Wait a minute, why is he considered a bad guy again?

Wait a minute, why is he considered a bad guy again?

He just wants to fight good opponents and he even helps them grow stronger.

clowns are the number one menace in the world of ideas.

they never surrender, they always come back no matter what you do.

He's more of an anti-villian. I think of him kinda like if Goku was portrayed in more of a villianous light and took slightly more joy in the kill rather than the fight

maybe they are not aware at all, but they have a godlike presence in the mind of the people.

that´s why hisoka is so strong in the Celestial Colosseum. (aka Babel Tower).

chrollo might be a terrible person, but he did nothing wrong stomping that quantum menace.

He is a psychopath, murderer, pedophile and to make matters worse a clown.

amen brother, amen

He's not a bad guy. He's not even considered a bad guy in universe, he was allowed to take the Hunter Exam and has a lucrative job in Heaven's Arena. He's kind of a rival/mentor for Gon.


>He's not a bad guy. He's not even considered a bad guy in universe
are you insane? he treats everyone like toys.
is not bad in the literal sense of the word. bu he is eve worse he is CHAOTIC NEUTRAL the worst kind of evil.

I was talking in the context of the series. He's barely worse than most hunters. His disregard of rules and excessive hedonism is pretty common among the strongest characters, like Ging, Netero, the Ryodan, etc. One of the main characters is a professional killer.

>hired assassin
>lunatic clown who kills people for fucks knows why
>equally bad
are you even trying?

he is like The Joker, they do not plan things, they just simply DO things in a chaotic way.

for people that follow structured plans (like Batman), they are very annoying

>in the context of the series
He is considered beyond the pale by most other hunters. His only "friend" is that creep Illumi.

Ah yes. the evil alignment of neutral. Those neutral villains will regret their apathy towards moral concepts one day, the fiends!

How will Killua react when he finds out Hisoka killed Gotoh? Did Killua care for him enough to want to take revenge?

He makes people uneasy.
Especially the shota.
And he can't control his powerlevel boners.
Plus, he's a fucking clown.

He doesn't' know. Canary and Big Butler Bitch's granddaughter hid the truth from him.

>I hate neutrals! At least with enemies, you know where they stand. But neutrals? Who knows?

I never said that he knows. I asked how he will react when he finds out.

Because Hisoka is the only villain in HxH thus far without any sort of redeemable qualities.

>inb4 he cares about Gon meme
Nigga only cares about raping Gon in a fight, and was protecting his investment; Hisoka never stopped being a scumbag.

HxH isn't good vs evil. The characters are varying degrees of dick or asshole.

But Hisoka has been shown to plan things, like how he invaded the Ryodan to try to get his fight with Chrollo

killua has good intuition. i dont think he can be fooled that easily

new chapters when? dying for more of this dark continent arc desu i like the focus shifting towards side-characters

He has a bad habit of murdering his opponents. It tends to complicate matters for most people.

It is coming back one day, right? It has to, right? Right?

desu i wouldn't mind if he did it in ten-chapter increments every 3 months or so

I'm all for him being an awesome character, butttt he does kinda go on rampages against anyone he deems unworthy or has no potential

>He's not even considered a bad guy in universe, he was allowed to take the Hunter Exam

They let anyone take the Hunter's exam.

And according to the manga Heavens arena has no issue with deathmatches as long as other person consents and even if they dont there doesnt seem to be much of a backlash

Yeah, Illumi could have killed everyone in that room and the Association would have had no problem with that. This is the same group Pariston was the vice president of, for God's sake. There's no moral requirement for the Hunter Exam.

because schwing baby yeah!

Well, he probably would've needed to wait another year before he could try for the license again, but that's not so bad a punishment really.

Because he kills them.

Killing for sport and money is considered bad and frankly rare in the HxH universe.

Most hunters have nothing to do with that lifestyle.

a gay clown, mind you

So Vegeta?

A fucking spider had a hunter license.

Who knows how many other hunters are kilers or anything like that. Sure not the majority but a lot of them probably.

Anyway it is not like the hunter association controls what the hunter does after aquiring the license.

Nah, Killua isn't really capable of caring about more than one person at a time.