Girls und Panzer, Gup thread

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Reminder that Yukari is not for bullying

>hey son, we noticed you're always alone in your room on the weekends, so we set you up on a date tonight with that nice neighbor girl. Look, she's here now.

She's so ugly holy shit

Thanks dad, i'll start petting her right away.

That's no way to treat a blind date.

I never see much of Yukari in threads, am I not lurking enough?

But i don't have to wear glasses like that thing

She was the hot property before Duce stole her spot as most beloved.

brb gonna catch some gooks for some fucky fucky

plz no roofkoreans

I don't see much Erika either, i wonder Erikafags and Yukarifags finally killed each other.

Holy shit Fukuda is willing to take a chance on a guy she's never even met and this is way you treat her? What the fuck is wrong with you. Your parents must be ashamed.

Would you rather
Live with your waifu for 3 years but then have Her dissapear forever. Or
Be able to talk with your waifu but only through your phone, or steam or discord or whatever, and only see her once every 3 months. But with nothing sexual allowed, except for h*ndholding and kissing

She seems nice

Tell me the most sick, twisted, and depraved thing you would do to this little girl.

Jumped stright into the movie after watching the anime. I know the pasta girls are from the Anzio OVA but who were these girls?

friendless loser

Why is a random stranger calling me 'son'?

Get on top of her.


crazy fins

Continuation H.S.

The Finnish school

Give her a Boko doll.

I fail to see an issue with option #2.

>nothing sexual

Now, don't you think that is a little rude, user?

three years of Erika

cumming inside is worth suffering for

You didn't miss any scenes with the finns. Aside from a little introduction right at the beginning of the film, they're supposed to be literal whos that show up out of thin air, mop up, then vanish

I hope you kill youself after she leaves you


Asexual here, sex is a non-issue for me.

These are my daughterus.


no, I think it's the truth

You wake up one morning to find this girl in your house. She claims she's your younger sister. What do you do?

Tell that Mongoloid to get out of my house, I'm rocking with my cousin Kay.


Shit, I had to watch Commie memesubs for the movie.

Best sisters are also the best brothers.

You didn't have to do shit, it was your choice. Subs were available almost immediately, commie took weeks

First one and then just kill myself after the 3 years

Darjeeling is my wife!

unofficial vector guy here
taking requests

Ask her why she's lying, I mean if she wants a home I have a spare room anyway and food isn't in short supply

Katyusha and Nonna in this pic

Which subs is best? Been aiming to watch the movie for a while.

What if she genuinely wants to be your younger sister?

Anything with Noriko really

I downloaded it last night. Commie was the first one I saw that had a decent amount of seeds.

But why would she want that?

Holy shit. Darjeeling and Pekoe with hair down.

Because she's all alone and she see's something in you.

Well then she should be prepared to be disappointed

Put penis in little sister, we need to start bounding right away.

>not being the best brother you can be

Sisters are not for intercourse.

feedback please
I said unofficial, I only take request

ak goes for anything military
Every release on nyaa before the commie one has the ak subs in various states of improvement. Out of the subbed releases (that aren't filthy memesubs) the HEVC one is the sharpest (as in you won't tell it apart from a 30gb raw without a telescope)
If you're major on autism you can also get one of the huge raw bd rips and drop the v4.444 or v4.5 subs on it. I think have the v4.5 somewhere and can share if somebody here doesn't link you the 4.444 file

The bite taken out of her ass is unfortunate, but it can't be helped. Thanks.

Good Morning!

I saw someone asking for a /c/ thread last thread so they could easily get everything I've done. If you still want this, or if you'd just prefer a current mega link, just let me know.

As always, if you've any render requests, let me know. Here's a cute render of my wife, Saori!

What if the best I can be is still shit?

Walk in your room.
See this

What do?

why is this song so good

Mikko has faith in you.


Kick her out and ask for Mako.

Sisters are for taking out for ice cream. Wives are for sex.

And cousins are for both.

That's just part of her go getter attitude. TOTSUGEKI


Right into her womb.

How does Guppy pussy taste and smell after a long match? I would imagine it'd have a slightly sweet smell from all the gunpowder, but it would be especially sweaty/greasy from the house spent in a cramped seat. I also expect it'd be extremely wet due to the vibrations from the tank running and the gun firing. Considering how excited the girls get after winning or just participating, sex after a match must be fucking insane.

make sweet love

But she's restrained against her will.

>How does Guppy pussy taste and smell after a long match?

I don't think my stomach can take it.

What does it feel like to fertilize Erika's eggs?

Pretty gross.

