Why is R2 so bad?

Why is R2 so bad?

It wasn't completely bad, but it certainly had its share of dumb moments. Of course, the whole series had some really full on retard moments.

>Hey sis! I can totally make people do anything I say. Like, I could make you not care if you farted in public, wouldn't that be funny? Or maybe I could say you have to kill every single Japanese person. That'd be a laugh rio-OH SHIT!
>So yea, your leader is like my little brother, he's kind of a spazz and might have been manipulating you. Listen to this tape I totally didn't doctor to make him sound like he did everything for the lols. So let's kill him, or capture him, I don't know.

Did you see Kallen in that bunny suit?

Yes. What about it?

The time slot changed, so they lost a lot of time they could've spent developing plot on making sure new viewers wouldn't get confused.

it wasn't

The ending was kinda bad, but the actual show was pretty good

Weird, usually people say the opposite with the ending being the best (if not only) part of R2.

Honestly I'd wished that the series had been just a bit longer. The whole thing about his death was fine but the whole "MY GEASS WILL ERASE THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN AND BOTH MY PARENTS!!" and the fact that it was all a conspiracy and that even his murdered mother was a part of it felt really unfitting to the rest of the plot in my opinion.
They had so much potential hidden in that Geass concept that the power was unique to the wish and the person who made the wish, and yet we got like, what, 5 Geass users? It felt like the concept was kind of wasted on the series considering it was only used to facilitate the plot and never had any greater implication.

Fair points, but at the same time, not fully exploring geass did allow the show a sense of mystery for endless speculation, like what CC's name really is. Though I will agree, it was kind of lame how Marianne is evil without at least some indication to such.

I just really like eye powers and mecha so CG hit a sweet spot for me. I'm currently reading the spin-offs but they're never as good as the original would've been if the place where they were researching Geass hadn't just been used as fodder.

I mean, out of all those little children with Geass, I'm sure at least one of them could've been a great character/power. It's a shame that the series ended so early.

Have they said what the 10th anniversary will entail? I recall rumors of an OVA retelling.

I actually haven't heard anything about that so can't help you there

CG thread??

posting best girl

>Best girl
>Not picking a green haired immortal witch that turns into a slave halfway through your journeys

What stopped him from fucking her at that point honestly?

Because they didn't kill this fuck.

Who says he didn't?

Also, CC probably has no limits on what she'll do. Hell, she probably INVENTED many of the world's sexual techniques and fetishes in her 500 years.

On one hand, I don't totally hate him, but on the other, the reasons for his hate are completely valid.

I was thinking not too long ago about how they could have easily fixed the situation with him and Villetta.

>Villetta doesn't lose her memory when she's shot by Shirley
>Ohgi keeps her around at first to gain intel, but also try and show the Britannian noble that Japanese people aren't the savages the empire treats them as
>Ultimately, Villetta chooses her career over siding with Ohgi, so the season 1 finale still plays out fairly the same. However, the betrayal is made more personal since it's not "lol, I was really a noble who lost her memories, die ya filthy 11"
>In R2, Villetta attests to having being manipulated by Lelouch's geass, but at the same time admits every other action she took was her own. This helps to keep everyone from looking retarded when Schnitzel sausage tries to turn everyone on Lelouch.

Oh, and having fucking Jeremiah tell those fucks "I can reveal who has and hasn't been geassed by using my canceler. You'll remember what Lelouch did if he really did use it on you."

But nope, can't have logic!

Why is CC so lewd?

Because her ass is huge.

>her kekel strength allows her to hang from a tree using a buttplug

She could probably milk a dick just by clamping.

Seriously, pretty much every girl had the booty.

Overall I enjoyed the fuck out of all of Code Geass, R2 was a step down in terms of story telling compared to R1 but still was good.
>those last 10 episodes
most fun I still have watching an anime

CC > Shirley = Milly > Kallen >>>>> Nunnally >>>>>>> Nina


>Marianne is evil

She really wasn't though, she just was looking at it from an angle that she thought was right. The way she looked at it everyone would be together without thinking about how their actions of if people wanted it. She just assumed her actions and intent were what everyone wanted, without thinking about people who would choose a different path

What do you think he was doing for the months after he became emporer and geting the damoclease

>My giant robot is better than yours
>Silly Evangelion ripoff
Apart from the ending and maybe Rolo dying, part 1 is way better

Far as Lelouch was concerned, both of his parents might as well have been evil. They certainly weren't winning any parenting awards with their attitude.

How was it even remotely ripping off Evangelion?

I agree they were both doing something wrong but in their perspectives they were erasing everything done "wrong".

