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I love magical girls (male)

What happens if you cum inside and he changes back?

They can't turn back until they finish the pregnancy.

He'll cum your cum

It's only logical.

>you will never turn into a magical girl slut

I'm getting legit depressed over this. I've always wanted to be a magical girl and this show is making my childhood dreams come back.

I want him to bear my children.

Living is pointless.

If you became a cute magical girl just like your japanese animes who would you want as your VA?

Maaya Sakamoto.

That's hot as fuck



Are magical girls (male) allowed to finger themselves?

I would just keep him constantly pregnant then, duh.

I feel the same way.

It will probably become depressing for a different reason when they all start dying horribly.

Emiri Katou.

I just want a cute magical girl show with magical girls(male).

>Boys coming out of the closet and becoming magical girls
This makes me sick to my stomach. We should have stopped while we were already ahead.

I already got spoiled on all the grimdark stuff. I would be a magical girl even if it risked my life.

That would be a rather stark reality check
>wake up after a night of magic-induced degeneracy only to find you can no longer turn back
Imagine explaining to your parents that their middleschool-aged son is now a girl bearing a teenage pregnancy because (s)he wanted to experience what it was like from the other side

Maaya Uchida
With angry cunt voice

Why is there no anime about this? I'd watch it.

Chiwa Saito

I don't think about that and neither should you.

Please don't remind me. If I play enough magical girl games will one eventually turn me into a real magical girl? So that I can masturbate, cosplay and be a tsundere gf.

Satou Rina

but what if I want to think about it?

>wanting to become a magical girl just so you can be a slut
What about defending the weak and fighting evil? Being cute is just a bonus.

>Being cute is just a bonus.
Being cute is the main reason I want to be a magical girl, I want someone to love me and care for me. Fighting evil and defending the weak would be cool and all, but it sounds scary.

Magical girls exist to pleasure men.

she (he)

Lol madoka should have a hentai game for her lololololololll XD

I can't deny that being cute would be great, but that's just one of the benefits of the job. You don't deserve to be cute if you aren't going to uphold justice.

What about upholding 6 throbbing inches of justice with just my tongue?

Isn't the job of a magical girl to make people happy? Rich old men deserve to be happy too.

Mai Nakahara, she needs more roles.

Can I uphold justice by finding a cute hiki girl and getting her to come out of her shell around me so we can be tsundere girlfriends?

This is why you'll never be magical girls, unlike me.

>genderbending just to seduce losers into yuri
I can't tell if this is stupid or brilliant

Kobayashi Yuu

Why does his trashy makeup make my dick so hard?

I'd've preferred a trap though.

Satomi Arai


>That make up.



The only right answers.

Aoi Yuki

Doujins when?

Lucky seven confirms there will be soon enough,

I love how he does the 'my eyes are up here' stare.

>eye shadow
>large boobs
>dem thighs
>blushing all the damn time

How can the boy be more girly and cute than the actual girls of the series?

Men know what men like.

leaving the dream
he became the magical girl

I'm fine with that, I'm pretty sure I'd be slutty.
Things happen for a reason.

w-why is eye-shadow on boys so attractive?

I can't be the only one who notices.

You wouldn't keep him waiting, would you?

You just came inside a boy, then.



Better question:
What happens if you are having sex with him and he changes back with your dick still inside his(her) pussy?

>boys so attractive?
p much nips draw a girl and call her a "boy"
like seriously fuck off

>series introduces a tonne of cute girls
>Cred Forums goes gaga for the guy.
Shouldn't you fags be shitposting in the It's Time thread or something?

Yukari Tamura.

Ozawa Ari

It's not gay.

The magic makes him a girl. It changes his chromosomes so that he's literally a girl.

Not with those titties.

Abortion solves all problems.


Have a pic.