I want to make sweet love to Oreo, marry to her an never let her go

But she's a gross nerd.

Kill yourself smellfag.

she's a nerd, yes, but that makes her special

and no, she's not gross, she's a qt

I want to marry Arisa

Actually I really think human pheromones are real. If you're actually meant to be with a certain girl, the chemicals she puts out can counteract your own senses even when they tell you to stop. Her smelly, sweaty pussy becomes irresistible to the nth degree so long as you're a good match with her.

You get to meet your waifu and have sex with her only once. How would you do this?

Impregnation in the doggy position.

I fixed that file a while ago, but forgot to put it in the 7z, here you go.

My quick google search suggests that there's a study behind a stupid paywall that might agree with you but since I cannot read it I cannot say for sure, or what factors determine if someone is "the right girl"

I would take a bite out of her ass if I saw her in person, so it should be there.

post a link to the study and I'll see if I can get into it.

As far as who is "the right girl" I'm not sure. It's not that you can't be with someone whose pheromones you don't respond to, it's just that when you do respond to those pheromones, it's so much better. I'm also not sure if that sense is reciprocal, as in if you match with her pheromones, she'll match with yous.

Don't have sex but go out for a meal

>Anzu with panties
This artist just lost a follower.

Burn her dolls while having her strapped to a chair and forced to watch.

take Oreo in a date, then to a good hotel for a wild night that 9 months later would result in a baby

Post edge.


Where did you get my picture?

I assume you'll be taking responsibility.

The angle of all those images are terrible anyway. Fuck him.


and this is why they're the best

The only good Orefag so far.

I think he's the only Oreofag.



Your friend took it while you were on that "sortie"

Not Momo a cute.

But real Momo's even cuter.


indeed, and happy
of course, I want to see our baby boy or girl grow

Good for him, Oreo a cute and soft.



she's so cute, happy and smug
I love my beloved Oreo


Just protect her from smellfag scum.

Incest with lots of love, coolness and smug driving.

I will with every drop of sweat, blood and tears

Encrypt my hard drive.

Come to think of it, the first Oryoufag just posted her occasionally while proofreading translations and definitely wasn't a smellfag.

I wish I was their brother.

Strip her naked and cane her cute little ass until it bleeds. All on live TV.

I see Mikko have been eating well lately, and why is she wearing that with a Chinese dress?

>Miho has the most fanart

Surprising. I thought a loli character like Katyusha would have the most.


>Another fag saving his wife from memes and bully

Ganbare! I believe in you!

She got a job at a Chinese restaurant.

She's not wearing panties

I like this, even though i don't hate Erika.

A long date and sex with the sole purpose of procreation.

cute girls getting hurt is pretty hot

So what's his secret on wooing Mrs. Nishizumi?


Why is Alice so lewd?

She was molested as a toddler.

skipping grades deeply messes people up

Why is Maho so autistic? Look at this team.

We just don't know.

Wearing gothic lolita does that over time

Okay, here's a battle scenario.

>Full Oarai girls team
>Full Pravda team
>Full Kuromorimine team
>Full Anzio Team
>5 Centurion A41s, one commanded by Alice

Against 5 M1A1 Abrams crewed by trained, adult US soldiers. Same rules as the University match which is full elimination. The battlefield is a snowy expanse flanked by heavy birch forests. The interior of the battlefield has a small city with many residential houses and a few larger office buildings. The ground is mostly frozen, but it is only slightly below zero. It hasn't snowed recently and it is not snowing at the start of the match.

Who wins?

Only when it's two girls beating each other.


ask Saddam

The M1A1s wins because it doesn't have the nerfed federation ammunition and have IR.

Oh and all girls are literally dead


Operation Desert storm had Abrams against less obsolete tanks and it wasn't even close.

I know Ducefags are numerous, so here's a Choby.

now we know she can't use knives properly.

Anchovy is for eating out

Wait, is this a free for all match with 5 teams?

That's a really cute belly.

Just have rosehip run circles around them for 20 minutes
I assume the white flag goes up when they run ouf of fuel, of course

Which makes 0 sense since she is the leader of a cooking school.

Oh yeah, and this

This is true. Most girls end up doing porn, stripping or are just too ugly for either.

the irony is she cut herself when slicing the cake

no Anchovy is for taking to eat out

For both

So when can we get some ACTUAL foreign girls in this anime?


What if my Anchovy is asleep and wrapped up in her cape? What do I do to fix her?

It was nice of him to let her keep a coat

Guh. Long week. It's been a long time but I've finally got the basic translation done.

