K-On! Thread

Just now I finished all of K-On, wrapped up the movie about 5 minutes ago. This show is a fucking masterpiece. No other anime has managed to show friendship in as good a fashion as K-On. The feels are fucking real right now, since I'm completely done with the series. Their song for Azusa is killing me.

Well there's only one thing left to do now

The story continues into college and Azusa's last year. Go read it.

I was unironically in despair for a couple days after I finished K-On!

It finished at such a good point that I don't want to ruin it. I've heard that the end of the anime is much better than where the manga ends.

Nothing compares to how empty the ending makes me feel.

It's alright 7/10


Bawling to Fuwa Fuwa Time over the movie credits because I knew it was all over.

I'm feeling empty but also happy. It's not a sad ending, but it's hard to be happy about it.


Visit Toyosato Elementary and make memories with the keions?

mio best girl tho

I find it funny that every time and user opens a thread saying he started watching keion but it was shit, the next day or soon after his declaration somebody opens a thread saying how much they loved the anime.

OP here. I'm not gonna lie, I hated it at first. Or at least I thought I hated it. I think I really just hated that I liked something so "cute"

>you will never watch K-on for the first time again
Feels bad but I'm happy for you OP

I decided to check it out almost "ironically" one night, fully expecting it to be garbage. It's my favourite show lol

Oh fuck don't remind me

I still like Monogatari more, but the feels from this show ending have hit me more.

Now you have to get the K-ON! MUSIC HISTORY'S BOX in flac. Discs 3 and 4 are objectively the best.

>ironically checking things out
End yourself


Hey, this is a K-On thread, don't be a dick

I remember the first time i finished K-on i replayed the Azusa song a hundred times, this shit must be the comfiest show to ever exist, for a second i thought i had actual friends or something

one of us!
one of us!
one of us!

I also am I watching it. I always thought it was just a meme, but it turns out its GOAT.

Have I bought into the meme or not?

the only meme is people saying it's bad

People will call you moeshit. People will say you are dumb. People will be wrong.