Who would you support as a new owner of Cred Forums ?

Who would you support as a new owner of Cred Forums ?

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Some shady guy from Australia.
Or google.


Yeah i kinda understand that, out of oldfag Cred Forumsirgin and literally a redditor trying to fit in, oldfag Cred Forumsirgin sounds better



What did he mean by this ?


I like this guy.



What has my backlog got to do with this.
Also rakugo board when?


Jeb Bush

Notch for shota board


I'd take notch over that Cred Forums faggot.
Seems like he's just fucking around, though.

>Notch for Cred Forums owner
>suddenly Cred Forums evolves into a VR MMO where you literally build posts out of blocks

Myself, if I had the cash. I'd literally just pay for the running cost and leave everything as is. If I had a lot of cash and didn't give a fuck about losing it on the site, I'd remove the pass bullshit and adds too. Basically, I'd let it run itself. 0 censorship, 0 honeypot bollocks, almost everything (within the law limits of host country) allowed. It would be as it is, but perhaps better. A place where anyone can go to say or post whatever the fuck they want, whenever they want to.

Notch please. I know you're reading this.

he only browses Cred Forums dumbass

Notch is too lazy to bother.
I see his point, Cred Forums is a pain in the ass to manage

Ehh, it was worth a shot.

All he has to do is fund it, "The Team" did just fine when they were the ones in charge.

this guy. he's a master troll


Is this fucking real? Not only a billionaire but also a man of good taste?

He owe us, Cred Forums made his game popular and gave him ideas on how to improve it

Notch doesn't watch anime

Oh it doesn't stop there.

why so mean to an hiro?
this site has had over 10 years of nitpicking, his ownership hasn't really involved overhaul
hell if he wanted to fix the site there'd be obvious changes he could do
the (increasing)chaos just shows the people posting are just becoming more retarded



Is he "our" guy?

I can't believe he's a swede.



someone spam him with red-haired anime girls until he's convinced.

>increase Cred Forums pass price 5000%

We would be shut down within a week, but some top tier comedy would happen during that week.

Fucking based.

There we go, it's unanimous.

Apparently, Cred Forums is worth 12 million dollars.


Do you guys really think Cred Forums is worth 12 million dollars?

There's no way in hell Shkreli wouldn't delete Cred Forums

Maybe if hiro implements the MALICIOUS ADS

Well at least it would be funny. All the other boards would fill up with Cred Forums content.