cracker is shit, oda is shit, one piece is shit
easy drop

Not even shit posting but I seriously thought about dropping this shit after reading the spoilers.(but I know I can't)
Nothing fucking happens and the jobber Luffy cant even win 1 v 1 without his opponent getting weakened first.

>Zoro's tragic past is that his family got lost during a family trip.

I remember how I almost exploded from hype when Luffy effortlessly one-shot pacifista, he was so fucking cool there.
Then he struggles against Hody, fair enough, it was underwater. Then he struggled against borderline gag character Ceasar. Almost got wrecked by injured Doflamingo, alright, he's a strong one.
But can we ever get another display of strength against someone credible?

>caring about luffy
>not sanji

that's your problem.

>I seriously thought about dropping this shit after reading the spoilers.(but I know I can't)
literally me

They're half siblings if anything

>Crackerfags are already salty

What did she mean by this?

That she wants some. Seconds too.

>losing your family because you are mentally damaged yet smart enough to realise what happened
kinda sad if you as me.

>one piece is shit
>not one piece of shit
you had a job

>Hey Law can you weaken doflamingo for me?
>Hey Nami can you weaken Cracker for me?

The point of the collage was to show that Boundman is good for any situation so I didn't include major attacks, just Boundman doing a bunch of different thing.

He'll likely have to solo Blackbeard and Akainu, those are too personal for him to have help on, unless Sabo joins in on either of them.

>m-muh luffy should solo everyone cause he's stronegst!!!
fuck off luffyfag

is danganropa any good?

>rubber faggot
>a whole post talking shit about him
Skipping school today Jimmy?

Are there really idiots out there who were thinking that Cracker would somehow win ? Is the OP fanbase that retarded ?

Luffy tore apart Cracker's BEST armor with a kong gun. Not even just the biscuit clones, but the appraised armor that Cracker had been hiding in for so long. That's pretty good. Now he's simply eating through the enemy's tactics. It was enough to defeat Urouge and Luffy is treating this like a free meal. If that isn't a display of strength, I'm not sure what is.

yes yes we know you're upset about oda not letting your precious luffy solo everyone. still, it's not reason lash out like that.

Reading the thread alone is enough to show you how much braindead OPfags are.

>eating them
Only because of Nami.
If she was not there he would've lost already.
Are you dumb?

Wasn't that his monologue back at Arlong Park? Luffy admits he literally can't do anything by himself. Hell, he would've died before the story started, had Alvida's men not pulled him out of the water.

Get off your phone Jimmy.

Are you?

Are different from fighting you stupid fuck.
Luffy was talking about those things not about fighting the baddies.
How retarded are you?

Thanks for confirming you are. You know I am right so you insult me. Nice you sure showed me

Here's been the last few months of OP

>hey guys luffy will use g4 against cracker
no he wont shut up user
>hey guys cracker is surprised at luffys strength
no he isnt shut up user
>hey guys luffy will get better with g4
no he wont shut up user
>hey guys luffy will win this fight
no he wont shut up user

>spoilers drop
>awh shit cracker sucks. cant luffy do anything by himself?
It's as if these shitters have never read a shonen before.

>Carrot and Chopper made no progress at all
Fucking really?

Oh boy. It's the faggot that proclaims his hate for one piece, spews ad hominem everywhere like a little boy wetting the bed yet never seems to fuck off.

>expecting jobrabbit and jopper to succeed at anything

Yeah, what a pair of useless shits.

>said he would beat up big mom on fishman island.
>now he's on big mom's island fighting her crew about to fight her.

>next fight is a 3vKaido.

That's not an argument.
Luffy was talking about cooking etc. He was not talking about fighting.
And of course since you know I am right you start panicking and calling me your boogeyman

Blackbeard will kill Law easily.

Can't Law just room the quake fruit out of BB?

All weakening Cracker does is make it so Luffy wins the fight more quickly.

Cracker wasn't strong enough to beat Luffy but he might have been strong enough to distract him until the wedding was over. Nami fixed that.

