The female protagonist/main female character from the last anime you watched is now your girlfriend

>the female protagonist/main female character from the last anime you watched is now your girlfriend

How fucked are you? Pic related

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there are few to no answers where the female protagonist/main female of an anime being your girlfriend would result in you being "fucked", except literally.

I think, I'm legally fucked.
Everything else is cool

>implying I watch anime

I am only here for the live translation threads

Fucking score.

Who was the main girl in mob psycho?


what if there are two?

I get to pick Yukinoshita

I win this round, probably

>either Poodelia or Atra, depends on how they spin it in S2
I hope Mika is too autistic enough to not want to bone either of them. I don't want him killing me.

Nicely done, user!

>Danganronpa Despai Arc

Ay. Please tell me the female MC is not Junko.


Who was the female mc?

Fuck. This was a mistake.

I'd spend a lot of time looking into her eyes and the rest teaching them how to make chocolate or banging them senseless.

A cute princess is my girlfriend. I'm 100% okay with this development.

Well fuck.

Anime was a mistake.

Do I get a harem from an ensemble cast of girls?

Forgot pic.

Not bad.


Main girl is clearly Tama-chan.
You're lucky.

i get the crazed milf that still didn't kiss Goku

this is great, i am pleased.

>Gakuen Handsome

I think I'll come out okay.

I'm perfectly OK with this.

So there is a god after all? Dog bless.

Fuck yes.

Haven't thought if her that way but I think we'll do fine. She's quite nice.

I have no complaints then.

prolly get my dick lasered [ouch]

Honestly, Bulma is more like the main girl of Dragon Ball.

Tsumugi is more protagonist than Katori, honestly.

Good luck getting into Kouhei's good graces.

fuck me

>was rewatching NNB:Repeat
Yes, I'm a lolicon. Yes, I'm proud.

Watching this is now even more of a mistake

Jokes on you I watched The Cockpit last, so now I'm still alone! ;-;

>The chick from WWW.Working

Eh, I could do worse.

Uh...well, I do like Koko, but she's also loco....
It'll be interesting, at least.


>Deedlit from Lodoss

Time to knock up an elf.

hopefully the one on the left, shes cute

Uh, I'm good.

Does anyone wanna take this off my hands?


yer kidding

>remembered I only went halfway through it
>don't like not finishing things so I started watching episodes 7-12

Could be worse I guess.

well considering which part I was watching, not bad

I'm okay with this

Uhu so it's a boyfriend or girlfriend?

You lucky fuck.

Though I can't complain.

I'd prefer human Tama but Ruu is a fine girl too.

>Azumanga Daioh
But which one?

Calm down user, she's just a FRIEND and a GIRL.

I think I'm OK with this.

the robowaifu future is coming even sooner than i thought

How'd i do?

Oh wow, nice dubs and girl, user. My best wishes go to you!

>Galaxy Angel
Ranpha is best, but any is good.

OK, so far so good.
Now make me become a girl!

But I don't swing that way, OP.

It was also KLK.

At last, my dreams have come true.

is shimoneta worth watching?

Your poor pelvis...


I'm a lucky man. Especially since it is cake Mitsuha from the timeline in the ending.

I'm half way through it and I've laughed out loud 5 times (which is a feat)

Yes, it's worth a watch. If you enjoy ecchi. You do enjoy it, don't you?

Could be better, could be worse.

>Saiki Kusuo no sai nan
>bullying girls who are full of themselves by ignoring them is my fetish


Well, life's looking up. Especially so since I rewatched Panty and Stocking before rewatching Kill La Kill No time fo no hoes


It's Chisa, Chiaki, and Junko.

your lie in april... pic related


Nope, you get shitty gorilla instead.

Seems comfy

The guck you say about my cute waifu Tsugumi

Just saying that even though she is clearly best girl, she's not the main female. Calm your tits, user.

well I'm so what do you think?

She should and I'm fucking tired of Mangakas shipping best grils and the suddenly going Hiroshima on us by pairing blonde bitches or red head with main characters

Got Rory. Not my first pick but still preferable to getting stuck with the main girl from Hajime no Ippo

Great. I've been rewatching old anime. Am I fucked?

I think we're going to get along just fine, user.

Who is this?

Who is the main girl from The Boondocks?

A head is fine

>a girl that will appreciate my CZ collection



I liked her, she was cute.

it's all you really need user ;)


S...She's going to stay loyal, right?

>Azumanga Daioh
Can't really go wrong here. Since it was Yomi-centric episode, I'll go with her.

Mfw the last anime I watched was a homo bait show with no female characters.

I guess I also should build a shrine.

>crazy manipulative punk chick with some brain tumor, probably
I'm fucked either way.

Is s3 confirmed?

I'm going to jail



Scored well. Will be banging my waifu ryuko

Who do I get if the last one I watched was Koyomimonogatari?

>ai shoujo pollyanna

My heart is broken and my dick is also broken from extreme overuse

She's not the main girl idiot.

Neither is yours

Yes she is dummy.

I'm not even mad, though she isn't my favorite Hiraiface girl.

I'd think you get your balls shot off if you got Ange or someone like that.


I like submissive, shy girls.

Not bad

well fuck

>Shaman king
Hoo boy.

>main female character
I don't know. Which one?

If you can't choose, I'll take Hime.