Viking Fisheries Infopage should be up with the next few days.



We'd go out for hotpot or something warm and tasty prior, telling each other all about the lives we lead in our respective universes. I'd take her sightseeing around my city eventually ending up at the gorge nearby overlooking the distant city lights, we'd sit for hours just leaning on each other before we both went back to my place. Our sex would be boring and vanilla, but I don't think our lips would part the whole time, it'd be very romantic. After we'd finished before she left we'd tell each other that just like it was before today, we'll always, always be in each others hearts.

And then she'd be gone, but I'd still be happy knowing that we love each other, and I could live every day with a smile on face knowing this. Hopefully she'd have fallen pregnant, and our child helps her to remind her of my face and the love we'll always share.

Forgive me for being corny. I like responding legitimately to these questions.


Wait, really?

She's modeled after her 100% authentic slav voice actor

She moved from Russia to study on Pravda, and her VA is Russian too.

Anzu is for sharing a bong with!

hey she follows me on Twitter

Do you think Klara loves Putin?

RT tells me everybody loves Putin

Send her dick pics

Besides 3DPD, I don't know why you all are cringing about this. Decent looking cosplay, they're just making food for Japanese people who seems to appreciate it.

Not cringing, just thought it was relevant. Been seeing it all over twitter today.

Is that her?


Anzu is a good girl, user. She is for sharing potato!

You didn't tell her that I've had a crush on her, right?

>Drunk declaration of love on vocaroo
>Writes a gooey love story
>Shits out renders for all of us every single thread
>Posts cute shit like this every thread
>Doesn't bully anyone and doesn't get bullied by anyone
>Always friendly

We all love you Sawreehfag please never leave us. Now please do more Kay renders.

Is there any "When I'm Bored" of GuP? I know it's a dead meme but it's nice

follow her and send them yourself, she seems to follow back

Still waiting for THAT but for Haifuri.

pat her head.
Although I'd rather pat this girl's head.

Potato bong!

>We all love you Sawreehfag
I don't know about that, but thanks user. I think my cheeks just got warmer.

I'll do some more Kay renders in a little while, I'm actually watching anime today.


That's what Mika is for


That Pekoe.

I want to have a ride with Katyusha in her Aerosani.

I also want her to ride me aswell[/spoiler[

time to pop the question

is she a virgin?

I think you're blind, I don't see Pekoe.

I'd tell her "Paskapuhetta, en usko".


I'm really blind.

Wrong character nya


I made that /c/ thread if anyone is interested, or has any other GuP renders to share!

>11 pm
>already dead thread

How long until "the final chapter"?

>Come back to some lewd Momos but no bully comments

Thank you, anons!

You have a gift for writing the cutest stuff, Sawreehfag.

fucking awesome


Duce's belly!

Duce's fat!

I love thicc Duce

I want to use her as a pillow

Power of love.

I don't care about that meme, but i don't mind if is with Duce

what exactly do these dried potatoes taste like? Can you buy them in Japan? I'm imagining they're just freeze dried or dehydrated potatoes. They can't be that good, unless they have spices or something on them. They won't even be crispy or anything.

"Hey, could you rub some lotion on me? I think I missed a spot on my lower back."

Of course Kaichou!

After I've done as she asked, I'd give her a quick tickle on her sides.

>Cred Forums
>asking who's autistic
user pls

learned a different language so I can read japs shitposting about mommy Nonna's milkies

This isn't /jp/.

I'm schizoeffective hereditary so I can have vivid conversation with Garupans in my sleep and rarely when I'm awake.

Autism is for nerds.

Hold her hand and pet her head in TV and a few AM stations

This is beautiful

Alt universe where Miho never left KMM

Saunders Yukari could work very well, same for Anzio Saori

Out of Hana and Assam, who would be the most elegant? long as we can keep her away from the food anyway.

Someone should edit this again and put sonic 2006, Spec ops the line or THAT in the image.

This might have happened if MEXT guy had succeeded

gotta say, loved that whole scene. specially hte music

The girls would fit in the other schools, but i wonder if Yukari really would get friends in Saunders like she did in Oorai

What's Hana's soul name?


I want to sell these girls weed

>Ooarai immediately closed after losing in the first round



I think the only required to get friends in Saunders is to be energetic and ambitious, I'm sure she'd fit in well.

>first round
they wont even get to 1st round, the whole idea only came cause they had her in school

In my family we have higher than average IQ's, but we go crazy in our later years. My dad died due to his dementia, but he was abusive so fuck him.


Freedom Yukari is the best Yukari

Probably even more, Saunders has a bigger senshado team.