No because Blackbeard's gravity is "infinite."
Blackbeard can take Law's fruit.

Dude Law couldn't even just insta room a victory against Smoker. Sure he won but Smoker did get to fight him a little bit.

Blackbeard was a better melee fighter than Smoker with no DF.

Plus Van Augur would take care of any attempt at kiting.

Without Nami Luffy wouldn't have been able to run and eat them. Luffy would've lost if Nami was not there


But really, comparing anybody to Smoker is kind of useless. That just tells us, oh so-and-so is stronger than my poop this morning.

How did Smoker become such a jobber?

That's my point. Law was barely better than Smoker at melee combat, whereas Blackbeard was beating up Ace.

Laws personality switch can explain it all actually. Who've been the 2 biggest jobbers since the timeskip?


Now, why these two? You may ask. Laws room. When Law changed everyone's bodies, they were the only ones to switch with a female. Suddenly they are exposed to an entirely different balance of hormones and brain chemistry. I posit that this change resulted in the pathetic jobbers we see today. The crossover of genders was too much to handle and they just never recovered. Kind of sad, really.

It says the only reason Luffy can rat them is because Nami got them soft with rain

Ah. So Law is poop too?

Smoker was a jobber from the beginning to show off what a badass Dragon was.

yo look how brook is holding that
thats a joint
thats a fucking join

That's like 30 joints. He also seems to be holding a spliff.
Get it? Joint? Bone? Joint bones?

Right but they don't say anything about Luffy losing had Nami not been there. That is your headcanon.

I mean, he went from literally unbeatable monster to "this guy cant fight for shit and his DF sucks too". Even though thats not what "jobber" means, but you know.

Sure. But if it's Zoro vs Kaido I can already see Zoro beaten nearly to death on the ground and Kaido casually picking up his three swords, and then Wado Ichimonji glowing some color or some shit, and then Kaido falling down some stairs to his death.

Is common sense dumbass. If Nami was not there Luffy wouldn't have been able to eat them/gotten energy from food.

>Son, let us fight like real man
>Uses tons of cheap tricks and uses henchman as shield
>Hurr u are so weak

Where tha Franky hair at?

Sanji was a faggot long before Law roomed him though.

This is why I dislike oversized guys for the sake of it. Zoros swords would be like chopsticks to Kaido.

Wow he got help again
Luffy is such a faggot.

His DF is still great it's just in the wrong hands. A jobber can make any DF seem like it suck

>muh he can eat forever because he's the PK

Great ass pull oda

Sanji's backstory was teased several times, especially him being from North Blue, and pic related.

I do hope we will not hear more about the other strawhats backstories ; having two "important child" (i.e Luffy & Sanji) is enough already, if not too much.

user that's not foreshadowing. Unless you mean sanji just foreshadowing how deadly he himself will become. He already said he had no intent on ever going back to them and didn't even consider himself apart of their family. So no that had nothing to with his family

>he can eat because he will be PK
Yeah sounds like Nakama power to me.
You're not fooling anyone Oda

It's a dangerous line to walk. Interconnection can be good to explain certain things (Kuma sending strawhats flying to actually save them because he's a revo) but often I think it makes a story too convoluted and try-hard, if that makes sense.

I don't mind Sanji being from this ghost royalty but I don't like how Vito explained them being super famous with comics in the newspaper and Brook even knows about them but we've literally never heard of the Vinsmokes until now. I mean we've seen Nami grab newspapers before no?

Technically Robin is a special child as well but her story was done right. Brook has also been saying strange things since the end of Zou but his age qualifies him to be expanded on in a good way. Now if Franky, Zoro, Nami or Chopper end up being royal descendants as well, it'll be a groan.