Pretty much everything that were bad twists were blatantly forced for shock value. Also Charles and V2's backstory was incredibly underwhelming or else I demand a prequel of their upbringing to fully flesh out their characters.

>draw lolis
>call them shotas

Lelouch please....

I just feel that R2 spent too much time rebuilding the world that if you saw R1. If it had not done that and spent some more time building up with the twists it would have exceeded R1

Season 3 when?

Have they ever said exactly would have happened if the network hadn't changed the timeslot?

The only thing I can remember at the moment is dropping the subplot about Suzaku's superhuman powers and connection to the World of C.

Well they were without a doubt terrible parents, but as people they aren't anything special given the setting.

Nobody has mentioned how the combat went from ground based tactical warfare to flying beamspam bullshit.

What? They stated that the flight enabled gurrens were mass reproductions based off the Lancelot. My only big complaint is that how quickly EVERYONE got one like they were handing them out to anyone who felt a possible need to fly.

Why is there so much incest official art for Geas?

Code Geass always felt like it was made up on the spot and it only became more obvious as time went on

It was all those damned air battles

Not really, R1 was well thought out. R2 obviously had cuts made to it without fully explaining anything in the same way R1 did.

The in-story justification doesn't matter because it simply amounts to a conscious writing decision to change the style off combat. The only thing that matters is that the decision was awful for both the entertainment value and substance of the fights.

Loved how Lelouch was a closet siscon/lolicon.

If Lelouch didn't bust a nut in that fat ass at least ONCE during the years he spent with C.C., he is confirmed gay.

It's funny how many bitches he had on nuts

>CC wanted his dick since he was a shota
>Kallen slowly developed a craving for Britannicock
>Shirley wanted the Lamperouge Lampoon since she met him
>Kaguya technically wanted the Zero-D, but clearly wanted it after learning it was attached to Lelouch

And of course Nunnally wanted to play "Is that a penis or a sausage?"

It was confirmed he was too busy to even think about sex or romance with anyone. He died a virgin workaholic.

Oh please, he raped her corpse when he snapped her neck in that one episode when she taunted his motives

Can anything beat the spinzaku?


>have perverse sexual lust for Kallen to a point where any CG-related thoughts quickly turn into dirty fantasies of defiling her juicy tits and perfect ass
>but vastly prefer ceecee as a character and prefer her design

Have you ever known such suffering as I?

While I do have a slightly greater preference for CC, I do enjoy both Kallen and her.

Bad writing, cliche-ridden, cringe scenes.

So like just about everything else.

The "romance" was dumb and made Kallen look like a slut.

Exactly, chode gayass always was just another anime. No idea why retards put it on a pedestal.

>Hey sis! I can totally make people do anything I say. Like, I could make you not care if you farted in public, wouldn't that be funny? Or maybe I could say you have to kill every single Japanese person. That'd be a laugh rio-OH SHIT!
There was nothing wrong with this, it was a pretty cool way of showing how a character could fuck up doing something cliche.
>character tries to use [plot exposition]
>accidentally the entire japanese race

That scene was fucking brilliant, just like endless 8. You have to free your mind from traditional ways of looking at the plot and go further.

I would change absolutely nothing about Code Geass, I still haven't enjoyed an anime as since.

Except it was really stupid of him. He knew his powers were in a flux, and yet he goes and makes a joke of all things and winds up killing thousands.

Because they wasted time early on and didn't have enough left later, so they rushed.

But honestly, once you can stop reacting and look back at the entire show, including Code Geass R2 itself, a lot of things do fall into place well enough.

So it's the worst half, by far, but not nearly as bad as the naysayers have claimed.

It wasn't really a show about the Geass power itself though. I never got the impression that the show needed or even tried to go into great detail about that.

To be fair, Lelouch had shown plenty of bad leadership even before that betrayal happened. It wasn't exclusively due to the sudden tape stuff and so on.

Yes and no. The overall idea of what Code Geass was going for, certain developments and where they would end up closing the story was known well in advance.

They also had the script for the ending of R2 quite a few months before they reached it, so that wasn't improvised. However, it does feel more rushed from the viewers perspective and they probably did cut some extra explanations down for reasons of lacking time.

I'd say we still got some mecha good fights every so often. Just not anything close to weekly.

Yes, but the show has never hidden that Lelouch is kind of irrational when it comes his close family and friends. He messes up more often in front of them and this was just the show going full force with it.

But the whole point of his character was that he's extremely tactful and smart. Yet here he just makes lame joke and it accidentally causes a massacre.

