How big is TOO big?

How big is TOO big?

There is a very high threshhold for size as long as the overall shape can compensate
I'd say around F cup is the absolute biggest

No such thing as long as they're drawn well

Why is her face so flat


sauce? Witch_Slut gives nothing.

Do you see this triangle? Click on it.

Its not about how big they are, but their proportion and shape. And torpedo tits are the worst shape possible.


not big enough

If the Universe is infinitely large, then we can never taken "bigger is better" to its logical conclusion and reach big enough


If she can't look down by tilting her head and see her dick because of her tit size then they are too big.

Its as easy as that.

You virgins I swear.

I dunno, infinity might be big enough.

Too big? Not sure what that means.

Thank God this thread is here. Someone posted your picture in the previous boobs thread. I can't find an uncensored version anywhere. I checked iqdb, Saucenao, and Google images.

I'm starting to doubt that one even exists. I cannot let these 超乳 be censored.

This is absurd

There is no such thing as "too large" when it comes to breasts. Adding more to "large enough" creates "too much", but since there is no such thing as "too much" when regarding breasts, there is also no such thing as "large enough".

I censored it myself, it's an edit I found on futaba channel. I sacrifice myself for you fellow pailoli lover.

What, don't you like boobs? Fag.

Thank you for your selfless sacrifice to ensure a fellow man has adequate oppai. It's so rare to find 超乳 images that aren't grotesque, but those few good ones hit the spot so good.

You should probably delete the post now.

I thank you for your glorious sacrifice. You will be remembered

just big enough to hold my popsicle

God speed, glorious user. Thank you.

Butts are superior. I do like nice modest breasts though

This artist is such a god he needs to do more doujins already

That sound kinda pedo. Big breast is the best.