>all the girls in this show are so bad Cred Forums wants to fuck the boy instead

it's not a boy

it's a girl (male)

Well the boy is the only one aside from Vanilla MC who got any screentime in the first episode. I'm hoping cute sleepy girl gets some time before she's inevitably killed off.



that's a creature

MC is a cutie. Can't wait for her to go full Madoka

>magical girl (male) misuses his abilities to slut around with guys on the down low
>condom breaks
>suddenly can't change back into a guy
>has to live as a girl for until his magical baby is born
>still has to go to school and everything
Why isn't this a thing?

Shifts to the ass.

Yeah but if I did I'd have better taste in costume than he does. Honestly, the character designs in this show are horrid. Only the main girl is okay, and she's just okay.

No one has wanted to attempt this ever since that Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.


Damn, that sounds hot.

Does anyone have any sad pandas for magical girls(male)? I've got this unholy demon that needs some slaying.

So what would your outfit be, user?


I dunno. I guess it's time to fire up k-kisekae and figure it out.

Sluts can't be magical girls. That's one of the unspoken rules. This is why guys can never truly understand mahou shoujou.

So which one of those two are going to be the Sayaka and the Hitomi?

What if outfits are based on what your hobbies are?

So anime, masturbation and Cred Forums?
My outfit would suck

I would want to look like this, but with a white scarf.
Punching magical girls are great, and melee weapons that use cartridges are as cool as they are nonsensical.

Thank god japan, within almost 3 months before winter comiket, it will be glorious doujin galore.

What does tumblr think of this?


I want to FUCK that girl (male)

If it's gay to lust after >her would the reverse (little girl magically transformed into a big bara man) be straight?

It's not gay though. If she (he) actually has functioning female reproductive system then it's straight.

Now that you think about it, idol outfits would work pretty well as a magical girl costume.

It's based on your outfit in the game.

>shitposting based outfit
If I got shitposting based powers like the ability to mindcontrol people through twitter that'd be great.

I can't even tell them apart


Yeah probably.

If the thing that appeals to you most about a girl is the fact that they used to be a guy, you may have your priorities up the wrong hole. The reverse is also true.
It's never gay to lust after the opposite sex, but lusting after the opposite sex doesn't preclude you from being gay.

That exists so go see for yourself.

You are all gay.

Does she jerk off? That would be pretty hot.
>tfw you will never help your female friend learn how to fap as a guy in a group setting

>not wanting to be a cute magical girl
I think we know who the gay one here is.

>You'll never be the cute girl.

If I was a magical girl I would be in to yuri, yes.

Gay, hetero, demiqueer, attack helicopter.
I don't care what you call me, I want to be a cute 2d girl.

I'd say some outfits would look pretty damn good.

Are one pieces really that uncomfortable?


So, given that they were given powers based off the mobile game, are they all going to start dying out when the monsters appear because actually effective attacks are locked behind a paywall?

He didn't say it was uncomfortable, it just got wedged between his ass. He's secretly a closet slut that's why he's making a fuss about it.

One day maybe.

>He's secretly a closet slut

All guys are basically sluts by girl standards. I would love to see a realistic gender bend where a guy gets turned into a girl and ends up getting slut shamed over his extremely promiscuous (but still normal by guy standards) behavior.

one day VR will be more than 50 dollar tech demos and anime will finally be real

>All guys are basically sluts by girl standards
>tfw I can't call a random woman cute while in love with a girl I know and not feel bad

He isn't sure, though.

>tfw you will never be a magical girl who fucks other magical girls
At least we know who this anime is pandering too

It's rather funny. I thought the special snowflake crowd would be offended by him because his costume and design as a girl is so stereotypical tranny that it screams satirical caricature, but I suppose that just flew right over their head in the rush to virtue signal on social media.

>One day
I really don't want to wait.


D-do you like it?



Look at that mahou whorejo

Naoya Uchida, obviously

I hope he gets raped before he dies.

Chiaki Omigawa

mid transformation

I want to protect that smile

Do girls actually get mad when you stare at their boobs? I mean, it's a free country and you're allowed to look at anything that someone else has out in the open. They're infringing my rights if I'm not allowed to look.

This fucking slutty makeup is driving me crazy

I want to see degrading running mascara gangbang fanart of "her" but I don't want to see futa.