Perhaps. But it seemed like the Black Knights were just easily swayed morons despite Lelouch handing them victory after victory. If anything, they should have had the group splinter, with some turning on him while others fought because they still believed. That one guy from Toto's group certainly seemed to accept Lelouch even though he had likely been filled in on every detail, and still believed Lelouch was genuine about not wanting to cast off his allies.

Back when it was airing, Cred Forums's opinion was split between a trainwreck plot or if the series was not taking itself too seriously. Oh, and a third group of edgy teens who thought Code Geass was even remotely good.

fuck, wrong picture.

It was good, though.

No really, did anyone like him at all?

>The battles
We went from crazy plans and ambushes to my laser dick is bigger than yours or launching vast number of troops at a problem until it is solved.

Granted Mao happened before, but R2 just stopped caring about it entirely. The number of people shown getting destroyed and randomly showing up alive without any reason skyrockets. Cornelia gets swiss cheesed, Ougi falls into a pit of spikes, and Nunally getting fucking nuked are some of the more prominent ones.

>The entirety of the military transfers into Lelouch's school
Suzaku was enough.

>Characters pull complete 180s
No really, someone send help, why is nunally nuking everything from orbit.

>ridden with deus ex machina
>muh military strats on level with LoGH nonsense
>edgy manipulative main character (oh, hello Light)
>generic mecha
>Episode 22

It was so bad it was good kind of good. Yes.

it isn't, it's better than the first season you dumb cunt.

>edgy manipulative main character (oh, hello Light)

Lelouch actually had a character, unlike Light. He had morals and grew as a character instead of just "Cool, I got powers and will now flip the world on its head."

The antagonists mainly are kids or people he rekt before so up until the world war starts to kick in it feels underwhelming given how R1 ended

Once it kicks off its awesome

Everything keeps getting bigger and bigger and massive and it never stops

it was so fun albeit there were tons of cop outs

R1 is kinda boring in the middle because it became more formulaic but its more consistent

>implying I said one was better than the other
Maybe read a book that doesn't have pictures in it or something. Your reading comprehension is abysmal.
>he fell for the character development meme

R2 was fine. It was overall a lot more chaotic than the first season but it fit the series.

My reading comprehension is fine. Your statement directly makes it sound like Lelouch was as bland as Light.

>character development meme

Not an argument, bub. Try again.

Retarded writing including contrived devices, useless/pointless characters, idiotic twists and rushed developments just to count on shock value to make the show more popular with an audience that only wanted memes.

It killed off Shirley so it wasn't completely bad.

>That scene was fucking brilliant, just like endless 8
>You have to free your mind from traditional ways of looking at the plot and go further
AKA you need to pretend to be stupid and part with any standards to claim that the bullshit above is anything but retarded.

The moral aspect of Light's motives is obvious (criminals afraid to commit crime = better world), so I won't go too deep into that. But he also grew as a character. From being a bored teen who didn't have to try at life, he thought he could become a god, becoming more manipulative because he'd give anything to win, and he turned more evil in the process. His 'super powers' consume him (displayed in that whole L dies / all according to keikaku arch). Then he failed and died in misery. End of story.

What kind of argument do you think your stupid opinionated post () posed? You think a character's growth is required to display more humane traits no matter how evil they are or some shit?

What I implied by the character development meme is that it's an artistic choice, that is not required in any way for a character to be considered good or bad.

It was good because i was less cynical back in 2008. I guarantee I wouldn't like it as much if i watched it today.

I dare everyone here to try it

Bull. Shit. Light didn't grow at all. He develops a god complex and then spends the whole show saying how he's going to become god once he has killed every malcontent. Lelouch actually grows as a person. At first he's starting the rebellion mainly so he can make the world more peaceful for his sister. But by the end of the series, he shifts his goal to make the world better for everyone, not just Nunnally. All the while, he has to wrestle with decisions that have consequences he can't always foresee. When he accidentally got Shirley's dad killed, it nearly ruined him as he had largely avoided getting innocents involved.

Never understood what was ao good about death note. It was too serious and not exhilarating to watch. The only part i ever ever ever distinctly wnjoy was when light lost his memories and genuinely had a personality and was woeking with L.

It says a lot about me desu. Don't know what though.

That bit was especially strange since Light became nothing like the person he was before getting the book. It was almost like he grew a very morally just consciousness when his mind is wiped.

>It has been 8 years since the last Geass sunday
Where did the time go, Cred Forums?

>It was too serious and not exhilarating to watch

You only like fun animes

Light knew that he is a lawfag subconsciously. Death note was the one that corrupt his mind.

