Why was 80's/90's fan service so much more lewd than modern fan service?

Why was 80's/90's fan service so much more lewd than modern fan service?

no censored boob. Also nice dubs.

This aired yesterday.

that looks like a ball sack

vulvas do not get THAT puffy

Fuck, my grammar is bad.

that's a hand m8

what is she doing?

adjusting her benis

Less stricter laws.

Itching the ditch


Do girls actually do this retarded shit? Jesus

Girls masturbate too, yes

no i mean do they really hug a pillow while doing it?

Uh, yes? Assuming there's a body pillow available, of course. Dry humping is a thing.

Guys rub themselves with socks or their hand. Using a pillow seems like a step up.

girls are so fucking retarded

they can but most seem to like using one of those shower heads you can pull down

...my sister has a shower head like that.

Did she take very long showers?

Because it wasn't so in-your-face and obvious


Most young girls masturbate by humping pillows or stuffed animals. It's an extremely common way for them to learn about it, or at least start doing it. Most don't understand why it feels good at first but they keep going.

Actually that's really smart. The olfactory sense is the greatest memory trigger humans possess. Back before fancy things like technology and efficient, long-range communication systems, there was a cultural thing in England where if a man was going to be separated from his lover or spouse for a while, say to travel or what have you, the woman would keep an apple under her armpit for a day and then give it to the man for his trip, so it would carry her scent.

That looks like a fucking diaper user, and there's no subtlety there. Lewd needs to be a little subtle.

Pretty sure you meant her cooter.

are women mentally handicapped?

The armpit is a hormonal gland, and is less messy.

To add to what I was saying, that's exactly the reason why I enjoy sniffing used panties.

you do realize women fart in panties, right?

References to guys jerking off is all over popular culture. "jerk it" or "stroke it" are pretty common "pg-13" phrases so by the age of 11 or 12, most guys get that there's something going on with their dick, and maybe they should try messing around down there. Girls on the other hand don't get much direction from culture. They don't really have any idea what to do down there, so it makes it a little more confusing. Of course now, a simple google search is all it takes to bring up petabytes of tutorials and porn, so there's no excuse for modern girls to not know.

No, but obviously you are.

Of course. I don't know why you seem so surprised.

>ewwww farts groooossss
Now, I'm no scat man or nothing, but I actually find the smell of a fart to be somewhat pleasant. I mean, unless it's way too potent, but that very rarely happens in females.

>The armpit is a hormonal gland, and is less messy.

Not in the days before anti antiperspirant.

God user, it's like you've never humped a pillow before.

You should look up prone masturbation.

You know for a chinese cartoon fourm you all seem to know the female body and its masturbation habits pretty well.

>Why was 80's/90's fan service so much more lewd than modern fan service?
Don't tell the redditors lurking here. They think that all pre-2000 anime was Mature and Sophisticated, and that "moeshit", "haremshit" and fanservice was invented by Kyoani and Shaft in 2005.

It's because we're all little girls.

so because girls are never taught to masturbate, they rape their pillows and stuffed animals as some form of autistic sexual frustration?

Their natural instinct make them do it. Just like it make everyone do somethings like protecting your head or put your hands in the ground if you fall from a low height.

>he hasn't watched tlr

Sure. It didn't start back with 2004 Cred Forums, right.

I thought it just felt good.

You must not be watching much anime then


most more little girls humping pillows

>a girl will never orgasm just by seeing she has a new text from you

why live?


what's the anime right under the Hellsing OVA one?
Over Bakemonogatari

>waited for RING RING
i'm actually upset that this upset me


The only thing lewd about that scene was Goku slapping that.

this is what kids watch in japan?

jesus christ



And kids unironically watch Bojack Horseman. That shit probably airs late night.

because the internet wasn't widespread so people couldn't get triggered

The only thing that was really lewder are lolis that today you can't get anything, at most some apologetic about it crap.

more or less, yeah.

>I actually find the smell of a fart to be somewhat pleasant.
please kill yourself

>not even animated, but a static pan for her lower part
>the only shot that even shows to any extent a detailed panty shot and it's the first minute of the show
Such a fucking switch-and-bait show on lolicon

blah blah spoonfeeding yada yada google etc. etc

Mardock Scramble. I hope you like eggs.


I mean, it's not the target audience, though.

>not liking the smell of used little girl panties, along with shit stains and whatever leaks from the front
Are you gay?

>little girl

why does she have no nose and why is her nostril really small?

The situations are less erotic now. They're all just referencing each other and they become like a shitty bit of poor comedy, rather than actual fan service.

It's YuruYuri I ain't gotta explain shit.


disgusting is that piss?

Why are women so gross?

I kind of wish I was gay.


>women gross
You ARE gay, son.

why do nostaligafags make such stupid claims? is it because they don't actually watch any new animes?

modern anime boobs are shit


Lots more OVA's.