I want to be a mahou shonen

Is that a thing?

I can't believe that make up is starting to grow on me.

At first, it was terrible, but then something happened.

Is this what it's like getting a fetish by going onto /d/?


There can only be one unfortunately.

So does his dick become the tail? How much can he control it?

Some do, some don't.

Minase Inori

Nolan North

Mediocre, fag.

Just accept it user.

Now now, futa is a different beast altogether.

Yes. Sadly, fanart and doujin artists will probably fuck it up.

Is there a webm of her looking at his dick?

It's not a dick, it's a feminine penis.

Starting to think about her/him more and more. I love it when something amazing just comes out of the blue, sasuga Japan. That fucking eyeshadow, unf.

Make-up can be cute and tasteful uf used well. Sadly, that doesn't happen 99% of the time. Bitches think that just by splattering boxes of it to the point of having a second face makes good make-up.

Why are there so few magical girls (males) in anime?

Quick, a Fairy just appeared and told you it'll give you Magical Girl powers as long as you do it's totally not-shady but also non-life threatening business for him.

But you only have 10 minutes to fill-in the questionnaire where the answers you fill in will be the powers he obtains.

>Body Type
>Power (Your power starts weak but you get gud with it as time goes and as you train it)
>Freebie Addition

What do you write?

Because boys become power rangers instead.

You can become the Pink Ranger and also become the Red Ranger personal fucktoy.

Spoil me guys.
Does the ninja girl dies? I already hate her.

Name: Ron Paul
Outfit: Business Suit & tie.
Body type: Normal
Weapon: The constitution of the United States of America
Power: Audit the Fed in under 10 minutes.
Freebie Addition: Freedom.

They get arrested too fast.

Something Halloweenish / spooky
>Body Type
Normal or petite
>Power (Your power starts weak but you get gud with it as time goes and as you train it)
>Freebie Addition
I'm the most powerful Mahou and no one can beat me

Ayumu became a pretty nice magical girl.

>childhood friend
>on an edgdy setting
(S)he isn't gonna make it past ep 3, right?

>Armour over a dress
>Mid-20s, average
>Sword and shield
>More experienced than the rest of the magical girls

You're pulling me in

Seriously, if tte magical girl (male) dies right away, I'm probably going to kill the whole staff of this show and then myself.

Magical Meido Mari-chan
Meido outfit with neko mimi
>Body Type
Average girl with slightly above average but not super huge breasts
A magical broom that cleans anything it touches of dirt and evil
The ability to turn anyone into a girl.
>Freebie Addition
can bake delicious cakes.

They should make anime where everybody are traps mahou shoujo and only one real female mahou

Best show of the season so far imo.

because every other thing is stupid fujoshit so it's not that hard

I like the fusion of Kyubey and Monokuma


>Swashbuckin' scurvy pirate outfit, extra pink 'n frilly
>Flat as a washboard loli
>cutlass with a pink grip and handguard, and ruby on the pommel
>commands a bite sized flying galleon manned by a stuffed animal crew
>Extreme pirate drawl
just couldn't miss my chance to post my super special oc

Sounds like Boku to boku mahou shoujo edition.

Alma Reina
>Outfit, body type, weapon
「Majesty」 (People and monsters feel compelled to respect, not really useful at first but grows into a presence that makes people bow and a word of command to tell people what to do, only resistable by equal rank or great 「Rebellious」 willpower
>Freebie Addition
Has a big vegetable garden and wants to share the veggies with 「Subjects」 and other friends

What if the tail grows out of his ass?

Tenshi-tan, angel of love and peace (nano desu!)
A cute, angelic robe with an open chest/abdomen. Also wings at the back,
>Body Type
Winged lance
>Power (Your power starts weak but you get gud with it as time goes and as you train it)
Make barriers of light (when power is still weak it is purely defensive, but it training it can become a weapon, too).
>Freebie Addition
Can fly (well, hover).

I couldn't choose anyone besides Hanamori Yumiri. I'm addicted her voice.