I just finished the dump in /c/.

>105 renders
I need to re-evaluate my life.

I want to give Katyusha a deep, loving kiss and tell her that I love her and that I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

>Translation never

Miho has no second-in-command.

Momo would be the closest. But they can't put Momo without Anzu.


Why are we getting stoners now?


I believe it's between Anzu or Sawree, why Saori, well in the maginot manga she sucks as commander being defeated by the type 95, come the last fight of the anime and the light novel and she lead the troops like a boss during the rabbit team rescue while miho was out of the tank.

>hfw Sawreehfag walks in on her

>can't put Momo without Anzu

Sounds lewd

Why did Miho avoid her mom in the movie? Would she have made Miho transfer back?

Gomoyo has more porn alone than Pazomi.

And they wonder why she is so autistic

r/ing the site that had all the official and unique art of the Garupan girls in different and unique clothing. I had to reinstall my browser, and lost the link to it.

I thought Azusa was going to be stepping up to be her 2nd in command.

>>Continuation H.S.

Very nice touch.

these are too great

Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!

And she will.

"Looks like we're going to be sharing this chocolate user, let's eat it until our lips meet."

I like this crazy-vision

the angler fish pillow is her second in command

Someone post that spoopy gif.


would be objectively the best choice

Why she is so sexual?

>Saori nervously asking Sawreehfag if he'd like to do some lewd things on the beach.

Boring but still cute and lewd like Miho, so she is perfect


Sweet potatoes.



You really did go all out, didn't you?

What spoopy gif?

Literally made for breeding

Sometimes I'm glad people associate me to Saori, sometimes I'm a little taken aback.

I humbly accept both outcomes of these scenarios.

>this kills the momofag

Anzu is for friends with benefits until you slowly fall in love with each other

This tried and true breeding machine needs more attention

Oh shit! Let Me Love You has been translated for weeks now! Time to read it!

I want to eat out Karina. Imagine her jerking and saying "aye!" every time you time your tongue brushed past her clit.

So cute.

I thought that was Kay, without the falling in love part. But i wouldn't mind it with Anzu.

No, Anzu is for romance and all that shit

You should

Well, she literally disowned Miho and since they didn't talk to each other after the final (when she looks like she accepted Mihos "style") I guess Miho is still afraid to confront her.

Why the leveling is so trash though...

>I thought that was Kay, without the falling in love part

What kind of faggot are you? literally worse than Yuuki's exboyfriend

>Spoilereed text
>Saori's face when.

The disownment wasn't executed since she won against Pravda.

wasn't she disowned when she left KMM?

Not this time. I was ready!

She left on her own to avoid Senshado.

Kay is for brojobs and fun one night stands with.

No, i just think Kay would fit better as a friend.


Rude, Kay is for a proper relationship

Tsuneo will make his grand appearance and say it was all his cheeky master plan to have two glorious schools carried by the prestigious Nishizumi name. Pulling Miho aside prior and telling her to play along because he can't stand to see the two of them so distant anymore.

Shiho's deredere comes out and she belives it without question, welcome Miho back to her inner-circle with glee.

I wish.

Oh, don't you play with my fucking heart, you shit

>i just think Kay would fit better as a girlfriend.


I want to hide Nonna's butt with my dick

>i just think Kay would fit better as a wife.


She's a tease.

She'd probably rile you up or gip you just for shits and giggles. At the same time, she'd also glomp the fuck out of you and squeeze you like a boa constrictor if you make her happy

Don't forget the leg-locking when jumps into your arms.

I bet she got the best leg lock too.


They're assembling!

The doujin teased a sequel.

Something tells me she'd be huge into orgasm denial.

I'm hoping Miho and her mothers relationship is explored more if we get a season two, or anything else.

Please don't, I've just finished and I got stuff to do.

>I've just finished

Fappin'? Nappin'? Snackin'?

I want to help repair Miho and Shiho's relationship physically

I thnk she'd be cheeky and teasing, but not stupid shit like that.

GuPs are good girls.

But when she does let you cum, she will leglock you and make sure that you fill her up with every single drop.

The senshado teams; all they have to do is avoid directly engaging the overbloated pos and wait for it to either break down or run out of fuel. Should only take about five minutes.

Fuck you guys, i want my own playful Anzu now.

All I want is an upfront face to face Miho and Shiho make-up scene. A handshake, a hug, or even something that starts out as a professional handshake and then turns into a hug when Shiho pulls Miho in and reminds her she's still her daughter, above all the tanks, Senshadou, tournaments and whatever..


