Which Shiro would you Bako?

Which Shiro would you Bako?

S2 when?


Goth-loli-sama, Satou, and Diesel in that order.


I want to fill up Diesel's tank, pull on Erika's handlebars, and nursing handjob with Segawa

All of the above but especially Touru

Diesel-chan, nonstop, all day everyday

I liked the girl with the headphones who I think was an audio assistant or something. Pretty sure that's her just to the bottom left of Highlights and Ghibli.

Yes that's her. Her name is Asuka Fuji.

Which of these is least likely to start a family?

Where is Anno?

Easy choice.

I'm going to get seven of these, label them for each day of the week, and put them in the fridge.


She's like 40, user.

There is no way that she could ever afford shoes like that.

OP's pic is for Third Aerial Girls Squad. Anno helped out with Musani's previous work.

I want to know how the hell Funny Story guy actually got invited to the release party. Dude was a fucking useless piece of shit even worse than Taro.

It said Sugie didn't ever have kids, right? Him then.

Tell me about the one furthest to the left.

This bitch.

Good choice user

Yuka the general manager. Idk why but her voice and the way she carries herself is so attractive