Precure thread: riko is cute edition

precure thread: riko is cute edition

-no elitism
-report shit posting
-if you do'nt have something nice to say do'nt post
-and remember to have fun

guide: where to start? futari wa (first one) heart catch (most popular) or maho girls since its the newest right now

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Kyo isn't here Iori, go home

Argentinian shitposter, I know it's you.

Mirai is the cutest girl in the whole world!

What a terrible way to start a thread. Try to make a better OP next time. Personally, I like this thread more.

Fuck off.

Is this you?


117 days until Maho ends.

Fuck off

Keep making anyone who likes maho look more retarded, it's perfect.

Fuck off. Sage.


Instead of keeping this alive like an idiot why don't you make a new thread.

>he says while bumping the thread

You're a faggot and too new.

>still doesn't sage

>Still a newfag.

>he says while using a period at the end of meme arrows



Where are the leaks?

We can even be big friends!


Why isn't this general dead yet?
What's even the point anymore?

You guys should hang out with us on /ai/
We'll even have our own toku magical girl show next year

No, it's too late. It's like transplanting a defective kidney into a healthy person.

It would be better than continuing to make these. At the moment, Precure threads are the perfect example of a general overstaying its welcome.

I feel like Rin and I have taken our relationship to the next level.

Milky Rose is super cool!

You deserve each other.

who here /erodoge/?

Thanks for the kind words, friend!

I want to get more "Fuck off"s. /pc/ is the easiest place to do it.

There is no point. Maho doesn't get subbed. Even when it does no one wants to talk about. 90% of every thread is reposts and epic porn crops by he same guy who has admitted to only be here for shitposting and (You)s. Anyone who actually cared about Precure is long gone from this shithole or lurking for leaks.

>Anyone who actually cared about Precure is long gone
I'm here and watching GoGo. But it's the last season I haven't seen so if next season is Maho-tier I'll be gone too.

MiraRiko is a miracle of the Precureverse

Mirai doesn't look good in that.

Ready for more novel?

10 years after the last episode
Girls transform as an adult

I just caught up to episode 31, where are the subs after that?

You have to auction them on Ebay

I wish they were gayer. That'd at least put some more life into show/threads.

I genuinely, unironically love Maho

Oh huh they actually gave up

>enjoying things




Did they actually drop the show?


You mean toei? Then yes, pretty much.


I meant the subbers, but yeah. The quality has taken a nose dive

>Anyone who actually cared about Precure is long gone from this shithole
Now that you just admitted you don't care (since you're still here), why are you still here?
>lurking for leaks
Leaks aren't out before mid-October.


I'm just here for Bukki.




Fuck off





It's still being subbed. They usually release a bunch at a time so it's actually kind of nice to be able to watch a few in a row. I'm definitely enjoying Maho but I don't post here much.



>a bird
>flipping the bird

This. I truly think we're at the lowest point these threads have ever reached. I used to post here regularly up until recently, but the last few months have been horrendous for reasons you've already mentioned. Threads are dying pre-maturely more than they ever have and no one is actually talking about the show (not that Maho leaves much room for discussion). I'll be back when leaks are out.

I can feel it in my gut that the next season will have a mythological creature theme ala Changeman

Fuck off.