>Anzu will never spread her legs, showing that she is not wearing panties
>Anzu will never tell you "You know what to do user."

And now I'm more confused than ever. I hate the petite and manipulative parts, but she's too sweet and affectionate to pass up

Anzu with panties is unacceptable.

I hope something like this happens. It'd melt my heart, I love seeing happy families.

Mother/child relationships are always something I want to see work go well.

She is just a playful, teasing girl. And she never really manipulated Miho.

I would be scared to confront her too.

Yup. I'm scared all we'll get is an on-screen face-to-face conversion with the credits + music played over it. When that happened with Miho and Maho in the movie I was frustrated, but I guess it didn't matter what they were saying. They were smiling, and that's all that matters.

Some ESL was working on those, but he chickened out because Bandai's DMCA him.
Here are some left that I could salvage:

"Son, we noticed that you've been spending all your time on that new fangled computer and you haven't been helping out in the field, or in the barn, so we decided it's time you learned the value of hard work and responsibility, so we got you your very own cow."

>Bandai's DMCA him.

Man fuck Bandai.

Maho is not autistic!

Did he have some blog or something?

Boko is a bad influence towards children

Any reason why he can't just reupload it?

>still no good Nishi doujins
That scat one doesn't count.

He did weeks ago, and now he delete them himself.

anybody managed to download it all though, can you guys share a link or something?

Has this been scanned?

>mfw I just fucked the cow

post the same post in every thread

How dare you bully Onee-chan!!(miho)

Miho! It's fine! It's fine already so stop it!! (maho)

It hurts It hurts It hurts!!(girl)

just stop it...already!(g̡̟͈̤̜͙̫͓i̧r̙͓͝l̟̟ͅ

Damn it, I won't lose! (g̢̻͎̱͇̘̭̼ͪ͋̈̎i̛̖̜̼̖̥ͧ͌̇̊́̇̂͠r͓͈ͬ͒͒ͦ̓͠l̦̜̥̲ͩͮ̅ͅ)

[Miho's Point of View]

Damn, little Miho was an absolute monster!

>bad influence
I need to ask you to delete this post.


>Shiho wearing casual clothes



>implying her grown-up version is any better



If only Mika were there to steal those lolis and that tank

Hey fellow Kayfags.

Mikafag pls


if only mika were here to steal my virginity

I want to smell Shizuka's sweat soaked pantyhose as she is still wearing them after she has had a long day in her Te-Ke.

Would any writefags be willing to do something with user x Anzu?


Choose Senshado.



Those kind of words have to come from the heart user. It's up to you.

I'll find out who you are, and i'll send you to the gulag.

You're asking someone else to write things about you and your waifu? That's not how it works!

She is your waifu, right?



I was sitting there with the rest of my friends when the love of my life Anzu walked up to me. I always been a plain looking guy but I hope one day Anzu would notice me. I look right at her and walks up to me and says "Ooh, hey there big guy." I'm stunned and she pulls me away from my friends. "I'll be honest, I had my eye on you. You look nice, big and tasty." she says as she licks her lips.

I don't know what to say, for the short amount of time I was here in Ooarai I always wanted to be with Anzu. I can feel her small, delicate hands moving up and down on my body. She wants me, but I don't know what to do. I don't wanna screw this up. Suddenly, I felt her tongue licking me down there. The sensation of her moist yet warm tongue is indescribable. As she continues to run her tongue along and sucking, you can hear her moans and pants coming out of her breath.

"I think you're nice and ready right now." I'm so excited, all of my dreams and wishes are about to come true. Anzu then grabs me, blushing, staring at me. "I love you so much." Anzu claims as she comes closer and closers to my face. She opens her mouth and takes a bite out of me. Chewing me ever so quickly so she can hurry and taste the remainder of me. I can feel part of me stuck between her teeth and gums while others are laying on her taste buds. She throws whatever is remaining of me into her mouth. As I get ready to embrace death and go down her throat she says in between her chewing, "This was the tastiest sweet dried potato yet!"

This is my daughter.

Nigga stop this.
I don't want you to be my father-in-law.


I'm tracking you right now.


Pull up your pants.

I'm just after some lewd Anzu antics, mainly due to what was discussed earlier.

Anzu seems to be the kind to teasingly call you "darling".

I might do something tomorrow dude. I'll try to have a lewd Anzu dream like I did with Nonna and Katyusha.


dumb snekposter

Now I really want Miho lewd story.


I loved KMB. Such a shame about the treatment of Agiri problem.

A shame really, killed the 7% we had of another season.

I use to read the manga, I should really catch up but is the anime worth picking up?

