These are the best kind glasses

These are the best kind glasses.

Maho thread!

Genuine question, why did you make the new thread early?

>whatever kind saori wears

This is the best kind of slut.

Why would you wear the same eyewear a fatty wears?

Where's that faggot who likes cats better than dogs?

non shit thread here

OP, here I didn't mean this to be a GuP thread. I picked Saori since she wears the red-frame glasses the best.

Kill yourself generalfag

Oh right fair enough I'll be leaving

I'd sperm that fatty.


Why red?

There something sexy about red glasses that other glasses can't pull off.

I want to marry Nonna and adopt Katyusha as our daughter.

Glasses are terribly underused.

Goes fasta

Queen of megane, queen of my heart.

Because glasses are bothersome shits
>source: me

What a fag.

2D needs not worry about such things.

Is there a name for the act of biting glasses?

ya you want the glasseschomp tag on exhentai

Baka is wearing it upside down

I have this fetish of cum on glasses.

Glasses are shit.

Oh hey, it's that tripfag who always shows up in KnK threads just to complain about the glasses.


Just as planned.

You poor thing, imagine actually getting so upset over glasses.

I like under rimmed glasses, but it is used to much. Sometimes, simple frames are nice too.

>Sometimes, simple frames are nice too.
Shit taste confirmed.

Ai is cute!

Why is this boner inducing? It's not even a sexual act. Why are glasses even boner inducing in the first place, especially anime glasses? Real life glasses do nothing to me.

Why can't I ever find this style? It's always over-rimmed.

Because you're a fucking male, ya goof.

It ruin the girls. Only few actually fit with glasses.

Yui for example.

I genuinely pity you. I pray that someday you'll adquire taste and stop being a little bitch.

>girls are ruined by a few lines on their face
Holy shit, you must be really obsessed with glasses if you're completely unable to focus on anything else beyond the glasses.


Better than contacts.

Those arent even her glasses, though.

Post more Mirai for the sake of thread's future

I live for boys in glasses. I'll pick up any series as long as it has one.

Would you pick me up?

Glass > Glasses

If you're a glasses-wearing 2D boy, then absolutely.

Are you a qt glasses-wearing 2D gril?

Yes, I'm a be-megane'd loli.

I literally cannot live without glasses-wearing boys.


I don't know, Ristorante Paradiso was pretty gay.

I haven't seen that yet, but it's in my backlog. Normally I prefer younger boys than that, but ossan moe can be good too if there's megane involved.

Smug glasses