Great Gao
Ankle-length red jacket with "DEVOUR" on the back, spiked shoulderpads, and chains on my wrists
>Body Type
Slutty Gyaru in every way imaginable
Gao Gatling (A pair of gauntlets that grow depending on how much has been consumed in the fight, can transform into a giant mouth which tries to chomp my enemies, known as the Paku-Punch!)
Consumption of non-food matter and conversion into raw strength
>Freebie Addition
I want to be able to fuck the male lead when he shows up

that is so hot


You have twintails on your twintails?


What were your initial, and current impressions on her?

Like some anons. Started off hating the design, but slowly grew to like it.

We all know,that after few episodes shit will be dark as fuck, that's nature law

>cumming someone else's cum

This is my fetish

Why faggots always want tits? fuck off

Looks like a slut, but the more I see of her the more I like her.
I hope she doesn't die right off the bat but I'm sure she will.



We are all little girls here.

Nothing wrong with a little girl wanting to be a magical girl.

It is my fetish.

>finally makeup in anime
>on a male
Fuck it, I go gay then.

>all the doujins that will come out with traps wearing eye makeup

Fucking this.

It's the gap.

You put a slutty make-up on someone with such a caring and gentle look, that acts really deretsun, and it creates a gap moe that you can only be reeled in.

>the fusion of Kyubey and Monokuma


When is Cred Forums going to stop pretending to be straight?

been living under a rock, name of the show?

Why does that boy look like bargain bin boys toilet accessory?

Mahou shojo raising keikaku

Why does every magical girl show have to have some dark evil twist behind it now? Sure, the genre has always gotten surprisingly dark at times and I liked that but it seems like every single original show has to be a bloodbath now.

Are you familiar with the works of Jacques Derrida?

There goes that word again.

You're watching a late-night magical girls show with 12 episodes for teenagers and young adults. Those things automatically come with a plot twist.

I read On Grammatology in grad school but I am not familiar with it. THERE IS NOTHING FAMILIAR IN ANY OF IT

Little-girl Alucard was my favorite thing about the OVAs. I'd watch an entire series about him/her doing cute vampire stuff in loli-form.

Like Mira from the Pupil of the Wiseman.

Husky girl? Husky girl.

Well basically after Derrida died, he was reincarnated as a middle-aged Japanese man named Gen Urobuchi.

He decided to continue his work, and wrote his seminal piece "Puella Magi Madoka Magica", revisiting his earlier work on the concept of deconstruction and greatly expanded upon it. It inspired an anime of the same name, and this take on mahou shoujou has been well-regarded and inspired many series to use similar story-telling elements to the first anime.

This needs deep red lipstick badly.

>Have a genderbent magical girl (male)
>It's unsurprisingly a hit with Cred Forums

Can't have lipstick when you don't have lips


If only actual trannies are this cute I'd be politically correct all day every day.

That would explain the 3 episode discussion arc about the ethnocentricity of language.

The girls' lips in Haganai really made my dick hard. Why isn't there more of them, Japan?

Hot damn, it's like Shuten Douji except even better.

I guess it's easier to draw faces that only have eyes, ahoge, a dot, and a mouthhole

Same here with Dempa Onna.

Is she okay?

I'm so fucking sick of dot noses. Even male characters are losing their noses. WTF is wrong with drawing a nose?

I'm glad, noses are ugly pieces of anatomy.
It's only a matter of time until we remove the ears as well.

Are you trying to look like a martian?

Do you not recognize the superior species?

Forgot my image
Kemonomimi are the future, without any monkey ears.

How does she wear glasses?

I was going to say pince-nez, but without noses too that makes it difficult.


If you don't want to impregnate this
then I think you might be the gay one, Cred Forumsnon.
He's an actual girl in that form anyways.

what show?

I'm sure you'll look real cute, Marvin.


what chapter is this?

I want to push her head down on my shaft until her teeth gently scraping the base, she starts gagging while looking up at me, her tears create black mascara trails on her cheeks and I wouldn't let her up until my cum sprays out of her nostrils and her eyes roll back.