It's a masterpiece with the budget of two buttons, a bottle cap and a few coins.

The anime is fun. Voice actors are spot on and the jokes are timed well.

The low budget makes for some fun animation and it never looks low quality.

Also the OP and ED are very catchy but in different ways.

When you update the frontpage and find Rosehip's hips.

Who is the boy in black?

Funny because he did that image a long time ago just with a different background.

>mfw minazuki juuzou and no rosehip feet yet or futa

I want to be bullied by young Miho


Gup is turning into a cute boy franchise

I didn't realize that's Rin's orgasm face.

That's not a boy. Her name is Bordeaux. The BC faction commader of BC Freedom. The one that knocked out Erika in the Centipede/BC Freedom vs KMM tankathlon match.


I need this in my life

It's dead:
Maybe someone saved them all and could upload a zip?

The girl on the left is Alice's sister



I'll take you on.

I still can't believe she's not the gunner
hana is so fucking shit

Hana is good at destroying.

>hana is so fucking shit
Go fuck yourself you fucking shitstained faggot.

I like Hana, but sometimes I wonder how Ooarai would do with Yukari as the gunner. IIRC, she never misses. However it might not be as good since Hana isn't as good as a driver or a loader.

Not a knock on Hana, she's doing great now but Yukari is greatest.

So who is the lucky father to this family?

Hana has some really impressive shots under her belt. Most notably the Saunders kill shot.


>Yukari commits suicide after being the one who lost the match against Saunders, causing Ooarai to shut down and being separated from her beloved Nishizumi-dono
Happy now?

If Yukari was firing then they wouldn't be deadlocked into that shot


reminder 11 kills.

Where did you even get that idea?

>Father of Arisu and Mika
>Husband to Chiyo
>Has to deal with socially awkward daughter
>Other daughter is hobo
>Wife doesn't seem to care

I feel bad for the father

Here's a Kay for you, If you or any other Kayfags are still here.

Right, because Yukari won't even have recognized that she could win by sniping Saunders' flag tank from the ridge.

I've been looking for renders for you to do but I can't think of any desu.

I wish Kay had more cute art than sexy art.

>I wish Kay had more cute art than sexy art.
Fucking this.

Yukari knows that loader is the hardest and most demanding job inside a tank.
She does it so that everyone else could do something easier/more fun.

>the St. Gloriana girls make Rosehip drink her tea from a sippy cup until she learns to not spill it

If we can somehow convince the Nippons.

Most of her art is just her in bikinis or Kaydar.

That is my headcanon now. Yukari deserves many pats on the head.

Well, Kaydar is somehow cute, but it hurts my feelings as hell.

>hand on hair action
Blue board, user.

I want to apply some of my 'Special lotion' onto Yukari's back.

>Hair on hair action

You have seen nothing yet.

After tapping that brown tank nerd asshole.

I'll do what I can in between requests and such, even if it's unofficial art. Promise.

I also agree that Kay needs more cute art, too much Kaydar and lewd honestly.

I'm in love with this baka!

I feel like I've read a translation of that but I'm not sure. Just how did they end up like that?

Let me help you out. I looked through pixiv for some possible good renders.

Nice ass for the irrelevant bunny



It's a shame how a cute onee-chan type girl like Kay only get either lewd art or Kaydar.

Last one

Good stuff mate, I'll use a few of these.


That's what Duce is so great, she gets everything

Amen. Yukari is pure, kind and sweet. And despite her adoration of tanks, I'm sure that given time she would grow to love a human even more.

If I'm frank, Yukari is about as close to my ideal mate as I can get, given that I'm a bit of a sperg myself about tanks but my main domain is firearms. But we could learn from each other.

I'd love to spend our days teaching her about firearms in the morning, followed by her teaching me about tanks at night before setting up a field tent on the roof of one of our houses and falling asleep. It’d be cold, but I don't mind her wrapping herself around me for warmth. We'd probably forget to eat dinner and just eat field rations instead, even the bad-tasting ones, and laugh about it.

There'd be heated arguments, of course. Pershing or Sheridan, Tiger I or II, would the Maus have been worth deploying in any significant number, things of that nature. But we’d never go to bed angry, having both said our pieces.

The lewd would come slowly, but. I'm okay with that. I can see her blurting out a stupid tank pun midway through sex for the first time, or me making an idiotic militaria joke about sex which would probably make us both laugh so hard that we couldn't even continue. Of course eventually these would fade, and things would be as passionate and intense as a KwK43's roar.

