Angel no Densetsu

How do we stop this man, this spawn of Satan, this embodiment of evil made flesh, this wicked soul who thinks only of destruction and sin?


Pray that he won't cross your path.

now i have to read it again

Kitano is an invincible heroin addict. Only a madman would fuck with that guy!

let him battle King

The misunderstanding that will result from their encounter will be glorious

What if Kitano saw King as the ordinary man he was, and onlookers mistook his lack of fear as confidence against an overwhelming power?

that battle will be a complete eyecandy

Kitano would win, not even King can defeat a true demon

Favorite manga ever!

I'm throwing money at the screen but nothing's happening!

>100 pages of Kitano enjoying a pleasant conversation with King while King tries desperately not to shit his pants.

>Demon Level Threat


Honestly as long as King doesn't threaten Kitano's waifu, he wouldn't sperg out, so it'd be 2 dudes staring each other down while secretly pissing themselves.

I wanna see it.

I love this manga. This has to be one of the best there is. Too bad it's largely unknown, like Family Compo.

Modern manga are just garbage instead comparison.

Family compo has some pretty cute trannies I wish it was just a little more explicit.

It would've been interesting but it still worked out well regardless.

There's another manga called Ii Hito, about a nice and honest guy and the retail industry. I'd be damned if I said it didn't soften me up.

Too bad the translator stopped.

On that note, is Hojo a tranny? A lot of his works seem to deal with those issues.

I don't know user, what do you think?

I'm not sure.

This manga was made by the same guy who did Claymore, is his doing any new manga right now?

Kitano wouldn't pissing himself scared, he'd probably be worried that he offended King in any way.


Not that I can find on mangaupdates.

If I ever win the lottery, I'd throw money to see this series animated.

It was but in 2 OVAs.