Boy Mami better not die before we see his transformation sequence.

It's cheaper this way.

From what I recall he gets turned into a woman in the 11th volume of the LNs.

What does this semen demon look like as a boy, anyway?

Watch episode 1. It's the boy who was with her in elementary school with the main character and said how he found it dull that boys can only become wizards.

picked fucking up

This is him in the past as osananajimi of the MC. We don't have a pic of his current age.

>>Cred Forums goes gaga for the guy.

I don't see any guys in the OP post, though
I see a beautiful girl with beautiful girl make-up who is begging for the pipe
And if you see anything else you're a projecting homosexual


Technically it is true since he was a female when he was in his mahou shoujo form.

God fucking dammit, all these years I've managed not to fall for Jap traps, and then they pull this genderbender shit and the slutty Jersey-style makeup finally gets me

I'm going to fag hell

The Mahou forms seem to be shaped by the person's desires.
What does this say about Souta

That he's actually a healthy young boy who likes his dream girl to be kinda strong, yet has nicely-shaped titties and makes his penis grow bigger.

Well fag hell is where they try and force you to copulate with extremely feminine men all day

With a tail and caked in make-up pasted on so thick it'd make Snookie blush?

Wouldn't fag hell be full of totally hot chicks?

Hawt dragon girls are hawt.

No because you might have a nice time fitting in with your lady friends.

That's not ironic enough.

Today i learned

I hope >she doesn't die

It's a metaphor for our hopes and dreams

Mami is going to die user, I'm sorry. That's just how it is.

>dat makeup

Picked the fucked up

I always love slutty, messy make up. I'm there's others like me


I think based Souta/La Pucelle is going to break down the walls of bias and make way for more diverse magical girl shows.
I can't wait for the fully-black Mahou Shoujo, Sailor Boon.

Fuck off Rumiko you hypocritical cunt.
There was an entire arc about people who impregnated animals that way.

>You will never be a dragon girl

No but at least you're a Cred Forums pass user

They were locked in female form when that happened though thanks to the tool they used. So, it dodges the question.

Is there a list of spoilers somewhere?


Mai Nakahara

It kinda proves that she did think about it though.
It also somewhat implies that changing form during pregnancy is something those people wanted to prevent, so either the child would disappear of something else negative would happen.

Megumi Hayashibara

Well you know contract with a devil, is not good idea.

Kugimiya Rie

its the space between their eyes for rent?

Kayano Ai

Saori Hayami please and thank you.

So is there an actual mobage for the series yet?

Dragon girls are not for lewding though. Except the blue ones. Those are sluts.

Because magical girls without twists are aimed at little girls, and Pretty Cure pretty much monopolizes that space nowadays.

Nanoha didn't have twists

Good point. Even there though, they basically dropped the magical girl styling by season 3, going full tech hybrid fighting, like Symphogear.

Hikasa Yoko

When something is successful and original (Madoka), there will always be a bunch of imitations popping up. That's just how it works.

Cred Forums will deny this though, because it indirectly makes their precious favorite medium look bad. Most people here are still in denial about yucky tuna being a madoka ripoff.

Born too early to discover the seas. Born too early to discover the starts. Born just in time for magical girls (male).

>every single original show has to be a bloodbath now.

If the trap gets killed I'll drop it.

It's not a trap get ready for heartbreak

>*original, succesful show

If the shota doesn't score with the MC I'm going to nuke Japan

what if everyone but MC was a boy?

>Souta makes his move on Koyuki when she's Snow White
>Souta transforms
>"It's okay if we're both pure"

>succesful show
What is Genei?


What if the MC was revealed to be a boy, too?

>MC now has the chance to dominate a slutty big-breasted girl

What a time to be alive, brother.