>Brook even knows about them
Brook said he was working for royals before he became a pirate

Is there a character (besides Madara Uchiha) stronger than Donquixote Doflamingo?
I'm talking about Ito Ningen Doflamingo with Kiseito control, Goshikito string, and Tamaito bullets with a Eikiito clone for double Goshikito, with Itonoko and Kouburaiito detachment abilities with enhanced Sossoruito kicks, equipped with Tate Byakuito shield and awakened Aranami Byakuito, Oonami Byakuito, Unabara Shiranami (with Busoshoku infused Hanegekiito), and Kami Chuusatsu abilities, all with simultaneous Torikago,and the Sora No Michi flight and Kumo no Sugaki web abilities

Anyone who can beat Crocodile, senpai

But I'm not just talking about Vergil. I'm talking about Super Corrupt Vergil with unlimited Spiral Swords, Yamato, Beowulf and Force Edge all maxed level upped, at 100% concentration with level 3 Xfactor and 5 stocks of meter

I'm still mad Crocodile wasn't in Doflamingo's arc after this pointless setup of contention between them that went nowhere

Dat foreshadowing.
Bravo Oda.

Croc will infiltrate Impel Down to rescue Doffy.

>A yonko commander was only able to land a single cut on Luffy and then afterwards Luffy found a way to be immune to his sword strike.

brook is from west blue though right?

Luffy got attacked by Brulee, fought Mirror Luffy, and ran around the forest until he was tired before he even started his fight with Cracker.

Zeff wasn't even poised to retire until he lost his leg. Good captain, would sail with.


ExeCUTE order 66

>ExeCUTE order 66
>Germa clones turn against Germa
>Year of Sanji = done

I think this one's a better version of the statement

by the way someone should make compilation of all the times the crew has said "luffy is the man who will be pirate king". I wonder if they've all said it

Reiju is perfection!!!

Reiju confirmed bad

Not even the clonelings survived


sanji's new backstory is a big asspull. People who think that oda planned it from the start are the most naive people to exist.

>Zeff confirmed for white knight
Thanks Oda.

size doesn't matter in one piece. zoro cut a fucking town sized golem to pieces. but i agree, he'd get totally rekt against kaido though

so where are the fags who thought sanji was going to get a great backstory with his mom, his love and respect for womans or his passion for all blue. In the end you've got none of that stuff. Sanji backstory was pure garbage and you know it, Oda is a hack.

>size doesn't matter ;)

You are now manually thinking about Kaido's penis

I didnt mean damage wise. I think it would look goofy for Kaido to pick up the swords. He'd have to pick them up with two fingers, pinching them or something. The visual gives me a laugh.

He already got a backstory that explains his obsession with women and all blue what else did you expect?

>a great backstory with his mom, his love and respect for womans

Good. Get that white knight fag shit out of here, I want more nazi pirates

>Now if Franky, Zoro, Nami or Chopper end up being royal descendants as well, it'll be a groan.
Growing up with Tom explains Frankys ship knowledge but Tom found Franky and he was already building weapons. Franky probably comes from some tech-guru family. Hopefully not though.

sanji is faggot crossdreser

>One Piece was 65% complete in July
We are literally going to be dead

>Germa 66
>4 sanjis
>cute sanji sister
>get to wipe the smug off of all of them
>not a great backstory

Why don't you kill yourself if you can't enjoy life anymore?

>the first human to live to be 150+ is alive today
>it's gonna be oda
>one piece is gonna continue for centuries
>you won't live to see one piece end

Jump isn't going to let Oda finish the story until it stops being a cash cow. They're the reason it keeps expanding endlessly instead of approaching a climax.

Luffy is a autistic faggot. Who needs help

Oda said he tells his editors to fuck off when they give him suggestions for the story

There's a difference between ignoring story suggestions and ignoring orders to keep making up stories on your own

> there were faggots who thought that whole cake island would be a short arc
> there were faggots who thought the Yonko saga would be done below the 100th chapter mark
> there were faggots who thought One piece would be done in 300 chapters


order 66 is Dragon and the Pacifistas will rebel against the WG killing them officers and shit

it think we have like 500 chapters left. Oda is rushing the story in the New world, at least compared to pre-timeskip, but he still has a shitload of stuff to write.

>rushing the story
I think not. Luffy didn't really have a defined goal in Paradise beyond sailing from one end to the other. Pre Timeskip had all three WG facilities invaded, a large portion of the warlords "dealt" with, and near all of his crew gathered.

