Criticizes someone for using unnecessary accessories

>criticizes someone for using unnecessary accessories
>wears a tie
Why is Reigen such a faggot?

OP is a faggot along with his shitshow meme psycho.

Are you one of those kind of people he dislikes?

Those who thinks he's better?


but his tie is like 80% of his sexyness

mobfags on suicide watch

myself included

If it's as good as mp100 then I don't mind. Hell, I'm kind of hyped. Anyone have any clue what it's going to be about?


Ties are fashionable
Shoulderpads are gay

It took One Punch Man like, a year to be animated, so I'm willing to wait for a season 2 announcement.

director of Mob anime.

I don't mind tbqh. It just means that the series in anime form will end a lot later and whatever Tachikawa works on next might keep me entertained before the inevitable happens ;_;

Neck tie is an unnecessary accessory for normalfags.

If you're shot with a bullet you can use it as a tourniquet.

>Working in your office one day
>Nigger hoodlum breaks in and starts shooting everyone
>Use your tie as a tourniquet, save everyone's life, promoted to boss of company

>Why is Reigen such a faggot?

Because he's meant to be one. Check the archives for threads when it was airing. They are /y/ generals.

racist scum
die in a fire

Where do you think you are?

Reigen is allowed to wear a tie because he doesn't flaunt it like an idiot or think it'll make him more special. Reigen wearing a tie is just a personal choice, he just does it because he wants to. He isn't trying to achieve anything by wearing a tie, he just genuinely likes wearing one.

>not wearing a tie with a suit

Why the fuck are you people still talking about this normalfag anime? There are plenty of Otaku anime this season, talk about those instead.

Speaking of /fa/

why don't you go talk about them?
nobody's stopping you

>Otaku anime this season
Like what?

>Reigen is a hypocrite


But I'm not.
Check the charts, newfag.

>1 (you)
Nice try, user.

Ah, I see what you're doing. There's better threads to get (You)s though.

>You can't reply to more than one post
Kill yourself. Watch real anime already and forget this normalfag propaganda.

>You can't reply to more than one post

You assumed I was baiting just because I'm replying to more than post right? Well, you're wrong.

Maybe just let this thread die and don't make another until the new chapter comes out.

i am not that person who you talked to before. sorry

>implying newfags that watched mob would listen
Embrace your Hugbox general 500 replies, user.

when do new chapters come out?


What general? That died a week ago.



Use words kiddo. What is that, a company that collaborated in Tony Hawk games in the 90s?

>a week ago

>original anime
What the fuck is that? You mean not an adaptation of a light novel, manga, or video game? That can be done??

Am I the only one who thought the reigen sections were the worst part?

>constant threads with minimal discussion
>not a general

Is this the dubs thread?

Keep trying, user. I'm sure you'll get it right someday. I believe in (you)!

Not yet, but that couldn't make it any worse.

Stop spamming meme shows everyone watched ironically then forgot about the minute they finished airing.

But MP100 has no dubs.

They announced a dub, though.


There are no dubs out yet user.

Can't believe how true your post is. People stopped talking about this the moment the last episode aired. It's funny when you think about it.

Why make a thread if you're not going to do anything but shitpost?

Checked. Dub confirmed for delayed?

>People stopped talking about this the moment the last episode aired.
Then why do we still have mob threads?

Tome best girl.


They will go away soon

This isn't even about the show at this point.

There's not much to discuss. It was an enjoyable fun show with nothing controversial/discussable.

I don't think posting tumblr fujo image and commenting on them counts as discussion.



A well fitted suit and tie is a tried and true way of making yourself look professional and trustworthy, there's nothing unnecessary about it


Is that barney talking?

check this dub


Dub confirmed for cancelled. Psycho Helmet-sama banzai.


anyone have the reigen dubguy redraw?


There's been abut 3 images I saved 2

Dub Psycho 100 thread?

>still no fanart of koyama driving a hachiroku going downhill on Akina
wew lads.

I prefer subs

I pray that some mod deletes this thread and delivers us from this evil.

You mean Dub Psycho NINETY NINEEEEEEE thread

Fucking faggot. Next you'll tell me you have a respectable job and nice sense of fashion. And you have enough free time between them to enjoy all your hobbies. And that your life is quite comfortable. Is that it? Fuck you. You get off to making other anons feel worthless?