Anime Sucks Anyway

Magical Dream Princess Airi
A frilly, blue, short-skirted dress with long elbow gauntlets, thighhighs and cat-ear decorations atop my head.
>Body Type
Loli. Long blonde hair and magenta eyes.
A wand with a blue gem at the end.
The ability to temporarily bring dreams into reality, and enter the dreams of others.
>Freebie Addition
My body and clothing may temporarily alter itself when I am in a dream or near a dreaming person, based on their dream

He's a pubescent japanese boy.
Genderbending, feminization and monstergirls are pretty tame compared to all the other shit he could be into at that age. At least he's not into Oyster

When I was as a kid and nobody watched I pretended to be a magical girl.

You know what would make him lewder?
Heart pupils

In fact I have a doujin idea already
>Magical heart-shaped contact lenses on the boy's eyes
>He can't take it off until somebody cums in his ass or pussy.
>Few weeks later he's completely mindbroken.

Toshiyuki Morikawa

>lusting after the opposite sex doesn't preclude you from being gay.

by definition they'd be bi so it kinda does

Fujos please go

It's because you need to be healed, you just don't know it yet.

Why do straight heterosexual men what to become magical girls?

I define bi/straight/gay as having genuine romantic feelings/attachment to the pertinent sex.
So, you can be gay, not be romantically drawn to Females, but still find them attractive all the same without jeopardizing your sexuality.

Be the change you wish to see in the world, user.
If I'm going to fill the world with cute, pure 2D magical girls and yuri, I'll have to start with myself.

I enjoy cute girls.
If I were a cute girl, I would be able to look at one every day.

Uesaka Sumire

It's so simple.

"lusting after" is a disingenuous term.
A closeted fag lusts after a beard to hide his homosexuality, this does not make him bisexual.

In fact, most instances of "bisexuality" are just confused people trying to run from their sexual orientation, and degenerates who've gone beyond the point where they care what partner they share sensation with.

It's not just being cute, though.

Cred Forums also wants to be a girl and become a lesbian. That's gay.

>wanting to fuck mad broads in a cute body is gay

No, you.

One thing for sure, this show has best ED in this season

>Cred Forums also wants to be a girl and become a lesbian.
Speak for yourself

>ends up getting slut shamed over his extremely promiscuous (but still normal by guy standards) behavior.

This already happened/happens irl to homosexuals.
Kami-senpai slut shamed them by creating AIDS.

Remember, it's not a trap if it got boobs.
Page 14

I thought lusting meant the person actually felt lust. That sounds like just feigning lust.
For displays of lust (whether real or not) I'd call it leching.

Why is Cred Forums so lewd?

I want the MC to turn the shota (female) into her personal toilet slut

Gonna be 100% honest here guys, i'm watching the show solely for her (male)

hanazawa kawa

But I want to be the bulldyke who rapes little cute girls into submission!

That's hetero as fuck.
That's too hetero for Cred Forums
Please leave you're intimidating me.

What is this streaming quality shit? Don't ever try post my queen ever again.


I hope I do. If you were a little girl, I pushed down on your knees, forced your mouth open and use it as my toilet for my pussy juices. Then I would cuddle you with your head between my tits so deep you couldn't even breath.

I'm personally waiting for the drunken cake-e with the cowgirl avatar.

Now we only need the MC girl to grow a dick and make the shota slut suck it

Would you grab him by the horns, anons?

But user, I'm a boy, you can't talk to me this way, that's gay.
That's more like it!

The phrase "to lust after" something is an english turn of phrase. It's not literal.


Can't wait for the doujinshi. I love seeing genderbent characters turning into sluts.

Am I the only one who thinks that Snow white is the cutest?

>cake de-ages with her transformation.
>her costume is something childish and pathetic but also lewd, hinting at how desperately she wushes to reclaim her youth but how secretly it's all just because she's lonely and insecure and wants to be loved by somebody
>works out all the stress and pressures of being an emotionally stunted adult unable to express herself freely in society by acting like a flamboyant womanchild as a mahou shoujo
>also homoerotic tendencies
>and she's a school teacher by day
I want this

Ogura Yui

Yamamoto Nozomi

You are not alone. t.La Pucelle

>You are (not) alone.
Get in the fucking vagina, Shinji

Because lips in anime always look awful.


