Good animation thread

Good animation thread

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how the fuck does that even works?


Is that from some kind of Tsukihime fan animation? If so, it looks really good!

Magic 60 FPS


>Magic 60 FPS

I was more referring to how the body fell apart.

I don't usually like how 60 fps stuff looks, but doesn't this look better than the original somehow?

60 FPS only looks good with animation, if every single frame in those 60 are individually different.

I admit I got off to these a little.







Post some Akira senpai


Meh, I don't really like BONES' sakuga.

They just make everything look flashy but the fights coreography is goddamn awful. One Punch Man is the same, it's just

EPILEPTIC LIGHT!!!!!! And then someone moving super fast on a straight line.

They've been hit-and-miss with their fight choreography these past few years. They hired all those webgen animators but they seem all flash and no fight.

Wings of Honneamise was a masterpiece, why is it so unpopular?


Too old. It sucks, but thats the way it is.


Akira, Gundam and some others are old and are/were popular...Bad luck and bad taste I guess

Gundam, Macross and the like are both huge, and still being made today.

Akira was just a hugely iconic film. Stuff fades after time, if it's any consolation Wings of Honneamise blew minds when it was released.

Source? I tried everything

Doesn't Wings of Honneamise have a near rape scene? That's probably why it never gets shown on tv like Gundum or Akira do.

I believe it's concerto revolution.

Scratch that, it's Concrete Revolutio.

Thank you sweet pea

I heard Gainax almost went under because of it, would be nice if they were just rumors and the movie actually did well back then.

It does, was too "mature" for kids anyway so TV is out of the question except maybe for late night slots. I just find it odd that I almost never see it mentioned on the webs either.

>and the movie actually did well back then.
It didn't do well financially, but it was received really well critically. They put too much money into it and it hit too small a market to make it back. Everyone in that market thought it was the shit though.


I should finish this. I never got around to the last few episodes.


This is some Trigger tier shit.

It's like someone reached into the mind of a neckbeard and pulled out one of his fantasies.


What's this from?

this is my fetish yuyus

> yuyus

Thank you, kind user! And you even saved me the trouble of Googling it myself!

I always wonder when I see lmgtfy links what the point is.

If you think it's a stupid question, or the asker is being lazy, then why even bother answering at all?

And if you do want to help, why not just help? What's the point of the snark?

Seems like a waste of time.

There is no need to lie.


fuck wrong webm

Sauce please

To point out to the asker that he's lazy and hopefully he'll correct his stupid behavior in the future.


Is the guy in this human? Because that's not how a human body moves at all. It's like he's made of rubber.

You got a girl doing a kick that sends him flying 30 feet, I don't think they're striving for realism, complains like yours are completely idiotic.

T'heres exaggeration for effect and then there's Donald Duck. It's hard to take this seriously when the guy turns into a Looney Tune. Completely undercuts the seriousness they're going for.

Looks good to me, maybe you're a retard.


should I watch the original GITS or the 2.0 remake with the updated animation, sound and shit

It's okay to be wrong, but there's no need to be so defensive.

>How virgin animators think girls have sex

My fucking dick.

"I was able to use the information provided in the post to find the answer. Here's the answer and how I found it, in the future try this yourself instead of asking."

Man, realistically speaking, he should have been swiss cheese right there.


Why doesn't this happen more?

This would be good if the sound quality/choice wasn't so terrible.

60fps animation is a meme

pre-rendered video does not benefit from increased framerate, if anything it's a trick for animators that don't understand motion blur

>Completely undercuts the seriousness they're going for.
but they're not trying to be serious...




The show's shit but it's taboo tattoo

Is Cred Forums suddenly not a blue board?

inb4 promotions

What anime?

Where is this from?


>People think this is hot instead of disgusting


Good animation as in good 2D animation not after effects, please delete this garbage.


Damn this is good.