Not soon enough. I wish the mods would delete this cancer general. Maybe then these fujos would get the message and go back to Tumblr.

100 still has dubs


>getting this buttblasted over a simple post
user, your on Cred Forums for fucks sake. Grow some thicker skin.

Cred Forums sings the OP when? You know you want it.

No. But it's nice to know at least two people here are sane and not fujos.


>no (you)s

>anime over
>memes exhausted
>no new chapter
>literally a dubs thread

ONEfags are the worst. If there's nothing to discuss then don't make a thread

Remember to sage and report.

That's a funny way to spell Tsuchiya

Come on, it wouldn't be that bad. The OP is literally sung by BONES staff anyway.

>Announcing you reports
Ban this faggot.

Their tiny fujo female brains force them to make new editions of their general so they can keep masturbaiting to prepubescent boys.

I didn't say I reported, did I? I actually didn't, I just want (You)s.

Why don't you people read the superior epser manga, Saiki?

>I didn't say I reported, did I?
You implied it at least. It still counts.

As a femanon, it's because Saiki has no prepubescent boys to masturbate to.

Don't you have spell check user?

Don't bother with him, he is master-baiting.

It's because 90% of the people on Cred Forums don't like the anime they watch unless it's a deconstruction that shits on a genre that it supposed to be. This is the reason that Cred Forums loves the shit out of Re zero and Mob but hates isekai and shounenshit.

But Mob is shounenshit.


>OP is the fag that wears a fucking graphic tee with a suit-jacket.

It shits on shounenshit tropes though. That's why it's a deconstruction.

how do you do that? with the picture

Photoshop. There is a guide about it posted long ago but I'm too lazy to search my folders. Just google it.

So who is this anime aimed at? It obviously fujopanders a lot, but I don't think they're the primary demographic, or it would have been even more overt.

...Just how far removed from society are you to rag on a guy for wearing a tie?

Boys, it shounen shit m8

ONE likes to make hot dudes

>defending ties
Please explain to me how a tie is not useless accessory.

The MC is the definition of a sperg, people all across the autism spectrum could relate with him.

All clothes are useless accessories. Just go naked.

I could only relate to Ritsu though.

>All clothes are useless accessories. Just go naked.
You live in the equator do you?

>they can keep masturbaiting to prepubescent boys
We masturbait to Reigen. At least get it right.

Close enough, yeah.

>people have the same taste

Reigen and prepubescent boys. I've seen the threads - lots of pedos here.

reigan fuckers either get out or post more fanart

Some are legitimately useless. If you think about it, a necktie is literally a decorative strip or cloth that has a specific method(s) of folding for the sole purpose of looking "formal" for business purposes.

It makes no sense.

A button-up collared shirt is at least a shirt that is vaguely conservative. Pants are pants. Shoes are obvious for walking. An undershirt is to prevent unsightly body lines being seen beneath the collared shirt and to prevent sweat stains. Socks are for a layer of cloth to prevent chafing in shoes. A suit jacket is a jacket and not totally necessary depending on how cold it is.

A tie is a freaking bow we put on ourselves for some reason that makes men somehow professional because of some Euro fops and dandies way back when deciding that they'd all do it when they had business shit to do.

I would but people around here don't want to taint the song

How does it feel being an edgelord? I've always wanted to know.

It's less of a deconstruction and more of a bunch of cliche tropes that get subverted while being a part of the narrative. What exactly does Mob deconstruct?

>not wanting to jump on Reigen's dick when you have the chance

How much of a fucking newfag in anime can you even be holy shit

Then you should know that going naked in fall or winter here is suicide. So clothes actually serve a purpose here.


It deconstructs the timid shonen MC trope.

It feels great to know that most situation could easily solved if you kill the guy causing it but you can't because the world decide that said person has some worth to be kept alive.


It makes perfect sense.

Every time you put on clothes you have a particular style you are attempting to convey. You don't put on t-shirt and jeans to go to a job interview, you don't wear a toga to the beach. You can't just half ass your style either; a tie is necessary to round out the outfit.

Next time you start thinking that any particular clothes are "unnecessary" why not take a trip to the store wearing nothing but your undies?