>Light didn't grow at all.
Let me repeat this one more time, because your shitty reading comprehension and stupid assumptions are showing again:
A character's blandness is not defined by his growth as a person, which was your criticism of Light. You think Kira escalating his evil doing and acquiring a semigod status is not character growth? Are you dumb? You think a character is good (therefore not bland) because he shows more than one side of his self?

Jesus Christ, watch more films, read more, learn a little about characters in the history of art. There are amazing FLAT characters that don't require growth to be considered great.

>All the while, he has to wrestle with decisions that have consequences he can't always foresee. When he accidentally got Shirley's dad killed, it nearly ruined him as he had largely avoided getting innocents involved.
You just like sugar in your coffee, that's all. Unfortunately, you're a pleb who needs to relate to a characters dilemmas in order to like him. The character development meme has consumed you.

Doubtful. Misa didn't seem to be any different when she got wiped, just not a liability because she no longer knew about Light's secret. Other than that, she was still the obnoxious cock-hungry bitch she debuted as.

I never said anything about needing to relate to a character, but please, keep putting words in my mouth like the idiot you fucking are.

>there are amazing flat characters

Yea, no. That's the dumbest thing anyone can possibly say. Light is the same from beginning to end. He barely escalates anything beyond having longer and more elaborate plans to kill a particular person. Yet it's still all the same thing: Kill bad people, along with anybody who might stop his goal. That's all.

Liking Lelouch for having complexity is not some "sugar in the coffee" crap. Honestly, it just sounds like you don't like the idea of somebody enjoying Lelouch as a character, and that's fine. But don't go around acting like some cunt who thinks he knows better about characterization than others. And before you say that's what I'm doing, I'm just pointing out that Light doesn't show any kind of notable depth throughout the entirety of Deathnote.

Says that you only care about comedict materiale.

Which is a shit taste to have


>It was too serious and not exhilarating to watch.
Knowing whether Light will win or not is pretty fun to watch. Also fun to watch what kind of shit he'll come up with. The OST carries the series a lot.

>willing to murder people while in the possession of a deathnote
>would not kill without a deathnote
>didn't seem to be any different
Sure thing, buddy.

>Yea, no. That's the dumbest thing anyone can possibly say.
Your ignorance is showing, mate. I could literally name a hundred critically acclaimed characters that never go through the "growth" you like in your Chinese cartoons. I could also name a hundred or more of characters with some degree of development. Which is why I would never claim something as stupid as flat character = instabland.

And there's fun to be had with Lelouch and seeing where his path leads him.

This, it was weird that for Todo and Tamaki to betray Lelouch. Not to mention Kaguya was shoved aside so it could happen but I'm sure she would have seen straigth through Shneizel's ploy had she been there and things would have turned out differently. I don't mind that they ended up betraying Lelouch, but I do mind when the writing makes it happen too easily.

It's called having shit taste

It's especially jarring that Ohgi would turn on Lelouch for some cheap pussy. If it weren't for Lelouch, Ohgi would have probably died after getting Kallen and the others killed because of his initially crap leadership skills. The only thing he did remotely smartly in the betrayal was demand Japan's liberation, which at least implied maybe the Black Knights wouldn't have turned over Lelouch if Schneizel had refused to return their land.

That makes sense considering her original Geass power was to make people love her.

I like, code geass, mirai nikki, and madoka too. I didnt like steins gate though. I also liked umaru very much but not for its comedy. I dont like gintama anymore

Yeah all these things, and I might add the Ragnarok bullshit about Lelouch's parents. That was just soooo bad

Just to clarify this, because I will really not write a huge ass list, any artistic work of any medium that is allegorical or symbolic in nature (like mother fucking Death Note, which is why it's a mystery show of good vs evil and not a story about character development) will probably have flat characters.

Lawful characters (good or evil) in general are flat. The Greek gods are usually portrayed as one-dimensional beings. Saitama or Sakamoto can be considered flat. What about Spike Siegel? What about the cast in your favorite SoL anime? The fucking cat in the Master and Margarita. Mersault is deep as fuck but he's deliberately portrayed and seen by his peers as flat. The Judge in Blood Meridian is flat.

The claim that a character must be multi-dimensional or go through different stages to be considered good is laughable. Character growth is just one fucking aspect of characterization, ONE, it's babby's first writing tip for creating "HUMANE" and relatable characters. But it's not a must, it depends on the type of story the artist wants to create.

Okay. Who said anything about that? He's just an antihero that goes through the usual route. Read Crime and Punishment for fuck's sake. Every anti hero ever since has been similar. Read very carefully: I didn't make any claims on what was good or bad or fun or boring.