It doesn't seem like Oda is rushing, more that post time skip has more defined goals and Luffy doesn't have much left to stand in his way (that is, between him and the Yonkou, he's still clearly not Yonkou level on his own)

thats two separated sentence you know. i need some btw.

is there anything that Oda is doing better compared to 10 years ago?

I hope EoS Luffy, Teach and Sakazuki will be even stronger than prime Roger/Whitebeard/Garp

not "rushing" per se, but oda has said that he has to restrain himself from including all of his ideas and sometimes merge stuff

better question would be to ask if there is anything that oda is not doing worse compared to 10 years ago.

People who think an asspull is something that isn't planned since the start are the most idiotic tho

triggering autists like you

whatever, he is still good, otherwise you faggots wouldn't be here arguing

>Zolofags salty that Sanji has two tragic backstories when Zoro barely even has one
Honestly one of the best things about this arc.

Zoro doesn't need one, just like he doesn't need super genetic and doesn't need help during his fights. I'm sorry for you if you picked the worst jobber of this story.

but oda is overdoing it. he is really forcing these sob stories. it's like a requirement now that every backstory has to be more and more hyper dramatic and sad. it's getting old and to be honest, I don't feel anything anymore during those backstories.

*sigh* you poor misguided fools. All of you! Zoro comes from the moon!

zoro is a faggot now and is the worst post timeskip strawhat

instead of having actual personality traits now like realizing how ridiculous everything in one piece is or keeping luffy in line, he just stands in the background of scenes and gets lost

all of his fight scenes are lame as fuck, just "zoro comes accross a physically strong but not actually all that powerful badguy, uses a brand new technique and cuts them in half with no effort", where's my balls to the wall zoro that was willing to cut his own limbs off

wano arc really needs to redeem him because right now he feels like a goddamned naruto character that does nothing but *unzip katana* and act like a personality free smug douche

why do you blame zoro? he is not alive. blame Oda for becoming a bad writer.

>uses a brand new technique and cuts them in half with no effort
That's because post time skip Zoro is the strongest Strawhat

Do you have autism? Genuine question.

None of the other strawhats got any worse post time skip when it came to their actions in the story, they either do mostly the same thing or improved

Zoro is the only one keeping Luffy in line, the problem is that both of them have gotten ahead of themselves the most since the timeskip. Zoro really hasn't had a proper challenge since Ryuuma and Kuma, he'll meet proper enemies in Wano.

> None of the other strawhats got any worse post time skip when it came to their actions in the story

Luffy got worse
nami got worse
robin got worse
franky got worse
brook got worse
chopper wot worse
and fucking usopp got worse

you couldn't be more wrong than that, kek.

I'm sick of this shit. Seriously, fuck One Piece. Only reason I'm continuing to read this shit show is on the off chance that Oda goes batshit insane and shows Sanji railing his sister up against a wall.

I wish I was joking.

>Luffy got worse
>nami got worse
>robin got worse
no bangs and cowboy hat but she is still fine
>franky got worse
yes, his design became way worse
>brook got worse
nope, maybe he became even better
>chopper wot worse
>and fucking usopp got worse

Who else is tired of all the asspulls Oda has been doing lately?

how has Luffy NOT gotten worse? he is literally becoming the messhia, the chosen one just like Naruto. Not only that, he has become a prick who wants to save everyone.

Luffy will NEVER be as good as he was at the time of Alabasta or Water Seven. These days are long gone now. He isn't even funny anymore. He has become a generic trash main shonen character.

Luffy was the chosen one from the very first chapter

Water seven was entirely about luffy declaring war on the entire world because he didn't feel okay a girl he knew for all of like two weeks in-story sacrificing herself for him, something he only gets away with in the end because his boat happens to be possed by a magic boat ghost.

>He isn't even funny anymore.
You could've gotten away with this if the last chapter didn't feature luffy beating someone by just eating them instead of relying entirely on his new dbz power up mode