Does Reigen bleach his hair? Teru canonically does.

Butthurt fashion designer detected.

I know this is a shitpost thread but have a lewd Tome on me.

>sage for posting in a shit thread

Nah, mate, I hate ties as much as the next guy. You're just wrong.

Nice. The blushing Mob pillow is just icing on the cake.

The only reason you need to wear a tie is because some people in the past decided that you need to wear one as said. In other words, it's all made up arbitrary bullshit that shouldn't even matter. It's literally a forced meme of clothing.

You just summed up the entirety of all culture everywhere. That doesn't mean you can just stop behaving in a culturally acceptable way without being ostracized by society. Not that I imagine that is such a big deal for some of the people here.

There's a difference between wearing an accessory to make yourself look more professional and wearing ugly shoulder pads because it shows everyone how much of a faggot you are.

Probably because Saiki is shit and also not funny.

Hey guys remember this?


>That doesn't mean you can just stop behaving in a culturally acceptable way without being ostracized by society
A suit should be enough in my opinion.
>There's a difference between wearing an accessory to make yourself look more professional
As I said forced meme. It only looks like that because people forced it for centuries. I bet there is an alternate where ties are not worn by professionals and no one would even thought of the possibility there.


>A suit should be enough in my opinion.

Well that's just, like, your opinion, man. Most people don't agree with you.

Remember this?

>Most people don't agree with you.
Well, that's their problem not mine.

What is this?

It's actually yours, if you intend to be a functional member of society.

You sound worried user-kun. No need to be. I'm here from the municipal office, environmental affairs division. I'm just here to inspect your home for any traces of radiation from yesterday's earthquake.
Won't you let me in? It will only take a moment.

Yes, I remember female Ghostbusters.

I don't
I do want to see the rest though, post them.

But I am. I just don't wear a suit and tie for it except for my interview.

Only a retard doesn't understand the combat effectiveness of the necktie.

>you will never have a slave Reigen
Why live? ;_;

Holy fuck
I shouldn't be enjoying this


>not wanting Reigen to blindfold you with his tie
shit taste fampai

Don't you have shitty 50 shades fanfiction to write

yes actually, thank you for reminding me, I'll get back to it and post them here as soon as I'm done

Pretty sure it was sarcasm because 90% of anime these days is just adding color and sound to previously existing works

where is this from

Underboob + slutty panties is sexy in any artstyle.

The Tie a modern form of a cravat, granted it lost the practicality of a cravat and is more or less an accessory

Well fuck me

Can we stop using this word when subversion already exists, please? I'm not sure Derrida would approuve of what TVTropes did with it. Plus it's not like there's ever anything worthwhile to discuss on the subject aside from "is it a deconstruction or not?".

So can ties die out like shoulder pads in the 80s/early 90s? 'Fashion' is often fucking retarded to me, more so for jewelry/accessories. Why wear all that metal and bangles? It's a shiny rock, but serves no real purpose to me. I could understand wearing watches before phones became common place, but even today watches rip the shit out of my hair.

Maybe I'm just too practical minded, but I find accessories, make up and multiple layers gaudy and try hard. Clothing is there to stop you getting cold or protect your skin when doing various tasks.

>why not take a trip to the store wearing nothing but your undies

Close example is wearing speedos at the beach and going for some food across the road. 10~ years ago no one would have bat an eye before all the boardshorts become the norm. And yes I equate speedoes/bikini as being in underwear.

The only strangeness here is the disparity between what is allowed when in proximity to water.


Long tie is meant not to 'round up your style' or something like that, but to cover buttons on your shirt.

Long tie is meant not to "cover buttons on your shirt" or something like that, but to draw the eyes of prospective mates or rival males towards the penis.

This is fine explanation too.

>The only strangeness here is the disparity between what is allowed when in proximity to water.
Actually it's more about living in a city. You're demanded a certain level of decency in clothing as soon as you start living in a heavily populated area. Small communities like towns or villages used to not give two shits if you walk around in your undies on a sunny day, both sexes included. Beaches in general used to be a rural pastime so there's still a hidden mind switch about the norm of clothing there.


you must be a child if you do not understand how important appearance is for a businessman.

lurk more

You don't want people to use that word around here. Trust me on this one. It'll turn into a new buzzword if it catches on.