Gonna want some sauce on that

Don't knock it until you've rtried it





>white lady

she's japanese you baka

>no weight behind their movements

I liked Yuyushiki up to the third episode but this scene is what really sold me on the series. Exemplar scene of iyashikei.

What happened at 0:26?

>he's made of rubber

How did that happen?

After the nipples incident earlier this year, it was ruled that nipples from TV series and OVAs are permitted unspoilered, but nudity intended to be pornographic in nature is still against the rules.

whats this from?

>tfw it'll be fucking years if we ever get to see this fight properly, with Nero pulling out his hundreds of wolves, unicorns and eldritch spider monsters


He flipped the pistol 180 degrees and the other dude probably took a bullet to the gut

Lurk more.


Valkry Drive

He's talking about the moment where they missed a frame and he went from wobbling to instantly on the ground. There was nothing in between.

It's some original fan made shit. Also, fuck off retard.

I always wonder what the fuck is going through the head of shitty Cred Forumsermin when they come here.
You had to lurk on your board too what makes you think it's different here?


>Clearly showed that she could fight incredibly well
>lolno, that's just a magic tattoo enhancing her body
>Despite that completely shitty plot device, she is actually a cool character to a degree
>Suddenly her love interest shows up, she goes entirely mushy and weak
>The arm with the tattoo gets burned and damaged so bad that she has to have it amputated
>Becomes a jobber for the last few episodes

Man, that show really REALLY dropped the ball hard. Not even mentioning that abomination of a kaiju fight.

White hair dude's batteries ran out. He should have used Energizer batteries instead of those shitty Thunderbolt Heavy Duty ones.

I like this anime. Fukken saved.

Now there's some high quality animation


Holy shit I need to watch this.


>inb4 gets deleted

Wow this is...actually kind of cool the way they did this?


Why did you put a question mark.

He was colloquially marking inflection

this looks sooo pretty...but it's about fucking school girls playing music. i just...yea i can't do this anymore. i've watched kokoro connect and your lie in april and shit and i'm just not down for more of this fake drama shit.

They didn't even need to do it but it looks so fucking good.

i have a request...if anyone has it on them i mean
...does anyone have a webm of THAT scene in yosuga no know...the ONE.


this is so weird

Why don't you have it?

i have no excuse...

Well, I have it but I won't post it. Have a nice day faggot.

don't be rude user

ok, thanks. have a nice day...

this is one of those shows i have to classify in the forbidden files, because if i watch it or Ladies Vs. Butlers i'll just fucking dehydrate

>fall for every single iteration of this image

I love these.

Chinese jew loli best girl, get your cow tits outa my thread.

This is how I feel about a lot of naruto fight """sakuga"""



what is this from pls

>for the UK release they took out the sex scenes and you couldn't even tell the difference
That's how fucking good Mezzo Forte was.

calm down champ its just a game



guess they spent all their budget on this one scene lol

Valkyrie drive



In some of this fight's scenes it's like her arms do not have any bones at all, and yet people calls this good animation?

saYou are the cancer which is killing Cred Forums.

Cred Forums died along time ago and you dont even know do you

Don't give replies, just report.

It's important to enforce positive behavior.

The people we are talking about here are not as smart as monkies.

Read the manga

OMFG tities, whats this anime and why have I not seen it!! and why is this on /a? Isnt this alittle NSFW?

It's Watashi no Pico

i dont see a whole lot of animation

Most of them are hand drawn effects. Surprise, surprise.




The incredibly long build up before anything actually happens is what turns most people away.

Its the same in western media people are so used to constant action they cant watch stuff with a build up like Europa report

Never ceases to give me chills, this scene.

Literally magic. Dude has magic eyes that sees lines on everything. Dude traces lines on her with a knife. Lady fall apart. Magic.

honestly this looks pretty fucking terrible
it's all flash and spark to ineffectively conceal how things were done

Why would you post a video with nothing in it?
It's just 55 seconds of blank.

