Kagerou Project

Let's try this again.

>Short movie directed by Sidu premiering on November 4th

>Second Season announced, but no release date

i know Cred Forums doesn't care much for the series, but might as well try to see if i can get some discussion outta this

what are your hopes for the movie and second season? aside from it being good of course

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Literally the only thing I want from kagepro is to see the gory parts animated well so I can make webms and post them out of context. Kido killing her father sounds really fun.

kinda want the EDGE to be kept to a minimum, kagepro's at it's best when it's just the characters dicking around

>Second season
Why didn't they just do it right the first fucking time?

Too many heads failed to be in locations that weren't asses.

production issues, jin not knowing how to properly write a screenplay, shaft shafting their schedule because of aniplex

In other news, Jin's other series seems like it hasn't gone off the rails yet. But that's only looking 3 chapters in.

what is nirvana even about?

All that has happened so far is normal battles against bad guys. The first page indicates that some kind of disaster is gonna happen at some point, but we don't know what. Of course, we're expecting something weird because Jin.

Misc shit: MC has 12 elemental powers. The first element was earth and the second was wind.

so its a battle shounen contrasting kagepro then? meh, not really a big fan of them, doesn't seem to be any translations either

Well it already has weird religious symbolism like kagepro, and that may foretell it taking a strange turn. If you didn't have the songs spoiling what was going to happen in kagepro, you wouldn't be able to tell what it was going to be about.

eh, true. wonder if there's gonna be anything as mindfucky as outer science or heat haze daze

song series for nirvana when

What if it's already based on the band Nirvana?

knowing jin i honestly wouldn't be surprised

>second season
For what purpose? The first was garbage and it basically self-concluded, disappointing as it was. They could only do a rehash in a different timeline, muddling things further, and probably it would be just as bad (though nothing can top Ayano's Theory of CGI). I can't really see it being good whatever they decide to do, though of course I'd be happy if it was.

Would be fun to watch with Cred Forums even if it's shit, I had some good times in the old threads. Cumming inside Momo-chan and all that.

I don't know how you could consider that a conclusion. They still hadn't even come close to addressing the issue of the Creator, who you could consider the true antagonist of the series.

Well, I think it's gonna be more a remake of the final timeline hence Mekakucity Reload.

I'm sure Jin already knows about the overwhelming negative feedback from MCA and i guess he wants to fix it, we still know jackshit about it, rumor has it the sidu's on the team but we don't know to what extent.

Fuck. That means the Weekly VocaRan is going to be nothing but Jin songs for week after week again.

what studio or director do you want for reload?

this also may not be a futile attempt for a bump

As an anime only fag that found the characters interesting but the conclusion kinda underwhelming is it worth to read the manga/novels and watch the pvs?

Is the manga even being translated anymore? Last I knew that tumblr bitch got lazy and stopped yet no one else has stepped up and taken the project. I haven't bothered to check in a while though.

Translations are a bit of an issue but there are official ones by Yen Press for the earlier manga and LN volumes.

The other materials don't really have more of a conclusion than the anime yet. One of the loops end in LN 7 and something weird happens.

The manga and LN's are still being translated, just a snails pace though. What chapter did you stop on user?

This was a very fun shitfest while it was airing.

Can't remember the number, but when I last left off the manga was doing the flashbacks of Azami and her husband.

i wish i was watching it with Cred Forums threads looked fun and kinda comfy when people actually started to get invested

too bad the ending was so shitty.

that's the mid 30's i think


this it?

oh, and here's everyone's redesigns for the movie

dorito chins abound

Looks about right, yeah. And doesn't seem like she's gotten any further from there. Is there no one else who has picked it up?

damn the shota looks like shit

Fuck this gay shit based Urotander anime when?

She TL'ed a little more after that


but yeah, looked like she stopped there. I'll look around a little to see if i can find anything new.