Slightly worried about potential domestic abuse I might receive, but cautiously optimistic.

Perfect. Then I will take Capistrano.
Feels good, man.

Einhart is going to be main girl this season and not that new girl, right? Right?

Dunno about fucked, I think I'm doing pretty well.

Yamato 2199 is even better on a rewatch too.

She's cute but
>Overly sensitive about her name
>When she panics, men around her tend to get hurt
It could be worse, but it's not exactly my ideal situation. At least she has a stable income, but even then it's not enough to make me a househusband, considering she rarely has money left between paychecks.


oh great a fucking hamster

>Dangan Ronpa

Can I get Naegi instead?

I am fine with this.

Do I get a harem or do I just get to choose one? If it's the latter than I'm picking the autistic chuuni.

So happy I rewatched this.

who is the main female character of hunter x hunter?

I'll take her

>Air gear
there are like 4, do i get to choose or what?

My life is now officially a success


Well, I am fucked, and so is she. Non-stop mating press/doggystyle fucked with no condom.

Can I use her to get closer to Succy?

Otherwise I guess it's not a total loss.

>no condom.
You fool!

>Uchouten Kazoku
uh... Benten?

I'm not fucked by any means since I'm a human but she's a slut and I don't want her as my girlfriend.

Mother and Kaisei are better.

At least she's hot I guess

Not bad

How can I breed with her if I use a condom?

Who's the MC in Anne Happy?

>>the female protagonist/main female character from the last anime you watched is now your girlfriend
I'm not sure who is the main female character of the series.

Or indeed if there is even one.

>tfw anime has been so shit lately that you can't even remember which one you watched last


Not sure how I feel about this.

Does anyone even remember Terror in Resonance?


Literally kuyashii.

Is she kill?

If you were in any of the threads while it was airing you'd know she is very much kill.

I decided to watch it anyway because this season is backlog season.

One of the best options possible. Jackpot!

I was not in the threads because I didn't care that much. Even so, RIP sword lady, you sure had swords.

Not bad, she's normal but cute.

>Does anyone even remember Terror in Resonance?
I liked it. Though for a moment after reading the filename I thought about Zestuen no Tempest. Then I opened the pic.

Could be worse. Generic tsundere's are my cup of tea. Even though I think the sword is best girl.
The katana circlejerking would probably make me commit sudoku though.

I don't even have any screencaps of Outbreak Company. I won't object to a submissive half-elf though.

Fuck the elf off, go for empress best girl.

I'm not a fan of super spoiled ojous, but maybe she gets better. I'm only on episode 4.

>Record of Lodoss War

I've got myself an elf I guess.

By the soccer episode I was sold on her. Outbreak company was GATE done right.

I feel like I would be doing something horridly wrong to Twelve's memory though.

I liked Terror in Resonance. A lot.

I'm not ready to die, the sleeping beauty should go back to her bed, wait for the prince charming and leave me alone.

The setup is way worse than GATE though. How the hell are otaku goods supposed to have appealed to people more than anything else when nobody can understand the language? Why are they trying to sell media to illiterate orphans with no leisure time?

Fuck you, that's why. Culture victory > domination victory.

I'm super fine.

will start a family asap

Will I get a STAND to go with my Yukako gf?

Well, atleast her body is 10/10 and she'll definitely put out.


She's the main character of my heart and I rewatch her series every now and then.

Her novel interactions are 2cute4me.

Zoophile freak.

>decided to sit down and watch this series for the first time yesterday also Rebellion
>after telling my friend, he tells me I just watched her series on her birthday
>I didn't know that
I'm guessing it must be fate. Homura won't be thrilled in the slightest.

Is the oppailoli maingirl? She has barely any screentime.

The doggirl is fine, too.

Lord have mercy.

I'm a dead man walking.

At least she can drive.

This, not my waifu but at least it's not this one


Bit young for me, she will have to wait a couple of years.

But I watched Hunter x Hunter..anons help

You can have pic related, she cleans up well.

I wouldn't mind being her hunting dog.

I'll take it!

might as well kill myself now

Would have preferred or Miyu, but I still got a magical girl.


I guess it's fine


good riddance

Fuck sake, why this? Its not even a good anime, the girls are all fucking ridiculous, pic related especially. And for that matter, why is their hair so fucking oversized?

I'd still date/bang the black haired one if she was a bit older and not a lesbian

Was Rika or Rena considered the main female character from Higurashi? Woudn't mind either.

Would still prefer Mion though.

>if she was a bit older
Sounds like you've got a terminal case of "Shit taste" there faggot.


Jus finished watching 1st episode of pic related.
Probably I'm fucked up.

I'd say Akane over girl Ranma would be the female MC.

>No Reimi

How fortunate.

>yesterday hit perfect fall comfy weather
>started up Spice and Wolf






Which arc are you on? There's a female character in most of them you could feasibly pick.

That's fine, she's kinda stupid but at least she likes cooking and cleaning.

Who is even the main girl in this?

Chloe from Prisma Illya

I got Aoba from New Game.
Eh, I can do that. She's even a legal loli, which is twice as awesome. All the fun of being a pedo, none of the legal problems.
Unlike the guy who got Chloe.

I could do worse.

Can't complain.

What the fuck did you say about me you little newfag?

Do we share?

To jail I go.

oh no. Not another rescue arc.