Love Live pulled it off well.

Magical girl (male) needs Caster-style lipstick to go with his mascara.

No, that would be too much for my dick to handle.

No, lipstick looks like garbage on all anime characters. They're not supposed to have any prominent lips (or noses for that matter).

Yea like Salior moon and Kampfer hasn't done that before, stupid newfag Kyubei

This fucking slut makes me so hard.

So what do we call this phenomenon where a girl you hate at first suddenly becomes a girl you like when the second episode isn't even out?

It's called the girl being a guy

>Become a Mahou Shoujo (Male)
>Your power is just to make your sword bigger and longer
This kid can't into meta-gaming at all.

Or maybe it's just supposed to be a boner joke.

>tfw you will never be a cute girl raped and cuddled into submission by a bulldyke

I never hated her.

His appearance represents his feelings towards Mahou Shoujos being very obviously sexually fueled despite his best intentions.
Peeling back the veneer of innocence and all that, par the course for this genre.

Who /vippers/ here?

Husky girls are sooo sexy!!


What the hell does this mean


We all know where that girl is from user :^)

Fuck you I still managed to cum to that manga.

>fucks a tranny in the park

enjoy the hiv, imaginary doujin man.

Another trap anime and I already want to see under her skirt.

My dream is to wear Madoka's full outfit and be cute in it

I especially want to wear the shoes...


Still can't stop listening to ED

He's not a trap god dammit, he's a genderbender.

Long metal skirt armour and bikini top, like this but longer.

And they don't tell us who the girl is.

>Start watching this show because magical girl slaughterfest, thus, amusing
>find that I actually like this girl/boy and the main girl right after the first episode
>now I'm scared of them dying

I have made a horrible mistake.


When I saw her I immediately remembered pic related.

I bet first doujin will be about tentacles like every mahou shoujo doujin.

Rape & mind break doujins when?

That's actually a very useful offensive power, depending on how you can change the shape and how fast you can. You can use it as an extendo stab, hide it as a small object and enlarge it for sneak attacks, or even use it as a skewer trap. It's a versatile offensive ability.

You have to pick 1 (one)

Rape La Pucelle in front of the mc
Rape the mc in front of La Pucelle

I wonder if he's still cute as a boy. I want at least one straight shota doujin.

Rape La Pucelle, easy

You beat me to it, that's exactly what I wanted to post. That makeup.

My nigga

I think we all thought of that.

I want to wash that makeup off with my cum.

So what doujin tags we will get from this show?

Why does this have such good art?

>gender bender
>mind break


>Multiple 300 post threads and we're not even halfway to the second episode yet

Who would've thought this show of all things would become so popular?


Expect to see a lot of this.

>character that is a boy that can transform into a magical girl
>not even a trap; literally a girl with a girl's body
>and a hot one at that, with a cute face
>the sort you want to date/do

It was designed to attract Cred Forums's attention.

I'm just desperate for anything with genderbending.

Genderbend shenanigans are (nearly) always fun.

It's no surprise that a man does a better job at being a woman. Why are women so shit at everything?

I think you mean character.

This slut must be a god at sucking cock

He's a guy, he knows how to make a dick feel good.

I actually think Freddie would approve of this...


It's been two years since the last time there was a show with regular gender bending.

"I want to break free!"

>you will never facefuck this fuccboi until mascara starts streaming down his face until you shoot a huge load down his throat which he starts to gag on but you don't let him pull away and he vomits on your dick

Cross dressing/otokonoko >>>> Genderbend

Still watching, but I do find the genderbend disappointing.

Awful feeling

Genderbend is better for comedic purposes. Crossdressing is better for fapping ones.

The name is the most embarassing part, it's like naming a character in a mmo but worse

I know the character, but I don't remember the show or anyone's names.

This raises an interesting question. Would you make lesbian love to a fellow magical girl, even knowing she was also an Cred Forumsnon who was transformed?