The wedding wouldn't be much of anything special. Just her Senshado team, some of the guys from the range, our families. Maybe not even that; just us atop the Pz. IV-H at the edge of the mainland at sunset. Maybe not even a dress and a suit, maybe in whatever camo suited us that day. Flecktarn and MARPAT maybe. oh god she'd be adorable in Rhodie brushstroke.

If we have children that’d be great. She’d make a good mother, and I’d do my best to raise our children. But if we don’t, I don’t mind growing old with her.

For some of you, she may be neutral to distasteful, or outright annoying. But I love her. I always will.


Hey, I was just curious. What kind of program do you use to make these renders?

And do you listen to music while doing them?


I want to make love with her

Bakaroni a cute.

Pick a mommy

I liked this so much I reconstructed her eye in the 'right' artstyle, tell me what you think!

I just use Photoshop man, using nothing but the pen tool for all rendering.

Yes. I listen to the Saori Character songs more than I should (Koi ni LOVE Shite is my favorite.) among other things.

>I liked this so much I reconstructed her eye in the 'right' artstyle, tell me what you think!

I only just realize how odd her eye was. Good job Sawreehfag.

But they are my wives.

>He can reconstruct eyes

You absolute madman!

I had a feeling her character song would be mentioned. I was just listening to the GuP OST and realized how relaxing some of the songs are. Figured it'd be perfect for work like that.


You'd know if you had watched OVA 6, as you should have. That'w where they are named and introduced (even if not shown onscreen).
You missed a LOT of fun in OVA 6, too. Do yourself a favor and watch the OVAs. They're short, anyways.

>1/10 cleaning job


>Where da hood, where da hood, where da hood at?

>US soldiers.
Instaloss as they are too afraid to fight without air support and ask for extration from Malaysian soldiers

Clara is Russian. So is her VA.

There's somebody near me saying "I want that tank"

Thanks, glad you like it.

I do listen to the soundtrack often, but more just her chara songs every hour or so. I have my own shitty taste in music outside of that. Been listening to the new Danny Brown and Bob Iver albums, also getting back into Animal Collective, Yes, Ali Project and Neutral Meme Hotel. Spoilered for bloggish shit.

Everything was fine until you said Ali Project.

I can't help it, guilty pleasure.

I like the songs in French. They sound romantic to me.

You remind me of that user who when another user regreted there was no full version of Nonna singing the Cossack Lullaby, he went and made an edited full version of the song so it was all like Nonna's voice, and posted it in the same thread. Some of us are obnoxious, manchildren, argue-everythings, and worse. Yet sometimes we find that simple will to help others.

Your music taste isn't shit. Not a bad selection. Whatever gets you through the renderings!

reporting, we all have our vices. Your taste isn't shit, though. I mean you like Saori! She's definitely a good girl.

I love blasting eurobeat and driving like a fucking lunatic on deserted backroads. It's dangerous but it's one of the few joys my state still allows me since my love of firearms is demonized here like being gay in the UAE.

Some of us are friends. People can say that generals are shit and the direction our threads go to are terrible, and honestly sometimes I'm embarrassed because we do a lot of autistic as fuck stuff here but I enjoy being in your guy's company sometimes.

Then there's Erikafags.

Actually, worst part of these threads is that I keep checking if there's new post when I should be doing pic related.

like I said before, fuck anatomy.

I don't get the hatred for Erikafags. I'm a longtime Yukarifag, but I can see her appeal- admittedly for me it's mostly a physical/sexual thing rather than emotional.

You can do it! Set a timer for fifteen minutes. Every fifteen, switch from studying to us! If you go for thirty, just put your nose to the grindstone for another thirty then go back to 15-15 cycles. It's how I get through studying calculus ten hours a week.

Check the filename. You'll be okay. Don't give up.

Another helpful thing with anatomy: Just ask yourself what a given part of the body shown is, and go into more specifics as you go. Use your book for crossreferencing. You'll pick it up eventually, it's how I learned the basics of human anatomy.

Are you the same one complaining of a non-H Haifuri compilatuion upthread?

>I don't get the hatred for Erikafags. I'm a longtime Yukarifag, but I can see her appeal- admittedly for me it's mostly a physical/sexual thing rather than emotional.

Oh no, I like Erika. (And all the girls for that matter) I just don't like Erikafags who randomly insult poor Yukari.

Thanks user, I'll try my best. Just cramming all these vocabulary words is tough. I'm scared for the practical but I feel confident since I just been on quizlet solving tests after tests. It's just, this is the third time taking this class and if I can't do it, then I am completely fucked for my kinesiology major.

