Shana is for __________

Shana is for __________

keeping me warm.

lighting my fire.

The trash can.

being my waifu.

Should I care about 3rd season?


It's hilariously awful. Even somehow worse than the first half filler of the second season.

The cock

people with refined taste.

Wilhelmina to berate

Save from abusive boyfriend.

Best Tsunderie, Kugirie, loli tsundere

The Best
louise A SHIT

Brutal ass raping


Obviously, she's a Flame Haze

You're supposed to be when you're taking a bath.


Best are both, faggot.

Piece of Shit

Sup ESL faggot

Your taste is bad and you should feel bad.

Only the first and last eps. The action sequences in between are fun to watch tho.

Killing that fucking Yuuji once and for all.

Irony from a Stupid Idiots Virgins with a Disgusting and Dangerous Shit Crap Cancer Taste

cucking in favor of best girl Yoshida.

>best girl Yoshida.l
>"cucking "Shana
What is this, opposite day?

the greatest fantasy love story ever told.

Its one of the best seasons of any shounen ever, so yeah.

Fuck outta here. Bitch was irrelevant outside of her doomed corner of the love triangle.

Great body tho.

violent anal

Drawing pictures of.

That is legit not too bad.

Thanks. I surprised myself too, it's surprising what a bit of effort and a couple hours gets you.


This took me a second before I realised what was going on. It's been too long since I've seen either of those.

Slowly Sucking my throbbing cock while hit a bowl of some dankass weed


Novel translations never.

Are the novels much different from the anime? The anime had a pretty satisfying ending in my opinion atleast. Even though I would have been okay if it went a little longer.

Someone should just license it and release it again

I'm still stuck on episode 11 of S3 because It felt slow. Here's a Shana ass though.

Only hope is if a fan translates it, highly unlikely it get licensed again now. The little parts that were on Baka-Tsuki were DMCA'd.
From what I know, the third season is the same, with minimal changes forced because of the first two seasons.
Yuji's feats pre-Zarovee are gone, like surviving for a bit against Sydonay on the bridge, and wrecking Wilhelmina.
Half of the terminology is not present in the anime, and stuff like the Reiji Maigo's Keeper is not explained properly.
Added an anime original character, Fumina
Obviously, the Great War was not adapted.
Snake is foreshadowed way early, and in the anime Bal Masque are doing random stuff, when their plan was always to get Snake back.
There is really a lot of foreshadowing used, it would have benefited more from one adaption which adapted all of it and all of the side stories (as they have the backstory to many of the characters)

It gave me a cute girl like this at least. Spinoff never.