Personally, I'd love to become a magical girl, but before I make out with any of you faggots I'd kill myself, no matter how hot your new form is.

I don't want to agree with you but I'd also like Hayamin

A shame Crowd's not produced anything in a while.


>tfw you will never be a cute girl wearing spats and sundresses.

This is what kills me the most.

So which episode? Third? Fourth?

My penis is the most confused thing on the planet

I'm gonna bet they're gonna off him in episode 3

Momoi Haruko or Shintani Mayumi.

It's been 2 days... why is the fan smut still so bad?

Red one-piece dress, 1 thigh high, witch hat, cape
Explosion (once a day)
Tsundere thief bf

Give it a couple more weeks when better artists have decided what show is worth making smut for.

In B4 she is a trap too (I hope so)

Loved that the MC was checking out LaPu with those "damn girl" eyes. Dont know why Fav game him tits and not flat chest but whatever.

Wouldn't you choose to have tits?

Eyecatch already confirmed her to be one of MC's schoolmates iirc, the "Waaah I hate my mum." emo-girl. Her "shuriken cannot miss" power also sounds a bit OP for PvP.

Magically Magic Magus of Magic Mana
Cute, frilly witch's outfit with an oversized staff.
A cute underdeveloped 14-year old girl, obviously.
My whole body is become weapon.
The ability to punch people into doors.
The harder I punch them, the better quality door they become.

The Law of Exposition demands gender benders to get big tits when changing from a dude to a dudette. Otherwise people would just assume that she's a trap.


die mahotard

It's Fuzichoco. She also also makes the official artwork for Open Canvas. Here is her homepage and pixiv.

>The ability to punch people into doors.

>I'm a girl
>I think
What did he mean by this?


Yeah, and my special power is contacting AU versions of my crush.

Where is the user with the ability to materialize wishes onto sky lanterns?

My motto is "Just as planned" and my dream is to become a cute stay-at-home wife!

Magical International
Pink blanket with blue elephants
>Body Type
Feeble sickly body
Spray with neurotoxin. It sparkles nicely and has various colours.
Can controll movement od toxic gasses.

Tail Red's costume doesn't leave room for doubt in a different way.

Red army commissar with a miniskirt and red stockings.
>Body Type
Generic Russian loli (white hair etc etc).
Hammer and scythe.
Can spread my specific, perfect, entirely infallible brand of communism.
>Freebie Addition
Mid series I turn into the new villain as a totalitarian fascist leader.

I dunno man. That's looks like a cock bulge to me.

>16 participants
>killing game
>animated by Lerche

Is this the new DR3?

So this is a new deconstructionalist madoka ripoff anime huh?

I'm so glad I heard about this show. I didn't hear about it until my roommate told me about it while he was browsing crunchyroll.

It's honest and sincere about it being fucked up. It's more like magical girl Battle Royale (or magical girl Hunger Games if you want to be a little cocksucking faggot)

Yes you can rent space to place your ads there.


Name: Undertow
Outfit: Silk robe with coral armor
Body Type: Normal
Weapon: Harp
Power: Wavelength Manipulation
Freebie: Can predict the weather within 24 hours.

>any magical girl anime in which the shit hits the fan is a meguca ripoff

I'd rather place my nads there

That's a bear.

Madoka was a revolutionary deconstruction. And before you get your titties in a bunch: Revolutionary deconstructions happen every couple of years. Even Evangelion was just an overdue genre-deconstruction which took something Ideon had already done about 20 years before

This show is an evolution, riding the path Madoka&Co have paved for them. At this point, everything will feel old to you, since such things tend to repeat every couple of decades and you're not the main target group anymore. Applies to all fiction, really, this is why old people aren't usually interested in fiction anymore: They've literally seen it all.

Congratulations, user, you're old.

Her identity was on one of the ad-break screens during ep 1.

16 girls, 2 girls per ad-break, 8 episodes.

>Madoka was a revolutionary deconstruction
What did it deconstruct about the magical girl genre, user?

At best, it was a really wild ride that was enjoyable with Cred Forums.