So where is my 5th season at? I see the first episode aired, is crunchy not doing it again?

So where is my 5th season at? I see the first episode aired, is crunchy not doing it again?

Crunchy should still have the licensing for it, but they haven't announced a simulcast.
I'd be interested in subbing it, but I've been staring at nyaa for the last several hours and no raws have shown up.

Based user.

Hopefully a raw shows up soon. I've been waiting for more material to be animated.

I thought it airs tomorrow?

anichart says it was today

Yeah, I was looking at that, and there was an earlier thread here today talking about subs as well, so I think it aired. says it's tomorrow.

Crunchyroll has about 15 "TBD" slots on their fall simulcast page, some of them aren't being anounced until they're ready to air. So have hope.

Ready as fuck for more Natsume

What advantage is there in holding off on the announcement?

Nothing, they're just trying to "be all hype and shit" or whatever the fuck they're up to.

They have all four seasons still up for streaming, and they would not want to miss out on those sweet clicks from a fairly popular show. I would be really surprised if they passed on this.

Sais here it aired 8 hours ago.

Yeah, I know.
But the site I linked to says otherwise.

It might have actually aired, if the twitter account is anything to go by.

Says tomorrow
Posted yesterday at 8pm PST

The twitter account hasn't updated saying it's launched though.

>Episode 1 will be previewed at a screening at Differ Ariake on October 1, 2016. Regular broadcasting will begin on October 5, 2016.
Was that so hard to find?

There are more than a few conflicting sources.

Just gotta wait and see.

Here's the raw, folks

Very cool. user.

Fuck all the simulcast organizations for not picking this up. What a load of shit.

Bless you user, if you are subbing it.

I do not mind however long it takes, as long as it comes out one day.

I for one miss this show.

Since it looks like episode 1 still has yet to come out, it looks like I jumped the gun a bit.
If crunchyroll and established fansub groups really do choose not to touch it, I'll jump in, but it would still be better for everyone, I think, if someone faster picked it up.