Find myself watching less anime and reading manga more often

>Find myself watching less anime and reading manga more often

I don't know guys, Anime just doesn't do it for me much anymore. I'm finding it more fun to read the manga's now.

Who prefer physical form rather then online manga?

Not your blog.

Same. There's so much more variety in manga, and it's easier to pick up than investing into a 12 episode anime.

Same here. I took a break after finishing watamote and haganai s2 then came back to see DRRR!!!! S2 and thats the last show I've seen this year. Like a two year break from anime. I mean whenever watamote or haganai s2 ended.

>rather then

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Why is it that 90% of the people who talk about how they've abandoned anime for manga seem to be complete casuals in both media? Do the non-shitters just know enough to realize that no one wants to hear about their lives?

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In retrospect if you live in America your stuck to nothing but the casual shit in all honestly because the obscure stuff doesn't get translated.

You realize that almost every single person who reads a real amount of manga reads scanlations, right, newfag-kun?

Most non casuals just learned nip and talk about mango with other nips.
Reading scanlations is the definition of casual.


yes, you've summed it up

I might go back to learning Japanese I remember all the kana/grammar and some of the kanji still such that I can sometimes read simple sentences or grasp parts of sentences with basic vocab but it is still a lot of effort.

It's hard mang. I'm not used to putting actual time and effort into things besides lurking and shitposting.

Read WN/LN instead.

No annoying VA. No shitty drawing.

They only animate garbage now.
I'm personally sickened by the steady flow of faceless solshit and harem puke we get now.
If it's not that it's fujogay.

Quite honestly I'd be Ok with getting seasons with 80% shounen garbage again just for a change of pace, this otaku pandering trend has gone on for way too fucking long.

Anime is fucking garbage, japanese comics are more varied and generally has better writing.

That's regular OP.
Manga>anime for the great majority.

I started with manga, only started watching anime in the last two or three years, and have recently started into LNs.

No wonder

Manga has better art than anime and you can pick it up and drop it on a go unlike anime. Also most anime is made for underages so its natural that you would switch to manga at some point