I guess you're right, despite anything bad in these threads I wouldn't change a single thing about it. I love each and every person who posts here, even sealposters. I ignore THATposting, but I don't hate them for it.

Thanks! Also makes me glad to see people reposting the renders.

My friend blasts Eurobeat on the local Touges too, I like to ride shotgun sometimes, the adrenaline is grouse. And the drive home is always chill.

I'm sure we can all agree with
>I just don't like ___fags who randomly insult poor ___

Erikafags insult Yukari? I don't understand why... I could get them insulting Momofags maybe but.

Just keep calm. It took me three tries to clear calculus 1. Just pop-quiz yourself with the fanart you see, cross-check and grade yourself. You'll pick it up. Have confidence in yourself, like Rommel did.

I like fags who randomly insult poor MEXTguy

>depend on me for next season.jpg

I like fags who randomly insult poor TK

I can't wait for MEXTguy to be the one who sacrifices himself to save the Ooarai ship.

>sends a bunch of goliath tanks to blow up the ship
>sees the sadness of all the girls
>girls say goodbye to their tanks as they have to flee without them
>Anzu asks MEXTguy if he's happy making a bunch of girls cry
>instant regret
>swims down to stop water leaking
>stops it but drowns
>statue honoring him
>press f


>We then learn MEXTguy was Anzu's father

He only wanted to shut down Ooarai so Anzu can go to a more prestige school.

>Hana goes to Anzio
>Anzio end up broke
Thank God she didn't

Dead are the days of Saori being fat and people forgetting that Hana is the actual glutton.

>Hana goes to St. Gloria
>All of the tea
>St. Gloria students suffer from tea withdrawels

I want to fuck the fat out of Hana

Lads i have been deeply distracted these past few months and so i have missed all the manga translations could someone please tell me where i could find them?

Why is the BC vice crying? They won.

Which episode was this?

if she's willing to settle for me, I'm not going to settle for her. she looks like a fart smells.

trash goes in the can.

Well, that was my first and probably last attempt at rendering. I simply don't have the hands for it.

In a way Erika and Yukari are even related, both are totally loyal to their commanders and would go through hell for them.
Erika is just way more harsh and rude to the outside than Yukari. But Maho can rely on her as much as Miho can on Yukari. Both would never let "their" Nishizumi down.

First one.

18:48 first episode. Hana and Saori are both such good friends.

If you put a silhouette over Anzu, she looks like a duck.

And that is exactly why I want them to hate fuck each other.

cant handle this much cuteness



I want Yukari and Erika to be locked together in Miho's dungeon. After weeks of psychical and mental torture they would be told that the only way out is to kill other prisoner with a rusty butter knife.

Little tanks with big guns is the correct tank doctrine

How about no.

Miho was supposed to be Erika's Nishizumi too, user.

But what about the shiba Maho keeps down there?

nail all the doors and windows shut, and burn the house down.

chase her out with a broom and spray everything down with bleach

it's all she could afford at goodwill

It's not bad for a first attempt at all, at least there's no jaggies. Did you use the pen tool?

I also like your filename.


Why would Maho keep dogs in torture chamber? For cleaning purposes?

They are both good girls and don't deserve bullying.

Someone should edit that Render so that Erwin is giving the finger.

I want to lock all the Garupans in a large room and the only way to get out is if they make a large circle of eating each other out

Yeah, I did. I've been mucking around in photoshop for roughly a year, and somehow I never used it before. It took some getting used to, but I kinda get it. I kept accidentally moving the whole pen outline everytime I wanted to move an individual point. I don't know how you can make these so fast and precise. I have even more respect for you now!

Somewhat similar filename, no? It's a good sorting system you have there.

Only way Miho treats her dogs.


Your brain is weird.

Hana would win this

Have you worked out how the sequence would be like based on each girl's preference yet though

Who would be so autistic as to have an order of 50+ girls eating each other out based on their preference?

No really I wanna see too.

It can be a bitch, but practice makes perfect. I learnt from doing a whole bunch of vectors a long long time ago. So I was just lucky I remembered how to use the thing.

Just leave it to Sodoko.
Everyone gets a number card.


I'm thinking about it. I think at first most of them would be very reluctant, but eventually some arrangement would be made. I'm guessing most girls wouldn't care too much about the one eating them out, but they would insist on eating out a girl that they like.

On the other hand, this way she can stare up at the commander's pantsu all day


But who can withstand the might of Oryou's smelly vagina?

Other way around
The girls would be more adverse to who would be eating them out

who the fuck thinks up this shit

i need the nuke gif of this!

this guy gets it