It's not the same without the music


My problem with it wasn't even the buildup but the fact that much of the motivations of the characters aren't even motivations but just excuses to get the plot going. I mean at the start nobody gives a shit about the project then suddenly everyone actually cares for just about no reason at all. The whole love aspect doesn't do anything and goes nowhere. The war and other country is just a Boogeyman and is only relevant for the battle scene. The entire movie is a giant mish mash of bullshit that doesn't matter in the end.

man the lack of detail in the majority of frames here is distractingly bad



It's not much different from usual, there's just one-tone instead of the usual two tone shading.

the lines are good. The choreography is good. Despite that, the lack of more detailed shading makes it look cheap.

It might be an alien concept for you, but that's what people calls a joke.



Not anime, but fits thread

Is this a fucking joke? This is some of the worst animation I have ever seen. Being detailed and constantly changing perspective doesn't make it good. The people are off model all the time, there is no weight to their movements, even the anatomy is fucked in a more than a few frames.

It's like someone who had only ever sketched busts suddenly thought "Hey, this animation shit looks easy, I'll give it a try!"

I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul.

it looks partially rotoscoped to me, with a bunch of really bizarre camera movements. normies would think this animation is really good because it's "smooth", but it's not.

For all of the shit we give DEEN for their F/SN anime, I find it funny how Tsukihime was worse to the point that no one wants to acknowledge its existence.

>t. plebs who have never heard of Richard Williams

oh yes, richard williams, the darling of westaboos. the guy who spent almost 30 years on a movie and couldn't even finish it because he thought everything has to be on 1's, even the most mundane sequences.

good foundations but a stubborn and terrible director.

I've seen a couple scenes of the thief and the cobbler, this is the guy who animated the man playing with a deck of cards right?

That was decent, but a lot of his stuff is very overrated and looks like garbage.

Japanese animators can only dream to be able to depict human anatomy on that level of detail. You rarely ever see anime scenes show muscles like that, normally it's some stylized approximation.

Okay, but the actual animation is shit.

If we want to "depict levels of detail" look at the backgrounds for literally any Ghibli film and get fucked.

>muh detail

>need more detail

>detail for the detail gods

>look at the backgrounds for literally any Ghibli film and get fucked.
Backgrounds are piss-easy to animate. They are literally still paintings.
A painting is not animation.


Learn how to fucking read, I ain't got time for this shit.

I read the post, and this thread isn't about backgrounds. It's about animation.

Shit animation has more in coming with good animation than non-animated backgrounds do.

>Japanese animators can only dream to be able to depict human anatomy on that level of detail

Far from being the best example from that arc

My entire point was that detail has literally nothing to do with the quality of the animation. Anno has scribbles better animated than because while they are vastly less detailed, they are well animated.

If you don't believe me I can start making webms of whatever the documentary on Anno was called.

Or you could just google it because fuck ffmpeg

>Implying she's human.

amusingly enough we could derail the shit out of this thread by discussing the content of your post

but I won't

I never said that was good animation, or that certain anime didn't have much better animation than that.

MY point is that it's pointless to compare the 'level of detail' of a still picture with the conglomeration of multiple frames put together to give the impression of movement, since the process and skill needed to make one of those are vastly different from the ones required for the other.

Fine, look at and Vastly more detailed.

Eat that.

Bodies can be clothed and the clothes being far more detailed than any body. Backgrounds and machinery also can be totally animated. Japan can do ANYTHING. But they choose to animate what matters. That the big difference with the West that animates everything the same way and at the same pace, like that clip you showed us. So boring and anti climatic.

How can I accept your """opinion""" if you can't even provide a better example?


Stop this

Both when you have the chance. i have Only seen the original.

Not an argument.

It wasn't supposed to be, you just need to stop doing it because it's fucking retarded. I'm not even the person you replied to.

>I'm not even the person you replied to.
Then fuck off, retard.

Japan, already the best 30 years ago.

man, the jojo OVA in the later eps was the best.

Right after you kill yourself