>Deary me
>Bad boy


my little cousin hit puberty and was sniffing my towel, probably didn't even realize how awkward and naughty that was

even my other cousin (male) was doing it, i dunno why.

What do you mean? Do you not hug your pillow when you're thinking about your waifu?


>he doesn't know that all females become uncontrollably horny when inhaling male musk
It's like you don't even read doujins, queer.

girls are all about smells, yes

What a breedable body. And those dick sucking lips, mm.

You're very lucky, slave! Only the moeblob can sniff your essence.

you know what you must do, user

If you think that 2D depiction is gross you better turn gay before watching the 3D equivalent.

>TFW you're a dude and you started fapping by humping your bed

too real

People dont watch anime of fap anymore when pixiv and danboory pictures exist.
Masou Gakuen, Okusama and To love Ru Darkness still under the radar because this.

>People falling for a rec thread

>tfw started masturbating by humping big pillows

That's why Japanese are so fucked up.

objectively wrong. modern anime boobs are more realistically shaped and have better shading and more detailed nipples. with few exceptions old anime boobs were simple arcs with pink dots for nipples.


not an argument

I've just never seen someone react that horny before. Always viewed it as pure fantasy, something only found in 2D. Maybe there are rare exceptions.

Why modern hentai is so poorly animated?

Because it no longer has FORBIDDEN LOVE

Low budget. Some old hentai had a lot worse animation, if you can even call it animation. Modern hentai is very streamlined and every attempt to break up encrusted patterns fails.

what's the name of this show? need to conduct some research

This is also from that show

why are anime clits always so big?

i've sucked on a few and they aren't nearly that huge

This is how it is to me. I can't smell so cunt stains are just cunt stains, incredibly revolting.

Thanks, vuvla expert

Combining the fact that my parents required all computers downstairs and my sister had just discovered yaoi, I must say, I have seen some shit.

What's the problem?

This is a perfect depiction of what's going through gay men's or people without sex drives mind.

>what's the anime name tho
pic related, it's me rn.

Okusama ga Seitokaichou S2(just started airing)

is it a hentai?

>Okusama ga Seitokaichou
ugh that looks really shit nvm
i can't be bothered watching 2 seasons of shit.

No, just ecchi

Probably can be considered borderline, watch it. It's good

It's not shit.

Episodes are short though, 8min.

ohhh ok 8 mins i can deal with
how's it not shit though?

His pic related was different series.
It really shows the difference between what loli fanservice can entitle (basically nothing lewd) and what the girl being 2 years older can show.
Animated lolicon really is dead.

Besides the ecchi, it's entertaining.

Girls are cute, also loli mom






Worthless and OVA.
Eye cancer shit despite OVA.

When you can dig things like this for "lewd lolicon", you know it's dead.





you don't want to suck on a clit that's been injected with magic hentai drugs to make it the size of your little finger? what are you gay?


>Think about children
Fuck western


Late night TV




If it's magic hentai drugs it will turn into a cock and somehow gush diarrhea just as soon as it gets in your mouth.

I learned about masturbation through hands-free methods. My dick would get so hard it would rub against my trousers and I would just sway back and forth to stimulate it.


>It's an LRD episode
Save it for Vivid Strike threads.

>girls are smellfags
I knew they were fucking gay


But Vivid Strike doesn't even have lolis anymore, so what's the point.

Somehow a 35 year old anime is able to be sexier than all new anime in one 3 second scene.

I'm sure you'll be there to remind us every thread.

That's true I guess.





Fucking disgusting.

then don't watch it

I didn't but Jesus Christ, at that point it's not even a girl or woman, it's some kind of fucking rubber blob with exaggerated, unattractive "womanly features".
I am actually vomitting into my lap at the moment.

You're gay.

Fuck off. It really shows K was made for fujos because of these rubbery disgusting old hags.

What's this?

best girl

why did they put such a hot girl in a homo anime?

>hot girl
That ugly shit is perfect for a homo anime.


You're gay and crazy. This is completely retarded "logic".

Sure thing, my little fujo.
Strong old tall blonde women are the best right?
It's just by accident she is in that fujoshit, and not in any hit seinen series.
Go suck a(nother) dick.

wow, there's a lot of clit rubbing in Monster Musume it seems

It's pretty good too.
If only they hadn't established the fact that Papi is an adult, it would have been even hotter.

Why do guys think fujos hate female characters? That's retarded. For example, they love all Clamp shows, have you ever heard a single one hate on Sakura or YĆ«ko, or even any other? Do they hate the female manager in Free? No, they just don't care. Don't project your own homophobia on other people who aren't even of the same gender, thanks.

Does anyone have that pic of saber.

If you are retarded enough not to even understand what he means, then if you just stayed quiet, you wouldn't look so dumb.

Sauce plzz

I think you're retarded.

He's a true american.
Is an object, can't consent, it's rape!

were you taught to masturbate, user?
where did they touch you?

daily reminder to never support CR